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I've decided to do some requests today so the dragon I decided to draw is the Singetail! Here are two examples of the Singetail - Non- colored and colored:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ^This is Vanellope - My Female Singetail^                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           So to request one - All you have to do is provide the name, gender, if you want the name on picture and at least two pictures of your Singetail. Request Away! :) Oh, and please credit me   


kitezh = My Timberjack


Welcome To My Signature      (AF Mandy - Made By Defy)     (Cora - Made By Defy)        (Aurora - Made By Nessie)

                                                                                              ^Winter (Left) And Mako (Right) Nadder Blinkies - Made By Nessie^                                                                                                       ^Hope (Woolly Howl) And Bolt (Skrill) - Blinkies Made By Nessie^                                                                                                                               ^AF Mandy (Left) - The Huntress - Made By The Amazing, Talented Sunivee^                                                               ^AF Mandy (Right) - Made By The Amazing Fireflash - Thank You^                                                                                                                      ^AF Mandy - Made By The Amazing, Talented Vanilia Viking^                                                                                                                                             ^AF Mandy Without Mask And Hood - Edited By Me^                                                                                                                                                                         ^AF Mandy - Made by Umbreon27^                                                                                                                                                                                        ^AF Mandy - Made By Jade^                                                                                                                                                           ^Silverflower - My First Female Nightfury - By The Amazing Wildfire78^                                                                                                                        ^Nightfury Base - By Megaboltphoenix - Background Edited By Me^                                                                                                                          ^Frostfire - Night Fury Blinkie By The Talented DatOneTrumpet^                                                                                                                                                    ^Frostfire - Nightfury Headshot Made By Nessie^

                                                                                                                                       ^Cora - Made By Witcherforever^                                                                                                                                                                             ^Hope (Woolly Howl) And Copper (Fox) - Made By Yen^                                                                                 ^Stormfly And Toothless Gif Meme's - Made By Me^                                                                                    ^Original Screaming Death Bouncie - Made By Hattori^

                                                 ^AF Mandy And Kaddesh - Made By The Amazing Witcherforever^                                                                          ^With And Without Warpaint - Thx Yen :)^                                                                                               


                         ^Made By, infinity12356(Me)^                         ^My Symbol - Made By ScaleFeatherz^                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "If You Discover Something  . . Don't Be Afraid To Explore It"                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                 ^Dragon Banner By NarixuZen^                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ^Made By Vanilia Viking^





                        ^Cora - My First Razorwhip^                                                  ^Kitezh - My Timberjack^



 ^Amazing Smokies By Nessie^           

             ^Kaddesh (Cloudcutter) Silver Streak (Thunderdrum) Sweet Haven (Whispering Death - Purple) Savage (Whispering Death - Red) Made By Mangopopcorn^

                              ^Vanellope - My Singetail^                                                       ^Bash - My Eruptodon^                                                                  Dragon/Viking/Photo Edits                                                                                                                                                     ^My First Nightfury - Edited By Me^                                                           ^AF Mandy's Symbol^                                                                        ^My Fourth Nightfury - Edited By Frytha^                                                                                                                                         ^Amazing Photo Edits - By Frytha^                                                                                                                                                        ^Silverflower - Edited by Scar Dragon Rider - Credit going to whoever did this amazing drawing^                                                                                                        ^Silverflower - Edited by me^                                                                                                                          ^AF Mandy And Silverflower - Edit By The Amazing Donnala^                                                                                                                                                                                              ^Aurora, Swiftstrike, Frostfire And Spartan - Edits Done By Scar Dragon Rider^                                                                                                                  ^AF Mandy And Cora - Screenshot Edit By The Amazing, Talented VeeVeeLa^                                                                                                                                         ^AF Mandy - Edited By The Talented mangopopcorn^                                                                                                                                                           ^Swiftstrike - Edited By Me^                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ^Photo Edits Done By Me^                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -My Adoptables-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Golden Storm By Adopto66 - Oceanic SeaSong                                                                   Congo - My Gill Grunter - Made By Me - Altered By 1Flower (Adoptable)                                        Mysterious Albaraptor - Made By Megaboltphonix

