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AWWWW SO CUUUTE!!!! I luv thx

AWWWW SO CUUUTE!!!! I luv thx Cham, HUGS




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Thanks for saving my spot! I'm gonna post my form here for then it will be easier to locate than if I were to edit.



Age: Adult please, though the baby version is adorable  

Main Color: Can I have the original coloring for this dragon? If not I can change

Secondary Color: Same as above

Markings: Same as above

Shadow Mode or not: Yes, Flashing Please

Name: Mobster (was typing error but I love it!)

Gender: Male


One foggy Dreadfall evening, a young boy went into the woods, looking for a little bit of adventure to spice up his night. Unlike most of the kind vikings in the village, he was stuck up and wanted a story that he would tell to the others about his time in the woods. There was this dragon a few viking had seen in the woods. They called it a Mobster. Only the bravest vikings dared tried to encounter it, a few were never seen again. But this boy was certain that he would be the would who'd prevail and find this beast, hoping to bring it back to the village as his own.


So as the boy traveled further in the woods, he began hearing strange voice. They were calling to him from all directions, telling him to join them in the woods. This sent chills through the boy's spine. "Who are you!" He called into the darkness, his voice echoing.


He heard a rustle of movement from behind him and he spun around to face it. "I know you're there!" He spoke, his voice cracking. Suddenly he heard a stick crack from behind him. He turned again, facing more darkness. He fumbled to pull out a knife from his pocket, he it fell to the ground before he could get a firm grip. He dived down to the ground to try to retrieve it, but every stick, vine, or leaf blocked it from his hands.


Suddenly there was another sound from behind him, but much closer than last time. His fingers moved with a faster pace, pulling strands of leaves out from in front of him. There was another crack of a stick, and he knew he couldn't stay much longer. The beast was right on his trail.


He pushed himself off of the ground, and sped off in the opposite direction, as fast as his legs could take him. He heard the noise of something behind him, followed by more voices telling him to stay. These only made him pump his legs faster. What was he thinking coming out here?


The noise slowly began fading behind him as he ran for the next hour. He felt his lungs taking as exporting air as fast as they could, but he still found himself out of breath. His heart was pumping blood through his body faster than he could ever felt it do so before. But he couldn't stop.


Finally after he'd felt he hadn't heard the noise for the past ten minutes, he collapsed against a tree. He felt his head begin to lose consciousness, but he couldn't lose now. Darkness began taking over his head. Then a voice came from right in front of his.


"You should've listened to me," the voice said. The boy was blinded with light, and he felt sharp teeth impale his face. He gave one final sheik before he felt himself slipping away. This was it. The end had arrived...


The dragon licked the blood off of his teeth as he looked away from its latest victim. After an hour's chase, it was still worth it. He didn't even he to fight the boy, for he had wasted his energy running away from the snapping of sticks. All he had had to do was keep the boy running, making some noise every once in a while.


Once he had his fill with the boy, he jumped off the corpse and slithered off into the night. As long as the Vikings were stubborn, he'd always have a meal.

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which of the adult version

which of the adult version did you want? Expanding or regular?

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Oh gosh... Um I want the

Oh gosh... Um I want the twiggy looking one. I think that one's regular.

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Okay :)

Golly, I was expected/lowkey instructed the story for this dragon to be dark but the death of the narrator of the story especially when he was but a young boy and kinda descriptive was----a pleasent surprise. But I like it >:)

Here's your dragon!


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Thanks! I had fun writing the story for the dragon. They're so smart and witty that they make an excellent chracter. Too bad the boy won't get to tell his story again.

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Le bloop

@ Winged Warden

Wow nice name, I really appreciate it when people change my gender.


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The campfire imps stole my subject again!

I know I'm way too late to have a spot reserved, but if any of them open up, I just absolutely have fallen in love with this dragon of yours! If you can ever fit me in, I would adore the character forever. I will come up with a form as soon as I can once I know there's a spot! I'll keep my eyes peeled!


I absolutely can't express my love for this dragon enough. I can tell right away some of it's inspiration, or I think so anyway. And I just can't love it enough. The style of it, the description and everything is wonderful.

"Once, we hauled up the tangle-nets to find giant prawn-like creatures
that had mysteriously grown to the size of small dogs. We asked a local fisherman what they were, and he shook his head. "I've been fishing here for forty years," he said, "and I've never seen such a thing before .... "
This confirmed what I had always suspected, that there were things on
this earth that even the adults had not yet discovered, nor understood.
So that was how I first began to write the How to Train Your Dragon
stories, back when I was eight or nine years old."
                      --Cressida Cowell
         "You're insane!"
        "Sure I am, What's your point?"
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redoing it and making a new signature entirely.)

