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yeah its so easy to find it

yeah its so easy to find it you can find the WHOLE list of workers in game.

well, not their contact info(x


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Main Dragon: Venus

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: Loving and caring



Age: 23

  Relationship Status: Married to Shadow

  Personality: Very competitive, a great warrior, uses brawn before brain in battle, but uses great battle tactics.

  Other: Spends most of the time in the training arena. Got expelled from school for murder.

Main Dragon: Comet

   Species: Monstrous Nightmare

   Personality: Stubborn, loves training.




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  Age: 12

  Personality: Loves to explore, draw, and hang out with friends.

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   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Loves to have fun, and pretty protective of anyone that encounters Viky. Of coarse, with the exception of her friends.



  Age: 9

  Personality: Loves to map and create charts of the ocean. Can be a troublemaker at times.

  Other: Her parent’s were killed in a Dagur ambush, and was adopted by the Sorethons

Main Dragon: Anna

   Species: Thunderdrum

   Personality: Loves flying, never wants to touch the ground.



Age: 36

  Relationship Status:  Married - Married to Kate

  Personality: Very stubborn and strict, expects everyone to put forth their best

  Other: Is next in line to rule over the Sorethon Clan

Main Dragon: Der & Rick 

   Species: Zippleback

   Personality: Stubborn but a hard worker if they put their minds together




  Age: 34

  Relationship Status: Married -  Married to Samuel

  Personality: After she lost one of her twins daughters, she dedicated her life to the practice of healing

  Other: Head Healer of Sorethon dragons and vikings 

Main Dragon: Ericka

   Species: Hobblegrunt

   Personality: Helps everyone and loves everyone




  Age: 14

  Relationship Status:  Currently dating a recently found, long lost best friend, Iris Kayline

  Personality: Sensitive, loves to sketch and spend time outside in the woods, doesn’t try in school, and is a bit lazy

  Other: Spends a lot of time with Iris at the Isle of Night

Main Dragon: Dalin

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Lazy, but very alert and protective when it comes to caring for Kent



  Age: 12

  Personality: Born for pranking. Takes part in the Trouble Makers Clan, makes a great team with her twin sister.

  Other: Found her thought to be dead, twin sister and her chagewing, they got together and saw how great of a team they are. But Maybelle wanted to stay away from Berk, and stay back with her Changewing pack. 

Main Dragon: Kora

   Species: Thunderdrum 

   Personality: Really quiet and agile for a thunderdrum. Really good at pulling away Maybel from the scene of action.



  Age: 12

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  Other: Lives on a classified island with the Changewings that raised her, stays invisible in Berk, never being seen, but in the few cases she has, she looks just like her twin.

Main Dragon: Marissa

   Species: Changewing

   Personality: Very caring, knew what was wrong with baby Maybelle and took her and raised her as her own.




  Age: 8

  Personality: Wants to be a grown up, tries her best to prove herself.

Main Dragon: Zac

   Species: Gronckle

   Personality: loves to play and explore with Maggie



  Age: 15

  Personality: Happy and outgoing, spends all her time exploring with her one and only adorable Nadder.

Main Dragon: Wyler

   Species: Deadly Nadder

   Personality: Extremely adorable behavior, loves and obsesses over shiny things, the only way to draw him away is with brown trout. 


  Age: 13

  Personality: Dark and violent. Loves spending time in Whispering Death Tunnels. Prefers to be alone.

  Other: Very good at training Whispering Deaths

Main Dragon: Viper

   Species: Whispering Death   Personality: Stays and protects Sage


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Very easy find.

It very easy find. All info on the google and on the linked-in site place. 

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This is just... this is

This is just... this is just.. wow. 

*sighs* -____-

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sorry my bad english... ^^'
admins ... do something useful please ....
simply ..... admins are not helping almost nothing .... instead of banning keke that is cancer forum .... not banish two innocent users, which fizram a simple mistake in trying to help the game ... congratulations admins you are helping a lot .... now you also disrespected the warning rule and was also a bit unfair with orca and sirenemoon to have direct banned without giving any notice .....
now I've lost all hope in you admins ....


      too lazy to make a signature :3  






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No worry about English

Mr/Miss(?) skrillfan-no worry about English. Mine not good either. We still stand up for good players.  I no understand why administrators have not said sorry and fixed Miss Sirenemoon and Miss Orcawave101 forum yet.  We good people say to administrators how we feel-administrators no listen.  Do administrators hope all good people leave?  I no like how good people treated here no more. 