                                                                                                                             Name: Zosphian  Gender: Male  Genetics: rr  Personality: Reckless, Savage, Impatient  Hidden Features: A few pink spots on his other paw pads, otherwise; none                                                                                                                                                         "He is very Up-At-Heart when it comes to battle. Although all he cares about is just things to be over with so things would move on to what he is into. He's not selfish, sometimes he draws attention to others for the purpose of protection. To you, probably he'll just protect you cause he has to, he knows what its like to be alone and unguarded. But he can't handle waiting for a short period of time and may lose it, and something might be broken" Quote By Megaboltphoenix                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ^ My Hopeless Deathtrail - Kiev - Adoptable Made By Snowflake12298^                                                                                                                                                                                    My Stonescale Hunter - Aleser - Adoptable Made By Yen                                                   Monty - The Thorny Sea Hound - Male - Made By Witcherforever                                                                           Saphira - Nickname: Tomb - Female Cave Raider - Made By Valoris620                                              Flavius - Nickname: Flame - Male Field Sprinter - Made By Valoris620                                  Fawn - Female Seashell Armortail - Made By Yen                                                                                                                         Cavern - Male Uh I Forgot The Breed Of Dragon - Made By The Amazing 1Flower                                                              (^Float By KT Tunstall - Banner Made By Me^)                                                                                                                                             ^ Base from Halle - Colored by Me^                               AF Mandy And Winter - Made by TosiLohi - Thx ^^                     ^Bolt - Made By Natalie Stormweaver^                              ^Aurora - Made By Witcherforever^                       ^AF Mandy And Mako (Second Nadder) Made by Aelyras^  ^Swiftstrike - Fourth Nightfury - By dragonrider34^                                            ^Winter - Headshot Gif - Made By black saphir^                    ^Mako - Headshot Gif - Made By black saphir^                  ^Macavity - Drawn By The Amazing DatOneTrumpet^                                                                                                                                            ^Vanellope - My Female Singetail^                                                                                                                  ^Adoptable Bird - By Selethesis^                       ^Hope - My Female Woolly Howl - By Archery And Dragons^                                                                                                      ^Kitezh - My Male Timberjack - Made By 1Flower^                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Bases by Megaboltphoenix                                                                                                                                                 Elliott - Made By Thaigra                                                                                                                                    

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Drawn by the awesome geekdomalways


Sandstrike is getting into the Valentine spirit! By the amazing Floofqueen




If you would like to see some of my art, click on this link:


If you would like me to do some art for you, feel free to PM me!



Avantador the Signature Protector by Werewolfgirl1253





Argdon drawings by the one-of-a-kind donnala


Argdon by the awesome AllyNadderRider (left image, also profile pic). Argdon by the gifted Snowflake (right). 



Argdon by the amazing Vanilia Viking (left). Argdon trying to fly by the talented TosiLohi (right).



Left, Argdon by the legendary Varku. Right, Argdon by the awesome Aelyras


Argdon by the artistic kimbenoso


Left, drawing of Ukjenta by the artistic Werewolfgirl1253. Right, drawing of Ukjenta by the talented Fireflash.



Ukjenta by the AMAZING donnala 


Sandstrike and Argdon by the talented Aisha Snowqueen


Argdon and Sandstrike by the gifted Laykary


Sandstrike and Argdon by the artistic donnala


Sandstrike and Argdon by the awesome Flowercrystal


Sandstrike, an edit by me


Sandstrike drawing by the awesome DatOneTrumpet




Sandstrike blinkie done by the legendary Nessie (left). Sandstrike by the talented mangopopcorn (right).


Sandstrike, done by the talented donnala (left).                         Sandstrike by the gifted FloofQueen (right). 


Sandstrike in chibi form, made by the awesome 1flower (left). Chibi Sandstrike made by the crazy talented Vanilia Viking (right)


Sandstrike by the amazing Flowercrystal


Sandstrike by the awesome Archery and Dragons


Vespa (left), and a blushing Sandstrike (right) by the crazy-talented Archery and Dragons

Vespa the Triple Stryke, made by the gifted donnala (left). Vespa by the legendary Megaboltpheonix (right).


