Introducing the Xeno-Fury

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The Xeno-Fury


Size: height-8ft., length-27ft.(including tail)
Attack: 17

Speed: 17

Armor: 20

Firepower: 27

Shot limit: 7

Acid: 18

Jaw Strength: 8

Stealth: 20


The Xeno-Fury is a reclusive freak of nature. Made with hard exo-skeleton and muscles, this thing almost looks like a walking skeleton. A long dome-shaped head, Xenofury's appear to have eyes...only to trick opponents. These 'false eyes' are sockets for it's acidic plasma blast, whilse the Xeno-fury is completely blind, relying on thermal vision and echolocation to map out it's home. Another fact is Xeno-fury's do not have tastebuds, as they have no tongue. In place of a tongue is a secondary mouth, used to hold onto big food to pull it down the throat, or for attacking.

These creatures are fast on land and on air, as their bodies are made for stealth and speed, with the only things keeping them below a nightfury's speed is it's armor. This thick set of protection can withstand very hard blows, all except fire. Xeno-fury's hate fire, being near anything related can cause expansion and possible corruption of the body. Resulting in very dangerous acidic blood spraying in all directions from being compacked inside the exo-skeleton. Injuring a Xeno-fury is an extreme danger, as their acidic blood is capable of burning through alot of hard surfaces, very dangerous to human skin, and half as dangerous to dragon scales.

Xeno-fury's are strange beasts, their abilities even stranger. With four long tubes attached to the shoulders and upper back, they can produce a very hot and sticky tar-like substance. Once cooled down, forms a rubbery wall; they use this in order to make their lair/nests. Another ability that would aid them in making a nest or finding food, is the unseeable hooks on each digit, helping a Xeno-fury climb surfaces if needed. 

There is information on how these things reproduce and give birth, but it will not be told here. If you'd like to know, then please PM me, some of it is rather graphic. 

Xeno-fury's have the ability to communicate to eachother through a sort of mind link. In a way ant's, bee's, elephants and dolphins communicate through special noises, almost so high/low that others cannot hear. They use this to tell other Xeno-fury's if danger is around, or intruders are attacking. Another fact to this is they are also herd animals. Xeno-fury's can be loners, but once they sense the presence of others, they flock together. Creating a sort of hierarchy amongst themselves. 

These dragons have an encredible wingspan, along with two sets of tail-fins. Wings being 47ft. long fully expanded, but because of exo-skeleton drag, these dragons are not able to hit the maximum speeds that a nightfury can hit.

Because these dragons use a different form of communication amongst themselves, they are not capable of becoming overpowered by larger dragons. Instead, a Xeno-fury is capable of slowly metamorphisizing into a 'Queen' Xeno-Fury, becoming alot larger than the normal size.


These dragons are a bit of a handful. Untamed Xeno-fury's have been known to attack, kill and eat vikings, along with herd animals, forest creatures and sea life. Anything they can get their mouths on, will become food for them, or their next play-toy. Taming is possible, if your not eaten in the first encounter. Patients and respect to their dangerous ways will slowly earn trust, and some good choices of salmon and tuna will aid you ;) Xeno-fury's are smart enough to understand you do not mean them any harm, they can sense your emotinal state and will act accordingly to their standards.


If I've missed anything I will try to putt more down in the next Post :D


Normal Look of a Xeno-fury...also is the Original Xeno-fury, Creep.


((I finally have this up now! For anyone that own's one of these dragons, here is the information. And for those of you wondering what these guys are like...well here you go :D))


This will be an Adoption Thread as Well, But please give me time to create these guys. There will be rare types as well, since the armor is almost always black. Albino's and different kinds of morphs will be present. Luck may be on your side :3




1. Do not reply to the DO NOT REPY post. You will be banned from this or any other adoptions if you reply to those posts.

2. Please no magical taming. Eggs and hatchlings are not tamable due to their instinct driven minds to feed(Adolescence to adult are tamable.)

3. There should be a descriptive profile of your dragon if you wish to adopt. Include: Name, Gender, Personality, History. All are needed in order to adopt.

