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I usually don't play thunderrun racing for the sole purpose of how buggy it is no matter how many updates it goes through, not to mention other players that know the ins and outs of taking short cuts and glitches. I personally discourage using these because its unsportman like.

It occured to me that a possible solution would to make the race based on points and not who crosses first or has the fasest time (I have not played in a while and I am not sure if we do this or not, sorry). The hoops/checkpoints (and maybe even sheep) on each of the maps would be a good way to impliment this. Everytime you pass through a hoop, it gives you a set of points for that lap then resets when you start a new lap. There can also be some bonus points based off your lap time. The idea is that even if another player is taking advantage of glitches or shortcuts that where not orriginally planned in the map, its still possible to gain a higher ranking  by actually racing arround the map fairly.

Just a thought, but I am intrested to read to any responses to this idea.


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I believe the game should be played as the creators made it to be and not use gliches or hacks.

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Interesting idea, though not one I believe would go over that well. Doing this would almost completely negate the aspect of speed, and could ensure that those who don't really care about the race could win easily by staying to the pack of the pack and just collecting all the sheep.


To me, I think that the whole point of TRR is speed, and while obviously cheating to win is not okay in my book, using shortcuts to improve your time is definitely alright. Some of these shortcuts are hard to use, adding skill to the game, and many have been put in by the developers. Some are even featured on the map. Learning shortcuts takes a lot of practice, meaning that the game is always challenging. I think that if they took these out, experience and effort wouldn't really matter as much, just dragon stats.


Additionally, we already have something like this. While it isn't multiplayer, and doesn't give trophies, if you prefer your above version of TRR, you might want to try Flight Club instead, which does operate on a points system.


Just my opinion, I don't control yours nor am I trying to get you to agree with mine, I am simply stating my views.

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In TRR, you can't finish a lap without going through the hoops in single player mode so I don't think you should be able to win if you don't play the game right. I've played a lot of TRR with other players just completely ignoring the hoops & just flying over the track to get to the finish line as fast as possible. I understand that the point of it is speed but you aren't playing right if you don't go through the hoops. If you can't finish like that in single player then why should you when you're playing against other players is all i'm saying.