So, I see you were not frightened of my respectively tall and triangular friends,
and decided to push forward and read my signature. 
Welcome to my neck of the woods.
(I should warn you, it's a bit long.)
My Resistence Cyber Dragon: 
Name: Gizmo

Species: Cyber Smothering Smokebreath

Biotech: 46% Robot

Cyber ability: Creates a massive black plume of smoke that he can either hide in,

or confuse and stun all living beings.

(Credit goes to MegaboltPhoenix for the art)

This goes out to all the spammers and hackers around here...


(Remember how many people said that there were
going to be wild night furies in HTTYD 2? Yeah.)
Come on, we're supposed to be a community.  a tribe.
We can't do that by being the opposite of what this thing we love so much is trying to teach us. This is the first internet/fandom community that has ever actually made me feel at home and accepted, and like I'm not so alone in my ways and my tastes. Please keep it going.
Keep flying as a tribe, Vikings!
(This link goes to a song)
Each adoptable is a clickable link to where I got it from,
all credit goes to the talented artists!
Borealis the Night Sky Timberjack by Chocolate24
Mardigras the Young Boneknapper by Flaming Husky    &    Pearl the White Scauldron by Timberjackgirl
Firefly the Glow Fury by Fury of the Night
Very lovingly protective and loyal, with a crazy bravery. Playful and fun, always likes to pull someone else into his game,

and loves the night time because he can show off his glow.

Loke the Lucky Fury by Autumn5467

Banners and Pictures By Me, More To Come.
(To learn about my OCs, Click their names above!)
Beetle Geist the Sand Wraith
He's a dragon with behavior not unlike Stitch.
And sometimes Pegasus...
"Don't worry so much, you'll make yourself sad.
You can't change fate, but don't feel so bad.
Enjoy it while you can, it's just like the weather.
Quit complaining, brother, No one lives forever!
Let's have a party,
there's a full moon in the sky,
it's the hour of the wolf,
and I don't wanna die!"
---No One Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo
Tim Burton is my very first and biggest artistic influence of all time.
I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for his brilliant works.
My favorite book is The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.
( I'm not particularly a fan of the new TV series Sleepy Hollow, however. But I don't judge,
you can like it yourself. I'm a firm believer in agreeing to disagree and living in civility and peace. )
"Lead through the mist,
By the milk light of moon,
All that was lost is revealed.
Our long bygone burdens
Mere echoes of the string,
But where have we come,
And where shall we end?
If dreams can't come true,
then why not pretend?
How the gentle wind
Echoes through the trees
As autumn colors fall..."
lost within the clouded annals of history,
lies a mysterious place.
called The Unknown.
a place where long forgotten stories
are revealed only to those
who travel through the wood..."


Over The Garden Wall is a beautiful, emotional, and mind-bending miniseries. and I recommend it to all.

(Warning: Contains potentially life-changing amounts of feels.)





"Isn't it funny how we all struggle with our so-called "problems" down here,

when there are so many Mysterious and Magical things happening out there.

Guess what...There are Unbelievable and Magical things going on here too... you just have to stop creating mental separations and "problems" and enjoy the Beauty of Being.

Do you take it for granted that this huge globe is just floating in Space?

Every moment, my mind is blown realizing the intensely

complex and beautiful Universe that we live in.

It's such an odd Human habit to say, "well, this is just normal."

In reality, there is nothing "normal" in the Universe.

Don't let yourself get lost in Human lies...

If you expand your thoughts beyond this world,

it will give you the ability to SEE with Magical Eyes."


                  ---Todd Ray

                                                                  Owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow

                                                              And a magical and caring person.







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Subject dissapeard in the ages

Thanks for reserving! Here is my form:


Name: Mist

Gender: Female


Main:                                Secondary:                     Marking:


Version: Regular adult

Flashing: Yes, please



There always were stories about the creature that hunt in the densest mists. Nothing that faced it never survived. Nothing, except for a boy that trapped it.


Everyone heard about it. Never go to the mountains at night. Never exit home without someone that will protect you there, or never go there. The fear started spreading across people, when one day a c.orpse was found in the mountains. Everyone though it was the monster they never saw before. The bravest vikings took their dragons and started the research, but without results. Their mission resulted only in the d.eath of two of their companion. Noone knew what was the monster that everyone feared, but one discovered it once and tamed it.


