It's been a while since I've been here.

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Hey, you. Yes, you!

Pretty certainly thinking: "This NarixuZen person again? What do they want now?". About that, you've seen me for over 1 year in the forums, arrogant at first, and now conscious of what's around me. I had reasons. Anyways, lots of you do not know me at all, so let me fill you up! These are my actual facts about me, and I think it's time to show them since in the past I was afraid I'd be made fun of. Not that I'll be offended, but yeah, the reputation or something?? *shrug* If you're not interested, then go, it's fine. ;)

First things first, 13 years old. He or She? Nope. I'm neither, but don't judge me. I have alexithymia, so the truth is no one can fite me in the pit with some heavy conversation wars or something. I am trying my best to strengthen people by acting like a 'boss', or whatever to say, but overall, I'm a good person!

Here on the forum, if you don't see me respond to a PM or accept friendly conversations that might mean you're in my blacklist. But don't worry! It doesn't happen just anytime! Yeah, that aside, if there's anything else you wanna know, send me a message or just comment, but I'll see if I'll reply privately if you say something... personal.

I like movies like HTTYD, Scarface, Thorn Birds, Titanic, Hobbit, LOTR, etc.

I play SoD constantly, but not too much. Looking for time because school really makes me hold back. But I play other games like osu, Dragomon Hunter, Brawlhalla, etc. etc.

I'm an otaku, of course! Favorite animu is KanColle based on the Japanese game.

My habits are computer games (obviously), drawing, watching videos on phone and spend time watching movies at night.

Now, you may ask, the animal I match the most? It's the fox and the orca!

And what about day or night, I love night the most!

Zodiac sign.. not sure if it matches me, but I'm an Aquarius since I was born in January 22nd!


Anyways, like I said earlier, if you wanna ask something extra, go on!




 If you replied to my post in a topic and it's important, please PM me the name of the topic! It's a security check if I haven't noticed it.






Instagram & Discord: Ask.








(Made by me. Please give credit when you use it.)

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should i be sorry for your

should i be sorry for your disorder? is it something that can be helped? it really sucks that you have trouble feeling someone else's pain or happiness.  i hope i wont be on your blacklist for asking these questions.  I'm glad u opened up and let us know what drives your comments. i understand. i suffer only a small part of what you are going thru. it was difficult for me to get thru school, i hope you are doing better than i did.


signing off ♫


for the love of Aslan!


signature under construction (as i find out who i am!)(still trying to find out)

proud member of



Proud to have served in the clan "The Phantom Heroes"


me and my first love, "Rescue"!

i call him this because i rescued him from the dragon traders!


just keeping an eye on things!

for the love of Aslan!

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Watashi no Tomodachi

Hey, no need to worry! I can live with the disorder since it doesn't do me any more bad. If it can be helped, that I don't know, but I am not afraid of it anymore so if there's not even a solution, it's fine. And nope, you won't be on my blacklist for asking :3

And I currently finished a lot of studies and projects which means you can also go through the school problem in any way.

Have this lil' girl cheer you up, it's gonna be alright!

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awww thank you. so sweet! i

awww thank you. so sweet! i love it! i am so glad you will be ok. that makes me happy too!


signing off ♫


for the love of Aslan!

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Heyo heyo heyo!!!!

Nice to finally meet u NarixuZen!  I've seen u on the forums a bit, but never got to know u that well. Anyways, it's nice to meet u and hopefully we'll see each other again :) 



Heyo! And welcome to my siggy! 

Good luck ;)


First off, my drawings! 

I love to draw and do it for fun most of the time. I also draw for special events :) 

below are some examples of my art. Enjoy! 






These are just a few examples :) I've made many more and will draw more also. 


Alright so....ELLO HOOMANS! Here's some info on my OC :3 

 Name: Francine


Apperence: long red hair with bright green eyes. She wear loose, winter clothing with a large, light blue hood. Her boots are covered in snow (since that was where She grew up) and have no memory of her family. 

Weapon: Two twin swords


titan gronckle: Nightel

Titan screaming death: Entity

Titan razor whip: Rainstorm

Titan deathsong: whiplash

Adult Groncicle: illuminum

Adult Singetail: Windsnap

Adult Eruptodon: Smoke Rock

Adult Amorwing: Amber Gravity

Titan Skrill: Bristle tail

Titan Stormcutter: Mystery 

Titan Typhoomerang: Winter 

 Titan Hobblegrunt: River Song

Adult Wooly Howl: Pilot

Adult Changewing: Ghost

Age: 17

Distinctive features: small Scar over mouth

Personality: Loyal, Brave, wary 

Weaknesses: Family and her Dragons

pm me if u wanna RP!



Anyways, so wanna get to know me? here's some fun facts! 


1. I'm a girl (obviously)

2. My favorite hobbies are listening to music and reading books

3. My birthday is June 1st

4. I have a 40 gallon salt water fish tank

5. I'm a Christian

6. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons (well and a lot others >~<)

7. Favorite movies are HTTYD, HTTYD 2, and if the hunger games, Supernatural, Merlin and many others

8. I love Cats!

9. I'm a rower (not  canoeing -_-)

10. I like food :3

And finally, 11. Nope, I don't support LGBTQ, but I don't hate the person, I hate the thing that they're doing 

Brace yourself....



Meraculous Ladybug


Gravity Falls




 How To Train Your Dragon 


Art from Others,


Thanks Frozt Wolf! Looks amazing :)


Amazing Skrill drawing by Lululu 6161


My Woolly Howl by AlicornBrodie. Tysm!


By the AMAZING ToshiLoshi! On a scale from 1-10 I'd give this a 100! TYSM!


Tiberius made by Dragonist Hellen. So cute! 



My Viking and Winter, the typhoomerang



And last, but not least, Mystery (my Stormcutter) by the very talented Arrowwalker

Alright! So far so good right? I'll be adding more later! 



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Watashi no Tomodachi

It's nice to meet you too, and yes I've seen you before also! See ya around~