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yes, I think they are not
yes, I think they are not even there for us and just want the money .... why if they were preucupados would say that timberjack is a hack and not a bug, and give a warning to sirenemoon and orcawave101 .. .. that is why it was stopped playing this game ...
and I am miss ^^
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This is bad

this is really, really bad! i love this game so much! I dont want to see it fall apart and die! 




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I also agree.

I agree Miss DesertDragon22.  This bad. This very bad.  Miss Sirenemoon and Miss Orcawave must be a lot sad.  If was me, I cry lot and lot and lot.  Heart hurt for them. Their heart must hurt.  They seem nice. Seem good people. Seem care so much.  Now, they hurt.  Not right. Not fair. Everybody  make oopsie sometime.  How administrators do this?  How administrators hurt good good people?  Do administrators think of Miss Sirenemoon and Miss Orcawave feelings when administrators do this?  I think no.  Administrators need think good peoples feelings.   I want administrators give back Miss Sirenemoon and Miss Orcawave forum.  How we make do this?  How we help make them give back forum to Miss Sirenemoon and Miss Orcawave.  Please help.  Administrators give back forum. 

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Dio The Creative
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I have created a backup Forums, please contact those who have been UNFAIRLY baned. All are welcome!


I know it is not much, but I'm working on it...

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Dio, you're a saint ^_^ Thank you so much for giving this community hope.


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This okay?

This okay?  Administrators no get mad?  It okay to do?  I no want no more good people get trouble.

If this okay, this good. Nice for good people who should be here but administrators made leave. 

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Dio The Creative
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It does not matter, it is mostly a httyd fandom forum. Nothing wrong with that.

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Please, I curious.  Administrators no fix this for good people yet? No heard anything?

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~the sound of silence~

Nada, zip, zero, zilch.


And this is supposed to be a game safe for children to play. Well, let's do a checklist shall we...


1) No attempt to moderate the forum consistently- banning people who make an innocent mistake, and letting others run riot. 

2) Failure to acknowledge evidence provided through email that there are dangerous individuals present in this game and on the forum who need to be checked

3) Failure to acknowledge evidence provided both through email and on the forum that Artemiaz and Might Wind Rder were targetted by a hacker deliberately epxoiting a weakness in the game's programming. Instead, there have been attempts by the administrators to cover this up as a 'glitch'. See the following thread: 


Have I missed anything?


And a message to you, SoD/JumpStart: for every decent player you ban, you are royally shooting yourselves in the foot. Please continue to show us all how afraid you are of criticism. 








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I think we can put .... the

I think we can put .... the bad support of emails and PM?

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No understand.

Good people-I no understand. Why thread no bump bump more?  Why good people let thread go hide? Good people no forget. Good people please no forget. No quiet no more. Administrators want this hide. Administrators want thread hide-want good people forget. Want people forget Miss Orcawave-want people forget Miss Sirenemoon. Time go by-good people quiet-good people forget-administrators make smile. No let do that. Please not quiet-good people need good people.  I want good people help other good people more. Me want help all good people more. My country-try to make good people hush hush. No want happen here to. My country good people try fight  wrong things. My country big people like administrators try make good people hush hush. We no hush hush. We fight wrong things. Want good people here to make noise like my country good people make noise. I say right? I make sense? I stand right for my country. I stand right for good people to here.



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Nobody has forgotten; I've raised the issue in private messages and e mails to the company. Unfortunately you can only bang your head against a brick wall for so long before it becomes a waiting game.

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So True

This has become rather annoying, the whole admins not replying and not seeming active with major issues that have been happeneing. I am slowly starting to seriously question the business practice of this company.....

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You can make a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Buisiness Bureau if you wish :)

The FTC investigates patterns of fraudlent behaviour and poor buisiness practices of companies, whilst the BBB attempts to resolve customer complaints by passing them onto the company and attempting to get a response on your behalf. 

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Yes Miss Artemiaz. Bang head. We doing that. I keep bang head. Can happen anyone, so I keep bang head.

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I still bang head.