Dragon licked it's last victim's bone. Nothing more except for them left from the c.orpse. After that the dragon sniffed the air. She sensed something. Another prey.

Quickly not to be seen she crawled onto the rock. It was snowing and the rests of her last dinner were covered with it. The female dragon looked down and stopped to move. Let's start the show.

When she got covered by mist and snow she saw a boy. He was so small. There will not be enough food from him, maybe an appetizer. The Little One was walking forvard and don't looking around. He was so incautious. She didn't even had to start the show with him. But she liked it. Tort.uring her victims before they

But then the boy looked at her. He didn't saw her... yes? But his eyes were looking exactly at the spot she was sitting. He waved his hand and then three mans jumped on her. Why she didn't sensed them? And why the boy saw her. He was so small... and din't even had any weapon to fight.


"And what are you going to do with this dragon now?" a man asked the boy. "It's dangerous! You will better k.ill it before it k.ills us!"

"It won't." he said calmly, "The cage is small enough that it will not flee. And answering your question I'm going to tame it. I will then got a proof that every dragon is tameable."

"But you know it's not truth. You don't even know how lucky you were to catch it."

"It's not luck, it's just thinking." the boy said. He looked at the dragon in cage. It was beautiful, with glittering silver scales and yellow glowing eyes. Deeply he knew how many luck they had. This dragon k.illed many before. But they weren't studying it's behavior. He always dreamed about taming a Woodreaper. He did everything he can to learn what this dragon does, where it goes... It was a long hunt. But now, he got it. The dragon will belong to him.

"So you want to tame it, yes? So, why you will not go to it and start." the adult viking said.

"Look at her. She's aware of us. I will try soon."

"I still think "she" will k.ill you"

"Mabe, but the cage gives me protection from her. She will not even be able to spit the sleeping gas at me." he smiled like the one who won the long fight.


And after that the attacks stopped. Noone knew how, but the boy somehow tamed the dragon. He named her Mist, because of her scales and the tendency to hunt in mists. And noone knew why, but it didn't k.illed him to these days. But even now, when the creature is calm and "trained" they aren't sure. Maybe it's just sitting and waiting for the right moment to strike. The moment to lure all the fools into it's trap.



  Hi! Welcome to my siggy!



My clan: The phantom shadows.


My in-game-name: HollyLovePl


My main dragon: Kate the Death song:

Edit of Kate made by me. My first-ever edit of dragon, so I know it isn't great.


My Viking:


My dragons:                                    


Sasha- Titan Deadly nadder

Nuko- Titan Gronckle

Whispey- Titan Whisperind death

Holly- Titan Flighmare

Ghost- Adult Flightmare

Bolt- Adult Shockjaw

Heydy- Adult Hobblegrunt

Pearl- Adult Devilish dervish

Snowflake- Adult Wolly howl

Roni- Adult Wolly howl

Jessie- Adult Sand wraith

Starflight- Adult Sand wraith

Pysia- Titan Thunderdrum

Sonia- Adult Raincutter

Shadow wing- Titan Monstruous nightmare

Speedy- Adult Speed stinger

Jackie- Adult Mouldruffle

Spotty- Adult Snafflefang

Darkmist- Adult Snafflefang

Moonrock- Adult Snafflefang

Mandy and Jack- Titan Hideous zippleback

Jane- Titan Razorwhip

Kate- Adult Death song

Glory- Adult Death song

Smoky- Adult Smothering smokebreath

Sharp claw- Adult Groncicle

Steelsword- Adult Armorwing

Firey- Adult Slither song

Skully- Adult Rumblehorn

Amore- Adult Scuttleclaw

Tsunami- Adult Sliquifier

Sunny- Adult Fireworm queen

Fala- Adult Tide glider

Screamy- Titan Sreaming death

Storm- Titan Skrill

Caroline- Adult Singetail

Asteroid- Adult Eruptodon

Slasher- Adult Timberjack

Omnihre- Adult Shovelhelm

Assasin- Adult Night terror

Amber- Adult Boneknapper

Aurora- Adult Snow wraith

Sunlight- Adult Windwalker

Clay- Adult Hotburple

Akhira- Titan Stormcutter

Galaxy- Baby Stormcutter

Misty flyers- Adult Snaptrapper

Onora- Adult Grapple grounder

Honey- Adult Sweet death

Auoni- Adult Mudraker

Toothless- Adult Night Fury

Soraka- Titan Terrilbe terror (She is fixed, yey, but I can't name her Tori...)

