Island of the Blue King; 9 spot RP; Alpha Series part 2

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The second part in a three part Alpha Series, after the Deep Queen. There’s a lot of reading and this asks for high-level reading and writing skills.



You are part of a small wild dragon pack, drawn in by the Blue King, a Bewilderbeast. This is the same dragon in the second movie, but about 80 years prior to Valka.



The pack leader is drawn to the nest and accepts an offer to live there, but the group stays together for familiarity. This RP is generally free-for-all, but I’ll put in events and time jumps to keep it moving.


If you participated in Reign of the Deep Queen, then please don’t apply for this one UNLESS there are spots left over after it starts



The nest of the Bewilderbeast is a lot more balanced than the Deep Queens. While nest members are all cared for, there is still a hierarchy.

ALPHA: The leader and overseer, this position is only filled by an individual. They organise and balance the nest, ensuring order and peace. Not available to RP participants.

SUBALPHA: Nest heirs and second-in-command, consists of mainly giant species. Not immediately available to RP participants.

BETAS: Standard nest members, largest group. Consists of all but giant species. Available to RP participants.




A dragon can choose any role at any time and change it to suit them. There are tests to get into the roles, but are very flexible to suit the dragon.

UELERANDS: Trusted and trained dragons. They can be warriors, healers, explorers or law enforcement, they are the authority figures of the island. A position popular for power-hungry dragons.

PATCHFROSTER: Pairs of fire breathing and ice breathing dragons. The repair dragons and renovators, they are responsible for sealing cracks in the Nest walls and carving out new dens.

SHOALERS: Typically aquatic dragons that help herd fish for feeding time.

SHARDWATCH: Sentries and guards that are usually positioned outside of the nest walls. Popular for sharp-sighted and camouflaging dragons.

 THATCHSCALES: Healers and child carers, they take responsibility for orphaned hatchlings, old and handicapped dragons plus of course keeping any fighters healthy.




These are the dragons that are allowed to be used in the RP. PM me to suggest a species that I may have missed and you want to be (I am only doing official dragons, ones that have featured in a movie, episode or special feature). There is 2 Rare spots, 3 Uncommon spots and 4 Common spots. My own character does not affect availability of spots. These categories are to encourage a variety of species, not a measure of population, but don’t be discouraged if someone else has the same species as your character.

Rare: Skrill, Flightmare, Screaming Death, Snow Wraith, Seashocker, Fireworm Queen/King, Razorwhip, Gronckle, Terrible Terror, Death Song

Uncommon: Smokebreath, Stormcutter, Boneknapper, Windstriker, Snaptrapper, Thunderdrum, Monstrous Nightmare, Tryple Strike

Common: Rumblehorn, Hideous Zippleback, Night Terror, Typhoomerang, Scauldron, Thornridge, Buffalord, Catastrophic Quaken, Deadly Nadder, Speed Stinger/Evolved Speed Stinger

Hybrids permitted, but only 2. The physically dominant species will define which category you go in.







(Optional) Personality:

Appearance (include basic text description if image used):



Please wat until I've put up the DNR post/s to apply.


Ever wanted to meet an Australian gal obsessed with reptilians and art, who has abysmal time management, and can’t stop eating all the time?


Congratulations, you just achieved that goal.


my smol boys are extremely unattentive and basically children. I wouldn't exactly call them sig protectors, but they try their best.


feel free to send me art of these kiddos! Would be much appreciated


The Funnies

Amidst coffee, minor to moderate sleep deprivation, and some ill-placed encouragement from various friends, many amusing threads have been made.


A True Dragon- Sculptris

Just Dragon Things

the greatest joke in existence

Alternate Universe where everything is the same except...

DRAMATIC- forum game

How to give YOUR OC a GREaT and ORigINal NAME

My Subnautica Experience (filled with hate and fear!)

Habits Of A *Proffesional Forum Artist


How to Identify an Seasond SoD player

Time to dump whatever's in my head onto a keyboard


That's..... actually more than I remember making.




I have a strong interest in biology so I sometimes have fun coming up with theories for explaining the wild things dragons do.

Lethality of the Speed Stingers Sting

Deathsong Theory: Brood Parasite

Science-based theory on Night Fury Teeth Retraction




The Creatives


Want to ask for a drawing from me, or see what I’ve done? Here I’ve listed all open art pages, pending private requests and even the basic details on payed commissions.



Private requests are currently closed  -  Open during school holidays


If you want to re-ask for art, you can do so at any time

(Don’t panic, Larykay, I’m still doing yours)



Night Fury Couples


Solarflare Skrill


Spectral Leviathan


Triple Stryke Collection




Amphibious Elkwing

Pearl-eye Wolf

Woolly Howl Collection

Beetle King

Thunderthief; Reboot


Stormcutter Couples

Signature Construction Cards

Dragon Class Chimeras'





These are the things I like if you just want to chat about something, or want to show me something.


Games, Creative, Science, Memes, Animals/Pets, Youtubers, Music

Subnautica | Skyrim | Don’t Starve | Game Creation | Writing | Biology | Simple Physics | Simple Astrology | Space News | Simple Chemistry | Art | Surrealist memes | Disturbingly deformed images | Cats | Dogs | Axolotls | Lizards | Snakes | Yogscast Main Channel | Hatfilms | Angory Tom | Sips | Sorenova | Drakon Astron | IGP | Bastille | Caravan Palace

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In hindsight I should have put the dragon list here, but here are the added dragons

Rare: N/A

Uncommon: Raincutter

Common: Timberjack, Snafflefang



List of participants and the general details of the character used. They remain open after the roleplay begins, but any late starters will originate from the nest rather than the wild pack.

Roleplay has begun! RotDQ participants are now allowed to apply- any new characters will be local to the nest

  1. Me, Evolved Speed Stinger, Needle- female
  2. Mechfighter, Death Song, Faolan- male
  3. Withcerforever, Flightmare, Kelpie- female
  4. Fun Dragon, Triple Stryke, Night Strike- female
  5. Peymae, Stormcutter, Nidorah- female
  6. Buddyfan1, Boneknapper/Stormcutter hybrid, Gaster- male
  7. Chameishida, Timberjack, Hushwing- male
  8. (Common)
  9. (Common)
  10. (Common)

Total Spots left: x3 common

Hybrids left: 1

Waiting on: 0 reserves (Reserves last 4 days)


My Character

Species: Evolved Speed Stinger

Name: Needle

Gender: Female

Personality: Hyperactive and easily gets jealous. She envies other dragons for their ability to fly, so often demands a ride from other pack members.

Appearance: Pastel purple eyes, flecks of dark blue. Right ‘wing’ is torn, off-white belly with grey-green body, dull blue ‘wings’.



  • No rising through the nest ranks all speedy gonzala.
  • Your character grew up in the wilds. They’ve been through tough times and learnt that life isn’t fair, so no ‘doesn’t like to kill’, ‘gets along with everyone’ type characters. Nor go overboard and have a Captain EdgeLord3000TM- they aren’t war dragons.
  • No secret riders. The Dragon War is still going strong, and the pack would have been under frequent threat from Hunters and Trappers, plus villagers. I’ll allow friendly human interaction, but to an extent
  • Unless permission is given, no controlling other characters.
  • If you are inactive without giving reason for a week, your character will be available for control by others.
  • I’m asking for dedicated people. This means posting at least once a week, even if its short position updates.
  • Use ‘Captain EdgeLord3000 is insulted by this’ for the subject line



These are characters put in the story for whatever purpose you desire. They can be controlled by anyone and are there as an option to give a scene more body or create an adventure. If an aspect of them is listed as unknown, then anyone can fill it in themselves- determined by first person to interact with the character.

Ari’gordne (Ari-gourd- neigh) - Wild Pack Leader, Boneknapper, male

Called Ari by his pack mates, few dare to oppose his position in the small pack. With a Typhoomerang skull on his head and a Skrill’s on his jaw, particularly thorny armour and bold orange skin, he contrasts his appearance with a bubbly and optimistic personality. He is extremely fatherly, constantly checking up on each of the pack members, and wins challenges through their loyalty and compassion.


Miure Fey (Me-yer-fay) - Oracle, [Ashen] Snow Wraith, female

This mysterious individual dwells in the deepest ice caves on the Blue Island. She is pitch black in colour but has no family ties to dark-coloured dragons. Said to be blessed by gods, she rarely ventures out of her caves, but when she does it is never good news. Some seek her out for advice or blessing.