Vespa by the talented Laykary


Vespa by the amazing grumpyforlife2


An ADORABLE chibi of Vespa by the awesome Vanilia Viking


Wintertide by the legendary Witcherforever

Prismarc the Splinterhorn, by the gifted Flowercrystal


Cealum the Griptuk, made by the talented Bavelly 


Oaken the Signal Fire, by the gifted donnala


Stonestalker the Armorhead, made by the awesome FloofQueen

Seafoam the Spongeret, an adoptable by Flowercrystal



My dog, Benji, done by the talented ScaleFeatherz


Soilmuncher the Gronkle, done by the wonderful Cinderflower


The "Twins," Grumble and Rumble, made by the gifted donnala.


Darsmeglen the Peephole by Jada


By the incredible Fleetwing

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Uhh... Singetails!! They're

Uhh... Singetails!! They're so underappreciated!! I did the same... :/ But not anymore!! :) I love my Silver since I got him. :P

Name: Silver

Gender: male

Name on the picture? Nope please. :P

Pictures (at least 2): I have only one, and he's on a long stable quest at the moment. My account is glitched with my brother's so I can't even screenshot the picture on the "Change dragon" list. :/ I hope this one is enough... If not, I totally understand. I clearly went against the rules. :P

Thank you in advance!!! :3


Happy Valentine's Day!! :3


Lyra wishes you all Happy Valentine's Day. ^_^ Made by the amazing Laykary!!! :)



Both made by the awesome FloofQueen. :3 ((Thank you LunarPride for the second. It was an awesome surprise. :P))


Welcome to my signature! :)

((This is Kinght. He protects my signature, and everything in it. DO NOT PET!! He's very dangerous!! You can definitely not buy him with fish!! Made by the amazing Werewolfgirl1253!! TYSM!!^_^))


((made by the amazing awesome talented Geo!! TYSM!! :3 Artists and artworks below in my siggy. ^_^))


Vanilia and Rhaeyne by the famous TosiLohi. :3 TYSM!!!! :D


1., Artworks (Drawing & Edits) by the most talented artists

2., Adoptables made by the most creative artists

3., My viking OCs

4., A few more thing... :P


Have a nice day!!^^

((Made by the amazing o-so-talented Defy!! ^.^ TYSM!!!! :))


Rhaeyne by the increadible amazing awesome TosiLohi! TYSM!! :D


Rhaeyne and Nightsky by the most crazy amazing awesome super artist and even better friend, Hunter. (aka donnala) TYSM!!! 

Rhaeyne and her teddy bear by the amazing TosiLohi :D



























Nightsky and Rhaeyne by the still amazing Hunter!!!!! :3

  Rhaeyne and Nightsky by the crazy talented                      Rhaeyne by the unbelievable crazy talented

     and awesome FloofQueen. Thanks!!! :>                                Fireflash! Thank you!! ^_^ (Profilepicture!!!)

Rhaeyne the inventor by the inimitable crazy talented and creativ snowflake12298 (aka Snowflake)!! TYSM!!!



                   Rhaeyne by the very talented Hunter                                 Rhaeyne by the awesome 

                    (aka donnala) Thanks!! :3                                                  EvelynFreya :) Thanks!! :P          



Rhaeyne and her best friend, Lexa by the amazing Aisha Snowqueen. Requested my donnala. TSYM!!!! :P 

Rhaeyne by the o-so-talented Archery and Dragons!!! ^_^

Periwinkle and Rhaeyne by the AMAZING Hunter!!!!! (aka donnala) TYSM!!!! :D


Rhaeyne's ID made by the amazing catiedragons. ^^










Proud member of The Resistance hacker-hunting forum clan. And this is my cyberdragon, Rune the cyber Armorwing. (made by the awesome Megaboltphoenix.)


Long siggy...beware... :D And a BIG thank you to all the artists above and below.^_^

I had to delete a few artworks from my siggy, because it caused lagging for every thread I was attending. I still love all of them and I'll occasionally refresh/change them. :)


Amazing edit of my first 36 dragon by the even more amazing Stiger23. :3 Thanks!!!