Peril- Adult Typhoomerang

Spike- Adult Prickleboogle

Acidtonque- Adult Flame Whipper

Valkyrie- Adult Silver Phantom






Are you reading this? Seriously? It's not


bad... really. But do you need


to know all my dragons? Cool! Read


more! Reading is cool!




               I Love Death Songs!




The beautiful gif of my Skrill, Strom, made by the tallented Nessie.

Another beautiful gif, this time with my Wolly howl, Snowflake, and my fox, Azu, made by the amazing Witherforever.

The beautiful picture of Kate, made by the amazing donnala! thank you soo much!

Another beautiful picture of Kate made by the great InfinityGalaxyy! Thank you! :D

Another beautiful picture of Kate made by dogloven! Thank you soo much! she is perfect! :D

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My adoptables:


This is Blaze, raptor adopted from Ginger Clancy.



This is Mist and Wave, Glithed mudraker adopted from Ladybrasa


Ocean Zap and Electro, my Oceanic SeaSongs adopted from Adopto66.


This is Dozia, Albaraptor adopted from Megaboltphoenix.

,,She is always one step ahead. She knows what her opponent does before they do it. Always plans ahead. She will do waht you say and become good companion, possibally she help you plan things. She is also dreamer, she wishes she was much more than herself. But she is willing to be the best she can be.'' Megaboltphoenix.


This is Amethyst, the jellie-looking thing adopted fron xXPhinaXx.


This is Scar, Shivertooth adopted from Buddyfan.


This is Arial, my Noelani dragon adopted from hootowllighbulb.

Flabungosses adopted fromLinkWolf. I will name them Lily and Sandy.

Mewdepedli called Meowsie and Aquabungos called Tryi, once more adopted from LinkWolf.

Asha and Alkia the Slitherin HornLeg adopted from Ladybrassa.

Snowstorm, my Icecrusher adopted from the amazing Chameishida!

Terra, my Muddicry, adopted once more from the amazing Chameishida!


Aurum the adorable baby Night Fury adopted from The Eclipitic Eight!

Phantom, the SLackerish SLuggish adopted once again from the awesome chameishida!

Once again a dragon adopted from the amazing chameishida: Mist the SInistruous Woodreaper

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Sorry to keep you wait!

This color go surprisingly well with her, so pretty.

But danggg that boy is wayyy scarier than the dragon, very intriging character now I want to know more, it even get me to okaying the unexplained training. I just think it's perfect to just left it at that and keep it a mystery but I wouldn't be surprise if his method is something...more sinister and fit in line with the dragon enough for her to listen, like those adult? I wouldn't be surprise if that kid 'accidentally' feeding them to her day to day. He just give off that vibe XD Hope you like it!


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Subject dissapeared in ages

Thank you sooo much! She's perfect!

I'm really happy you liked the story. I wasn't sure if it was good.

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Please save me a spot if possible!


StormcutterStar's Signature


- - • - -


1. The Viking

2. The Dragons

3. The Adopted Dragons

4. The Clan

5. Toothless

6. Starlight








                                              Normal                                          Dragon Racer




                       Stormcutter                                      Night Fury                         Deadly Nadder



Name: StormcutterStar

Gender: Female

Favorite dragon species: Stormcutter

Favorite dragon class: Strike

Clan: The Dragon Racers


By Pixel










                        Sparkoda (Singetail)                       Tambu (Thunderdrum)

                      Pumpkin (Hobblegrunt)                     Shadow (Sand Wraith)

                    Solarya (Fireworm Queen)                    Tiamat (Scauldron)






                      Skydancer (Stormcutter)                      Zafiro (Deadly Nadder)  

                    Adalinda (Devilish Dervish)    

                            King (Timberjack)

                      Razorwing (Timberjack)

                           Lucky (Raincutter)

                         Tempest (Raincutter)

                       Silverwind (Razorwhip)









Gender: Male

Species: Deadly Nadder

Class: Tracker

Hatching day: 28th October 2015


StormcutterStar's first dragon. This clever Deadly Nadder is the alpha of StormcutterStar's dragons. He enjoys sleeping, but won't hesitate to fight fiercely if his friends are in danger. Zafiro likes helping out with experiments in the school's lab.



By Nessie




By Sky and Ocean







Gender: Male

Species: Thunderdrum

Class: Tidal

Hatching day: 29th October 2015


Tambu is strong and stubborn like most Thunderdrums, but he also has a gentle side. He likes swimming and catching fish for his trainer. Although he might seem aggressive, he always lets baby dragons play on his back.





