iPad says update/ no update available.

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When my daughter open your app on her ipad a box opens on the startup screen saying "please update your game for the latest features". when she clicks the checkmark it takes it to the itunes yet there is no update to download, any idea whats going on??

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Hi! You may want to check out this thread and see if it applies to your iPad as well. 


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Yes thanks that answered my

Yes thanks that answered my question, but the post also says you can continue to play but with no new updates. Our ipad won't go past the update screen, it keeps popping up. Luckly for her Santa comes soon. 

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It’s only for mobile (iPhones/Samsung) that doesn’t enable you to update the game. 



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Yes I had that problem too.

Yes I had that problem too. Just delete the app and download it again.












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Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the help, I appreciate it.