Yes Miss Artemiaz- bang head still. Me good at bang head. 

 Administrators- still wait and wait for you. We all wait and wait.



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All messages

All messages and accounts must have been eatten by the dragons.  I cannot believe they banned Sirenmoon and Orcawave's forum accounts.  I still waiting on my messages too.



I am trying out a new hobbie while I waiting along with the rest.


This video does not belong to me, but a big cheater in this game made this - teaching others how to cheat to win a tournament.  This is a copy of the original, but edited to take what is not appropriate for others to hear.    Stop dummies playing

Related image Image result for standing alone for what is right


Phantoms are now on discord


Not associated with the Phantom Knightz clan, it belongs to adad


Retired from tournaments - Last tournament ride 2018



Fallen Viking - Might Wind Rider (Got hacked by a hacker)

Forever gone 2/07/14 - 1/16/2015

The Phantom Lords/The Phantom Shadows - Admin hear us loudly and clearly - stop the hackers

A tribute to Hiccup of HTTYD, who would never have achieved anything if he'd obeyed the unjust authority figures in his life. If he'd 'stayed put' like he was commanded at the beginning of the story by his father/Gobber, he would never have met Toothless, and would've probably been killed in dragon training. Instead he refuses to obey- he runs from the ideals of his father and what it means to be a 'traditional Viking', and ends up changing an entire society's outlook in the process. To the Phantoms watching this who are losing hope that we can change the fate of SoD, remember that "running is a victory"- even taking the smallest stand against authority (like sneaking out the back door in Hiccup's case) can have powerful, unforeseen consequences. We have to keep fighting, even if we can't see the end of the road right now.  Roar Phantoms!     by Art

Image result for standing alone for what is right

by Orcawave101

made by Orcawave101

Made by Diamond (Friendship with Diamond Storm)    and other two are made by Nessie (Friendship with Snow Leopards)

Made by AegonTheConquerer - above and below picture........  Cartoon Characters by Northlark

Above Made by Blossom - (used Might Wind Rider as model).  Below made by Stworzydlak

by NightFuryLover Thank you NightFuryLover 

made by Orcawave101

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from Buffert

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Dio The Creative
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Those players have not been forgoten, they reside in a secondary SoD forum. Not very many people are active there right now, I encorage you to go there and do forum things :)

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I wouldn't be surprised if the admins here made accounts on that one -_-

I'm surprised the admins haven't said ANYTHING to any of us. The only ones talking are the hackers talking to kekedaddy.


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*My Dragons Roasted the Subject*

Thank you so very much Dio for creating this backup forum for us, i'll be making an account there soon, also let me just say I'm a huge fan of your suggestion threads here in SoD, they are all wonderfully made and I hope that this game survives and we can see some if not all of you suggestions implemented on SoD.


See you around!


Welcome to my Siggy!!!

(a work in progress and please forgive me for any spelling errors,

I'm from Portugal and it's been a while since I wrote anything in English):


Hello I'm Meta4, Zinax in game,
I'm no kid anymore but I became a huge fan of HTTYD when I least
expected to and SoD became quite a passion for me when I came across it.
I'm kind of shy and don't have much confidence in my self to start a conversation,
But for those who are willing to try me out, you'll find a respect full and loyal friend,
who will always help you out to the best of his ability.
See you around! :)
Hobbies (in game):
Farming (and proud of it)
Flying around with my Dragons (of course)
Practicing racing (partners anyone?)
Hobbies (all around):
Anything about Dragons, especially HTTYD


etc (a bit of everything) 


oh and a tiny little something I forgot to tell you all about me is:


I'm Really, Seriously


and Completely Against Hacking!


