Isle of Gazoo is Looking For New Members

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Isle of Gazoo is now looking for loyal, active members to join the clan. We are in the top 100, spot 51. We are respectful of each other and help each other out. I'm really looking for active people to join as I'm the only one who is most active. I don't have a set trophy amount that you need to earn each week or month as I know that everyone likes to do different things in game and life can sometimes get in the way of playing the game. However, I do encourage earning trophies every now and then to help the clan's trophy count grow. It would be greatly appreciated and this is one reason why I'm looking for new members.



- Please be kind to people on the forum and in game. This includes everyone, not just fellow clan members.

- If you have a fight or get your feelings hurt by a fellow member, please try and resolve it quickly and maturely. I would rather not have a lot of drama going on as this is supposed to be a game people play for fun. Lots of drama would ruin the fun for everyone.

-  If you have a problem with the clan please pm those involved instead of making a forum post about it. This keeps those involved from getting hurt or embarrassed.

- No cheating of any kind whether it's racing or something else in game. Let's keep the game fair.


If you would like to join, search the clan in game and send a join request. Then post your viking name on this thread so I know who to look for on the join requests or you could pm me your viking name if you'd rather do that. I will try to let you know as soon as possible on this thread or by pm if you've sent me one when you have been accepted.


I hope to see some new, friendly faces who are willingly to help contribute to the clan soon. 


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For worldly things will fade away

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But the treasure of true friendship

Will never lose its glow.

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The first and most important thing you should know about me is that I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I enjoy studying the Bible and learning from it. I live by Bible standards and strive to apply Bible principles in my life everyday. Of course, I'm not perfect and would never claim to be. However, when I make a mistake I learn from it and try not to repeat it. I apologize when neccessary and accept correction where it's needed.

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Anybody interested? I'm still looking for new members. I'd really love to see some new, friendly, active faces in Isle of Gazoo. I'm trying to replace the inactive people with active people to make the clan active again.  I forgot to mention in my original post that I'm the leader so any questions you have just ask me.

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Hello, I would like to join.

Hello, I would like to join.


Dragons: Blue=Males, Purple=Femalea

1.Toothless-Night Fury











12.Soulcatcher-Deadly Nadder

13.Niko-Deadly Nadder

14.Stormfly-Deadly Nadder

15.Pheonix-Deadly Nadder

16.Thorntail-Deadly Nadder

17.ShadowWarrior-Deadly Nadder

18.Starwhipper-Deadly Nadder







25.Frostfire-Woolly Howl

26.Frostflight-Woolly Howl

27.Frostwing-Woolly Howl

28.Frostfang-Woolly Howl

29.Frostdiver-Woolly Howl







36.Stormsting-Speed Stinger

37.Quicksilver-Speed Stinger

38.Windsnatcher-Speed Stinger

39.Aurora-Speed Stinger

40.Deatheater-Screaming Death

41.Soulscreamer-Whispering Death

42.Soultaker-Whispering Death

43.Soulkeeper-Whispering Death




47.Angeldancer-Sweet Death


























73.Plasma-Monstrous Nightmare

74.Starfire-Monstrous Nightmare




78.Light & Spark-Hideous Zippleback

79.Rain & Cloud-Hideous Zippleback

80.Ying & Yang-Hideous Zippleback

81.Blast & Boom-Hideous Zippleback




85.Halfblood-Grapple Grounder

86.Aim, Amo, Axe & Ark-Snaptrapper




90.Sunset-Fireworm Queen

91.Eclipse-Fireworm Queen



94.Avalanche-Snow Wraith

95.Compass-The Quaken

96.Demon-Devilish Dervish

97.Hera-Devilish Dervish




101.Cosmicstar-Night Terror



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Great! I'd love to have you in the clan. You can send a join a request to the clan. Could you tell me your viking name so I know who to look for in the join requests? Thank you. :)

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Hello! I sent a join request, I am StormSkippar



Hello! I'm Ash AKA BlackDragon

I don't really know much about the forum so bare with me, please.


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Ok, thanks for telling me. I won't be getting on the game today as I've been sick with a cold and just started feeling a little better today but I will accept your request tomorrow. I should feel better enough to get on the game tomorrow. It's nice to have a new member. :)

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I accepted your request. Welcome to the clan. :)

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Remember Me!

You replied to my forum earlier today and here I am! I would like to join. My name is Piggyxl and please invite me soon! Actually if it's open to all I will join YOU. See you in the clan!