4. One dragon per viking. These dragons are rather difficult to care for

5. Do not fight.

6. Do not steal! This species belongs to me, and the lineart was created by NightmareRebuff.

7. NO GODMODDING! I can't explain how bad some can overpower their dragons. Xeno-fury's are not that powerful, they have big drawbacks, please follow them.

8. Have fun! :D


--My OC Dragons--


Dragon Name:

-Creep, the Xeno-Fury(Fan-made)-





-Ulric, the Skrill-

-Jabbawocky, the Nightfury-

Draimier, the Stormcutter




-21 years-








(This lineart was made by the most awesomest person NightmareRebuff!!!)





-A bit of an oddball, a little quite for his own good, curious but extremely cautious, stubborn and hard-headed




-Creeping on others :3, Sneaking around, getting into things you normaly don't want a dragon to get into, stealing small objects and then putting them in random places





-Watch your back...else he be creepin'





-Acidic Plasma Shot

-Acidic Blooded

-Is capable of climbing surfaces

-Being half of something else, Creep(And all like him) Are not controlled by Alpha Dragons, but can still feel the power of them. A Xeno-fury, however, can be controlled by an actual 'Queen' of their species.




*Fluff Abilities*:

-Acidic eye socket(and other green parts) glow in dim or no light. 

-Has two long sets of tubes on his back(not shown) that are capable of producing a black tar-like substance, which hardens into a thick rubbery substance over time.





-Cannot be near fire and can become extremely wounded by Fire Class dragon's flame(any species in that class)

-Acidic blood is compressed inside the exo-skeleton of Creep, injuring him will create a quick burst of burning acid.

-Not as fast as a normal Nightfury because of the exo-skeleton creating drag, but still close in line.

-Because of the dome-shaped head, Xeno-fury's cannot see as they have no physical eyes. They have thermal vision to help with knowing where others are, and the ability to pick up objects from constant sound(like echolocation)







---There are currently 5 Xeno-fury's in existance. Why not add to the small population? Click the link below!---



1.) Creep, belongs to Me

2.) Skurd, belongs to NightmareRebuff

3.) Deathmaw, belongs to WolfLight

4.) Luna, belongs to Lucy Shadow

5.) Blood, belongs to mesaprncss







-RipleyAVP of Vigilante


-Made by   -

created by kimbenoso




Friend Code:





My Dragons(In-game):

