It's Shoutout Sunday! Meet Silverweed San...

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Starting TODAY the Admins and I will be highlighting SoD gameplay videos, featuring you and your fellow Vikings here on our forum and across all our official social media sites! This is a great opportunity to show off your dragon training skills or helpful tips for our new Vikings that we welcome to campus! To be selected, simply include School of Dragons in the title of the video or tag us when you upload your video on YouTube. Learn what it takes from Silverweed San...


Silverweed San has set the bar high with her Icestorm Island video! It’s entertaining as she wanders through the game with her companion Toothless. Way to go Silverweed San!


Show us how you take over Berk before the next Shoutout Sunday flies by!

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Omg awesome!

Omg awesome! Silver has great videos and I'm a big fan! Congrats Silver :D



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If you guys don't mind me asking.......what is Snotlout Sunday?





This Siggy will be stripped of its words and put back up with a COMPLETELY new look!



(if you want to know more about the real me and some funny things...scroll down)

Check out my instaram!! 

yoojung_studio (professional Instagram)

Art Gallery

(By amazing people)


(BY THE AWESOME dogloven)


Hina by BrynneBjornsson ~TYSM~






  Eurus by the amazingly talented, RedHoodJason (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)


Eurus by the Amazing *trumpet sounds* TosiLohi!!!


​Before we go any further....



My name is Valasari, Viking from the Isle of Vanaheim. Home to the sick and elderly dragons who make their final pilgrimage to this sacred land. Not many Vikings have made it past the unblinking Sentinel gaurdians, who have stone-like statue appearances and have the element of surprise upon unsuspecting Vikings. They are actually blind, therefore rely on their hearing & smell. They have better hearing than most dragons because of their blindness.


Before you ask...YES I know that this is a Signature....buuut you know......





Saharii--Adult Rumblehorn

Zeena--Teen Monstrous Nightmare



Role Plays I am In:

I know...I need to get a life.


Messengers of Light


Between Two Worlds


Unsuspected Changes

The SweetWraith


The Elven''s Hope


Kalelians in Milldrany


A Fusion's Will To Live


Dragon Evolution: Rise of the Hybrids


Dragon Evolution: The Treaty


The Enhanced


The Fall of the Elementals


Dark Future 


Modern Riding








I come from the Isle of Vanaheim. So far, the Sentinels have trusted me enough to live among the poor old dragons on this sacred Island. Of course, my Dragons are with me. They had to prove that they were trustworthy, as well as loyal. I have sadly moved away from Vanheim to live in the School. My goal is to become an Ultimate Dragon Trainer and then go back to Vanaheim!! I wish to see the Sentinels again....someday, after I have achieve my goal.




I saved Saharii from a devastating situation. Dragon Hunters had caged him, but Hiccup and I rescued him just in time.

Now, Zeena, on the other talon, has a wonderful life, I am making sure of it. I wish to befriend more dragons. I hatched her from an egg and raised her. With some help from Saharii.


Join me in my quest to save dragons from scum. And as far as dragons are concerned...I wouldn't trade them for anything.....Would You?


Random Note: I'm Dati, btw. I'm in my teens and I'm a weirdo. XD




1. K-POP! (I'm training to become an idol)

2.Dragons!--WHO ON LOKI ISLAND doesn't LOVE dragons.

3.Horses--Beautiful animals

4.Razorwhips--my favourite dragons

5.My animals...'cause...well...just 'cause.

6.Reptiles--Who dosn't like scaly creatures?

7.Lord of the Rings--Obviously 'cause Gandolf is AWESOME and Legalos too

8.School of Dragons--Uh...I don't know what to say but I wish I could play it MORE!



​Favorite Books

Wings of Fire  Tui.T. Sutherland

Pegasus Kate O'hearn

Narnia C.S.Lewis

Shadow Horse Alison Heart

​A Horse of Her Own Annie Wedekind

Menagerie Tui T. Sutherland

Buddy H. M. Herlong

(That's not all....but all my wittle brain could think of)




Funny things


I'm NOT clumsy. It's just that the floor hates me. The tables and chairs are bullies and the Wall Gets In The WAY!!



When someone told me I was in a fantasy, I fell off my Unicorn.


Friend: Did you fall?

Me: No, I attacked the floor.

Friend: Backwards?

