innocent, yet banned off chat for a week

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Okay so this issue has been bugging me for a long time now, but this is something new.


See, today I used these very specific sentences in the chat :


-"I hope yall get what you want this round" (before battle, to cheer on everyone)

-"Same pal, I feel you there" (showing compassion to a lonely user, telling them I was the same)

-repeatedly trying to type in numbers, constantly forgetting how they are censored (which i still don't understand the use for, even after three years of gameplay)


My very quick typing doesn't help, and I really can't seem to remember which words not to use in the chat. Especially the completely harmless ones. This is the third time I get banned for completely normal sentences you'd hear in a civilized, friendly conversation.


I don't ask you to fix the feature, all I wish is for my ban to be removed. Admins, if you wish to look into my account to check on what I said you can. I understand some people might blatantly lie, so I encourage you to do so to prove my sayings.


Thank you very much, and I hope I'll get to socialize with users sometime soon !


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It's so destubing


I know your feelings. Happen to me too. ShadowWolf had a suggestion on this page. I am going to try that and see what's happening.
Good luck!



For now, I will not be online, if you want me anything please mail me or go through forum.

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Me too

I keep getting banned from chat from saying numbers by accident. Sometimes I say something and it says I can't say that on the chat and I won't be able to figure out which one was censored! I've been banned currently for 24 hours and it's really annoying!


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