Toothless: Titan Night Fury


Xenno: Titan Monsterous Nightmare

Scrape: Teen Monsterous Nightmare


Grid: Titan Whispering Death

Dread: Adult Whispering Death

Uriz: Teen Whispering Death

Gargier: Baby Whispering Death


QueenDrum: Adult Thunderdrum

Bruiser: Baby Thunderdrum


RipleyAVP: Titan Deadly Nadder

Snowdrift: Teen Deadly Nadder

Coal: Baby Deadly Nadder

Gemcrusher: Baby Deadly Nadder


Sig and Roy: Titan Hideous Zippleback

Eye and Less: Baby Hideous Zippleback


Boultrae: Titan Gronckle

Agriel: Baby Gronckle


Ulric: Titan Skrill


Floki: Adult Rumblehorn

Charlie: Baby Rumblehorn


Singe: Adult Hobblegrunt

Haunteir: Baby Hobblegrunt

Nava: Baby Hobblegrunt


Sorner: Adult Raincutter


Marrow:Adult Boneknapper


BarnOwl: Adult Stormcutter

Draimier: Adult Stormcutter

Erigorth: Teen Stormcutter


Fly Leaf: Adult Changewing

Maja: Baby Changewing


Enya: Adult Fireworm Queen

Arendal: Baby Fireworm Queen


Sculd: Adult Scauldron


Flurescent: Adult Flightmare

Light: Adult Flightmare


Flare: Adult Typhoomerang


Yellp: Adult Screaming Death


Sashi: Adult Tide Glider


Mistchiev: Adult Scuttleclaw

Jasmine: Baby Scuttleclaw

Mishka: Adult Sand Wraith


SweetPain: Adult Sweet Death


Anythest: Adult Woolly Howl


Scorch: Adult Smothering Smokebreath


Glacier: Adult Shivertooth


Eiryin: Adult Speed Stinger


Blaze: Teen Snow Wraith


Cute: Teen Grapple Grounder


Strippe: Titan Razorwhip

Alonzoe: Baby Razorwhip


DeathStar: Teen Deathsong


CursedFang: Teen Devilish Dervish


Icespear: Teen Groncicle


Shaid: Adult Timberjack


Swampdweller: Baby Prickleboggle


Game Grump: Baby Hotburple


Eirthe: Baby Mudraker


Rillex: Adult Armorwing


Voilette: Adult Singetail


Mosse: Adult Eruptodon


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--DO NOT REPLY-- Dragons



Dragons will be posted here soooooonnnnnnnnn........ :3















--I'm going to put this here so others may know. Please please Please! Do not edit the Xeno-Fury, unless you are putting a background Image. Please do not change the colors. I've worked on this species for a whole year with help from NightmareRebuff for the lineart, I do not wan't to see Xeno-Fury's the color of the rainbow. Or look like an explosion of skittles--

Common:Just fill out the Forum, have good grammar. Does not need to have a long history.

UncommonFill out the Forum, Have a medium(50 words or more) history.

RareFill out Forum, have a long(100 words or more) history.









My old Thread is here, if you'd like to see the current Xeno-Fury's that are roaming Berk now:




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Tracking got this from my old post.


I decided instead of adopting the dragon for me, to do it for my sister Asteria. Shes a really scaredy cat, but deserves one dragon!

Alright here we gooo. (Could I also get a head shot of the dragon too? 

By the way can you make the background white?

Name: Blood

Age: 14

Gender: Male


Heartless, scary, has no mercy. He sticks to one rider, and will not tolerate being riden by another person, he will KILL them. He was ruthless, brave and will defend his owner. He will calm down once she tells him to, but since her family is not so positive about being around, he is a bit insane when it comes to being away from his owner. In no way, would he let and human being that he doesn't know approach him without him feeling they are worthy. He is very intelligent, and pretty fast.



Asteria bit her lip, she drew a little blood out of her lip as she freaked out. She heard the screeching of dragons in the arena. "Asteria, do not be nervous!" Hiccup let her know. Asteria shivered and her hairs stood up, "I-I know," she replied, still biting her lip. Hiccup grabbed her hand and walked her to the dragons. "The choices are, Razorwhip, Stormcutter, Nadder, and Thunderdrum, and Gronckle," he listed.


"Neither!" she yelped and ran behind him. He shook his head and got away. "W-where did you go?" she asked. "At least try to pick one out?" Asteria stopped biting her lip and nodded, slowly she walked to the dragons. Who were calmed by dragon nip, she smelled it and walked slowly up to them. She reached out her hand to the Nadder, but it shook its head and walked away. 


"I suppose not you." she shook her head and walked to the Stormcutter. It thrusted away and growled, "And not you either," she sighed, walking to the Gronckle. It lazely shook its head and rolled over, ignoring her. "Not you either I suppose." She didn't even want to try the Thunderdrum. Asteria grunted at the thought, but slowly walked herself to it. 


He made a huge roar, and jumped away from her. "Hiccup, I appreciate your effort. But face it. I don't want a dragon, and they do not want me!" she ran off crying, as Hiccup tried to stop her. She ran inside past me and mom. "Asteria?" Mira looked at me curiously. "Should I go after her?" I asked. Mira nodded, and I ran upstairs. "Asteria? Are you alright?" I asked walking to her. 


She sat on her bed crying, "Yes I'm crying of joy." I titled my head, and sat by her. "What happened? How was training?" I asked.  Asteria threw her head in her pillow and screamed. "I suppose, not very good?" She lifted her head and nodded. "What happened?" I curiously asked. She began to scream more, then finally answered. "None of the dragons wanted me." 


"Asteria, the dragon picks you, not the other way around," I laughed ignoring how rude I was. She lifted her head and ran off, "Asteria wait!" I yelled. Only a slam of the door answered, "Great, she went outside," I rolled my eyes. Asteria went running, she panted as her skirt flew around. She ignored her heart pounding, and kept going.


She then realized, she was in the middle of Berk's forest, alone. Her hairs stood up, and her eyes widened with fear. "Eep," she yelped. Screams, and dragon roars echoed, as her hair stood up even more. "D-dragons can't hear me, they are tamed. Right?" she kept hearing the sounds and quivered.  All a sudden, two eyes peered out from in the shadows. "H-Hello? Hiccup is that you?" she asked.