Nuothei (Knee-yo-thee) - Uelrand, Thornridge, male

He’s fast, he’s agile and he’s loved, hated and feared in equal parts. The local hero, he’s a pretentious and egotistical. With brown scales, a yellow belly, and oddly shiny black horns, his fighting is admirable but his attitude less so.


Lil’ Red- Information ‘Hub’, Fireworm, male

This silent Fireworm can hold several conversations at once, thanks to his many limbs. He’s resourceful and timid, able to navigate the entire nest quickly thanks to a complex of very small tunnels only big enough for him. In consequence, he over hears a lot and can learn a lot of information others don’t. Easily persuaded by shiny trinkets like polished rocks and gems.


Lunar Eclipse, Rogue, Flightmare/Death Song hybrid, female

This gracious ghost is talked about like a myth- some far away tale. Completely white, she lives in the ruins of an old city nearby the Blue Island. While entirely alive, many think her to be a spirit and humans fear her song and light. Follows a mixed diet of algae and small dragons, persona unknown.


Brothvar (Broth- vah), Rival, Night Fury, male

Brothvar is a bitter old dragon with a burning envy for the Blue Kings nest. He leads a family of Night Furies that total at 7, dark red in colour with lighter red stripes down his tail and rear legs. He is mildly paranoid of others, only trusting others of his species, heavily distrusts bigger dragons and has sworn to overtake the nest or hidetrying. Reasons for this are unknown.


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Species: Death Song

Name: Faolan

Gender: male

(Optional) Personality: usually likes to be left alone, can come off as creepy at times, though he doesn't mind talking with someone actually brave enough to approach him, has certain morals

Appearance: (see bottom of sig, he is gold, not yellow) has a blue left eye and a green right eye

Other: newest member of the pack and is sort of a rouge/explorer


made by Megaboltphoenix

Hello to all who wish to read my Signature

My name is mechfighter, but you already know that

I go by that or you can call me Rukath

enjoy what you find below, some of which is mine and others are made by others from around the forum, Enjoy.


How my past few years have felt

(all poetry/what-ever-you-might-call-it below is made by me)


you watch the couples with a light eye

happy that they are happy and like a ghost you move on

your the good friend that all can trust with their emotions

but rarely ever express your own

stay strong for others and always be there for them

but the lonlyness always sits there in your heart

like a sleeping dragon

you want to wake it to learn and experiance

but you let it sleep for you don't know how to, or can't, wake it

you also fear retaliation or rejection for waking the sleeping dragon

family helps but it can't wake the dragon fully

so it just falls back into its deep sleep

the dragon requires a special person to wake it

and not some helpless damsle

the girl who will wake my heart will come one day

but till then my heart will allways have a dragon of lonelyness sitting on it


respect is due when respect is earned

and respest is earned though action, knowledge, and deed

not position, word, and greed


everyone who lives under these gray skies

learns to love the rain's soft lullabies

it pitter patters upon the roof

like the constant drumming of a thousand fingers

it dribbles down the window

in constant snake like patterns

slithering down the window

it can be harsh

ruining every ones plans for the once sunny day

but then it can be creative

sculpting a mountain with it's thousands of fingers

and the patience of a million years

let it's colorful nature never stop falling from its grey origins


one might ask "what is the most dangerous thing on the planet?"

and the simple answer is "man"

we are a cruel and evil species

we attack each other for petty reasons

we ruin the place where we live

and then we wipe out other creatures with our constant demands for our petty lives

but we are not all bad

we can change and evolve

we can fix some of the wrongs we have done to this world

we can control ourselves

we can make this planet better

but first

before we can do any of that

we must change ourselves


life is a constant circle

where one ends another begins

it is also the most unpredictable thing on this planet

but we love it for that

for life's curve balls keeps away the repetition

you could take it both hands an lead it by the nose in you preferred direction

or you could let it take its course and see what happens

life is also cruel and unforgiving at times

but we must take the good with the bad

to give up on it is not an option

for it is up to you to change your life and make it better

but in truth life is a gray fog

but all it takes is a little sun and everything becomes visible


Fire, Fire, where's your light?

Have thy embers turned to ash?

Has the air gone to thin for you to breath?

Will you light again brighter than before?

To warm the souls of others

To chase away the cold that creeps into bones

Fire, Fire burn so bright

Signle to others to gather around your warmth

And that you are reborn


Είμαι μέσα σε κάθε πλάσμα και το φυτό, είμαι πολύ περίπλοκη, αλλά μπορώ να κάνω απλά πράγματα, είμαι όλοι γύρω από σας, αλλά υπάρχουν μερικές θέσεις όπου δεν υπάρχουν. Τι είμαι εγώ;


To say that you are normal is a lie, there is no such thing

To say you are better is a lie, we are all the same

To say that you are worse is a lie, no one's perfect

We are just different

We are all perfect in our own way

And no one can change that

These are the lessons of life

And we must learn them




My Viking

Name: Rukath

Main dragon: Dubstep (Death Song)

Star level: Single Solid Platinum (400k)

Clan: Star Weyr (status:Leader)

Clan Status: Open, 50 spots

Trophy Count: 12000+

Friend Code: PM me if you want it

Dragon Count: 55 dragons, 12 eggs

6/9 sharp

7/11 mystery

7/11 bolder

8/9 stoker

3/3 tracker

3/3 strike

6/7 tidal


Reader of the

Dragonriders of Pern series

Pernese OC

Rider: Fa'lan

Dragon: Bronze Rukath

Weyr: Fort Weyr, Star Weyr

(found these on the internet, not mine)



Misfit made by Livy SoD ^

Rukath (the bronze Pern dragon) in his many forms

made by me 

made by themasterplan47

Soular the Skyvern

made by -Pyrelyth-

link to his backstory

Rommer the Timberjack by themaserplan

Misfit done by Gigimon

skies edge my Mained Stratofier (Made by me)

Sun Spot the Noelani dragon (by hootowllighbulb))

Gaoth the Rocky Mountian Davus (by MegaBoltPhoenix)

Kailo the Male Vesupas by Bavelly


My Viking OC

Name: Rukath Soular

age: 17

Back story:

Seven years previous Rukath was found in the woods by Hiccup and the gang while they were out on patrol; he lay in a clearing, the ground was soaked with his blood, close to death, breath shallow. He was cut and bruised all over; his cloths were torn to complete shreds, his face had a massive slash across his right eye, and patch of scalp was bloodied at the back of his head where some one had tried to bludgeon his head in. A few bloodied weapons lay strewn about the clearing as if some one left in great haste, which suggested that Hiccup and company had scared off the attackers just in time. With Rukath being carried by Toothless, the gang flew off back to Berk where they took Rukath straight to Gothi who said that Rukath had a very slim chance of living, but none the less she started the healing process. 

After a few days had passed Rukath woke up, he was scared of all he did not know. Gothi had Hiccup and Stoick fly up to her hut so that they could talk to Rukath; they asked where he had come from and who had attacked him, but all Rukath could say was that he did not know, the only reason he had a name was because that was what was carved into a stone pendant that hung around his neck, it was the only thing that was not destroyed or ruined in any way, unlike his cloths, after getting nowhere with Rukath, who seemed to have no memory, Gothi pulled Stoick and Hiccup outside and told them what she thought and knew of Rukath, she said that he seemed to be about the age of ten and had no memory due to his close encounter with death, she then told Stoick what was on the boy's left shoulder, a black Skrill tattoo, all knew that that was the symbol of the Berserker tribe; this confused Stoick and Hiccup who decided to keep that part about the boy secret from the tribe.

Time passed slowly for Rukath, he was treated as a bit of an outsider, but there were a few that he had befriended. Rukath spent a lot of time reading up on dragons and studying them as well as creating several things that showed a resemblance to things that Hiccup built but with a different flare, this was a way to not interact with others. Many people treated Ruakth with little interest for the first year Rukath had been on the island, some still remembering what happened when they last brought an unknown person into their midst, this mostly changed when Rukath got into the Dragon training academy.

