INSANE Update Issue! Please Help!

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I have been extreamly pacitent ever since the last major update that the game recived, which has been roughly, what, month ago? Two months?, all due to the fact that I CAN NOT PLAY THE GAME AT ALL!

ONLY ONCE have I been able to load in the log in screen so I can input my username and password, and that was when the game crashed before anything could be loaded in. Ever since then, I have never been able to see such, all I get is a loading screen and one slow gear spinning in the cornor.

I miss my dragons, and I DO NOT want all the MONEY I SPENT on the freaking game to be wasted because the devolpoers couldn't leave the game alone. I need help, does anyone have suddgestions on I can fix this. I've already uninstalled the game and reinstalled, and it's only made things worse.


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Further Details...

Hi Andrea! We're sorry to hear you are unable to log into the game. Does this occur in more than one platform or device? Do you get an error message? Do let us know and please include your username and viking name. Thank you! 

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I can only use my Window

I can only use my Window computer to play the game, I hope that answered the "platform, device" part since I don't really understand (I'm not that tech-savy).

Yes, I get several error messages, however they do not apper until about twenty, thirty minutes of a loading screen, so I don't even know if the game is responding.

Username: AndreaEaston

Viking Name: HypnoSerpentEye

(I'm sorry if I appered rude in the first message, I did not mean to apper angry)

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Thank you for the info...

No worries, we understand you may be frustrated. What does the error message say? Which Windows does your computer have? You're using the PC downloadable, correct? Thanks! 

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Commonly the error message

Commonly the error message tells me about the server being in a timeout, and when I was at the login screen, I have constantly given the message that I was disconnected from my internet (when I 100% possitive was not).

I do believe I have a Windows 7, however since we've taken it in to a compture specalist due to a virus issue, it's been attempting to download Windows 10. This was a few years ago.

And yes, I am using the PC download, straight from this website.

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Further Details...

Thank you for the update. When you reinstall, have you tried removing previous downloads as this may sometimes interfere with new downloads. 

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Yes I have, such as removing previous SoD installers and other quiet useless things that take up needed room. I may try to uninstall and reinstall again and see if I have the same issue as before.