The eyes soon fled, but her fear didn't. "They were purple and blue, and they shined?" she shivered. A breath went down her back, as her spine buckled.  She slowly turned around, "I can see you? But how!?" her eyes widened. The strange dragon thrusted away as if he was scared. "You scared of me? You are the most frightening thing I've ever seen!" 


It nodded, and tilted its head. "I'm lost, you look scary, but I'm not really scared of you," she smiled. The dragon growled at her, making her feel a bit terrified. "Alright, you can be scary I admit," she laughed. How was she not afraid all a sudden? "Are you a boy?" she asked. The beast gave her a quick nod, and backed away. "Oh, I'm not sure how I can see you, due to me being blind. But I can see you were hurt," she said looking at his scars.


His eyes widened, and nodded a bit. A yelp near by echoed to us, and he snapped his head up to the direction of the echo. His calm expression turned to an angry one, as he showed his teeth. "Do you know who's coming?" I asked. He turned around to face me and quickly flew off. "Wait, did I just find a dragon who doesn't hate me?" 


(No pls don't say she magical tamed, she didn't


Base color: White with grey shading

Eye color: Blue and purple combined.

Plasma shot: Mixture of colors

*could you do patterns if so*: Scars around body, and a black star on his ear.



Artemis and Cole by Sprixern

Info about myself:

Pronouns: they/them

Age: 16

I am a chill dude and own 2 leopard geckos.  I just come on here to stalk really. Slide into my dms if you ever want to chat. I'm socially awkward and cannot compliment. I'm also a sarcastic and ironic person.  ALSO TRANSFORMERS IS MY THING MAN. 


Phan, Destiel, Yuri x Victor, Bughead, Jikook, Sope


- Char

Image result for jikook art




*burp* by Sprixern


Main human OC:


Class: Assassin

Age: 21

Parents: Arnold & Precila

Weapon: Axe staff

Gender: Male


Cole is an assassin who kills war criminals and dragon hunters. His weapon of choice is a axe staff designed by himself for easier throws and reaches his enemies quicker. He's quite blunt and sarcastic if talked to, and is socially awkward. He wants nothing to do with human interaction unless it's something for him to gain. His sardonic humor makes him unrelatable for most Vikings, due to the things he can say is just frankly quite scary to hear from a twenty- one year old. 


(Done by Arrow!)


Main Dragon:


Species: Night Fury

Age: 50


Artemis has a personality to a leader. He considers all beings deserve a chance and mercy. He despises anything to do with cruelty, and hatred. He makes sure to keep situations into calm hands, and he'll never lose track of being a humble and intelligent dragon. After he was betrayed by his closest brother, who then made his other brothers betray him, he vowed he would not become the evil they had.



Artemis and Cole's Size Comparisons by Sprixern









Fanart of Artemis:



(made by me, artemis once more)


Wow so scary! by Sprixern


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Mesaprncss, I like

Mesaprncss, I like the story and it's very interesting as well.

But a few things you have might need some improvement. Please read the Original Post about these dragons first, their abilities, their look and everything else.

Then I will accept your application.

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You didn't think I read

You didn't think I read that?

I did!

Of course I did!

I read that due to them being senstive to fire it would mess up the xeno.

I read that they are not op

I read they are in a way blind.

I read that they are very fast.




I read O_O

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I understand that you have

I understand that you have read the rules and info and such. It's just the extra that I'm having trouble with. Base color is the same color as the plasma acidic shot, and the eye sockets and other parts of the Xeno-Fury that glow in dim/no light. Xeno-fury's have a main color: Black. And the Base color: For the shot, and the glowing parts. I cant do multi colors, but in the future there will be albino versions and morphs.

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Ok base color: Black Eye:

Ok base color: Black

Eye: Pink

Plasma: Pink

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  Here is Blood for you,


Here is Blood for you, Please take good care of him, make sure to credit me if he's in your signature

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Omg im so sorry i forgot to

Omg im so sorry i forgot to add hot pink is it ok if you change it to hot pink? D:

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eep dont scream at me

Hopefully u dont mind I got rid of some of the white, and I changed it to hot pink so you wouldn't have to go through the trouble. Is that alright? And I made it transparent so you could use it for other peoples requests :)

I wanted him to match my sister.