While at the Academy Rukath tried many different dragons, all of which didn't work for him for one reason or more, the main of which was that the dragons did not "connect" with him. He spent two years in the Academy, dragonless, this did not help the ridicule that he sometimes got. On the day that Hiccup announced that Dragon's Edge was open to the other trainers Rukath managed to hitch a ride on one of his friends dragons to the magnificent place. Once there Rukath found that there was not much to do when you did not have a dragon to ride. On a clear night with a strong wind, Rukath "borrowed" a small, one man, sailing ship, loaded it up with some supplies, and took off into the night to see what he could see, and maybe, just maybe, find the right dragon for himself. He spent several hours out at sea but it was not long before Rukath found himself in a massive storm which blew him way off course, though he did not have much of one to begin with.

Once the storm had passed Rukath found himself in the vicinity of an island that he did not recognize with mast that was shattered in half. Rukath managed to paddle the dilapidated craft to the shore of the island and beach it so that he could do repairs on the thing, he found out quickly that there was no way of fixing the craft's mast with out some metal sheets and some nails, with that on his mind, Rukath decided to explore the island that he had landed, it did not take long before he heard a sort of draconic mewling. Following the sound, it was not long before Rukath found a baby dragon trapped in a metal dragon hunters net, thinking quickly he cut the rope holding the net in the tree and lowered the baby dragon to the ground, removing the heavy and rusted net, Rukath found that he could not identify the small creature, he reveled at the dragonet whereupon it mewled again and Rukath realized that the creature was half starved, with a deft movement he brought out a piece of fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby dragon who snapped it up quickly, Rukath produced another fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby who once again snapped it up again and after the second fish the baby seemed sated and happy, he patted the dragonet and gave it a loving scratch, which caused the dragonet to hum a in a manner that was very pleasing to the ears, and stood up and began to walk back to his boat and the dragonet began to follow him; he was about to tell it to go find its mother but he thought that if the poor creature had been here this long with out help from its parentals that he figured it was parentless.

Sighing Rukath waited for the dragonet to catch up and he continued back towards the boat, when Rukath reached it he sighed and began to continue work on it, trying to fix it so that he could get back to the Edge. After a probable hour he gave up with the mast balanced precariously where it should go, he sat down and put his head in his hands, the dragonet looked at Rukath and then the mast and then the little dragon stood up and shot a small blob of amber onto the spot where the mast was broken and with that the mast was fixed, or at least repaired to usefulness. Rukath looked at the mast then the dragon, he now knew the golden colored baby dragon was a Death Song, and then stood up, took the Death Song in his arms and spun him around in elation that the Death Song and saved them both; after a few minutes of that Rukath put the suitably smug Death Song on the bench of the boat and again thanked the little creature, Rukath thought that the dragon needed a name, he named the little creature Dubstep and with that they set sail back towards the Edge.

Rukath was thoroughly scolded by Hiccup and the others when he got back but he did not care for he had a dragon that no one else had. Once back on Berk Rukath and Dubstep were given a house to live in for none had fostered him and none wanted to share a house with a dragon that every dragon feared. The old house sat on the side of the mountain that was topped by Gothi's hut. He took the rickety old house with gratitude and after time fixed it up with the help of Dubstep's amber and made the house there own.



In colaberation with Kcrockett, Rukath and Anikay are husband and wife in a PM RP that we have been doing

pic.c of the couple

(done by the talented Pixel, we thank you greatly for taking your time to do this)

(done by Krockett herself)

This is Dubstep my golden goofball

By Wuntend Bonfire (thanks a million Wuntend)

(done by Brownie14)^

(base by Megaboltphoenix, colored by me)^

(by Tosilohi for harvest haunt)^

(by my talented secret Santa, MajaPercuilum)^

(Dubstep dragon symbol done by Okamisusi)

made by FireNightStar

another pic by the lovely Arrowalker

Rukath and Dubstep


(this amazing of picture if Rukath and Dyubstep was done by Witcherforever)^

(done by me "Night Comes")

(done by the ever skilled DatOneTumpet)

these are the many different pictures that I have drawn of My OC Viking

this is the first iteration

this is the second iteration

this is number three

Number four

Art of Rukath Soular

(Done by the new but incredibly talented Arrowalker)

this is his weapon (I call it a Swax)

his other weapon is the duel crossbow shown above

his shield is on his left arm and shown above

(it is a combo weapon, it is both a sword, an axe, and a hook)

Dragon in many different languages

Greek: Δράκος

Arabic: التنين

Russian: Дракон


Hebrew: דרקון

Korean: 용

give me suggestions for other languages

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Can you save me a triple stryke please? I am greatly obliged.



Find me at here as well:

 night shade. Made by witcherforever.



 seafoam, my glow fury, thank you princess of the night furies


 wave song, my ocianic seasong, by adopto66


  thorn my thorn devil

pond and lake, my glitched mudraker of hideous mud cutter.



 kaytla, my female albarator. By megaboltphoinix.


 zeke, my male albaraptor

 my female indominus rex, streak.



My old dog Marshall, whom lived to be thirteen in human years before he d.ied.

 thank you so much scalefeatherz!








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This one looks just as interesting as the last had! I'll be looking forward to tracking this. I'm very curious to see how this series will end (i.e., where we go from here; part 3) and hopefull this roleplay will last a good long while- it deserves it! I'll be looking forward to reading ^^
-sets up a lawnchair a ways away and prepares a bag of fritos- ¤U¤


Stop Boulder Class shaming!



Welcome to my signature.

Since I am a person who is very, very lazy I (at this time) don't feel like making my siggy "fancy"

So, here's some stuff 'bout me.

I am a girl.

I like the color Blue/teal.

My favorite dragon class is Boulder Class.

 my main dragon(s) are a Screaming Death named Odin, and a Skrill named Jayfeather.

I love Doctor Who, Merlin, Chuck, Physch, Harry Potter, The Kane Chronicles, and other nerd-y things.

My favorite Httyd dragons whose names start with the letter s are Screaming Deaths, Shivertooths, Skrills, Scauldrons, Smothering Smokebreaths, Snafflefangs, Shovelhelms, Sword Stealers, Snifflehunches (+Sneezelhunches) and Seashockers! (that's alot!)

And I am usually friendly :D

In-game name is: IIicedragonII (No, not lice dragon. Those are capital i's not l's. And you simply pronounce it as "Ice dragon")

Friend code: hmm.. P.M. me if you want it. Can't take any chances o3o

And I'm a proud member of The Phantom Lords! (ROAAAAAAAAR!)

I'm also a proud member of the recently-made forum clan The Sisterhood of Clams!

"We aren't perfect! We're women! We take what we want!"

I'll probably post some bios about my dragons, but I'm too lazy to do it right now XP



Amazing picture of my main viking OC, Eira Glacier, by Pixel!

Picture of my bestest-Screaming Death-buddy, Odin, by Dragonrider34!

 Picture of Odin eliminating the largest threat known to vikings: BUTTERFLIES!! Awesome picture done by ScarfyWings! (He's not a fan of butterflies, deathly afraid of them actually. I can only shudder in horror as he has now discovered they're flammable..)

Epic picture of Odin done by WutendBonfire!



Info card on Odin by ze great AllyNadderRider!


Picture of Jayfeather by Dragonrider34!



Oldscratch Johnson by Gigimon!

Amazing picture of Seawings done by Freakzter!


Picture of Spottedleaf by Tyrannosaur66!


Picture of Mage by FlamingHusky!

Adorable picture of Gadget by KareKare!

Amazing edit of Armakillo done by Siren-Spirit!


Permafrost the lone Snow Wraith by Huntress of the Storms!

Great edit of Ignis my Monstrous Nightmare done by Frytha!


The Acidic ScuttleSting! Idea by me and this amazing picture by NightmareRebuff!

My ever-so-adorable Pan-Puffle Plumpkin by Sky and Ocean!

Blight the nightfury/razorwhip hybrid adopted from Tyrannosaur66!

Sea Glass, my first ever Aqua Borealis by Kcrocket & 1Flower!

Picture of Bluestar being... Bluestar by AngNadder!


Armakillo picture by Wildfire78!

Cute Shivertooth blinkie by Candyblast!

Picture of Graveyard admiring his precious chicken by NadderForever!



Picture of Doopliss by Dragonrider34!

Clan Stuff/Miscellaneous:

(right now it mostly has things for the Sisterhood of Clams, however if I find some phantoms stuff I shall add it to this section as well)

The Sisterhood of Clams' adorable mascot, Clament! (Done by the clan leader, Sky and Ocean!)

Awesome Elder picture of Me, Zuski, and Gummy Bear (our codenames, respectively.) by Sky and Ocean!


