Intermediate Rod - Fix a bit or turn available for coins?

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Hello! I have been playing around with the intermediate rod in order to get a feel for it. In my not-so-expert opinion, it is not worth the 85 gems for non-members.


Yes, it is an improvement over the basic, and while it is considerably less than the Advanced Rod in value, I don't believe the lesser quality drag is worth it.


I have been fishing in a Salmon heavy area. I have Single Player mode on, so it is not an issue with the graphics glitching. I am losing half of my Salmon because even with the drag, it goes down to blue then up into the red for far too long.


In my experience in using it, where the Advanced drag helps to cease the struggle, the intermediate only aleviates it to a small degree, making the increase in the graphic bar around the same speed as a a light struggle if it is a heavy one.


Yes, there is a difference with the easier to catch fish, but with Salmon and eel, it's still very hard to catch them. And I would rather get annoyed at a rod I bought with coins than rage that I spent gems on something when I could have saved up for something better. (I'm not raging, mind you! I got the rod for tutorial purposes!)


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Ehh...I'm doing just fine with the Intermediate Rod. Though,the Salmon has this tendency to struggle for about 20 seconds straight and annoy me. But other than that,it's pretty fine.


Then again...I did buy it when it was temporarily up for coins.. Maybe they should make it available for coins BUT! After some other minimum requirements?

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To be honest, I've been kind of thinking they should make the Intermediate Rod available with coins for some time now. It'd give people who can't donate to afford a gems an opportunity to get a slightly better rod than the basic one we're given. Kind of like how the basic saddle is available for coins and the slightly better one is being sold of gyms.


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