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I apologize, the forum for

I apologize, the forum for some reason stopped working for me. I will remake your Xeno-Fury for you

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Its ok, I like the one that I

Its ok, I like the one that I edited.


I like it.


Plus you really have no reason to?

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There is a reason I am

There is a reason I am redoing it for you. Because other people are going to want to have their Xeno-Fury like yours, with colors on different places when I've specificly made the armor dark colors in contrast to the muscles which are lighter, then there is the acidic pouches that you can see. You asked for Pink(hot pink) and I am giving you the hot pink to how this species is. If in the future you'd like to go for a rare Xeno-Fury(Typically Albinos) They will be lighter colors(Not black) as in light grey with bright coloring.


Anyways, Here is your Xeno-Fury Blood

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*cri* Going to have to get

*cri* Going to have to get rid of the white lines now, and I started to like him...



(If you need help with designing rarer looking dragons I could help.

Its not really true about some of what you said.



People are not going to complain that much, they won't even care.


I barely changed anything to be honest, whats so different with making the spines two different colors?


Oh well, I liked the other, but he'll do and i won't complain...


he looks cool tho.

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I had no idea you were going

I had no idea you were going to edit your dragon, that really suprised me in a bad way. I did create the species and what they look like is the armor is dark, muscle is light and sockets are bright. 


It's not that people will complain, it's just I'm strictly sticking to the rules I put up about the colors. 

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I wasn't going to, I just

I wasn't going to, I just didn't want you to stress over it.

I thought it would be rude to ask for a redo.


I apologise, it isn't my choice.


Excuse me if before I sounded selfish, I wasn't trying to be what so ever.


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I'd gladly redo to make

I'd gladly redo to make someone happy! And no I believe all of this to be a missunderstanding, I hope your sis enjoys her dragon. Come back if you want one for yourself when there will be adoptable ones out soon


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(My sister uses the same

(My sister uses the same account look on my siggie.


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wow! these are amazing!

wow! these are amazing!  Tracking!! hopefully I can write a story later!






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Mika ate my subject

Name: Alphino

Black and Teal please for everything.

Gender: Male


Dangerous, Unpredictable, Hard headed, Stubborn, hates being the third wheel.



I was looking around for traps as I came across something. I was wondering what it could be, but for the past weeks I would hear screeching. Hiccup trusted me to get rid of the traps that were set up by Berserkers. "Mika, do you see this?" Natalie asked.


Mika walked up to me and nodded, her eyes sharpened as she sniffed the ground. I saw a trail of blood leading to the edge of Berk forest, and I was a bit curious on if it was a wounded Nadder or something. Mika urged me on and began walking to track down the wounded one.


We stop and gasped, "Ok, that thing looks like a little Xeno." Mika rolled her eyes, and curiously went to the dragon. His eyes were closed and not a single breath was heard. "Is he dead?" I asked concerned. Mika snarled and walked closer to wounded dragon.


Quickly, the dragon snapped up limping, and Mika fell on her back. "That was a bit rude,"  I said to the dragon. He ignored me and literally had demons in his eyes. Slowly, he walked towards me with a limp in his foot, and death in his eyes.


I backed away, looking at Mika who rolled over quickly. She got up and jumped infront of me, screaming at the dragon. He backed away, but his eyes shined teal. "How are you even hurt?" I wondered. He growled and I realized that he had blast marks on him.


"Dragon battle, I suppose," I said tilting my head. Mika yelled at the dragon, who was to stubborn to move. He sat there with a evil grin, as if he was mocking us. "That isn't even nice!" I crossed my arms. He paid no attention to me, and got up.


He walked up to me slowly, and Mika lifted her wings as if she was threatening him. He showed no fear, and no heart involved.  Quickly, a snap of a branch above me spooked him. Mika quickly blasted him, which made him deliver a huge yelp. "Mika, was that really necessary?" I questioned.


He groaned in pain and quickly vanished. "Well, so much for that," I rolled my eyes. Mika gave a smug look at me and walked off happily. "That was just...Ruthless!"