All clam members by our clam leader, Zuski/Sky and Ocean!


My clam badge by Zuski/Sky and Ocean! (The derpy bird represents me perfectly.)

Check out the dragon fight club! It's a cool sort of 'event' area where we stick dragons head-to-head on eachother and vote/see which would win in a fight!


Currently there's a tournament going on! Which side are you on?





Team ice FTW!



Lil' short:

Jayfeather: C'mon friend, this thing won't hurt anyone!

Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

-Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

Jayfeather: HA!

Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?




-Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

-Odin roared after him-

-Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

(Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












Ha! Got ya >:D

(awesome gif of Odin by Peymae!)

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Species: Flightmare

Name: Kelpie

Gender: Female

(Optional) Personality: She is a short tempered dragon that gets angry pretty easily and is stubborn to the end. She hates when someone gets in her personal space. She is censored the outside, but soft on the inside. She shows her bright side only to those she trusts.

Appearance (include basic text description if image used):

Main body color: Teal green

Glow:Aqua green

White spots 






Hi I'm Witcherforever, but you can call me Yen :)




Cadash and Iocaste blinkies by Defy :3



Iocaste gif edit by me 


My Woolly Howl Bigby by me 

If you want one - click here


Dettlaff blinkie by me :)

(Want one? I'll post a thread soon!)


Yen and Iocaste :) (I love this one <3)


by me (took me 3 hours to draw this XD)


by me 

Edit of Yen and her terrible terror Vhenan by me

Edit of Yen by me






 All the drawings above 

By Me :) 




Yennefer and Iocaste By the endlessly talented TosiLohi


Thank you so much!!!




An amzing edit of Yen by the one an only Nessie :D



Yen by Frytha TYSM!





Yen and Bigby Wolf by me


Bigby by the amazing Kattistal :D




Bigby by Nessie :D 







Acid by Nessie :D











Yen and Krystal by the talented umbreon27 

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A dragon my little brother did for me <3


(this is his first drawing in digital and he's seven years old)


Little Dettlaff - By Me






Dettlaff Blinkie by the amazing Nessie :)






Dettlaff - By Me




Base by xXHallaXx



By the amazing artist Nessie Thank you!!! ^^




By the talented Fury of the night TYSM ^^




An edit of Iocaste by me




My Timberjack Vesemir and Yen by Aelyras TYSM !!!!










My Flightmare Kelpie by me ^

My Screaming Death Aranzeb by Fun Dragon TYSM!!! ^




Narcis by Nessie TYSM!!!


by GymLeaderCheeky






Mist- Stromcutter




Iron Bull-Razorwhip

Midas- Armorwing

Dettlaff-Sand Wraith 



Iron Bull- Razorwhip

Diablo- Whispering Death

Poison- Monstrous Nightmare

Nerisa- Scauldron

Silversong- Razorwhip

Cadash- Deathsong

Eskel- Skrill

Midas- Armorwing

Frostbite- Groncicle

Mist- Stormcutter

Lilac- Graple Grounder

Dettlaff- Sand Wraith

Dante- Screaming Death 

Toxic - Deadly Nadder

Vesemir - Timberjack

Aranzeb - Screaming Death

Lime and Lemon - Ziplleback

Bigby Wolf - Wooly Howl

Kelpie - Flightmare

Narcis - Deadly Nadder



My adoptables


My dream guardian Vhenan

by me ^

By kcrockette and 1flower Thank You!!! ^^



Lemonade by the talented chameishida TYSM!!!



Yen met Lemonade on an unusually hot day on Berk, she decided to make herself some lemonade and brought some from trader Johan. When she got at home with her woolly howl Bigby, she told him to cool of the lemons by frizzing one of the metal bowls in her house. Bigby happily did so and she put the lemons in the bowl that was now full of ice. She went to find some sugar before she cut the lemons, and her dragon followed behind, when she came back she found a green baby dragon chewing on a lemon that was covered with ice, Bigby growled at the dragon, but Yen shushed him and told him to wait outside, she knew how he was near new dragons. The wooly howl hissed, but waited patiently outside the room. When the dragon noticed Yen it made a cute squeak and tilted its head curiously at the human. The dragon bit the ice again, but this time his teeth hit the lemons surface, when the juice touched its tongue the dragon made a funny face and threw the lemon away. Yen chuckled and petted the baby dragon. The hatchling purred and nuzzled her head in the human’s hand. Yen named her Lemonade and she lived with her and Bigby ever since this little accident. Bigby was a bit jealous, but he liked Lemonade nevertheless, the dragon was too cute for him to be angry at.





Borovinka my blueberry fruit wraith  and my green elemental dragon Jago by grumpyforlife2 (I only made it digital) Thank you so much !!! ^^




Albino my Cave Raider by Valoris620 Thx :)




Yen growled in frustration as she threw her map on the ground. She had been searching g Icestorm Island for three days now, searching for a groncicles. She rubbed her temples to calm down and sat on one of the icy rocks near the entrance of the ice tunnel caves.

“Why do all the dragons hate me so much? “C’mon Yen, go tame a Nadder, it will be fun” She said mimicking Hiccup’s words as she pulled out a Nadder spike from her old wooden shield. The dragon just attacked her on sight. Next she tried a Nightmare…. Yup she still owed Fishlegs a new copy of the book of dragons, after the Nightmare attacked her and turned the old one into ashes. Now had spent days on the only island in the whole archipelago that she hated, searching for a dragon that simply disappeared after she land foot on the island. It was like if all the dragons knew about her past… Yup she was a dragon hunter, but she couldn’t stand it when she had to kill a dragon, capturing one wasn’t the problem, but when Viggo gave her the task of killing one and skinning it… It was too much. Lucky for her they were on Auction Island and she managed to escape the ship the same day, by hiding in another ship’s storage room until it reached another Island and she traveled with trader Johan to Berk.

But back to the present…

Yen snapped out of her thought as she heard footsteps nearby, it was like if someone was running. She quickly gripped the handle of her sword and dodged the axe that was thrown at her. She rolled on the ground and was quickly back on her feet, her sword already drawn.

“Gardar? Why am I not surprised?” She said, rolling her eyes at the familiar dragon hunter.

The white haired man, simply smirked as he charged at her again, she dodged again and swung her sword at him, only to have him block her attack. She kept her sword to his axe refusing to back up.

“Good to see you to, Yen. I’m always glad to see an old ‘friend’” He said sarcastically and with one swift move he sent her sword on the ground.  The sword stood straight up as the blade buried itself in the icy ground.

Gardar swung his axe at the girl again, but she dodged and rolled to were her sword was. Yen pulled out her sword and this time charged at him instead of dodging. She was much faster than him, but Gardar knew her better than anyone else, he knew how she fought and this move didn’t surprise him one bit.

He moved to the side, dodging her attack and pinned her with all his force to one of the cave walls near them. She dropped her weapon from the sudden move and Gardar pinned both her wrists above her head, preventing her from escaping. Yen tried to kick him and break free, but it was no use. Gardar was much stronger than her.

“Sorry that it had to be this way…” He said and he sounded like if he really meant it. Yen didn’t get what he meant by this at first, she didn’t even had time to react when he pulled out a rag cloth and pressed it to her face. Within seconds everything became black…

When she opened her eyes, her head hurt and her vision was very blurry at first.

There was someone talking to her and a silhouette in front of her, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying or who they were. After her vison cleared up she recognized the figure as Gardar.

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty” He said mockingly and Yen groaned in pain as she turned her head to him. She was chained to the celling of a cavern.

“Where am I?” She said with a serious expression, with no fear in her voice.

“That’s not important now. Viggo told us to get whatever information we can from you about the Berkians” He explained.

Yen’s face fell to the ground as she sighed.

“Why are you doing this to me Gardar?” She asked her voice full of sorrow.

“I had no choice, it brings me no joy to see you like this, believe me. I never wanted to hurt you. We could have ruled together… we were the best hunters after Viggo and Ryker.” He said with a frown on his face.

“But I made my choice” Yen said not even daring to look in his eyes. She never wanted to leave him…All this years he had been there for here, everything she knew she knew it from him. Even though he was a bit older than here he always treated her as equal. Their friendship soon turned to something more…but they never got the chance to continue their relationship after she left the hunters.

“You choose the live of a traitor instead of staying with me?” Gardar said his voice much lower than the usual.

