It’s Possible to MAKE the Devs Listen to Us!

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Okay so remember when Long Night Flight was taken away and people were threatening to quit their memberships left and right? And a lot of those people really did cancel. The devs' wallets were aching from that so they brought back LNF and included BLF. It's the only explanation otherwise, as with everything else, why bother? So the lesson here is this: STOP SPENDING. The devs will ONLY listen to their wallets. That much is painfully obvious. 

If we, as a whole, make demands to fix bug and STOP paying for this game, which is becoming more and more broken and neglected as time moves forward, the devs will have no choice to buy to fix these bugs. They'll have no choice but to WORK for their money by LISTENING to their players, because without us the devs have nothing. If we truly want the quality of the game to stop dipping, we need to force them to do that and by not paying they'll HAVE to. 

Otherwise you'll just have to settle for more dragon sales and extra glitches. This event isn't very useful, we all KNOW the prizes will be released in a few months anyway. And with the cool features all broken what's the point? Stop paying them and the devs will listen, the removal of LNF is concrete proof of this.


I'm fully aware that not everyone will stop spending but if enough people do, it'll hurt them enough to care about the game's quality. But right now all we're paying for is new glitches that we REPEATEDLY bring up. We pay them to ignore great ideas. We should be paying them to do their job. I hope everyone will heed this and try out this strategy, just to see its effectiveness if for no other reason.


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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Well, kinda like boycotting!!


I dont spend money anyway sooo....

We have to get a lot of people do stop spending, so SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!


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We've been pathetically begging for too long. We need to use the power we have over the devs or nothing will ever change. But yes, basically boycott the game until the devs finally take us seriously. I feel like they look at us and we're just a bunch of insignificant jokes to them. It's high time we show them how frustrated we are instead of complaining on a forum they probably NEVER read.

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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

I agree with this.


Boycotting seems to be the best option for us.

Small question: Does buying a trial-membership count give the devs some gems? I'm sorry, this is a dumb question.


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*Grabs popcorns*

As long as the gems you used to buy the trial membership weren't bought with real money, then no, don't worry about that. The only thing you musn't do in order to boycott is buy gems with real life money. Just gain them through battle events, or dragon tactics, or other stable quests aside from long night flight.


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*Grabs popcorns*

That's actually a very smart idea, Cryptic. I already cancelled my membership anyway, so even if i'm alone, i'm still making their wallets suffer a tiny bit.

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I mean, there's just a way to get continuous membership without spending any real money. Just have 300 gems on hand from stable quests or new viking grinds, and renew every week. I've had a continous membership for... maybe four months now, and I didn't spend anything. But I agree with the boycotting thing. Maybe it's the only way the devs will listen.


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Woo hoo

YES! this is a great idea i do not have membership and this game is still fun, membership is not nessisary for this game to be fun and playable. (they give out a free flight sute (promo code takeflight or somthing like that) and istorm island gives out free armor)


thank you devs for fixing event related gliches

YO members if enough people stop spending money we can get the devs to lissen to our demands and fix the bugs! 


no more battle event gliches (immortal ship ship does not die)

eruptidon and singetail in dragon tactics

less hybrids more new dragons (shadow wing, sitherwing)

more expantions 



Thunder (shockjaw)

Sharpshooter (D.  Nadder)

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Just do not spend money

not spending money is all you have to do also adds give them revinew so not waching adds would reduse there profits too. 

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Just do not spend money

not spending money is all you have to do also adds give them revinew so not waching adds would reduse there profits too. also we have to tell them that we will go back to normal after they start fixing things or they may just shut off the game if they are not making a profit

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   If that makes the Devs listen... Then so be it... I'll make a thread myself. The threat of not buying anything if we don't recieve certain things that WE ACTUALLY WANT. Expansions, new animations/graphics, more dragons from the shows, ect. I might be missing some other things but I know these are the main ones. Feel free to add more...




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I partially agree with this idea. Additionally, I can vouch for the trial membership strategy. It's a nice way to save money(which I use for chicken feed) and get other bonuses. Plus, I'm an expert in the gem earning department, so I don't find it too hard to earn for my next membership. Unfortunately, it seems as if the developers see us as money sources rather then players, and won't listen to much we say unless it is interrupting their money flow.

However, I don't really like the protest idea. The developers are trying really hard, but nobody seems to like what they're doing. I think we should just stick with reporting issues and maybe some boycotting(if they do something outrageous, like making the Night Lights membership only), but for now, I don't think a protest would help that much.