Welcome to my siggy :)


Nightsky drawing by the one and only IisRandom^^ 



Nightsky (Sand Wraith) blinkie by the crazy talented Nessie



Sleepy Sky (Sand Wraith) drawing by the phenomenal 1flower (aka Spy) *_*    


Drawing by the unbelievable DatOneTrumpet^-^














My Secret Santa (2016) gift^^, Snoggletoggy Nightsky^^ and Nightskyˇˇ from my very good friend Hunter (donnala)! Thank you!!! ^_^


(The awesome Megaboltphoenix's Sand Wraith base!!) :P


Nightsky by the flippin' amazing Azura :3

Nightsky by the wonderful Flowercrystal^^

Sky by the magnificent Zikta!! :)


Nightsky drawing by the phenomenal talented Alicornbro hide:3


Baby Nightsky by the awesome Dragonist Hellen ^_^


Nightsky edit by the wonderful amazing VoSpader!! :3 












           Amazing Rhaeyne and Nightsky drawing                                              Edit #1 by the awesome VeeVeeLa. :)
                 by the inimitable Laykary :D 













 Edit #2 by the talented VeeVeeLa :)                                               Edit #3 by the amazing VeeVeeLa :)











          Starlight (Flightmare) headshoot                                                 Blinkie by the phenomenal Flowercrystal :3
     by the amazing timberjacke :3  











           Starlight edit by the stunning                                

        Archery and Dragons (aka Archer)^^                                           Beautiful drawing by the awesome Aelyras :P













Edit by the amazing donnala, bad drawig by me. :P                                    Adorable Naru (Wooly Howl) blinkie by the o-so-talented Witcherforever. *-*



Naru (Northstar) by the amazing Buddyfan1. :3               Silver (Singetail) headshot by the amazing infinity12356



















              Baby Strawberry (Gronckle blinkie)                     Amazing Night Fury (Lyra) silhouette adoptable       
               also by the impressive donnala :)                 by the amazing Archery and Dragons^_^ (aka SolarFury)  

Bluestreak and the Alpha Speed Stinger my the o-so-amazing LunarPride :3














Lyra blinkie and the most adorable Night Fury headshot made by the amazing Nessie. ^_^


















       Lyra (Night Fury) blinkie by the                                         Another Lyra blinkie, by the
          amazing DatOneTrumpet :)                                                 one and only Laykary^^





Lyra and Nawfar by the wonderful Geo. :)                                             Lyra edit by the amazing Zikta :3


Nawfar and his favourtie food by the awesome nightfuryatom4 :P :D


















  My other Night Fury OC (Lyra's best         Nightfall Warriors clan banner by the inimitable KMonstr :P

friend) Nawfar, edited by the amazing

                  Lovlytigerss! :3


Rhaeyne and her best friend, Lexa drawing by the amazingly awesome donnala. :D Thank you!!!!
















 Edit by the magnificent infinity12356^.^                                          My very first adoptable, Amethyst        

                                                                                       the WhirlPool by the best, DatOneTrumpet^^

                                                                                     Read her story here.                    


My second adoptable, Tidevannet the Sea Wishper.                      My third adopatble, Volantilus (Volly) member of

He's from the Norwegian Sea.                          the Fruit Wraith family. He's a Strawberry Wraith.

Made by the amazing Laykary. :3            Made by the awesome grumpyforlife2, digiatlized

by the wonderful Witcherforever. :)        



   My fourth adoptable, Mawu the Signal fire        My fifth adoptable, Ray the Glowy Cave Lizard, created
  by the crazy talented Hunter (aka donnala)
                  by the amazing ScarfyWings :3




   My sixth adoptable, Meara The Clicking Claw

  by the crazy creativ Wutend Bonfire. ^_^


Thank you for everyone for these artworks!! They make me so proud of my siggy!! :)


Rhaeyne (2016–) /Younger sister of Vanilia. Shy, clever, loves inventing stuff. Doesn't like being around other people, but loves her friends very much. Both her and her dragon (Nightsky) are afraid of heights, but they keep pushing their limits./


  Proud member of The Dragon Racers  



1., Summer (Monsterous Nightmare)