“I’m a lot of things Gardar, but a traitor is not one of them. Yes, I left the hunters, but I didn’t told nothing about them to the Berkians, and I never will. And I didn’t choose them instead of you. I choose to do the right thing. And staying here and killing dragons was not the right thing to do-“Yen started, but he interrupted her.

“I’ve seen you on the battlefield Yen, and killing was never a problem for you.”

“Yes, but on the battlefield it’s either me or the enemy. Here it was me against a defenseless chained dragon. There’s no honor in killing a dragon that’s chained to a wall and is starving. Gardar, I know what you think about dragons… I thought the same thing, but… It’s a lie Gardar. All of it. Dragons are not evil, they feel no need to kill. The ones that destroyed your home… They were just defending themselves, because we destroyed their nests. You can’t blame them for that. You know I’m right. Please, it’s still not too late to do the right thing…Come with me, and leave all of this behind. Please, I lost you once… I don’t one to lose you twice.” Yen said this time looking straight in his eyes, a single tear streaming down her face.

Gardar didn’t answer. It was a good sign, he was actually considering her offer. Yen knew that he was good at heart, and she hoped that he’d listen to her. She examined the room that she was locked in and noticed a magnificent dragon chained in the other corner. It was unlike any other she had seen. And it did looked more than just a normal dragon, he looked like an albino. Even though it was chained it didn’t looked one bit like the other dragons that she had captured before, instead of cowering it stood up proudly and still continued to scratch its chain in his tries to get it off. His neck had a lot of scars and it was clear that he was also in the room for the same reason as her… to be broken. She snapped out of her trance as another man walked in the room. She recognized him as Alexius, in her eyes he was nothing but a coward, working as an interrogator to save his hide from fighting a dragon. He was always a coward and even if she was the one chained to the wall, Yen had no intentions of giving him the pleasure of seeing her be afraid.

“Well, well. What have we here?” Alexius asked a smug grin on his face.

Yen gave him a disgusted look and kept her chin up, looking her gaze with his.
“Do whatever you want, Alexius. I have no reason to fear someone like you… Once a coward, always a coward. Even here and now, with me chained to the wall and you being the one to hold a knife to my throat, I can still see the fear in your eyes. Hear your voice shaking as you try to play it cool, but we both know the truth don’t we” Yen said returning his smirk.

“We’ll see about this very soon…Won’t we?”

Gardar turned to the man, a serious look on his face as he walked towards him and pulled the helm of his shirt.

“If a single hair falls from her head, I swear, you’ll wish that the dragon laid its claws on you before I did” He said quietly through gritted teeth to the man as he left the room. Alexius gulped and nodded.

After a few hours of basically talking with Yen in circles, he got nothing. No matter how he tried to make her talk, no matter if there was a knife to her neck, Yen didn’t told him anything. He was wondering if he should torture her, but Gardar’s threat was not to be taken lightly. He knew what the man was capable of and getting him furious was not helping. He growled in frustration and pulled out his sharpest knife, holding it just next to Yen’s throat.

“You will break!” He said through gritted teeth, anger burning in his eyes.

“I will hidefirst” Yen answered spitting in his face. The man pulled back in surprise with a disgusted look on his face. All this time the albino dragon watched the human girl. He had to admit she was impressive. No matter what the man threatened her with she didn’t betray her friends. She reminded him of himself. Loyal to the end, perhaps the human was different than the others that he had seen before after all. The dragon noticed the girl motioning him where her sword stood with a tilt of her head. He turned his gaze to it and noticed that the sword was displayed on the wall near him, with the scarp end sticking out of the wooden board it was hanged on. He quickly connected the dots and realized that this might be his only chance to escape. The only thing that really kept him locked up was the muzzle on his mouth, it was preventing him from using his hot flame to melt the chains. He quicly jumped up and cut the muzzle with the sword. After he felt it fall to the ground he quickly freed himself from the chain.

“What the…?!” But before Alexius could even finish his sentence let alone draw his axe, Yen had him knocked out with a kick in the head. Her legs were not chained so why not use them. The dragon turned his gaze to her, he slowly approached the girl. Yen closed her eyes in fear of what might happen. All her encounters with dragons so far didn’t go well. She waited for the pain, but it never came. Instead she felt a soft snout against her cheek. She opened one eye only to see the dragon nuzzling its snout in her cheek. When it pulled back it carefully blasted the chain that kept her hanging from the wall. She fell on the ground with a quiet thud. As she dusted herself she expected the dragon to be already long gone, but instead it waited for her patiently with a calm and friendly look on its face. She finaly realized why when the dragon motioned her to mount up. She smiled widely as she hopped on its back. The dragon blasted the bars on one of the holes in the walls that was used like a window and flew off as fast as it could. Yen was amazed by the creature, all it did was something that she never expected to see from a dragon. Before they left the island she turned her gaze back to it.

“Well meet again, my old friend” She murmured quietly as she turned her gaze forward again. The dragon sensed her sadness and made a low rumble to catch her attention. Yen barely had time to react when he dove down and was now flying just above the water. She smiled in awe and touched the surface of the sea. She never expected that flying was such a magnificent gift, the dragon was more than just noble to share such a gift with her. She hugged the dragon’s neck and thanked him. He simply purred and relaxed into the hug. From this day forward Albino never left Yen’s side… She didn’t mind him, whenever he was with her she felt safe and loved, that was all she could ever ask from her dragon and in return she did the same… 





My Seasong Sh'eenaz by adopto66 TYSM!!!^^



My Hopeless Deathtrail - Cahir

by the awesome Snowflake TYSM!!! :D ^^


Olive and Pink by xXPhinaXx



My Glow Fury Hunter

By Princess of the Night Furies


Solas by Selethesis Thank you!!!^^




Zoltan the Gill Grunter by infinity12356 Thanks ^^


By Natalie TYSM!!!^^


Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Screenshtos by Me



Things I like:


Assassin's Creed (All games and books)

Witcher (All games and books)

Dragon Age (All games and books)

Riders of Icarus

Devil May Cry

Game of Thrones

Ark: Survivial Evolved



Black Desert Online

Far Cry

Black Sails

The Wolf Among Us

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The hunger games

The Lord of the Rings

Red Dead Redemption

Final Fantasy 

Forza Horizon 







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Uh, can people who weren't in the original thing still apply for this?

Could you save me a Uncommom spot if so? (Didn't see the rare spots were taken, sorry about that)

If not, hi Icee, we'll probably be watching this together.



Currently Being Re-done.

(Profile pic by Colress, picture by AllyNadderRider. Thank you!)


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(Sorry to reply to the

(Sorry to reply to the comment directly) You weren't in the original Reign of the Deep Queen roleplay, then you can apply whenever. I'll put in your reserve!

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(It's fine, I'll just go ahead and put my form here)

Thanks! Here's my form:

Species: Stormcutter

Name: Nidorah

Gender: Female

Personality: Very reserved, analytical and level headed. Doesn't get attached to others very easily and usually distances herself from anyone. Sometimes cynical.

Appearance: Can't seem to find a picture, but she basically had silver scales, light blue underbelly and dark blue accents.

Other: Very skilled fighter and tactician.

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I know that this spot is not really in needed of saving but please save me a spot for common dragon! also would you suggest me to go back and read the previous roleplay? or should I go in this blind and not knowing what happened on the other side of the story?


 My fan dragons

(click for the customizable)



(grey means closed)

Tahno and Her Dragons, The Drake-seven


 Tahno: The seemingly mute viking who prefer isolation and dragons over human social, She marked a territory in a cave in a forest and live with her dragons. After her traumatic past, she and Manta the thunderdrum then started exploring, away from civilization and get to know more dragons. She's currently an alpha of a pack of dragons known as the drake six, an ellite dragon that with Tahno's lead would protect the area from all viking and human's harm!


      Manta:  Tahno's bestfriend and her main ways of traveling, the Thunderdrum is always seen by her side. Despite being a thunderdrum, Manta does not share the stuborness of his kind and tend to have more of a soft-hearted, loyal and obedience nature but shall protect his rider and willing to do anything for her




      Drain: A Skrill that Tahno saved. As oppose to Manta, Drain tend to be more wild, agreesive and unfriendly towards other, however, he is as loyal and as protective to Tahno as the thunderdrum for their history. The Skrill makes up for Manta lack of hostility and act as their strong arm, willing to do the nasty job for them. The skrill and a thunderdrum also share an unlikely bond and act like they're brothers which make it less worrying for Tahno that they will fight if she chooses to ride one more than the other


     Springfill: Springfill is a wild Scauldron who, consequently, lives near where Tahno and her friends hang out. After sometime The rider and the dragons somehow earn his trust and liking, enough for him to, from coming to play with them himself, to protect them from harms and even let Tahno riding him sometimes.