EDIT: Stopping their money flow might also make them close down SoD. It's not likely, but it's likely enough that I'm not taking any chances.











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I AGREE. I'm a free player,

I AGREE. I'm a free player, but I'll speak to my friend, who does buy gems, about this.



Hello! So, sorry for overloading you with gifs with angry alpha Toothies about bugs and money, but it was needed. Okay, moving on!

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I wholeheartedly concur!



By me

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Speed Stinger banner

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This amazing art of Scorpion was created by Snudoo!


And this is Shocker my Shockjaw, fabulously done by WoollyHowlEra!



This wonderful art of Scorpion the Speedstinger was done by the amazing AMAZIEing!



These fantabulous edits of Snowfur my Woolly Howl OC were made by WoollyHowlEra



This is Dune again, delightfully done by WoollyHowlEra!


Here's another splendiferous artwork of Icarus, again done by WoollyHowlEra!


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Venny the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Fireworm the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Smog the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Ghost the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Terrie the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Snake Eyes the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Horn the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Glower the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Titan the teen Monstrous Nightmare

Spirit the adult Silver Phantom

Glowworm the adult Fireworm Queen

Albinglow the baby Fireworm Queen

Centipede the baby Fireworm Queen

Gecko the baby Flame Whipper

Freeze Lout the adult Singetail

Threadtail the adult Hobblegrunt

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Flaminer the adult Fire Terror

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Marble the baby Gronckle

Gronckle the teen Gronckle

Granite the adult Gronckle

ScarCarver the adult RidgeSnipper

Lichen the adult Elder Sentinel

Steam the adult Eruptodon

The Great Protector the adult Eruptodon

Mystery Class:

Cobin the adult Smitten Hobbgobbler

Ambice the adult Deathsong

Knight the adult Armourwing

Skelator the baby Boneknapper

Reek and Stink the baby Hideous Zippleback

Flare and Fall the baby Hideous Zippleback

Ava and Lanch the baby Hideous Zippleback

Splat and Splelch the baby Hideous Zippleback

Sevvy and Snap the baby Hideous Zippleback

Bla and Bleh the baby Hideous Zippleback

Raff and Snaff the adult Hideous Zippleback

Glendeerie the adult Dreadstrider

Raptor the adult Dramillion

Magic the adult Changewing


will finish the rest later.




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Wow! I'm so glad all of you are on board with this!!! Let's STOP complaining and start DEMANDING! Let's SHOW the devs how fed up and frustrated we are!

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YES! YES! YES! I know, right?

YES! YES! YES! I know, right? well, we need to spread the word around EVERYWHERE then... oh yeah and the free ways to get gems might just get taken away if the boycott works though. But anyway, I'm IN!!! I have one superb idea... you know that ridiculous chat filter in the game that filters random words and not the bad words? I remember there was a time when hackers were spamming "FREE GEMS OMG!! SUBSCRIBE TO EVERYTHING REMIX NOW!" (heh heh, does that sound familiar?) maybe we could spam the chat in game to spread the boycott!


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YES! The more people join the protest the better, and the way to get free gems? Once the devs start listening, we can make that demand. We DO have power over them and we NEED to show them that we're not just a bunch of moneymakers, we're REAL people paying them to DO THEIR JOB.

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I've been saying this forever. People should vote with their wallets. If they pay for BROKEN product, they can expect BROKEN product, and should not complain about it. Why would JS fix anything when people toss their money at anything that moves, anyway? Why would anyone willingly buy something broken, and then turn around and complain about it?


Anyway, this won't work. People don't care what they throw their money at as long as they can consoom.


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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart.

You got mad and impaitent because specific bugs are not fixed, so you started a protest. I just do not care about this game enough to be this passionate over certain bug fixes. I play this game for fun, not for acrimony.


  • If you hate the game, stop playing it. Just move on to other games.
  • If you think the events are rigged because they'll be in stores within a few months, then don't participate in it.
  • If there's a bug, just casually report the bug on the forums. There's no need for negativity.
  • If you got mad because the game crashed, that's understandable. But reload the game, and if it doesn't work, play a different game or do something else.

I'm sorry, but I must decline the protest. When I want to spend money on this game, I will do so on my own terms.



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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

- Don't hate the game, I love it and I'm sad to see so little care and consideration is being given to it. It has so much potential!

- The events aren't rigged, just not very well made. I'm participating in it but it would be nice to see it improve.
- I agree there is no reason for anyone to be rude, agressive, or hateful. If this protest turns that way, then I'm out.

