The Improving Hundreds

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Joined: 10/22/2018

Hello Vikings! Finally here is the clan page of The Improving Hundreds. This clan for that people, whose want to improve in a group, and fight for being better, and better. We give the chance everybody, who wants to join.


Clan requirements: You dont need any trophy to join, you just have to be an active player. We measure activity weekly.

The most active is the green zone: if you make at least one bronze star in the Weekly UDT list (about 2000 UDT weekly)

                                  orange zone: if you make half bronze star in weekly UDT list (about 400 UDT weekly)

                                  purple zone: if you are in the Weekly UDT list without any star.

                                  red zone: if you arent in the Weekly UDT list.

If somebody in red zone for a long time, we have to discard for that person. Exception in the UDT list is vikings with maximum UDT.

Reach green zone to be an Elder. If you got back to purple zone for long time, then get demoted.



Clan informations

Currently Clan members:86(maximum 100)

Rank on top list:114

Battle rank:2nd

mascot dragon: Whispering D.


We prefer active players, whose do battle events! If you like racing, thats not a disadvantage!

If you want to join us, just send a clan request. We accept almost everybody.

We are supporting Fair Play.

We would like to get in the top 100 soon!


Viking name: Erlkk

Level: 50

Clan: The Improving Hundreds

Clan rank: Elder

UDT: Max

I have 58 dragons

My first dragons:

Lightness - Titan Flightmare - 23 lvl

Cedrik - Adult Skrill - 47 lvl

Toothless - Adult Night Fury 34 lvl

Bogi - Adult Prickleboggle - 50 lvl

Clan Crest