Torch and Scorch



Gender: Male

Species: Hideous Zippleback

Class: Mystery

Hatching day: 5th November 2015


This Hideous Zippleback is the most unpredictable dragon around. He has the odd habit of sleeping with his heads biting his tails. From the rider's point of view, Torch is the head on the right and Scorch is on the left side.








Gender: Male

Species: Stormcutter

Class: Sharp

Hatching day: 6th November 2015


The bond Skydancer and his rider share is very similar to the one between Hiccup and Toothless. Their friendship is really strong. This Stormcutter loves flying more than anything else.



By Witcherforever




By 1flower




By Okamisusi




By Archery and Dragons







Gender: Female

Species: Devilish Dervish

Class: Sharp

Hatching day: 29th November 2015


Adalinda's name means noble serpent. This Devilish Dervish really dislikes getting dirty, so she always cleans her scales in lakes or rivers. She is usually calm, but gets angry very easily if she doesn't sleep enough.








Gender: Male

Species: Skrill

Class: Strike

Hatching day: 30th November 2015


Storm is StormcutterStar's fastest dragon, and he's very good at racing. He is quite competitive, and his desire to win a race sometimes leads him to collide with obstacles.








Gender: Male

Species: Timberjack

Class: Sharp

Hatching day: 27th December 2015


King always tries to look majestic and imposing. He likes to spend time in the Wilderness and help vikings cut trees.








Gender: Male

Species: Timberjack

Class: Sharp

Hatching day: 27th December 2015


King's brother.








Gender: Male

Species: Raincutter

Class: Sharp

Hatching day: 27th December 2015


StormcutterStar named this dragon Lucky because his egg was taken from the Outcasts, who would have done terrible things to him if he had grown up on their island.








Gender: Female

Species: Raincutter

Class: Sharp

Hatching day: 27th December 2015


Lucky's sister.








Gender: Male

Species: Sand Wraith

Class: Tidal

Hatching day: 31st December 2015


This dragon is really fast, and he likes being alone. According to some vikings, his speed and scale color (that is quite unusual for a Sand Wraith) could mean he is part Night Fury...



By Nessie







Gender: Male

Species: Razorwhip

Class: Sharp

Hatching day: 1st January 2016


Silverwind is a very agile dragon, and he can attack with his tail in less than a second. It's quite difficult to earn his trust, but there is nothing this Razorwhip wouldn't do for the one who succeeds in doing it.








Gender: Male

Species: Whispering Death

Class: Boulder

Hatching day: 2nd January 2016


Serpent is usually an aggressive dragon. He attacks everything around him when he gets angry, and only StormcutterStar can calm him down at that point. He loves having his teeth taken care of, but most vikings are too scared to go anywhere near his mouth.








Gender: Male

Species: Gronckle

Class: Boulder

Hatching day: 3rd January 2016


Magnus loves sleeping and rolling around in grass. This dragon is a bit lazy, but in the end he always helps those in need.














Gender: Female

Species: Deadly Nadder

Class: Tracker

Adopted from: SolarFury29067

Image edit by: SolarFury29067







Gender: Male

Species: Keelut

Class: Tracker

Adopted from: ladybrasa

Image by: ladybrasa










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My Form

This is my form...


Version: adult, the one sitting down with its wings opened around its body

Shadow mode, flashing


Main color: default

Secondary color: beige, slightly darker than the example beige

Marking: red


Name: Dreadfall

Gender: Male


The lonely howl of a wolf could be heard somewhere in the cold, foggy night of Dreadfall. The howl gradually grew weaker and at one point stopped completely. Then, whoever or whatever could have been unfortunate enough to be in that area would have heard a soft thud as something quite big hit the ground and a slithering sound as that quite big something was dragged away.

Turns out that something was, in fact, unfortunate enough to be in the wrong area at the wrong time. A Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare was exploring the forest, looking for something to eat. He wasn't too keen on going into an old forest with dying trees in the middle of the night, but he had no choice since the other areas had no food. The dragon would never have admitted it, not even to himself, but he was scared. He was a wild dragon, but his fellow Monstrous Nightmare friends that lived with humans in the viking village had said humans called this place the “Forest of Misfortunes”. A boy had gone into the forest a few weeks before, never to be seen again. The ones who went looking for him suffered the same fate, along with everything else: human, dragon, animal... nothing came out.