- The game doesn't crash for me.


If you want to spend money on this game, then that's your choice and I won't to tell you what to do with your money. All we are (or at least I am) saying is that the best way to get the highest quality out of your purchases, is to let the devs know that we won't buy cheap, low quality stuff from them.

If they realize they aren't going to get away with selling us empty candy wrappers anymore, they'll start actually putting candy inside. If you are satisfied with the empty candy wrappers, then I'm glad for you! But some people aren't, and thats me included.


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It's far from "certain bugs." And as for impatience? We've been dealing with this for ages now, I think we've been extremely patient with the devs. Years' worth of patience in fact. So I really don't think "impatient" is the word you're looking for. I'm participating in the event but not taking it seriously, and I don't think it's necessarily rigged so much as it is pointless. History obviously repeats itself here. I only pointed this out. The dragon will be released so why take it seriously? But I am participating at my own slower, less rushed pace. I'll probably go after the Bonestormer when it's in stores though. I don't hate the game at all. In fact, I don't think anyone at all hates the game. I think you saw this post and just assumed that. I personally love the game but the glitches and bug make it so frustrating to play that I log in maybe once or twice a week? And only for a minute. The game has crashed on me before but I'm not very upset about that. Heck I've been 100% locked out before was Im not upset (although I will admit at the time I was a little upset about it).


In the future please don't be so quick to jump to conclusions just because you see a group of people who've grown weary of dealing with these things time and time again. All we want is to be heard. Is that really too much to ask? The devs hear their wallets barking and respond, it's a pretty straightforward strategy with them.


As I already said, I'm fully aware not everyone will stop spending, and the way you spend your own money is entirely up to you.

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-insert cool subject here-

I did jump to that conclusion, because that is your wording, and I'm sorry. I just don't know about holding the developer's hostage until they give us what we've wanted, even if it was said in a nice way. We all want less bugs, but what I don't want even more than bugs is people who make the same arguments.

What I'm saying is I know your not forcing anyone to participate, and I respect that. You can do a protest if you want to, but I personally don't have much faith in it —to put it bluntly.

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Sarcasm is my only defence.

I won't say I accept or decline this whole thing, because while I do see why y'all are doing it, I certainly don't agree with it fully. Too many plot holes on both sides of the argument.

Having a little protest on the forums is great and all, until you remember that the admins rarely check the forums. They've been more distant over the years that I've been here, and no matter what we did, they changed zip. So having banners and protest signs is great and all, until you realise you're preaching to an empty stand because they aren't even watching.

Taking away their source of income won't change a thing, I say. The piece of evidence of "LNF was brought back because we did X" is easily refuted by "It could be a coincidence that they brought it back because the event was over". It wasn't a guessing game as to whether or not they'd bring it back, they would have anyway. And I guess it was time Light Fury got some use other than a trophy dragon with BNF. 

Taking away their income will most likely make them panic over it, and then lose all income trying to fix it because of server/game closure and then it would all go downhill. I don't think we need to be panicking them because then teh bugs will be even bigger because of rushed time constraints. What you're trying to attempt is a bit of a race against the clock, which for them, would always be a losing battle.


I rarely play this game anymore. I hang around the forums to chat to you people, and that's about it. Why did I give up on it? Because they lost communcation with us. I could look past the bugs because things happen, and coding is never perfect, but even when the major ones appeared, I wasn't overly concerned. I think I log in once every 3 or 4 months these days. 


I may have a reason for why it was neglected for so long.
When HTTYD 2 came out, and we saw new dragons, we begged for new dragons to come in-game. They made one or two, and we were happy. But then you had the sour people, who were like "ThErE wAsN't A nEw DrAgOn ToDaY, bUt It'S nEw DrAgOn DaY" so they made them weekly. Then it got buggy. We begged for bug fixes. They did a few minor ones, and then the beggers for new content came back and complained. 
It's also a big job for them to fix it, and would probably require closure of the game for them to fix it.


So yeah, have your little party, I won't rain on your parade. I'll just be sitting on the fence, watching this whole mess go down, honestly.


Edit: I'll also chuck down here that Jumpstart has many other places they could be getting income, so just losing one source won't make them do diddly-squat about things


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I love blending things like that.

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Well then, I'm amazed. My art usually turns people away...