He has been seen following or stay with Tahno more often but for now he's still the only one in the drake-six who has his place in the ocean and not her place and still part of the ellite


     Snapjaw: Snapjaw, like Springfill, is an older wild dragon. She attacks Tahno one day in the forest but later Tahno gained her trust and like the scauldron and the skrill, they begin to develope trust. However, unlike Springfill, Snapjaw decided to keep her company around the group as she feel guilty about their first meeting. She is hot-headed and get angry easily but also caring.


    Bellblue: Like Root and Manta, Bellblue was found and hatched by Tahno, makes him the second youngest member of the crew. And like most of other Stormcutters, Bellblue tend to be very confident and proudstuck, high on ego, love to taking control but loyal to tahno with no end. Still pretty young, Bellblue is noticable very small compared to fully grown stormcutters.


    Bluejay: Sometime Navyjay or just Jay as Tahno likes to call. They first met during the inccident, where Tahno got seperate form her dragons in the wood. There she met a friendly snafflefang and end up spent a lot of quality time together, by then Bluejay wouldn't leave her side! They share a somewhat besty-like friendship. Personality wise, Bluejay is very similar to Manta, soft-heart, and chill and when it comes to lighten the mood in the group up, he is very good at it!
    Eggplant: The latest addition the the pack, Eggplant's everyone's baby girl. being rescued by Tahno as a baby. Much like Root in her early years, Eggplant's enthusiastic in proving herself and she's done a great job so far. Because of her age however, she mostly being keep out of any serious missions. She's already swift and brave for her age now however.


     Northernlight: The old flightmare that mysteriously appears one day and protects Tahno and the gangs from the territorial changwings. Since then she acts as their guardian and follow Tahno everywhere. Her backstories and whereabout is unknow but it might related to the lost of her child or rider, or that she was a netural alpha and have protective instinct or that she's just kind. She is the oldest and undoubtly the most mature. At the present time her ages weakening her that she's no longer suit to be the alpha or in their ellite, but she still gain respect as always and currently spend the rest of her life resting and happy in Tahno's place

     Root: Root's origin is quite similar to Manta's. Tahno found and hatched her, make her the youngest members to this crew, "baby girl" as what Tahno called her time to time. However, despite her love of dragons, Tahno held somewhat grudge against the whispering death species due to her past and even though she tries to be open-minded, she still unintentionally give Root a hard time. Unfortunately, this result in Root distancing herself from the group. And result in her ruthless nature, however, she still love Tahno dearly even when she's no longer in her pack

    The Queen: previously known as Flamebringer, She's not exactly part of the group but she shared a strong bond with Tahno and her dragons. Like Torch, She was found as a hatchling in a hand of the trappers, Tahno resqued her but mistaked as a normal male fireworm due to the size. After sometime together, Tahno decided it is better to return the fireworm to her nest. They later met again when she became the queen of the nest. At first Tahno didn't recognize her but the queen did and she shown her affectionate as gratitute. Unfortunatly being the queen stopped her from spend times with the viking. However, Tahno still come to visit her every so often and if it's really need, the dragon is willingly to come and help.

  Rivercry: Tahno may like and understand dragons, but this poor sandwraith is the example of her miscommunication. The sandwraith happened to be near where she lived and in every trouble she brought, the sandwraith ended up caught in it most of the time. A lot of her action unintentionally made this sandwraith suffering. He likes to complain and never in a good relationship with the group. Ironically, spending his time these troublemaker kinda made them grow to him a bit, or maybe he got used to them, still he won't admit it easily!


    Crowl: Somehow this Eruptodron were able to survive faraway from the volcano and still have enough strength to scar away Tahno and her friend upon encounter, Tahno however was so amused by this new dragon that she keep wanting to get close, so much she later discovered that no matter how much this young energetic male hide it, he's dying. With some afford, she able to guide the eruptodron to the nearest volcano and thus all the grudge and hatred was dropped. Crowl's greatful enough to let this girl continue to get too excited when she see him and sometime even let her ride on his back.

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Hiya :)

Dang, too bad I can't participate. Ah well, looks like I'll be watching with Icee :)


-Huntress of the Storms-



Banner by Frytha




Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?






There ain't no kill like overkill!




 My OC: Fireren the Storm Hunter

(Also known as Fireren IV the Stealthy)




Or maybe not so stealthy /shrug

At least she has chicken





My Dragon OC: Thunderclap the Icebane, a Wraith Hunter


lil' stuck up lizrd who will beat you at edge. Don't mess, or suffer the wrath of Khan


Amazing drawing of Thunderclap by Witcherforever


Gorgeous Thunderclap headshot by Natalie Stormweaver

Epic Skrill blinkie by Nessie






 - Fearless Alpha




Member of:


An Anti-Hacking Fourm Clan

Leader: Megaboltphoenix





"One of the most mysterious and feared species in the Book of Dragons, the Skrill is aggressive, powerful, and nearly untrainable."

"Caracterized by blazing speed, vice-like jaw strength, and extreme intelligence."

"One of the few dragons who can stand toe-to-toe with a Night Fury."



"Arguably one of the most dangerous dragons, the Razorwhip has an aggressive and deadly nature. One single blade of the Razorwhip's tail is as deadly as the sharpest battle axe."



"Now with your champion dragon, fights are over before they start."



"Nothing can keep a Shivertooth from cutting through the heart of battle with it's sharp scales...The Shivertooth is said to have the sharpest claws of any dragon."


Banners by NarixuZen






The Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon


Made by xXHallaXx




Muzgash and Orcoball


The Glitched Mudrakers


Made by ladybrasa






The Oceanic Seasong


Made by Adopto66




The Hopeless Deathtrail

Made by Snowflake12298




"It's all good in the Archipelahood!"



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Welcome Back!

Hiya Icee :3

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"Oh no..."


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Hello there!  I'm ShadowOmegaNightFury (seriously?).  Yes...even I judge my name...

But you can call me Shadow.

* Art requests~

*If you want one done PM meh*

Check out my Art Thread!



> Hey, looking for an experienced roleplayer?

> I'm adaptable to many roleplays, if I'm unfamiliar with them, give me 5 minutes and I'll be able to roleplay!

> Go and PM me to roleplay. Plots up to you, like I said, I'm adaptable.

> Hey, do you have Amino? It's a great app- download it!

> My account name is : ( insert pink heart ) Ivy-chan ( insert pink heart )

> I look forward to roleplaying with you!


Viking Name- ShadowsAwesomeness

Clan- N/A

Friend Code- PM me!

AWESOME Shadow Dawn of The Dragon Racers Drawing by the most talented WitcherForever!  Here's her thread link-->

Wat I love to do:



-Play SOD



-Learn to make gifs, etc...



-Awesome role player in almost anything


(you hear a loud growl)


I'd better get to my dragons before they eat this...



Titan Female Deadly Nadder

Level- 26

Obtained- Beginning of the game

Personailty- Fast, and ready to defend at any time.  Her spikes (or spines?) are razor sharp.  She is vain, and would stop in battle to check her reflection...

Battle firepower- She's an incredible type of choice for battle.  She has only 6 shots, but they deal about 26 (regular) to 54 (critical) damage.

Rider's Notes- She is hard to ride on, and will throw you off the first time...The only time I managed to train her was when we crashed landed near a volcano...I still have problems with her.






Adult Male Whispering Death

Level- 21

Obtained- Mystery Chest

Personailty- Likes eating the ground and pulling pranks on people (especially me).  His reflexes are pretty fast, and he does not like being insulted.  He is short tempered and is overall agressive.  He will always defend me, and is very protective (how exactly?).

Battle Firepower- He's an ok type of choice for battle.  He only has 10 shots, but they only deal 10 (regular) to 20 (critical) damage.

Rider's Notes- He likes poking dragons with his tail, and also ambushing me...This dragon is a tough one, even tougher then any other Whispering Death.  Perhaps he could take on a Screaming Death... but let's not give him any ideas.