The Stoker Class dragon thought that other creatures might have to be scared, but Titan Wing dragons like himself had nothing to fear because they were the strongest... right? Yes, that had to be right.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of snapping branches and saw gray fur among the trees. He wasted no time and sprang into action: food at last! He could already taste his meal as he stretched out his sharp talons... but noticed two odd things. The first was that his prey, a wolf, was not alive. The second was that vines were tangled around his legs and wings. He did not consider either of those things a problem: the fact that he wouldn't have to waste energy hunting the wolf was positive, and he could just slice the vines off with his teeth and/or claws. He lifted his head to begin biting the vines, but suddenly felt very sleepy. He could wait a few more minutes... nobody would mind if he slept a bit...

The Monstrous Nightmare saw some branches moving towards the wolf. It seemed like tree branches in this forest were... more... evol... no, branches weren't supposed to move. Were the branches... eating? Sleep was calling him... he couldn't waste more time... he had to sleep... but why were the branches eating his food? Why did they have glowing yellow torches? They were eating... his food... something was not right. The dragon managed to light up his body for a brief moment, trying to burn the vines. It was not enough, but the branches disappeared. So he had just imagined them after all...?

It started to rain. Dark clouds covered the moon, so it was very difficult to see. The rain fell harder and harder, sliding on the trapped Monstrous Nightmare's scarlet scales. As lightning filled the sky, the Titan Wing dragon saw a large shadow looming over his own against the trees. He somehow turned around and saw a group of branches... no, those were dragons. Hundreds of dragons that looked like tree branches...

Those were Sinistrous Woodreapers, and one of them was less than a Short Wing dragon's wingspan away from him.

The Monstrous Nightmare tried to set his body on fire, but couldn't because it was pouring. It slowly dawned on him that the pack of Sinistrous Woodreapers had set up a trap of vines for him. They had hunted the wolf for themselves and knew he was going to find it, so they planned to block him to prevent him from stealing their food... but that was not the worst thing. Seeing how they were starting to bite parts of the wolf and eat them, the branch-like dragons were likely planning to taunt him at exactly the right moment by eating the wolf in front of him when he couldn't use fire and then leave him trapped in vines without food until... well, that was a dark thought.

The fire on his body flickered on and off because of the rain. At that point the Monstrous Nightmare wanted to hope someone would help him, but he didn't dare because he knew they would not come out alive. Suddenly, a human riding a Titan Stormcutter came: she had seen the Monstrous Nightmare's odd fire signals and they had attracted her attention. She jumped off her dragon and onto the large Stoker Class dragon's back. In any other circumstance the wild Monstrous Nightmare would have tried to throw her off, but at that moment he really appreciated her help. She cut the vines that were trapping him and climbed back onto her Stormcutter as the Monstrous Nightmare took to the skies.

“Stop! We can come to an agreement!” she shouted over the sound of thunder. Surely if these dragons were intelligent enough to trap a fully grown Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare they could understand human speech at least a little bit?

A Sinistrous Woodreaper that was slightly larger than the others made its way towards the viking girl. Her Stormcutter breathed a small warning flame.

“Drrrrdd... ffllllll...” hissed the large Woodreaper.

“So you're the “leader”? You... only want food for your pack, right?” said the girl.

The Woodreaper hesitated. “Dreee....”

“Well, if you stop attacking everything that enters this forest, you and your pack will get all the food you want!”

“Dreeeaaaa! Fffflll...”

“Come with me!”

The Woodreaper stared at her for what seemed like forever.

Then, it turned towards its pack and shrieked: “Dddrrrreeeaaaadddd fffffaaaaaallllll!”

“Very well, Dreadfall...” said the girl, wondering how long it would take for the Sinistrous Woodreaper to betray her.





Thank you!

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Apologized for the delays. Stuff came up and this totally slipping out of my mind ;-;

Hope you like how it turn out! the beige might be a little too slight in term of darker than the example.

I like the story, the describesion on the monsterous nightmare part is pretty exciting and able to capture their behavoir well, the later part with the girl had me worry she just make a bigg mistake XD I wonder if this mean one of the people they k,ill must have said "Dreadfall" during their journey for this dragon to be able to immitate that.

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Thank you!

Thank you! The colors are perfect!

Dreadfall looks great.

