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The Book of Dragons


                                        Monstous Nightmare    


​  The Monsrtous Nightmare is a large Stocker Class Dragons, and is

   considered to be one of the most aggressive, powerful, and stubborn

​  species of dragons known to Vikings. it made its debut in the first

  film, and has made frequent appearances ever since.


​  "No dragon is more ferocious, or feared than the Monstrous 

​  Nightmare. This gigantic dragon has a long, snakelike neck and

​  tail, and is covered in red scales and long sharp spines. the

​  Nightmare's gigantic head and mouth can swallow Vikings

​  whole. it is highly aggressive, and will never run from a fight. its

​  fire is thick and sticky, clinging to walls and running down hills

  like a flaming river. The Nightmare also has a nasty habit of

​  setting itself on fire."


​  "This red-and-black creature with a huge wing span produces a

  kerosene gel fire. "He is the most dragony of the dragon, but

  the thing that we like is that he is the most showly. We always felt

  he was the censored Jagger of dragons. He's a natural-born

  performer who comes out engulfed in flames because they can

  set themselves on fire."


  "A stubborn and tenacious Stoker Class Dragon. Look out for its

  Fire Jacket: It covers itself in flames when attacking!

  The Monstrous Nightmare attacks its foes with powerful streams

​  of fire." 


​                     ​Stats


​                    Class:    Stoker


​                          ​Ability:    Fire Burst


​                  Attack:    15


​                  Speed:    16


                  Armor:    12


​             FirePower:    15


​             Shot Limit:    10


​                  Venom:    0


​         Jaw Strength:    6


​                 Stealth:    8






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