Adult Male Whispering Death

Level- 18

Obtained- "Explore the Dark Depths" Quest

Personailty- Kind and gentle, and isn't that easy to provoke.  He will have a rage streak if he does get angry.  But most of the time, he's the opposite of Spiker.

Battle Firepower- See above for details.

Rider's Notes- He's probably the easiest dragon I have ever trained.  He was hiding when I walked into a cave.  I named him and took him back to the village.  He's very playful, and often gets picked on by Spiker... but he chills and doesn't go crazy.






Adult Male Night Fury

Level- 21

Obtained- 3 month membership

Personality- He is kind and gentle, he also likes playing a lot.  He would rather play with Hiccup then me. XD.  But when he's with me he chases me everywhere.

Battle Firepower- Toothless has the most powerful blast I have eva seen.  He's an excellent choice for battle.  He has only 6 blasts, but each doing 26 (regular) to 56 (critical).

Rider's Notes- Toothless is crazy, really!  The first time I met him, he started chasing me around like crazy.  After Hiccup introduced us, he started pushing me towards the cliff.  I fell...on Toothless.  He twirled and whirled in the air, doing loops everywhere. (Did I just rhyme?)






Adult Male Sand Wraith 

Level- 25

Obtained- Bought by Gems

Personality- Loyal, sometimes ignorant, will defend me with his life

Battle Firepower- Sparkle is a great choice for battle.  He has only 8 shots, but each doing 11 (normal) to 22 (critical) damage.

Rider's Notes- It took long for Sparkle to trust me, because Vikings had attacked his home the day before.  He was weary of me coming towards him, but after a few days, I trained him as one of mine.





Adult Male Speed Stinger

Level- 15

Personality- Very territorial, will destroy if nessecary, ignorant, barely listens to me.  Even though he barely listens to me, he will defend me with his life.

Battle Firepower- Sadly, the Speed Stinger only has one shot. :( But it does 50 damage and possibly 100 (critrical).  I would reccommend using this in the beginning of a battle, and then switching to others.

Rider's Notes- This Speed Stinger attacked me.  He is the leader of his pack, and saw his pack getting attacked by Shadow (blame it on her!).  So, he decided to attack me.  Seeing that I was as good as him in combat, I trained him.




Teen Male Flightmare

Level- 5

Obtained- Mystery Box of Eggs

Personality- Fierce, sweet and loyal to me

Battle Firepower- Freeze is an ok type of choice for battle.  He has only 4 blasts, but each doing 11 (regular) to 22 (critical) damage.

Rider's Notes- Freeze is an intelligent creature.  He decided to check me out instead of eating me right away.  I trained him when I showed him a new kind fo food source.  He has a lot of energy, and will run around when I'm doing my work.  In all, he's one of my favorite right now :3




Enjoy a Shadow bobblehead!  ((Recolor by me, gif also by me))

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*Odin eats his 57th bag of Fritos...

Whoops, double post! I'm sorry >.<

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~Stealth is Victory!~

Nooooo, meep.  No more spots. :/  Oh well, I'll sit and watch this one.

-eats popcorn and sits by self-

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but wait!

Actually, three common positions are still open

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Species: triple stryke.

Name: night strike.


Personality: thinks before acting, loyal, caring, friendly, stubborn, smart, can get very fierce and aggressive, is a bit playful.

Appearance: she has a dark blue under side with white specks all over it, the top of her is black, she has light green tiger stripes on the top.

Other: she loves the young, and cares for those in need, she is also an amazing fighter, she knows all kinds of herbs and stuff, she loves to play with hatchlings. 

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Species: triple stryke.

Name: night strike.


Personality: thinks before acting, loyal, caring, friendly, stubborn, smart, can get very fierce and aggressive, is a bit playful.

Appearance: she has a dark blue under side with white specks all over it, the top of her is black, she has light green tiger stripes on the top.

Other: she loves the young, and cares for those in need, she is also an amazing fighter, she knows all kinds of herbs and stuff, she loves to play with hatchlings. 

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Can you save me that last uncommon spot? I will have a hybrid.


" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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So appliactions have slowed

So appliactions have slowed down, and we're just waiting on a few form updates. We'll begin a day before the pack is drawn in, to settle people in. I'm thinking I'll start this in two or three days, depending on how quick the reserves are followed through.

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Species: Timberjack

Name: Hushwing

Gender: Male

Personality: Hushwing is cold and quiet, to the point that he seemed isolated and distanced even when always seen followed everyone around like a lost puppy, and that kind of loyalty is Hushwing's most noticable quility. If he find someone he can put his loyalty to he would do anything without question it no matter how immoral it was which can be lead to him having a false loyalty. Same goes to his ideals and sense of justices which will mirrored whoever he dedicated his life to. Hushwing always speaks respectfully even toward his enermies although sometime you can sense a hint of cynical in it if you standing on the different side of his ideal.

Hushwing is peaceful but if you're good at sensing you can sense something disturbing in him. It's kinda like a eerie peacefulness before something go horribly wrong.

Appearance: slightly paler colored average brown timberjack except the big white mark on his face similar to those of the white face brown horses

other: Hushwing is Ari's ages or at least only slightly younger. They shared some history, Hushwing was accepted to be under Ari when he was left to di.e from that point on the relationship developed from indebted, friend to somehow being under command in which Ari was just go along with the latter(though he prefer seeing Hushwing as friend more)

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I'm working on a simple map

I'm working on a simple map for this (like I did with RotDQ) and I need a name for an underwater trench, and several small islands. Anyone got ideas?

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deep sea trench: Forever depths

black glass island:covered in obsidian

Island of pillars:surouned by sea stacks and has many sheer cliffs

hope you like the suggestions

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*Silhouette ate the subject!

I have a suggestion for an island as well!


Storm Eye Island: A small island with a dense growth, with small rivers and lakes going right across it. It slightly resembles a triangle, and is surrounded by underwater rock formations, which makes it harder for bigger aquatic dragons like Seashockers and Scauldrons to get to. The Island gets it's name from a big whirlpool that is right off the eastern coast of the island. The mineral rich soil on the island makes it a perfect stop for travelers, as there are many different kinda of foods growing and living there, such as fish, fruits, plants, seaslugs and even a big variety of rocks and metals. The island is unique in it's own way because of it's warm climate compared to other islands. Under the island i an underwater volcano, that created the island, and that has created geysers around the island.




Hello everyone! Welcome to my siggy! ^w^

Let's start off nice and simple. Up ahead is art made by talented artists! (And myself)

Silhouette my Skrill by the amazing ScarfyWings! :D

Silhouette and Frisk walking in the spooky dark night... Made by TosiLohi! :D

Ruby the Bloodspilt Ashwing made by me! :D

Silverwind the Lendyrni made by me! :D

Silvertalon the Thunderthief by the amazing Wutend Bonfire! :D

Swifter the Icecrusher by chameishida! :D

Legend the Uktena by Canus8! :D

Bea the Gribtuk by Bavelly! :D

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Species: Boneknapper/Stormcutter hybrid

Name: Gaster

Gender: Male

Personality: Gaster likes his solitude. Very little is known about him because he's very quiet and stays away from other dragons. Being a quite large dragon, he has a difficult time fitting in. Secretly, he has a love for fighting and maybe is a little insane. To those he trusts, he's very nice once you break him out of his shell.

Appearance: Currently drawing it. He is basically just black and white with completely black eyes.

Other: Gaster is very nocturnal, but is willing to stay up during the day to complete tasks for the Blue King.

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Wutend Bonfire
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((We're starting! Probably just do a basic intro snippet, we'll get to some action later))

It was another dull, cold day and Ari had dragged us to a small bone-covered island to replace some of his armour. Gaster, the weird Stormcutter and Boneknapper hybrid, was probably the only other one enjoying the trip but I was left with the others, stuck on a small tasteless rock with seas too choppy to run on. It was fair enough that he was making sure he was in top shape, but he could have at least gone somewhere with something to hunt. The only thing I could see was the occasional scavenger bird. Maybe one of the others has something to do I thought.

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Night strike.

((Yay! Night strike is a rogue right now but will soon join. Like really soon.))

Night strike having no place to go was looking for a good island to settle down in.

"This place doesn't look promising." She muttered to herself.

Just then she saw a speed stinger. She swooped down. "Hey there. What is a speed stinger doing in a place like this?" She asked.