2., Snowflake (Groncicle)                                        Favourite Class:

3., Nightsky/Sky/ (Sand Wraith) <--main,TRR :)

4., Nanthea (Wishpering Death)

5., Waffle (Thunderdrum)

6., Leaninsidhe (Raincutter)

7., Draecena/Racey/ (Scuttleclaw)

8., Starlight (Flightmare)

9., Thunderstorm (Hideous Zippleback)

10., Winter (Snaptrapper)

11., Cloud (Deadly Nadder)

12., Naerys (Armorwing)

13., Needle (Razorwhip)

14., Freya (Death Song)

15., Strawberry (Gronckle)

16., Icicle (Groncicle)

17., Siracusa/Siri/ (Snafflefang)

18., Maecy (Grapple Grounder)

19., Silver (Singetail)

20., Lava (Eruptodon)

21., Lani (Hotburple)

22., Northstar/Naru/ (Wolly Howl)

23., Rylarth/Riley/ (Hobblegrunt) <--battle

24., Periwinkle/Vini/ (Snow Wraith)

25., Honey (Sweet Death)

26., Windraiser/Winds/ (Windwalker)

27., Rime (Stromcutter)

28., Firefly (Typhoomerang)

29., Compass (Mudraker)

30., Vanilla (Rumblehorn)

31., Rune (Armorwing)

32., Nayvie (Shockjaw)

33., Stufflebean/Binnie/ (Boneknapper)

34., Sapphire (Sliquifier)

35., Ash (Smothering Smokebreath)

36., Mistletoe (Snoggletog Nadder)

37., Xenon (Fireworm Queen)

38., Candycane (Christmas Razorwhip)


Rhaeyne's signature, by the wicked creativ ScaleFeatherz:


Rhaeyne's and Nightksy's (and Summer's) story:  ((It's not good, but oh well... :P))


Vanilia (2013–) /Older sister of Rhaeyne. Warrior Princess. She has two weapons: her favourite axe and her beauty. Wakes up early, to train with Sunshine every day. Loves to be in the middle of the attention./


  Leader of the Nightfall Warriors  


1., Sunshine (Monsterous Nightmare) <--main :)

2., Peach (Gronckle)                                               Favourite Class:

3., Midnight (Gronckle)

4., Cloud (Deadly Nadder) <--TRR

5., Grass and Leaves (Hideous Zippleback)

6., Scauldy (Scauldron) <--battle

7., Stone (Wishpering Death)

8., Sky (Thunderdrum)

9., Snowflake (Rumblehorn)

10., Skullcrusher (Rumblehorn)

11., Iris (Shockjaw)

12., Cherry (Gronckle)

13., Verity (Grapple Grounder)

14., Zarina (Tide Glider)

15., Maura (Pricklebogger)

16., Sheirwood (Stormcutter)

17., Mars (Skrill)


Female | 18 | Europe | books | Game of Thrones/ASOIAF | piano

My Night Fury (Lyra)^_^


Really bad Toothless made by me :D (I'm not good at art or anything, I just got inspired by other artists! :D)

You can find my Art Thread here. Or PM me, if it's more comfortable for you. ^_^

You can find my dragon chibi thred here. :)

(Feel free to request at any time. :3 Just please note that I'm not too good,but I can always try. :P)


My award for funniest name suggestions. :D Competiton and edit made by the amazing Dragonst Hellen. :D


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Sandstrike, give me back that subject!

Okay, I have just got to say that Silver's coloring is awesome! He is absolutely beautiful. 

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Nightsky is gone...where are you?? I swear he was here a sec ago

Thanks!!! :P

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Here's Silver!

                                                                The reason I said at least two pictures is because I can color the drawing right the first time around. But I zoomed into the picture you provided and I managed to figure out the colors of his spots (Since they were the smallest in the picture) but don't worry about breaking the rules.. techically it wasn't a rule it just was something I said so I could accurately color the headshot to match your Singetail. Hope you like and if theres something I missed please let me know.. I'll be happy to fix it :)

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Thanks!! :D

I love it!! The colouring is spot on!! Thank you so much!! :3

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Your Welcome :)