I am obsessed with StormCutter's!!!!!!








Main OC: Alix Stormrider

Gender: Female

Personality: Alix is the type of person that is very short-tempered, creative, very cautoius, knows how to get out of sticky stiuations, very cunning, stealthy, bookworm, and extremely curious, funny, clumsy, awkward, extemely over-protective of Arrow.

Appearance:  THANK YOU JADE DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weapons: Bow and arrows, two swords, four daggers, has a unique way of fighting.

Weaknesses: Losing Arrow.




Main Dragon OC: Arrow

Gender: Female

Personality: Same as Alix's personality, and over-protective of Alix.

Appearance: (not mine)

Arrow is a StormCutter and Nightwing hybrid, it really doesnt make sense but I wanted a night sky look under her wings... She also has extra horns on top of the pair she alredy has and they are red.

Weapons: Normal StormCutter weapons.

Weaknesses: Her size and above all, losing Alix.


Arrow side view headshot:

THANK YOU MESAPRNCSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





My other Main OC:

Name: Katrina Skybound

Gender: Female

Personality: Fun-loving and very random. She knows when to be serious and is very awkward and clumsy. She has a hard time not being in control and takes her time warming up to people but will help them regaurdless. Katrina is very adventerous and loves exploring with Avalanche. She prefers showing her fun side to people she knows she can trust. She is extremely curious and has a hard time giving up. Katrina will do anything in her power to protect the ones she loves and cares about. She is over-protective of Avalanche and will protect her with her life, as will Avalanche. To Katrina, Avalanche is closer than family; they share a very strong bond.
Appearance: Katrina has a black fur-lined cloak and a black shirt and pants with black furry boots. She has brown eyes and dirty blond hair. She also has a sword and a bow and some arrows and a dagger in each boot with a black bag that she always keeps at her side with every thing she needs.

Weapons: A sword and a bow and some arrows with two daggers.

Weaknesses: Losing loved ones and Avalanche.





Dragon OC:

Name: Avalanche

Gender: Female

Dragon type: Fuzzy Night Fury

Personality: Fun-loving and light-hearted personalty that knows when to get serious. She prefers to show her happy side only to her owner. Avalanche is very over-protective and is very suspicious of strangers. She is very agressive towards strangers and takes her time warming up to people. Avalanche is very curious and unpredicable.


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 Here is Alphino, take good


Here is Alphino, take good care of your Xeno-Fury :D


Also please know, Xeno-Fury blood is not normal, it is acidic, and because its compacked into their bodies it does and will spray

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Could you by a chance make

Could you by a chance make him actual light teal, like proper teal?

And make the background white?

I'm sorry for the trouble.

He's lovely.

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If you'd like to try for a

If you'd like to try for a Xeno-Fury with a different exo-skeleton color, you will have to wait for the adoptables to come out. Request Xeno-Fury's are automatically Black Armored. But I will fix the background for you


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HEs lovely ty

HEs lovely ty

Supreme Viking Champion
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alrighty here we go! (I

alrighty here we go! (I hope) 

Name: Crowley

gender: Male

color: red (could I also have a white background?"

Personality: outspoken, but only for a few, he keeps to himself, but is rude and quick witted, he is very easy to anger and speaks oddl with a brittish accent

History: (this is from Gabriels point of view ( you already know gabe right?) 

I landed deep in the woods, my brothers Castiel and Lucifer landing heavly beside me. "You guys can still sense that right?" I said as I looked at my brothers. "Yes." they both said. 

 We had noticed this strange buzzing energy, of course we new we had to protect our human viking friend so we went out to investigate. We began to search through the woods, speaking to each other in low voices as we got closer to the buzzing sound. We split up in the bushes and surrounded the strange creature. It was almost all black but with bright red markings.

"I know you are there fellas." The creature said.

"Hello boys." The creature said in an english accent, as they walked from behind the bushes.

"how do you know us?" Castiel asked as he stepped out of the bushes.

"aww poor Castiel, you dont remember me?" The strange dragon asked with a sneer.

"No." Castiel said, immediatly on edge, with a deep growl growing in his throat.

"Lucifer? Gabriel? Nothing ringing a bell there boys?" The dragon said with a laugh

"I will admit I look quite different from what I used to look like." he said

my brothers and I were confused, we knew we remembered him from somewhere but from where? 