Me: I'm freakin' talented!!!!!

The morale of this story. Just believe the cold truth that you're a Klutz. 'Cause I sure am.


If a robber broke into our house to search for money....I would laugh and search with him.


I hate it when people text me and it says "call me". One day, I am going to call someone and say "text me".


I can't dance to save my life, but when I step in dog poo, I can moondance better than Michael Jackson. =)




Dad jokes:


 Dad lookes at me....."You know hon, I couldn't find a single shoe shop today". I breathe in a sigh of relief, knowing that he won't make a bad joke. Dad: "They only sold them in pairs". I bang my head on the wall.


Dad dances around in front of the ATM machine. Me: what are you doing? Dad: Just checking my balance. Me: *walks away to the car*


Dad in the morning: You know I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went....then it dawned on me.


Dad: Yesterday I ate a was very time consuming...especially when I went back for seconds!!


Dad: What's the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue? Me: I don't know. Dad: You can tuna piano, but you can't piano a tuna. Me: What about the pot of glue? Dad: I knew that you would get stuck on that! Me: OHHHHHHHHHH


Dad: Did you hear about the guy in KC who was addicted to brake fluid? Me: No..... Dad: Good news! He can stop at any time.


Dad and I were at the store and he picks up the velcro: I wouldn't buy anything with's a total rip-off.


Mom asks dad at Thanksgiving: How does the turkey smell? Dad: Through its nose, I guess. Me: I'm going to bed.


Dad after a nice hot shower: You know..... Me: Here it comes. Dad: Singing in the shower while washing your hair is all good 'till you get soap in your then it just becomes a soap opera....


That's All Folks!!

for now.....(evil laugh)




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Hmmm... Shoutout Sunday, huh?

Hmmm... Shoutout Sunday, huh? This might be the excuse I need to start a YouTube channel... XD

And congratulations! :)


clear the slate and start over

just watch it all burn

the name that you know

you will have to unlearn


she's no longer here

but what can i say?

he's happier now

it's the dawn of a new day


go forth, live your dreams

enjoy the fresh air

with a smile on your face

and the wind in your hair


it will be okay, yes

don't worry about me

because i felt so much better

once "she" became "he"


and now you know his name is not "catie"

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I was actually watching their videos last night lol. 


Viking Name: Zemexterous

Probably racing. 


Main Dragons:



Toothless - Lvl 50; Chibiterasu - Lvl 29








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TendrilClaw, don't...NOOOOO!

Guess that I need to start putting in SoD tags on my videos...wait I already am just realized that XD


By the way...congrats Silverweed San!  I really like to watch your youtube videos.


  Viking Name: Willownix

     Friend Code: PM me for friend code

Clan: Shadow Strikers ( Formely Zeal Predators )    

Position: Leader         


 Shadow Strikers


We are a semi-competitive clan.  We're currently searching for loyal and active members who will participate in events and interact with others kindly.  More information can be found in this thread:


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me.


In real life, I'm a girl who is a lover of HTTYD, spends most of her time on SoD or the forums, and is a avid writer.  I also have my own YouTube channel, on which I mostly post SoD videos.  I also love to draw, but only seem to be talented with dragons and paper and pencil.  I create my own species occasionally, but the majority of what I draw is HTTYD related.  


If you want to check out my YouTube channel:


On SoD my name is Willownix, my most used dragon is TendrilClaw, and I am a member of Shadow Strikers.  I am also solcial and an avid racer.




If you've ever wanted to be in a video, now is the chance!  Lot's of spots open, all important! Help is needed badly!  Find out more here:


Bouncie Of SnowFlight by DuskDaybreak


Bouncie Of TenderilClaw by DuskDaybreak


Bouncie Of PeaceKeeper by DuskDaybreak

Bouncie Of CoralWing by Defy



Now, to head unto my interests expressed by the use of gifs.  

Enjoy! :)

Yeah...I definatley like the show, but don't watch it constantly.  

Now, unto my next one...

And now it's time for some...DRONE FLYING FAILS!


Mosaic made by catiedragons


Rest In Peace Rose, You Will Not Be Forgotten


Snowstorm Suprise by themasterplan47


Have a Happy Snoggletog!