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If the devs see a decline in profit they will probably do something about it. I find it way too convenient that only the membership quests have been brought back and only after the group of people threatening to cancel their memberships grew larger and larger. Greed is a real thing, Jumpstart still wants their money from as many places as they can get it, and there are a ton of players and payers in this game. Jumpstart does have many places they can go to, you're not wrong at all, but the fact remains that they're losing money just because one of their games has dumped their low quality crap all over us. And game closure? I've already seen a ton of people jump on board with that as long as the bugs get fixed. There is no communication. If they simply said the game would be down for a while during maintenance, I highly doubt people will blow their tops over that (although they might of the game shuts down and nobody knows what's going on). It's a big job but they're the ones who made a mess they haven't cleaned up, and messes like that will always accumulate into something even bigger. How long have we been fed up with this? Greed is Jumpstart's incentive. Greed is the devs' incentive. All we've been doing is paying for a broken and neglected game. 

It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but the broken features make it frustrating to play. I find the timing of their only money-making quests' return far too convenient chronologically and with that said, there's not a shadow of a doubt that money is the reason they brought it back that soon. They were supposed to have brought others back but as you can see, they're still not back.

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『Madoka Miyazono』
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Sarcasm is my only defence.

Eh, like I said, I do see why, but I'm not going to jump in the band wagon.

Convenience? I doubt it. But I guess that's why we're a community. Disagreement is the only thing we can all see to agree on around here, and I'm not aiming that at specific people. 

Greed does play into it, but I still doubt.


Frustrating? Sure, it can be, but unfortunately, it's not what drove me away, hence why I'll be sitting on the fence. I don't mind that it's broken, but I see why others are. 

The only thing I'm really getting at here is look at the problem as if it were two sides of a coin. I see heads, while you see tails. That's how things are.

But I don't think that boycotting like this is really the best solution, but sure. Go for it. More power to you.

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I would like to hear you out on what solution you think would be best. Also, I'm curious as to what drove you away if not brokenness. 

『Madoka Miyazono』's picture
『Madoka Miyazono』
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Sarcasm is my only defence.

Solution? That would be a difficult one to come up with. Because while protests work in some situations, and boycotts as well, they aren't always perfect because they show a toxic community. They show that we are willing to throw in the towel over things, and aren't peaceful about our solutions. With the admins/devs the way they are, I guess I can understand why this may be a solution, but I still don't trust it. Sure, some of these bugs have been here since 2014 (because I do know of a few from then that have persisted), but I'm just saying that this solution may not work. Again, you could discount everything as a coincidence.


I was driven away because I found it just... a bit of a bore to play. I used to play it a lot 2014-2015 or so, but then I kinda went off it. I did the expansions, but it just wasn't as fun as I remembered it being. Then I found more interesting games that captured my imagination and pulled me into thought, and I started playing them instead. Hollow Knight is a great example of this. I was drawn to it.
I didn't experience too many game-breaking bugs. I found a few smaller problems here and there, but they weren't ones I was concerned about. For example, my Thunder Run racing broke (It's still broken) but I rarely raced, or found a reason to race, so I never bothered with it.

All of my friends from back then have all left, and thus, I never had a reason to keep that up.

Farming and fishing were a chore to do because of the time they took to grow, and the fishing system was super laggy on my computer. And I knew that. It's laggy, but I just didn't enjoy it.

It's wasn't that it was broken, or buggy. It was that it became a chore to play it.

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I personally will not be joining the protest. I'm too worried about the game just being shut down because the various bugs are a more difficult task to solve then just putting the gem quests back. This game is one out of a larger company and honistly...if this works we aren't actually threatening the dev's jobs. They'd probubly just be moved to another project. We'd have to bank on the idea that jumpstart would find it worth it to fix this game that was designed to cash in on a series that seems to be finishing and while many are willing to let it go I'd rather it last as long as it can because of the friendships I've made.

Also, there have been a couple fixes. I don't see my hair when I use the invisible rider feature and I recently noticed that the hole in monstrous nightmare tails has been patched. Granted there's still a lot of mess to fix but still.


Now....I'm not saying other people shouldn't do it. If they feel it's right....maybe I'm wrong and it will do something. I myself however....will not be joining. 



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Oh no... no no no... this

Oh no... no no no... this feels so much like a debate. Ahahahahaha of course it is- oh whatever. Good night. I just feel like we all are right here, and because I love this game I don't want it to shut down from this boycott. However I'm still not backing out of it because SoD IS a really buggy and money grab game, and literally the only game I know just like this. Let's just hope Cryptic is right enough about it if this boycott actually works! (edit: oh congrats to me, I just earned the Wilderness Explorer title! XD)