"maybe this will jog those sad excuses for brains you guys posses." The dragon said. "The names crowley."

Thats when it hit me, it hit my brothers too, Crowley a former demon king who was killed and we knew he had been "reborn" but into what? 

"well that answers that question." I said

"What question?" Crowley asked. 

"we were always wondering what scum like you would end up turning into when they died." Lucifer said with a growl.

"Easy boys, I'm on your side now!" Crowley said. "although I'm not happy to admit it, it gets kindof lonely out here, after all there aint no other dragons like me." He said.

"Fine." Lucifer said 

"But if you pull anything and I mean ANYTHING. I will cut off your head." I warned

"alright alright. Take me home boys" Crowley said with a chuckle

We reluctantly agreed and as it turned out, crowley was pretty usefull.

the end




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For you

Hiya!  I've been thinking of adopting one of these dragons, but I felt that I needed an even better understanding of them, so I've been organizing a profile of them for you! ^^ Let me know if I have anything wrong so far, and if you could help me organize it a bit, that would be great!






Species:  Xeno-Fury


Class:  Mystery


Fire Type:  Acidic plasma charges


Abilities:  Thermal vision, echolocation




Trainable:  Yes


Training Difficulty:  Very difficult






Color:  Black with green acidic spaces


Size:  Medium


Height:  8 feet


Length:  27 feet




Stats icon attack Attack          17

Stats icon speed Speed          17

Stats icon armor Armor          20

Stats icon fire Firepower        27

Stats icon shot Shot Limit        7

Stats icon venom Acid           18

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength   8

Stats icon stealth Stealth           20


Appearance and Characteristics:  Medium-sized dragon with a sleek, dark body made with hard exo-skeleton and muscles with black armor, making it look a bit like a walking skeleton. The Xeno-Fury somewhat resembles an axolotl in general appearance and has two pairs of wings with a shape similar to a bat, two mobile, ear-like appendages on the back of its head that show its mood and help it hear. It possess no eyes, but does have empty eye sockets filled with acid to trick its opponents.  Unlike most dragon species, the Xeno-Fury has a short neck and lacks any kind of horns. The dragon is about 26 feet in length, 27 as a fully grown dragon, and stands 8 feet tall.

In flight, the Xeno-Fury's wingspan is almost unrivaled, bearing approximately 47 feet, making it resemble some sort of jet plane. This allows it to fly faster, longer and further than any of the other dragon species, aside from the Night Fury, but its armor slows it down, making it unable to reach Night Fury speed limits. It uses the wing-like tail fins on its tail to help steer and maneuver, similar to an airplane rudder. However, a Xeno-Fury Fury will be incapable of flying if one of these fins is missing or destroyed which shows that they are also used for ballast in flight. It is capable of taking flight from a standing start like a pigeon



Work In Progress

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Can I adopt one?

Can I adopt one?



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Somethin' or Other the Chiropan. Made by the talented NightmareRebuff!

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I'm very interested, so I'm












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I see I have some work cut

I see I have some work cut out for me x3 I will get to you guys after my move(which will be on the 25th this month) Sorry for the wait guys

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Tracking! These babies are interesting >:)





credit to Dragonist Hellen for this AMAZING Triple Stryke edit!

Name: FurySpirit

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Main dragon: Silhouette

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(credit to TosiLohi!)


(credit to Archery and Dragons for this amazing gif!)


(credit to Durgonhunter for this lovable little art of Luna!)


(credit to Okamisusi for this adorable piece of art!)


(credit to dragonrider34 for this awesome headshot of ClawTrap!)





OC Artwork

Flashspike the Deadly Nadder  

                    Conqueror the Night Fury                            

 Ghostcatcher the Changewing  

Hailstorm the Skrill 

 Sandstorm the Sand Wraith  

 Onyx the Night Fury 

Felicity Moonborne (viking) 

Clawtrap the Triple Stryke 

Swift Breeze the Speed Stinger 

Luna(r Eclipse) the Night Fury

Silhouette the Stormcutter 

Bubbles the Terrible Terror 

BlizzardFang the Woolly Howl


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(not mine, credit to whoever made this!)