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Speed is supposed to give you a rush because your racing!!!! This new THUNDERRUN is putting me to sleep!! 

 You've even took away any advantage of buying the clothes!! 

Why then should we buy anything? 

   Are you just going to give into the cry babies out here in the forum? The ones that complain about the advantage of someone having a membership extra speed? 

    If that's the case you can cancel our membership and we'll make sure to never buy anything in store for racing again. 

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I still like Thunder Run just as much as ever. I personally purchase clothing because I like how it looks, so I suppose the stat increasing clothing losing their boosts isn't really a big thing for me, but I can see why others might feel differently. I mean, you drop gems on an item that's supposed to do something, and then all of the sudden it STOPS doing the thing... yeah, I get where you're coming from.





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Honestly, I LOVE the new ThunderRun. Although it still crashes sometimes, but the map is a lot more accurate and it tells you where the checkpoints are. But to me, nothing has really changed in ThunderRun except the map. The speed is however, the same


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