It Lives Through Him

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If you want a full description, click on the picture.


Now, before you go all like: "HE CANT BE TOOTHLESS' HALF BROTHER! THATS STUPID!!!" I don't care. It's canon with the way I see things. It's not officially canon in the series, and it never will be. And if you never even THOUGHT about saying something about Toothless being Pitch's half brother, major kudos to you. Have a cookie.


The base belongs to AlicornBrodie, Pitch belongs to me. Thank you~



Warning! Under Construction! Be Careful Where You Step!












First of all.... I love Markiplier and Venturiantale. They're the

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Pitch! You're here! Say hello to everyone!

Pitch: (Oh! Hello to everyone!)





If you steal, edit, or trace ANY of my art without my permission, Pitch himself WILL come find you and he will not have mercy on you.


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 Titan Pitch!



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Pitch loves to paint



  Whatchu say?


Examining a chick


That there is Pitch's crush. Her name is Sapphire and she is a hybrid between a Stormcutter and Night Fury. She is owned by sapphirenightcutter on DeviantArt.







The fiercest around!



As a baby






 Stormnight loves to go flying!

Adorable Pixel Stormnight by Lululu6161. Tysm!




Character Bios/Info:



Pitch had a horrible history - two fathers, a deceased mother, and separation from his brother and sister for years. However, things started to get better when I found that Hiccup's dragon, Toothless, is his brother, and his sister, Tundra, lived in the poles until I found her. 

Pitch is very grumpy most of the time. Well... half grumpy. I should say in a annoyed mood. Even then, he deals with it and stays very sweet. When he is not in a annoyed mood, he is awfully lazy and will avoid doing anything physical. He is very quiet and shy. Suspicious about anyone that isn't family. He has a crush on a NightCutter named Sapphire. Pitch and Sapphire are 13 years old.



Full bio coming soon.

Note: Tundra can change colors. This is because her father was a changewing and she changes from white/rainbow to navy blue depending on where she is. Pitch shows no signs of having the same ability



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Please Leave A Message After The Beep. *ten years later*

OMT that is so good! Great job! Lol I have no problem with Pitch being Toothless' half brother! Echo is Toothless' son so...


Hello! I am Shamara30! I am new to the forums but I've been watching and I have read a few fanfics too!

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Appearance: working on it!!!


Weapon:A gronkle iron staff that the ends light on fire. It can also split in half the long way to reveal a leather sheet that works like her own version of Hiccup's flight suit.


Personality: when Shamara sees something she has to know how it works. This makes her good at quite a few things because she knows about them.


Skills:fighting,singing,and flying with Carmen






Unique traits: just as chicken makes Stormfly go faster eel makes Carmen go faster. It brings her speed from 17 to 19 and natural training makes it 20


Pet Dragon


Name: Coal


Species: terrible terror


Colors: black with a grey underbelly and highlights


Other: Shamara has a thin scar across her left eye. She made matching necklaces in the shape of a music note for her and Carmen. She is the leader of a team of Dragon Riders called The OS Dragon Riders.


Name: Vanessa




Backstory: no one can know. When Vanessa was five years old her village was attacked by dragons. Her father sent her and her mother into the woods to hide while he defended the village. On their way to the safe house they had built they were attacked by a monstrous nightmare. Sadly Vanessa's mother died protecting her. Ever since then her father has hated dragons. Even worse he blamed her for what happened. He disowned her. While living on the streets she befriended a singetail and named it compass. This made matters worse between her and her father. Now he not only banished her from his life he also seeks to kill her. Vanessa is on the run when she comes across an ally who is also her father's worst enemy. But they cannot know her secret. Everything she had built up would be lost if they knew the truth. She would be cast out if they knew who her father really was. 


Haha! Now you must live with this until I write it!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


Appearance: black hair, Brown eyes


Weapon:sword from her father


Personality:keeps to herself and in constant mental pain 


Skills:sword play, herbal medicine and cooking






Unique traits: he always knows which way is north which is why he is called Compass






Backstory:Addi lives on berk a year after httyd 2. Life is good for Addi and her friends Shey, Robin and best friend Gustav but when they are enrolled in Dragon training their lives are turned upside down. 

When a dangerous enemy approaches berk and the dragon riders call on them for help they must learn the true meaning of friendship and see how far they will go for each other.


Ha! Again!


Appearance: strawberry blond hair cut to shoulders, bright green eyes


Weapon: Shield like Hiccup's






Colors:Grayish turquoise with silver fins.