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Main color:Blacksecondary

Version: Adult 1

Main color:Black

secondary color:grey



Name: Deathseeker


history: it was a dark night during dreadfall the streets were full of vikings going to collect the free mask Jonathan: Come on ben get over here Me: WHY i just told you i dont want to get a dreadfall mask i just want to sit here and relax near the warm fire. jonathan: THERE ARE NO WARM FIRES DURING DREADFALL!!!!! jonathan dragged me out of the house so it looked like i was going. we got in line when i asked :me what are those trees there dragon looking jonathan: must be carved to freak people out i walked by 6 of them all in the same pose the mask were going fast so jonathan said jonathan: lets hurry up! we get to th booth theres one more left and i told him :me have it i have one already but better the second he touched it the carved dragons moved into action :me there sinister woodreapers run!

the hole town was yelling screaming some of us ran into the woods and most of us died out of 350 vikings only 20 survived Me: every one calm down we need to hideout somewere away from the reapers Jonathan: every one this way

i saw a ingured speed stinger but didnt stop to help it when i folowed jonathan into the cave i could hear it trying to survive just like us one girl decided to go help him but as i thought the speedstinger was protending to hideto get a meal the girl didnt survive the stinger sadly      



                                   i am still not done with it i just gtg to a store


                                                     My siggy is a work in progress, so when you venture watch out for gas and spark


                       Hi I'm mcrour call me MC game 


Name Benjamin The Dragon


Rider. Enjoy the siggy




                                                                                 Made by AngNadder


                                              Warning I have and will use my death song if I catch you 

                               Stealing and if my protectors find you first your lucky





                                      Proud Leader Of

                       Dragon Tamers Of The Sky And Clouds

                                                                 Photo will be added soon                                                           

                                       (Btw alpha means leader of my dragons)



                                                                            Zipple and Wipple.                                

                                                                     Level (30).                                                               Widow

                                                                      Form (Alpha,Titan).                                               Little but tuff

                                                                   Species  (zipple back).                                      Species. Ferocity 

                                                               Personality (Loyal,playful,loving).                       Gender. Female            

                                                                    Gender  (Male).                                          Drawn by. Datonetrumpet

                                                  Hatched   (08/22/2015)

                                                               My thoughts    (Zipple and Wipple are my best friends what I would do if

                                                                                      They weren't with me is like asking what would I do with no    

                                                                                       Head I wanted a nightmare but from distance I stared at the

                                                                                       Zippleback egg it froze me I had to choose between 500 lbs

                                                                                       Of muscle and fire or my two headed friend,I knew I made

                                                                                        The right choice when I picked up that egg)  


                                                                              Made by the amazing, Neverendingsilverstorm.


                                                                        Level (30)

                                                                          Form (none)

                                                                      Species (Whispering death)

                                                                Personality  (aggressive,protective)

                                                                      Gender  (Male)

                                                                     Hatched  (09/02/2015

                                                                   My thoughts (Spooker my most protective dragon, he turned out to be a

                                                                                        Survivalist since he was a hatchling. Being hatched in the

                                                                                         Middle of the ocean really convinced him to protect every

                                                                                          Thing he had even his egg shell which he floated in. One

                                                                                           Day hiccup sent me on a patrol how boring it was because

                                                                                           Zipple and wipple were banned from flight after setting

                                                                                           The great hall on fire oops,spookers was going to be ran 

                                                                                            Over by are ship but I saw him and took care of him and

                                                                                              Gained trust,but now he thinks he needs to protect me

                                                                                              With his life)


                                                                           Level (19)

                                                                             Form (none)

                                                                        Species   (Whispering death)

                                                                    Personality  (playful)

                                                                           Gender (male)

                                                                       Hatched    (09/04/2015)

                                                                     My thoughts (ready for play time well spooks the dragon for the job and 

                                                                                          Never stops doing it spooks my most playful dragon ever

                                                                                           He's ready for non stop fun he is the exact opposite of his

                                                                                            Brother spooker.spooker keeps trying to teach spooks but

                                                                                             It's no use censored,is spooks no one can change that)

       I have way more dragons just waiting to have the time to list them

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Save spot  

Save spot





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Goldenwolfmidna V
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Main color: R:70 G:52 B:10

Secondary color: R:100 G:60 B:22

Marking: R:162 G:90 B:20

Shadow mode(Yes/Flashing/No): yes

Name: Birchbark

Gender: F

History: Birch was found by Lightning on a stormy day. The small Reaper, being about two months old and having a broken leg, snuggled up with the large Skrill. Holly found them some time later, and saw teh leg. She quickly bound it and took the dragon home. A few months later, the small dragon was healed and had the name of Birchbark. Holly set teh dragon free but the dragon wouldn't leave. 


