It's my 6th birthday today!

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I don't mean literally. But apparently sometime yesterday was my the anniversary of joining the Forum! 6 years ago. That's crazy.


By: Varku

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Wow happy 6th birthday on the forums! 
*celebration noises*



Welcome everyone to my siggy!

I'm your host (and slightly deranged creature from another world) Toothless! If you want you can call me Toothy, Split or NightRider!

You can find me ingame by the name of ToothyFright



Somethings you should know about me irl:


I'm a proud Christian


I'm female


I'm old enough to know what a duck is and young enough to know that grape juice is better in glasses


I live in one of the Americas...


Some of my interests and things I enjoy:


I enjoy singing, drawing, and i've recently started writing some stories of my characters! Right now I have 12 story plots on standby


I'm certified Furry Trash, and as such I have around 10 characters that I call "fursonas"


I have Compulsive character making disorder (CCMD) which has caused me to create around 90 characters to fill my endless mind 


I enjoy binge watching series such as: StarWars:The Clone Wars, Dragons RTTE, She-ra and the Princess of power, Avatar The last AirBender, Gravity Falls, Kim Possible, Forever, Gargoyles, Dragon Prince, Ultimate Spiderman, Trollhunters and a few others


My favorite movies are: HTTYD (all of them), All the Marvel movies, Greatest Showman, Jurassic world, Avatar (based in Pandoria), StarWars and Frozen (both of them)


I love to roleplay! Lemme know if you have anygood ideas or if you want me to join! Right now i'm involved in 3 rps so I can possibly add another onto my schedule ;3


I love to read... I is nerd :3


My favorite animals are: Cats, Dragons, Horses, Jellyfish and Wolves!


My favorite HTTYD Dragons are: Of course Nightfuries, Stormcutters, Whispering Deaths, Lightfuries, and Deadly Nadders!







Also this siggy will always be under construction. Please be aware of your surroundings, we've been having a slight demon problem and your safety is always in mind :P




Art and stuff :3 Muwahahahahaha! You knew this was coming!




Reaper the Nightfury by the wonderful AndreaEaston, VicZarSky, Frugal, and Flitt! Clearly this is my favorite httyd character XD...





Spooks the Kyte by the wonderful LissaFish!


Tempest the Titan LightFury by the wonderful ZestyDragonWing and DrakeTheDragon!



JellyBean and Loki the Nightlights by the wonderful AndreaEasteon!


Erin the Ikran-Fury made by me and the wonderful AndreaEaston(profile pic)!



This is all art I did for art requests, this is art I did that others requested

Kagé the Gengar by the wonderful ANIC!



Lil Boo by the wonderful Flitt!


Fox the Pickleboggle by the wonderful DerpySheyla!



Halcyon the JewelSpinner by the wonderful DyliehIdol!


Cumbulonimbus the baby Skrill by the wonderful SpeedyLeaf!


BrownEyes and Jasper the Magic Floofs by the wonderful AndreaEaston! (Cats are the best :D)



BurntToast by the wonderful ZestyDragonWing!


Poof the floof ball by the Wonderful IAmTheSenate!


SirWaffington the 4rd to the 3rd power by the wonderful Sohki!


Sasha the Seabender by the wonderful Akilaya!



Huh what else should I put down here? It's kinda lonely and empty down here...

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Happy forum bday! I have to admit when I saw the subject I was so like "O.O THAT SIX YR OLD HAS AMAZING GRAMMER FOR A SIX YR OLD" XD



        Hello and Welcome To            

                          MY SIGNATURE                              



I'm a Christian

I'm Female



Robot Takeover

A Strange World

Legend of Zelda: Hero's United

Colliding Worlds

Confusion of The Worlds

If you haven't noticed already I'm a huge sucker for multiverse rps xD






Ace Attorney

Yokai Watch

Fire Emblem


Avatar The Last Air Bender

Legend Of Zelda


Me and my main Boi Amazingly done by dragon34611!

Catch Me on DevaintArt And WattPad


Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.





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Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe



Yeah I phrased it that way intentionally. 

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Ooh! Happy forum bday :)

Ooh! Happy forum bday :)



Welcome to my Siggy! Watch out for flying debris, scales, and fire.



You can call me Drake, and I’ve played SoD from the times of old, when the only dragon newbies got was the hatchling they picked, no free 2nd adult dragon. I missed this game SO much when I went on Hiatus and I promise to try to not leave it behind again. (Well, at least not for a while anyways.)


I love to hang out at the school, andnow that i've discovered these forums, i'm here to have fun with my dragon pals.


- Flight Rising:

- Furry Paws:


- Lioden: Symbah (#205491)

A cool (random) on-paper drawing:






NAME: Wisp

SPECIES: Flightmare
ARTIST: Izzydrawsdragons



NAME: Spike

SPECIES: Deadly Nadder
ARTIST: Iamthesenate





NAME: Pitch

SPECIES: Fludmorph (Alien OC) - Deadly Nadder Form



NAME: Pitch

SPECIES: Fludmorph (Alien OC) - Stormcutter Form
ARTIST: Carolinalina





IN-GAME NAME: ErikaTheWild

FRIEND CODE: Private (for now)

In-Game Age: 14

MAIN DRAGON: Adult Flightmare - Wisp

FAVOURITE DRAGON CLASSES: Stoker class and Strike class

FAVOURITE DRAGON SPECIES: Was once Monstrous Nightmare, now it's Deadly Nadder

ALL DRAGONS: * Wisp - Adult Flightmare

                        * Spike - Adult Deadly Nadder

                        * Boulder - Gronkle Hatchling

GENDER: Female

FAVOURITE IN-GAME THINGS TO DO: Flying, exploring, fishing, getting new dragons, experiments, 'destroy the enemy ship' events, and racing.


FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Swimming, flying, and drawing.

FAMILY: 1 Little Brother, 1 Mom, 1 Dad, 3 Fish, and 1 Cat.

(VIKING) FAMILY: Younger brother: Draco