Issues Regarding Dragon Tactics Glitch

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I really would like to continue the Rise of Stormheart expansion! But with the glitch in the way, I'm not able to, and many other players are experiencing this issue. I've mentioned it before, as have other players, so I'm sure the admins are aware of the situation. I just hope they are working towards fixing the issues.


I've played dragon tactics about five times now to see if the glitch has been fixed. So far, no luck. All I'm asking is that you notify us when the glitch is fixed so players like me don't waste time redoing the dragon tactic level over and over again to see if this is fixed. I certainly would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.




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Yes, please do.  I bought the

Yes, please do.  I bought the expansion ages ago when it first came out, and have only today started to play through it out of boredom only to discover what I assume is the same glitch (defeat Stormheart's forces on the ship) as I went searching for others with the same problem. *sigh* So much for getting caught up with the game and all my quests!


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You've certainly gotten further than me. My situation is the same, only I'm stuck on the first tactics level, "conquer the dragon tactics battle."