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Adventurer Level: 35

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(Valor Banner's by Stworzydlak, Gyoa and Aurora the Swift)


My Proud Dragon Family (By Hatching Order)



(male - 03/02/2014 - lvl 20)



Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(female - 15/09/2014 - lvl 20)

Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(male - 03/11/2014 - lvl 20)



(female - 04/11/2014 - lvl 20)


Viper & Cobra

(male - 04/11/2014 - lvl 20)



(female - 27/12/2014 - lvl 20)


Falling Star

(male - 12/01/2015 - lvl 20)


Wind Dancer

(female - 20/01/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 25/01/2015 - lvl 20)


Sand Spitter

(male - 03/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 09/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(male - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Worm Slurper

(male - 17/03/2015 - lvl 20)


White Fang

(male - 29/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Frozen Claw

(male - 29/03/2015)



(female - 30/03/2015)


Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(male - 31/03/2015)


Puff & Whiff

(female - 01/04/2015)



(male - 23/04/2015)


Storm Wind

(female - 29/04/2015)



(male - 02/05/2015)



(female - 31/05/2015)


Gale Glider

(male - 01/06/2015)


Spear Dart

(male - 03/06/2015)



(male - 05/06/2015)


Shout Wave

(male - 10/06/2015)



(female - 27/07/2015)



(male - 31/07/2015)



(female - 03/08/2015)



(male - 09/08/2015)



(female - 22/08/2015)



(male - 01/09/2015)



(female - 19/09/2015)



(male - 08/12/2015)



(female - 09/12/2015)



(female - 10/12/2015)



(male - 10/12/2015)



(male - 11/12/2015)



(female - 12/12/2015)



(female - 12/12/2015)



(male - 14/12/2015)


And Lastly (but still proud of it) My Farm:




Darkling (male)




Moonlight (female)




(Honestly? I'm still thinking about it, the only thing certain is that Darkling and Moonlight are mated dragons)


Darkling and Moonlight's Head Sculpture by kimbenoso


Banners Section:


By Skypeoplephoenix732


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Dio The Creative
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Wow, thanks. That really means a lot, now I miss making those :)

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We wait. We keep wait. We no give up. We no give up-get Miss Orcawave-Miss Sirenemoon account back. Good people not give up ever. Good people never stop fight for right.  Good people no let administrators stay hush hush.  Fix Miss Might Wind Rider-fix Miss Artemiaz-fix Mr. Diamond Storm-fix real Phantom-fix real Diamond Storm clan. 

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This is so wrong! they ban her without even giving a warning, yet they let other hackers and mean players roam free! this is unjustice at it's best! i also read that Orcawave was banned as well! this is war! first my clan and leader have been hacked and gone, then the game wasn't working for me for a month and the admins didn't help me, and now this. i am on the verge of tears. i think i will continue my strike if they continue in the same state. :'(




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... Sirene didn't deserve that.

Oh come on! Sirene was one of the nicest people on this forum! She was staging a protest, and trying to help get this game back on the map. Have you seen the Steam reviews? Going through the dirt.

I used to stick up for the admins, but now... I hate taking sides in an issue, but it looks like I'm taking one now. Sirene SO didn't deserve that. If they didn't want people to find their contact info, isn't it something of an oversight to post it on the internet in the first place?

I've heard of Kekedaddy before... why is that crook still bouncing around?


Guess who's ba-ack! ~♫



The link to my fanfic, 'Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman' is here.

The link to the Harvest Haunt special, 'Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Scare a Dragon' is here.

Lots of lovely artwork on my DeviantART here, including rough drawings that I didn't post on my companion art page and various odds, ends, and dumb doodles. :D

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Fanfiction-wise, here's a list of well-written, clean HTTYD fanfictions I've found.


How to Train Your Dragon: Ireth and Vespera Fable by Yamilink

Excellent, Wonderful story! Beautifully drawn comic book featuring an apothecary/alchemist trying to fit in with other Vikings on Berk as she overcomes her fear of dragons and befriends a particularly special dragon. Set 10 years after the Battle of the Red Death. Highly recommend the read!

* * * * * stars



No Longer Alone by peterparkersgirlfriend
The entire first movie from Toothless' point of view. Beautifully written, I personally think it captures Toothless' personality and heart like a photograph made out of words. Excellent read!

* * * * * stars

The Helmet by peterparkersgirlfriend
All of Gift of the Night Fury from Toothless' point of view. Held to much the same standard as its predecessor, this story is full of plot twists, danger, and exactly what was going through Toothless' head. Includes how Toothless found Hiccup's helmet!

* * * * (1/2) stars


A Father's Love

A bunch of one-shots about Hiccup, Astrid, and their new daughter. Embodies the very struggles that made the movies great. But instead of Stoick being the worried father, Hiccup takes the reins as he and Astrid try to raise their children to be not just warm, honest, and good people but good dragon riders as well!