Heya! This sig is ALWAYS WIP, so don't expect much .-.

​Hello. I'm Hollysh, or Goldenwolfmidna. I come from Berserker Island, but was set adrift by my parents. Why? I don't know. Anyway, I ended up on Vanihiem. Yep, the island of dragons and the great Sentinels. One, who I've nicknamed Stoneberry, even let me ride him once. I think the Sentinels helped me survive on the deserted island, and I'd do anything to protect them. My shelter is still there, and I want to go back to my draconic parents. I helped them with cleaning up, and the way I got out is by Dragon Rider. A lone Rider came and offered to take me back to Berk, and I accepted. I got my first dragon, Ocean, the next day. I love the Sentinels with everything I have, but I also love mine.


​Age: 1 year (Broadwing)

​Gender: ​Female

Favorite Place: ​Dragon's Edge

Favorite Food: ​Sagefruit

​Personality: ​Windy is a protective Dragon, being sure to care for her Rider at all costs. She can be a bit of a pain, but she just wants to help.

​Backstory: ​Holly found a Razorwhip on Vanihiem one day. It was carrying an egg in its talons, and Holly was interested. She helped care for the egg, with the Razorwhip's help, and it hatched one day. The baby Razorwhip climbed onto Holly's back and wouldn't come off. The adult Razorwhip just touched Holly with her snout and left the cave. The Razorwhip flew off at five months, but Holly rescued her again at the Ship Graveyard, using Amber to blast eels off of the terrified Razorwhip. Windrider stayed by Holly after that!



Age: ​1 year (broadwing)

​Gender: ​F

Favorite Place: ​Farms

Favorite Food: ​Eel!

​Personality: ​Amber is a tad bit of a troublemaker, but she's loyal once you gain her trust. She acts like a big baby though...



Age: ​Four years! (Broadwing)


Favorite Place:

Favorite Food:






Some lovely art:


By Piggyxl (thank you!)

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Hello! You didn't filled out

Hello! You didn't filled out which version of the dragon you wanted Baby, Adult1 or Adult2. I don't want to assume from the story

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Goldenwolfmidna V
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My bad! I wanted the sitting adult!!

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Here you go! Terribly sorry for the long wait! Hope it turn out the way you want :)


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Thanks for holding my spot!


Version(baby,adult(Semi-expand),adult(regular)): Baby

Color (You can ask for default color and you will get this one you see below(is different from the example colors))

Main color: Default  

Secondary color: A slightly light brown than the main color

Marking: Black

Shadow mode(Yes/Flashing/No): Yes

Name: Noodlenose

Gender: Male

History: The baby woodreaper sat quickly in its nest, in which his mother chose for him a long time ago, even before he hatched from his egg. His mother also decided to make her nest in a tangle of tree roots, in which he was very unsocificated. A smartie like him should have a home of a palace! Not some low leveled tree!

A crack from his side suddenly diverted his attention way from the subject. Standing only a few feet away was a wild boar piglet. It looked lost, which meant that it was in its most vulnerable state. Maybe he didn't need to wait for mother to bring him food after all. Perhaps he could make his first kill! Today!

He silently wiggled himself from out of the tree roots until he was back at ground level. He'd been able to keep a close watch on the piglet so far. It was only a feet further away. Now was his chance to attack! He quickly ran around the piglet until he was on the other side of it. The piglet now stood between him and his home. He then opened his mouth a little ways, revealing the bright light that shown from his throat.

The piglet squealed and ran backwards, in the direction of the woodreaper's home. Not caring about stealth anymore, he zipped until he was once again ahead of the boar, only because the boar didn't seem to know what to do. He waited until he was directly behind the boar before he made the shrill sound of a boar's death.

The boar squealed once more before running towards the tree. He herded the boar to the hole once more and the boar fell in, a squeal sounded as the boar became stuck in the roots. The woodreaper crawled back into the hole to finish the job. With one swipe of his claw the boar was dead. He tasted as the boar's blood dripped down his throat. He knew that he didn't need his mother. At least not for hunting. Who knows where his mother was now. His thoughts then dripped away as he took another bite of the boar.

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Apologize for the neglect! Here's your baby noodlenose! Unfortunately I have state that the shadow mode won't be available for the baby version, so I hope the regular is fine by you.

I like the story, it's cruel but weirdly sastifying seeing the baby make it first ki,ll and ready to take the world. haha say it like a proud mom :')

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Oo I love these

Could you save me a spot? 



I love this man 




Thomas Sanders, a summary: