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So what a lovely 2020 we are having. So that virus every man and rock-dwelling trilobite has heard about is not seeming to go away. Well... I didn't think this would effect me but.. Oh boy was I wrong.

I'm in my final year of high school. My art exam is on Tuesday. Okay cool. Except an email came earlier, "that's it folks! Schools over!! " is what it felt but like what it really said was:
"The exams will not be happening this year" This made me happy at first becuase this is a one in a million chance. I often though what chances do I have of not doing them? Dying lol? This makes me a little nervous more so my last day is Friday, we have an assembly .
What about the people I know?? The teachers I need to give thanks for? The work I need to collect?? The 5 years of work I had painfully gone through?? all for WhAT ?? Oh and prom is cancelled. As well as the leavers hoodie.

I have a lot to say.


ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ no.

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We're stuck at home, too ever since my younger brother came home from his college program for Italy. But he seems to be doing okay right now. He plays with our two dogs and goes surfing at our nearby beach.


I'm also taking the time to watch all of Disney's/Pixar's Theatrical films (no Disneytoon studios) from Snow White to Frozen II. I'm pretty much on the 1960 films from 101 Dalmatians to the Jungle Book after I finished my Dragons marathon.


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Heh.... oh god

Well I suppose I have time to binge watch things too... I'm in massive chaos right now though. I'm not ready for college lol I'm not prepared!! Ack help!

Apparently I have no reason to show up tomorrow. Might just sulk on my bed all day and have an existential crisis.

Edit: I need to rename this thread to "really scary and mmmm what do I do off topic"

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I'm kinda just sitting here like noting happened and I have a regular school day tomorrow. Playing Skyrim with my mouth wide in a daze. (I sound like I'm writing a story right now smh) but I have a million questions I'm sure everyone else has. What about the homework due in tommorow? What about my portfolio? My art that's still on the drying ra ck? The product design still being graded? What about the teachers that are ill? Will I see them again? What about the lazy students that didnt bother with their mocks and the ones that really tried their best? Do we all have the same end results? There will no doubt be a riot on Friday.

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*screes into the v o i d*

I've been off of school since Monday, and will be out for the remainer of the month. I have no idea if we will even be allowed back in the factilities. I mean, if they close us down with the virus at it's current state, why would they re-open if it continutes to get worse.


Either way, the good thing is that everyone is presently safe and healthy. And I hope that it remains that way.


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Yahoo extra holiday. Okay I

Yahoo extra holiday. Okay I have something good to think about now :')

Still I just don't get it. Imagine going in on a normal day getting angry with people or laughing at the class clown all for that to be it? No waring? No build up? Nothing?

That's it. The last time I will have normal lessons or see the younger years (won't miss 'em). Ever.

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I mean this in the nicest way, but I think you're building this up just a tad bit too much. They are closing down school in hopes of slowing the spread of this illness; it's not the end of the world. Life will go on and things will get eventful once again, but for right now, we need to just relax a bit. Care for those who need us and be the support for others.

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Hmm yeah I'm maybe overreacting b-but 5 years...
The one thing we are so close to and it won't happen?

* what a waste of time

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    I get it, I had important testing that's been pushed back due to the virus. School ended Friday and won't continue until April 3rd. So 3 weeks off. Yay. But I don't see a point in re-opening the school if the virus is going to continue. Like seriously, if you close the school down because of the virus, its not showing signs of going away, why re-open the school? 




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My country seems to think we'll be closed until the new year.

Yay for more annoying work...



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   Eventually, he calmed down... And went away, the girl, who I now know as Heather clarified that he was the Headmaster of the school and was very, very strict on how the students speak on school grounds... Good Lord... Though, to be honest, I'm glad Heather agreed he was mad.

   Either way, she checked, what she called "the vitals" and sent me on my way. Second I came out, a cannonball was soaring through the sky, and this lads, is how I became a dragon rider, which I was very against but then... You'll see.

   This literal stick figure wearing dragon skin armour, he looked like a rip-off ninja and he had the over-grown lizard to go with it, it was "jet black" as they called it but, I personally called the colour of the elk rainbow dragon's soul.

   The guy, who was called Hiccup (weird name but, OK) told me to "mount the toothless and destroy the ships" I mounted the "Toothless" which was what he named the dragon and he mounted behind me, we flew the dragon and I got the hand of steering, pitch and firing.

   Eventually when Hiccup was finished, I freed this dragon, which, from what this woman, Valka (the only viking like human in this place called "The School") said that it was a "rumblehorn" and from the few seconds of flying with him (I called him Bolverkr), he was very, very slow but he was stable.

   Afterwards, this Valka one took me to the main school where I chose my first dragon, I opted for a monstrous nightmare.


*Magic timejump from D.emonic Squirrel Powers*


   It had been a few months, I had made a few friends in the school, p.sycho Headmaster hadn't changed, I had gotten a new a dragon, a Decimater, or a Stormcutter, I named him XWing, he and I were mates, he loved racing, and as did I. Within a few months, I had accumilated around 350 trophies in a few months.

   I was still a huge N.oob in comparison to the other professional racers with all their fancy shmancy racing gear so, I decided to go buy some, I was saving up gems to buy the stormcutter armour. It was pricy but, it was worth it, X's speed and agility improved alot so, I stuck with it.


*Another magic timejump from D.emonic Squirrel Powers*


   It had been a year and I had been through three other racing dragons, Blizzard, the woolly howl, Sneachta the Snow Wraith and Pup, another Snow Wraith until finally bought a Sand Wraith egg on sale, Ocean, the sand wraith became my permanent racing dragon after that.

   After nearly two years, I had joined another clan yet again after being rogue for months (Believe me, that's a story for another day), I really liked it, I had also gotten new racing armour, more like the type the other racers had, I now have seven sand wraiths, Ocean, Sandy, Emerald, Azriel, Cassian, Rhysand and Adamus.

   Currently, as of now, I am working towards trophy goals and keeping up with school work (another tale for another day with all the stuff we have to learn from Phlegma, Heather and the others) and improving my alternate selves.


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Oh yea, btw, i might do the little excess parts I did as a project xp

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    That sucks... We were on spring break plus 2 weeks off because of the virus- Work hasn't started yet... But I am expecting it. -_- We got asked if we have devices of our own, if we have internet, stuff like that...

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enjoy the free time while u still can, im drowning in work today and i haven't even checked the platforms teachers r sending us work on ;-;

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   I am trying to enjoy every minute of it- Its kinda hard considering I am sick. :'D I am sorry I wish they wouldn't give us homework- They are extending the school year anyways. ;-; Here is something to cheer you up during all that work you are doing. :'D


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awww, r they bab night lights?

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    The 2 in the middle are Nyx and Hypnos, my Night Lights. The one on the left is Moondust (Light Fury), and the one on the left is Midnight (Night Fury). :3

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ur good at drawing dragons :D

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  Thank you. Lots of practice to make them perfect. :P :D Its a passion of mine. :3

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Homeschoolers be like:




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I know exactly how you feel

other kids: school gets canceled

me a homeschooler listining to my friends celabrating:



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*schools get cancelled*

*home schoolers go into hiding*


Or at least, I do XD it's way nicer without kids around


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Anyone else got the same problem or just me smh

Funny thing that earlier people were asking in English : 'can I get out the exam if I have broken every finger?' As well as teachers shouting at us becuase we only have a month left before the first biology exam and we still need to get through B7 and revise... Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions? I kinda hope. If not we're all gonna have a break dowwnnnnn mmmm not nice.

I guess it doesn't matter anymore that I can recall half of the "my last duchess" or quote the entire balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.
Shall I just release all my maths that I had sleepless nights over? I finally worked my baCkSidE off to scrape into that 4 fpor maths as a pass. I'm glad I could achieve that. I passed everything so at least that isn't a worry. Still, what about everyone else? Hmm. I still have £10 on my school lunch credit. Don't need to think about how to write a newspaper for your local tabloid anymore. Hmm. Cool.

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Honestly I kinda glad about

Honestly I kinda glad about this, these few months have really stressed me out it hasn't been great at all.

Can't wait to get away from some people/teachers.

BTW I won't be back until May.... So long holiday with work.

 younger kids honestly don't really bother me as where all once their and it was living censored.

I know it's frustrating but people are dying after this life will continue.


Hey. Wanna scroll through here.

 cosmos by sokhi:)



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I'm not going to help here, but...

Maze Runner

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For me, I've been off since Thursday, from then its just been work,work,work.

My teachers can e-mail us work each day and set deadlines so I spend most of mt day doing that and unwinding in the later evening hours, although the work is starting to build up so, not much time I wouldn't think.

For me, the annoying part is, I understand this time off isn't meant to be a holiday but, our teacher's logic is (and I'm not saying all our teacher's logic is this) but, they give us a stupid amount of work, as if we don't have social lives and want to do other things.

I 100% agree that school is an extremely important aspect to life but, sometimes you need a break from it because you get fed up. When we're out of a routine or timetable (and my friends and I are trying to cram all of our work in ASAP for convenience) we're a bit chaotic.

I'm doing my best to prioritze things with deadlines but they keep piling up. Now, most of these things are due for Thurs/Friday next week but, ontop of that, there's work teachers gave us to keep us busy during the entire 2 weeks so, I'm also trying to get that done as quickly and efficiently as I can.

It's just really confusing trying to keep a system with no real rules/regulations to keep things in place.

Of course there's things I want to do like organise my stuff, do more research about space but, things I only really need for getting into my college (like English and Irish) are going mad and driving me around the twist.