Viking Name- Piggyxl



1. Meatlug Gronckle Adult

2. Toothless Nightfury Adult

3. Frosty Groncicle Adult

4. Snot and Snort Hideous Zippleback Adult

5. Spike Whispering Death Adult

6. Shadow Sand Wraith Adult

7. Rocky Gronckle Adult

8. Fang Mounstrous Nightmare Teen

9. Melody Death Song Adult

10. Anora Razorwhip Adult

11. Steel Armorwing Adult

12. Inferno Singetail Adult

13. Pyro Eruptodon Adult

14. Venom Flamewhipper Adult

15. SharpShot Razorwhip Baby

16. Prickleboggle Egg


Clan- Isle of Gazoo


If you visit my farm I will visit yours. (If notified)

If you send me a friend request I will except it

If you give me codes or gifts I will give you something (If notified)

If you give me a dragon code or membership I will be eternally grateful


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  • "We can do this. You and me. As one."- Hiccup
  • "I see now that the circumstances of one's birth is irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."- Mewtwo
  • "So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?"- Mewtwo 


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By LissaFish.                                                    By infinity12356

By infinity12356



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Age: 12

Gender: Male

Personality: Midnight is protective of Grace (rider), never trusts anyone but Grace and Toothless. hates everyone but Grace and Toothless and has risked his life multiple times to save Grace.

Backstory: Grace found Midnight as an egg with blood dripping out lying on the beach, worried she took it home and did everything she could to save it. That night when the moon was at its peak it hatched. The dragon then protected Grace at all costs because without her he would have died. As Midnight got older he trusted less and less people and more and more on Grace. Every night Midnight flies outside and sits on the roof of Grace's hut. While up there he looks down towards the beach and takes off. Yet every morning he is there sleeping under Grace's bed. After years of being together they received a terror mail from Hiccup, saying that they were invited to go to School of Dragons. So the next morning as the Sun rised over the land they took off flying at the speed of light. Together at the school there bond became even stronger yet Midnight still only trusts Grace. As more and more years past they found more dragons the first being Spike the Whispering Death. Midnight does not trust even Grace's other dragons so every time Grace tries to ride one of the other dragons Midnight's eyes glow red and he bites the dragon and gently pulls Grace off. This makes Grace and the other dragons mad and always ends up turning into a war between Midnight and all the other dragons. The only way the war stops is by Grace playing her Dragon flute that soothes the dragons. After weeks of this happening Grace decides to take Midnight on a trip leaving the other dragons in the care of Hiccup. Midnight and Grace go home for two months and Grace tries to convince not all dragons are bad. But no matter how much she tried nothing happened. Eventually Grace returns with Midnight and brings him to Hiccup and explains the problem. There Midnight sees Toothless. For the first time Midnight trusted another dragon he instantly became great friends with Toothless. They acted like brother and sister playing every day from sun up to sun down and every night they sneak out of their stables and fly to the highest point and look at the moon together. One day Grace gets a message from Valka to come see her. So Grace saddles up Midnight and took off. This was the first time Grace had met Valka yet it seemed as though they had known each other for years. When Grace looked into Valka's eyes she saw her self. Then Grace saw a symbol on Valka's staff, it was the same symbol as she had imbedded on the back of her hand. Grace asked Valka about this and Valka said the reason I called you here is so I could tell you you have a mother and that woman is me. Grace was stunned and Midnight didn't believe her so he tackled her to the ground and was about to fire at her when Grace pulled him away. For the first time Midnight was mad at Grace, he looked at her and started to fire at her when quickly Grace showed him the back of her hand and the symbol on Valka's staff matched so he had to give Valka a chance. Midnight stopped and looked at Valka then at Grace and then Midnight flew off with a mad look in his eyes that surprised Grace because of all the wild dragons she had seen this was even worse. Worried Grace asked Valka to barrow Cloud Jumper and Valka said yes so Grace and Cloud Jumper flew off chasing Midnight. As they flew closer tears rolled down Grace's eyes. Then as they got even closer Grace stood up and jumped off of Cloud Jumper trying to land on Midnight's back. Grace was so close yesterday missed and fell down down down Cloud Jumper tried to catch her but she couldn't dive down soon enough. Then to Grace's surprise Midnight flew down and coughs her! As tears rolled off of Grace's eyes she hugged Midnight knowing that she hadn't lost the  true Midnight. That night Grace let Midnight sleep in her dorm and at midnight she got out of bed and climbed on top of the roof and sat next to Midnight and Toothless. As the Sun rose Grace asked Midnight why he always looked up towards the Moon. Then magically Grace feel asleep and had a dream explaining Midnight's reasons for only trusting few. She saw what Midnight saw while in an egg men where using dragons to kill Midnight's family then when a giant Screeming Death scrapped Midnight's egg pushing it off the cliff falling down and landing in the ocean. When Grace woke up she understood everything why Midnight didn't trust people and why Midnight doesn't trusts dragons the only question was why did he trust Toothless? Grace asked Midnight and once again Grace fell asleep and had a dream about baby Toothless before Hiccup found him flying across the ocean and seeing the egg and picked it up and payed it on the beach in hopes of finding a good care keeper. Grace and Midnight then truly understood each other yet still Midnight only trusted Grace and Tothless.

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You can search Isle of Gazoo in game and then send a join request. I'll be looking for your request and accept it as soon as I see it.

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I sent the request!

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Ok, I accepted your request. Welcome to the clan. :)

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Does your clan I mean our clan have any once a month get together son the game? If not is that a good idea for our clan?

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I answered on the clan message board but I'll answer here too. No, we don't have meetings. It would be a good idea if we had more active members. Right now, I'm not sure there's really a point because we don't have very many active members. I can keep this in mind for the future though. :)