And lastly...






Backstory:the dragons have left many years ago and many don't believe anymore. But one girl does. When the dragons return led by an angry Toothless Naomi befriends him. Together they begin the search for Hiccup. Will they find him? (Not all the kinks worked out in this story.)


Appearance:Brown hair, eyes that appear to be changing color




Skills: understanding dragons, sword play


Dragon: ha! You may not know yet!!!!!!!!


And now, meet my newest OC!


Name:Alyssa (Aly)




Backstory: Aly's parents died when she was a baby leaving her  in her uncle's care. One  day, when she was five, her uncle took her in a fishing expedition but the boat was attacked by wild dragons. Her uncle sent  her off in a small rowboat and Aly was never sure what  happened to her uncle. After many  days  floating around(the oars had been lost to the dragons) she fell asleep. When she awoke she found  herself surrounded by dragons and a young woman. She learned that  the woman's name was Valka and she lived with and trained dragons.

Valka nursed Aly back to health and after  that the thought of leaving never entered her mind. She grew up among dragons and even bonded with a yellow  and green triple stryke which she  named Hunter. 

At the time of httyd 2 Aly was on a trip to find  more dragons wounded by Drago Bludvist and take them to the sanctuary.


Appearance: she dresses like Valka and had similar hair.


Weapon: stick thing like Valka's.


Skills: Training dragons and thankfully, cooking.


Dragon:Hunter (triple stryke)< Other:Aly speaks dragonese since she grew up with dragons. /p>



                     Dragons I hope to get


Name: Echo


appearance: (both done by The talented VexyLu. Thanks!)



Here is baby Echo by nightfuryatom4! TSYM! 



And here is my first Dragon, Skyfire! (Also by VexyLu;-)


Okay! I plan to do a lot more with this but thank you for reading my OCs!!!! So long dragon riders!!!!






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Thanks, glad you like it!

Thanks, glad you like it! Also, have a cookie.

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I feel mean giving criticism so much

Aside from my personal opinions about night fury ocs and things being related to main characters, I'm still really not sure about this OC.


Why are his eyes different colours? Why does he have so many random markings? The point of night furies is that they're meant to blend into the night sky, but your oc has lots of details that make that seem a bit difficult.


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I am against night fury OCs!






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First of all, I love your "I

First of all, I love your "I am against Night Fury OCs" poster. Hilarious.


Second, did you click on the picture? My OC's father is a changewing, which explains how he can change color dramatically. His eyes are different in color because one is injured, and he cannot see well out of that eye. Third, look at my signature. The colors shown on this edit ARE NOT his real colors. And the random markings sort of thing kinda hurt because I was... 8? When I made him. 


This is how he normally looks:



And yes, they are "Night" Furies, but Toothless is supposed to be the only one in the HTTYD universe. Was the species named only after the Vikings there spotting Toothless? That doesn't mean the NF OCs can't have other markings other than black. Also with Toothless being the only one opens up a lot of room for imagination and theories on the subject.



Either way, thanks for the comment!

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I'm still not entirely convinced

I did check your picture on Deviantart. Changewings can't "change their colour dramatically"; they change based on their surroundings. This is why they can't camouflage whilst they're flying. 


I also fail to see why one of his eyes being injured magically makes it change colour. I suppose it *could* be white if he was blinded in that eye, although his eye could be red from constant irritation, so fair enough.


Your signature also seems to have exactly the same things as the above picture, except in one of them he is white. Anyway, if you did make this oc when you were 8, then naturally you can expect some criticism as I am sure your artstyle then is not how it is now. 


It has been mentioned in the show that the oher night furies disappeared, but it can be infered that vikings interacted with them in the past. However, fair enough! It does leave open room for speculation. I personally take it as other night furies being able to be colours similar to black, like a dark gray, brown, blue, or purple. 


Anyways, sorry if I came off as a bit rude! I just like talking to people about how they could improve their ocs or see if they have room for improvement. If you wanted to, you could pass the markings off as warpaint since the release of it in SoD.

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They used to be able to, at

They used to be able to, at least in the Book of Dragons.


It doesn't magically change. It happened awhile back, in a dragon fight. He is not blind. His eye had lots of damaged blood vessels, which kinda dyed his eye red.


No, you didn't come off as rude at all! We all have our head canons and opinions, and that's totally fine. 


I dont think I'll be changing his design again. His appearance has already changed too much XD


I don't have an explanation for the "White eye" transformation XD


The white-ish "smoke" coming off of him is his aura.