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Logged in, just to disappear for a whole season again

Good morning first of all, everyone! (I haven't been on for a long-long while, so I guess I should greet.)
As being a Central European country, we are also living in a crisis. School, kindergartens, universities, nurseries are closed. Restaurants, shops close at 3 pm (except for department stores, chemist's and 24/7).
Luckily, we are still having school, just as if we were being homeschooled. Our teachers send us the tasks in e-mail, they give us deadlines. And actually, it's working out quite well! Even the laziest and worst students in my class are doing their work, which kinda surprised me.
However, as the person above me also mentioned, the teachers give us an unreasonable amount of work. And in my country IT education is not the best so I was really slow on the first day (I'm faster now, lots of practise is helping), which means that I know need to do more things in less time.
Well, hopefully this won't be a long period, the virus went through China in 2,5-3 months. I wish the best to you all! :)


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Dead inside

So I have nothing to do with my time either. Heck, all those 'work from home tasks' never be needed. I don't think anything like this has ever happened before, not just for me but the entirety of England.

I worked it out (as I do) I now have 6 months to do nothing. Guess I'll get a job or something askjddjjsdj

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I got booted from work due to the fact that I work with boomers and silents, and I raised concerns about the virus spread. I'm no longer allowed to set one foot in there for a while. I hope it won't affect my contract.


Everything recreational has been closed. Service industry has closed, heck, even the coffeeshops have (everyone knows how much the dutch love their coffeeshops). More religious places seem to ignore all the measures, so they'll be in for a very nasty surprise soon. Kind of funny but also pretty bad because people who don't care will infect people who do...


Our PM pretty much told everyone we might as well just die. He wants to aim for 'group immunity' with this disease, a concept even a toddler could debunk without too much effort. He and the RIVM (our equally-corrupt version of the CDC) are obviously lying to the people, and I think we should pull a de Witt on him. As far as I know, the RIVM is still pushing the idea that the disease does not spread asymptomatically...


I don't mind staying home. Like, what am I supposed to do outside anyway? Hang? Stand around? I finally have the opportunity to empty the boxes I still have lying around, clean, disinfect... I finally built some lights into my pantry and cleaned the entire thing out for the doomsday stuff I bought. Feels bad not to be able to work, but it also feels good to get to the things I never could because work made me too tired.


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Yeah, I can see where you're coming from.


We haven't had a complete lock-down here, but a lot of things have been cancelled, or somewhat stopped, to avoid "gatherings" of large numbers of people. Schools (It somewhat affects where I work, but barely...) haven't shut down, and the PM refuses to shut them down because it would create more issues than it would fix, but gatherings like assemblies and school sport have definitely stopped. Really, they've only closed down "uneccessary gatherings/excursions" for schools, but otherwise, it's going ahead as usual.


Most workplaces around here haven't really shut, but most are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread. One of my friends has stated that she's fed up with cleaning every piece of equipment there on every hour, but she kinda understands why it's happened. 


I'm well and truely prepared to hunker down at home if it gets worse around me, or if I somehow manage to get it. I've got plenty of entertainment, and I spend a lot of time alone anyway. I mean, it's no big deal for me, cos I don't really like to go out, and the only times I really leave the house are for work and the occasional venture for art and textile supplies.


I'm honestly not sure what to really say about the whole virus. The hoarders are going overboard with their own stupidity, and I reckon we'll be eating nothing but toast at the rate we're all going. Store shelves have never been so empty...


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Most projects lay unfinished until I pick up the motivation to start them again.

But just for all of you people, I'll get up a gallery of my good ones.


"Midna"                                                    "Eternity"


"Hero of Time"

He was done as a tester for a few things. I'm still getting used to my art program on my laptop...





Drawn for Lady Fighter.


I may add to this in the future when I get my creativity back...

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Hmmm. First, are you southern? I know the south's getting a lot more cases than the north but the north is freaking out more than the south.


I also think this has already been here. Remember the extremely respiratory flu? WV had a ton of flu cases and now they have NO Covid-19 cases. They (and I) think that flu was actually Covid-19. 


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Australia, actually.

We've had roughly 600-odd cases over the country, yet people are freaking out like it's the apocalypse. It's driving us all a little insane, seeing how many people are hoarding.



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Saving people hunting things family business

There are two types of people in this world. You have the ones that super overreact. Then you have the others that are like: I'm at home? LETS CELEBRATE!!! I GET TO WATCH MOVIES! LALALALALA!

I'm the second one lol I was a homeschooler my whole life and if the virus was around during that time when I was homeschooled it wouldn't matter to me we make friends in real life.

I live in the U.S. and the state I live in (sorry not going to say) these two women were fighting over TOILET PAPER! What the man xD



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The toilet paper hunts are pretty bad where I'm at. Since it's the good ol` south, all of the rednecks and their cowgirl wives are raging to get the last bunch of the stuff. It's ridiculous!

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The schools in my country

The schools in my country have been closed for roughly two weeks now and while there's not any actual information given as to when we'll be going back, almost everyone firmly believes it won't be sooner than May. We do have online classes, but they suck. None of the teachers are really sure what to do with us and it shows.
Other than that, almost everything is closed except some grocery and drug shops. I'm gonna be honest, even though I'm not the most social person in the world, staying at home all the time does drain my energy pretty fast. Plus I had a bunch of events planned for this year and now I'm just left hoping they get postponed rather than cancelled.
Guess I'm just gonna buy some video games, do a little bit of Netflix and chill by myself and wait for this thing to pass.



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