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I always watched SilverWeed San's videos I wuv them . Also I wuv the SoD videos of Dreami The Stormcutter and recently she made a video with Ice Jack And Toothless Frost using school of dragons and they made a role play of Heather and Hiccup meeting in RTTE ( the clip "who is that?" ) AND IT WAS AWESOOOOOOME , they deserve a shoutout too . And They are my BFFs on SoD I always play with them


Silver and ShadoWing 


welcome to my flippin' simple signature ! XD




A School of Dragons proud player . A HTTYD huge fan .

A dragons drawer . A dragon Trainer .


Night Silver is my viking name . So I used Silver for short .

ShadoWing is the name of my dear amazing stormcutter .

Join me on School of Dragons .

My very first fella was Storm , my nadder .

My SoD best friends are xxXDreamiXxx , Lotfi and Razorfang, Moxy Snowfox

and xxXIcyFrostXxx/xxXFireFrostXxx , and finally RightWayNew

I own 14 dragons , who are not all grown :

1- Storm : adult deadly nadder

2- ShadoWing : adult stormcutter

3- Tornado : adult skrill

4- Neon Wing : baby rumblehorn

5-Flame Rush : baby monstrous nightmare

6- Majesty : adult rumblehorn

7- River Dash : adult Flightmare

8- Crasher : baby gronckle

9- Wind Blazer : adult Typhoomerang

10- Mystery : baby changewing

11- Golden Fire : baby fireworm queen.

12- Wave : adult scauldron

13- Thunder and Cloud : baby zippleback

14- Thunder Winds : baby stormcutter

15-Crystal : teen groncicle

16- Whisper : baby smothering smokebreath


I also play with my other account : Maguen Hofferson .

With only two dragons ( for now ) :

Rivera my deadly nadder, and Frost Nightmare my monstrous nightmare .



Thanks for reading ! Good day ( or night ? XD )






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​Silverweed's gonna be so happy when she sees this! :D

nothing here.
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omg! silver i am such a HUGE

omg! silver i am such a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL sorry congrats on this oppotunity and you deserve it a lot!!!!!






Sorry i dont have a main signiture but you can add me if you play the school of dragons game.

My in game name: star eye but you can call me ash, star or dragon!

My friend code: PM ME!

My dragons: Hawkeye: light blue monstrous nightmare with white pattern and details

toothless: dark blue monstrous nightmare with light blue pattern and details

Wild won: Dark blue nightmare with white oattern and details

Thornado: blueish,greenish thunderdrum with white pattern and details

Sonic star: light purple thunderdrum with white pattern and details

Groundsplitter:Green whispering death with black pattern and details

Spiketail:Light blue whispering death with black pattern and details

windshear: full golden razorwhip

And a new addition to the clan Queenie my fireworm queen with black skin and blue pattern and blue details!

Some more additions to the clan i got as of yesterday and one of them today!!!

SkullCrusher: Blue rumblehorn with red pattern and details!

Speeder: Blue speed stinger with white pattern and red details!

Icicle: Blue groncicle with black pattern and details!

SandStorm:Blue sand wraith with black pattern and details!

SandStorm, Speeder, SkullCrusher and icicle are my main dragons now!

I am one of few people who can speak dragon language!

My dragons personality and backstory: you have been warned!!!:::

Hawkeye: Hawkeye is a lovable monstrous nightmare and has been since the day i met her!

I met her when i was walking through raven point forest one day and she was in a cave. She looked hungry so i gave her some fish. Using the method i learnt from hiccup i tamed her. And to this very day she is still the same loving nightmare i met in that very cave.

Toothless: Toothless is Hawkeye and Wild wons son. He is a nice nightmare but with a bit of a temper.When Hawkeye was about to lay his egg she had to go back to her home. The cave that i found her in. So i climbed onto wild one and followed hawkeye to her cave. When she had layed her egg me and Wild won went fishing for her. When we came back we noticed hawkeye was badly injured. Her egg had been taken by a rival nightmare! wild won new exactly who had taken the egg and hurt hawkeye so i climbed on his back and he took me to the rivals cave. The rival nightmare was a titan wing! And i guessed that wild won already mew him since they battled it out and wild won had gotten injured but had won the fight! i healed him up and went to retrieve the egg. we went back to hawkeyes cave and by the time we did she was all better and the egg had hatched! Toothless is still the same cute baby i had seen the day he was born.