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Faolan-Death Song

((hope you don't mind this Wutend))

I was the newest member of the pack and being it I got tasked with the less then nice jobs, which included being a taxi for the pack's resident Speed Stinger, Needle. I was only a part of the pack because its leader, a Boneknapper named Aki had run into me one day and had been brave enough to ask if I wanted to join. To say that the my invetation to the pack was well recived would be a lie. I didn't eat dragon as my main food source though I had had a Terrible terror of two because they were annoying me though I had not told the pack yet.

We had landed on a bland rock that was off shore and we waited for our leader to get his bones for his armor. In the meantime I had laid down and was napping. In most cases a pack might have fun with a newcomer by playing tricks on them or randomly waking in the night. Not in my case, the other pack members knew better. As I napped I heared a new set of wings approach, when I oppened my eyes to see a blue and black Tripple Stryke talking to Needle. I laid where I was and just watched the two.

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((that's fine, she would

((that's fine, she would probably demand a ride from the faster dragons anyway))

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Hushwing the timberjack

Having been followed the boneknapper for a long while (perhaps among the longest), Hushwing knew that these stop is the necessity. So once he settled down he kept his watchful eyes to the pack and the surrounding while Ari attend to his bussiness. Hushwing dedicated himself to the pack leader and if it's the well-being of the pack Ari'gordne cared about then he shall take the matter into his wings as well despite how he felt he has little to no tie to the others.

He looked over at the lone stinger, he has his suspician whenever a dragon in the pack was unhappy with Ari's decision but he'd keep quiet about it and just watch silently for the time being, however all was put aside when an unfamiliar triple strike shown up. Hushwing acted, swooped down silently as the name he earned in front of the stranger, his large wing fold like a cape

"State your purpose"

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Kelpie the Flightmare

Kelpie was resting peacefully on the rock, enjoying the peace and quiet, while it lasted. To be honest, she was actually enjoying the trip. No other dragons besides the one in the pack, no terrible terrors, and no one bothering her with anything. She sighed and rested her head on her front legs. Speaking of Terrible Terrors, one landed on the rock next to her, and started playing with a bone. The Terrible Terror threw the bone around and every time it hit the rock’s surface, Kelpie’s patience was wearing thin. After she had enough she growled at the dragon warningly. The terrible terror however didn’t seem to mind it at all and continued with his game. Kelpie had enough and sprayed the annoying dragon with her paralyzing mist. Happy with her little victory, she turned around to see what the others were doing, then she spotted an unfamiliar Triple Strike talking with Needle. She didn’t mind its presence, as long as it wasn’t interfering with her nap. After a minute Hushwing landed in front of the Triple Strike. “So much for the peace and quiet” she murmured to herself.

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Wutend Bonfire
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A Triple Stryke jolted me out of my thoughts, and Hushwing appeared next to me, defensive. The Stryke looked more curious than threatening though, but I kept my tail raised regardless.

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ugh, school

((Just so you know, I'll only be able to post much later today, so it might take a while to get it up))

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Wutend Bonfire
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((that's fine, take your

((that's fine, take your time. Internet story-writing tends to come after real-life priorities))

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Night strike.

"I was looking for an island to settle down in. When I noticed this speed stinger I was curious, so I came down to check it out." Night strike said. She had jumped back and now had her tail raised in a defensive posture.

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Ari and Hushwing

Hushwing stared at the triple stryke, once he get the better look at the dragon it's true that it seem to pose no threat at least by how the dragon acted but by species he knew he shouldn't take any chance, however before he decided whether to told it away or more, Ari landed next to them

"Now, now Hush there's no need to be like that" came a chuckle boom of Ari once he aquired the correct bone armour to do so. Hushwing kept his head low "My apologized"  Ari frowned at that but it went unnoticed under the infamous Typhoomerang skull but as always he decided not to pressed, it has been like this for quite sometime now

"A dragon can be wherever a dragon wanted to be. This isn't exactly our place either, we small pack just decided settled down here for a bit as well" Ari turned to smile at the triple stryke warmly


((hope I controlled Ari okay in this one))

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Night strike.

Night strike tensed a bit when a boneknaper roared. It approached her with a timber jack. She calmed down a bit when the boneknaper talked to her and smiled.

"I just ask this speed stinger a simple question and then there's a big deal over it! I feel like this every island. Has every Dragon on this island noticed me?" Night strike said.

She walked back a few feet.

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Faolan-Death Song

I watched the scene unflod, everyone seemed jumpy and defensive. I stood up, shook myself to make sure nothing was on me, and walked over to the group. "I think everyone is just overracting since Ari was away" I said to the triple stryke, I was probably the worst dragon to try and calm others down, but hey, I could try. "I guess, seeing how you three are overracting a bit" I told the Tripple Stryke looking at her tails and then Needle's. When standing I could look over both Hushwing and Ari, being one of the larger dragon species had it its positives.

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Fun Dragon
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Night strike.

Night strike tensed up quite a bit. But seeing no one else was worried about it she calmed back down a little.

"Yes some of us may be over reacting. But when every island you go and your rejected just because your a triple stryke is so annoying." Night strike said. "All I want is someone who will accept me. Just one Dragon, that's all."

Night strike lowered her tail.

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Kelpie the Flightmare
Kelpie softened her gaze, and stood up. She felt sorry for the Triple Strike. She gently flew up and landed next to Ari.
“We all know this felling very well, believe me. Faolan is a Death Song, most dragons would’ve run always from him, but Ari didn’t, and now Faolan is here…with us, I’m supposed to be a most territorial dragon, never to be in a pack, but …here I am, Needle is supposed to be in a pack of Speed Stingers loyal to the Lead Stinger no matter what, but she’s here, loyal to Ari and all of us. We’ve all been through the loneliness and the feeling of being rejected by everyone. The point being, Ari accepted us when no one else did” Kelpie said kindly, looking up to Ari her blue glowing eyes glowing, even in the daylight. 
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Night strike.

"True." Night shade said. "It's just so annoying that dragons judge before getting to know you!" She smacked her tails against the ground. "Though with death songs it is much more understandable. No offense." She said.

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Faolan-Death Song

"Sort of know how you feel although instead of being rejected everyone flees as fast as they can when they see me" I told the Triple Stryke, "I think you have found at least one" I said to her nodding. I nodded to what Kelpie said about our rag tag group of random dragons. I heard what the Triple Stryke, "none taken, you spend your whole life with people running away from you, you get used to it. 'Bout the only benefit is no one dares bother me when I am sleeping" I told the Triple Stryke with a sideways grin.

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((I'm going to be at a

((I'm going to be at a Biology excursion all day today, so I won't be able to post. Feel free to controll my character, and yes, all NPC listed characters can be controlled by anyone anytime))

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Night strike.

Night strike chuckled. "Well at least there's that upside to be a death song. To bad there's not that upside for me. Either the dragons run away from me or group together and drive me out." Night strike said.

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Fun Dragon
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Night strike.

Night strike chuckled. "Well at least there's that upside to be a death song. To bad there's not that upside for me. Either the dragons run away from me or group together and drive me out." Night strike said.

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Captain Edgelord3000 is insulted by this!

((Hey, sorry that i'm posting this a bit late, but could you save me the hybrid spot?))

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Ari and Hushwing

"Kelpie, come on, you're giving me too much credits here" Ari chuckled  but he appreciated  what the flightmare has said Before he turned back to the triple stryke and become more serious, almost fatherly as he bend down to Night strike's level and said  "But it's true, if you feel like you have no where you can belong, You're welcome  to stay with us if you want. We could always use a triple stryke in our motley crew and it seems most dragons here have already accepted you" He grinned at Kelpie and Faolan. " sorry about how Hushwing acted earlier too"

Hushwing closed his eye and bowed his head at the triple stryke slightly as an apologize

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((whoops double post))

((whoops double post))

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Fun Dragon
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Night strike.

"You would really let me join your group? I would love to join." Night strike said.


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Wutend Bonfire
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Ari beamed. "Wonderous! I trust that the others will welcome you, but let me know if there's any trouble. I think we're done here, anyway"

He let out a hideous screech that echoed off the rocks, waking everyone up from their boredem. I sprinted to Faolans side, eager to get off the island and maybe get a meal. "Everyone! A bit of an update for you all!" Ari yelled. "We've got a new pack member!" he gestured to Night Strike. "I expect each of you to treat her well. You can take care of introductions yourselves, so in the meantime, we're off!"