* * * * stars



Basically, Hiccup is a viking Tarzan, raised by dragons. After a dragon raid, a peculiar machine shoots down a strange and dangerous dragon. And an even more strange and dangerous boy. Nothing short of spectacular, this book tugs at your heart strings and will pull you in like none other. Fabulous! It made me laugh, cry, and worry myself sick.

* * * (1/2) stars

(My tag line does NOT come from this author, it comes from my drama teacher.)


How to Train Your Dragon: A Guide
A humorously written handbook on the care and control of dragons



Alpha's Heir by Frostfire Markson

Big Challenges by dragonlover43

Dragons Ahead! by Buffert

Horizon by victoriae350

Toothless' Kingdom by dragonmic14

Shouldn't be hard to find. They're here on the forum!

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They did WHAT??

Really, admins?? She might not of known it was even wrong! You could of just warned her! *sigh* Admins let bullies and hackers rome free and ban good viking's accounts. Dipressing.





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I Hope I Don't Get Banned Too

I accidentally put something up twice, I hope they don't ban me.. As far as I know I cannot delete my duplicate thread. =[

I also hope I do not get banned for telling people how to uninstall & reinstall Unity Web Player so they can play the game since it wasn't working for them..

.. Now I'm scared! <='[


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Dio The Creative
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Those are hardly reason to be banned for, these people posted contact information to the employies of the company.

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Ok I've only been here for a

Ok I've only been here for a short time, maybea week or two. And yes, this thread is a bit old. But here's my experience with the admins:


I had a technical issue with the game, and found a post from another user with a similiar issue. This is what they heard from admin:

I figure if thay can fix this person's issue wit hjust a PM, they could fix mine. So I message them with the appropirate info they requested:

And this was what I got in response:


So, you'll help the other person with the similiar problem, but not me? Why? Did you even bother fixing the problem with the other use or did you pull the same ******** excuse with them? Did you really just have people PM you just to tell them you couldn't do anything about it? You couldn't even refer me to someone else who could fix this? How in the **** can I trust you to fix my technical issuses or even trust you to inform the developers to fix them if you won't help me with something you can clearly do as proven in the original post? Why should I keep wasting my time PMing you if you're only going to tell me you can't do anything about it? 


Personally, we should have the right to contact the developers, espcially if the admins would even forward them the issues we're facing. And when someone does share this info - according to everyone else here- they get banned intstead of warned as stated in the rules.



I agree with  everyone else here, and am moving over to the backup forum. I thought my issuses with admins was just me, but clearly  it's others as well, and with worse circumstances. See you all over there. 


PS, Captcha is the worst,. constatnly teling me I entered the wrong answer even though I did EVERY SINGLE ******** TIME


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Problems with Games

Hi Thisistigress,


I am sorry if you are unhappy on the forum, if you have a specific issue you need help with then I can help you. I see that you did have a problem you reported Friday and Brynjolf followed up with you on Monday and a few times after these last couple of days. If there is something else that needs addressing I am more than happy to follow up. 


You also did not post the rest of messages between you and Brynjolf for the pictures above. You mentioned that the problem fixed itself and Brynjolf was happy that happened. As he replied to your first problem and then you had a request that we can not do in game, and he was letting you know that. Nor was that request something that we even have the ability to do or have done for other users. If you would like to revisit that conversation, I am more than happy to follow up and explain. But we do try and help every person that PMs us. 

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uhh... well this seems liek a rare case...

hmmm... intersting stuff, but the admins have always helped me and my friends out with account issues, so i can honestly say they do so much for us! thinks something fishy is going on with how you edited those pictures.... just saying'. sure you aren't leaving anything out?


and PS - a note to the admins: thankss for what you do! It can't be easy dealing wiht all of us ;)






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*Insert Subject Here*

...Why did you black out the names? It's the admins, everyone can see their info. And since that post you blacked out is on this forum, everyone can see it. There's no point in blacking anything out except your game username, which I guess you didn't include. You need to tell them that to get your issue fixed.


And like Siren said, you should've included the rest of the messages. She said your problem was resolved, and Brynjolf was happy about that.


So calm down.

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The reason why their names

The reason why their names are probably blacked out is so we don't know which admin




Enough with the SPAM

for oh for, dragon not found.




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