Thornado: Thornado is my thunderdrum. He has a temper and always protects me from enemies. I found thornado in a sea cave far from berk. Thornado was badly injured and hungry. so i gave him a fish and put my hand out so he would nuzzle it. And he did! i nursed him back to health and as soon as he was better he let me ride on his back. We flew back to berk and to stoick and hiccup as we needed tips on thunderdrums!

Sonic star: Sonic star is my other thunderdrum and is thornados mate! She likes to mess around with my things but she also defends me from enemies just like thornado! I found her as an egg in an old abandoned ship wreck just out to sea. I took her in and raised her until she hatched. She is my lovable baby and our battles have been unstopable!






 Windshear: Windshear is my razorwhip and likes to train a lot and fly a lot! She also like to play hide and seek with me and others! It was just another day in Berk. i woke up, had breakfast and went down to Hiccups house so we could disscuss somethings about the dragons.

Then Stoic came in panting, as if he was shocked or terrored by something or someone.

I asked him what happened and he said that a new dragon had attacked, ate and ran off with Berks winter supply of fish.

I told him that me and hawkeye will track the dragon down and tame it.

Hiccup gladly agreed to this plan and came with me to make sure nothing bad happened.

We both went down to where Berks winter fish supply was stored.

It looked terrible! The entire silo was broken to pieces!

Hiccup said "what dragon in the world could have done this!!!"

I looked down and shoured to hiccup "Hiccup look here, footprints!"

He ran over and looked where i did.

"wow! lets follow them Star eye!"

And so we did. i jumped on my nightmare and soared through the sky. i still stayed close to the ground though as to follow the footprints of the mystery dragon.

By the time we had reached the end of the tracks, it was sundown!

i jumped off Hawkeye and ran to where the tracks ended. In a huge cave!

"Star wait for me!" Hiccup shouted and he ran after me.

"Um hiccup you might wanna take a look at this!"

"wow what if the dragon loves here star?"

"we will have to go and find out then wont we?" Isaid a strolled into the cave.

"woah woah woah wait a second, you cant just go strolling into a mystery dragons cave?"

But i didnt listen. I just went on.

When i was in the cave i whispered to hiccup to come over.

I said that there was a little silver gleam at the back of the cave.

I went to go investigate it out.

But what i saw was beyond my reach.

And by that i mean it was EXTRORDINARY!

It was a razorwhip!

"wow!" i said.

The razorwhip had woken up.

"Star eye run!" hiccup shouted. wait i said. the razorwhip was just looking at me,staring still.

I put my hand out in front of it, well her, and turned away,hoping that she would nuzzle it rather than bite it!

Luckily she did nuzzle it. "Wow, u tamed her star, you tamed her! what should we call her?"

i said back to hiccup that we should call her Windshear.

Windshear got up and let me sit on her back.

I told hawkeye to follow us as we had a new dragon!!!

Windshear had a beautiful golden metallic colour!

And to this day she is still as loyal as the day i met her, and our adventures were unstoppable!




The power of the night sky,

The fire in our hearts,

The stars burning silver, reflect in our eyes.


Our souls as one,

Forever entwined,

We think the same, we use one mind.


To use life is a game,

We play it with glee,

Nothing can hurt us, when its just you and me.


Sonic star,

Naughty and Playful, Fun and Free,

As mischievous and cheeky, as she can be!

We fly as fast a lightning,

Through star littered skies,

Floating and gliding, we fall and we rise.

We streak and dance,

In the midnight hours,

Below us scared livestock cowers.


As one we soar,
Across the night,

Delighting in the freedom and magic of flight.





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O-O -yells and painics around berk-

I have a youtube channel :D (its at the end of my siggy :D)


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Encounter a Fantasy here
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Some Background light on me:

Name:Velterox Viking

Class specialist: Tidal,Strike
Dragon:Grimcore (Triple Stryke)
Description: Im from the coldest parts of the archipelago, 
decided to sail to berk in hopes of learning about dragons 
more, was gobbers right hand man in the shop when hiccup 
Was cheifing, then is currently being valka's apprencance 

Adding more here soon...

My Youtube:
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I love Silverweed San! She is really cool. I have  a YouTube channel called Spitfire Wings.




                           Welcome To My Signature

                       ( Under Construction And Mostly Memes )





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I'm sorry. I love Toothless memes.

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