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We ain't got much option in the dragon store, are a few:



The problem with adding special abillities is lag. The whole game would lag and possibly crash

- Thats why we could have the option to buy these abillities. (They would probably cost gems as they are pretty special)

Spine shot, Gas & Spark, Fire coat....( I think they'd probably cost 60 gems)

You would buy the abillity and on your dragon customization page, you can select which abillity you want (Fireball or special abillity)

If you have a nadder and you'd choose spine shot, every time you press F in game you nadder would shot 6-12 spines at random targets. (Nightmares would light themselves on fire for 10 seonds. Zipplebacks would create a large amout of gas that would torch the area. WD would burrow underground for 10-15 seconds the user would see a little tunnel. Thunderdrums could dive and players could see fish, the ocean floor and everything else you can see in the flight club levels. Gronckles could use their tail as a bludgeon and hit objects at high speed and break them, like breaking random barrels on berk)


Sorry if the idea is a bit confusing.



Insted of fireballs we could have a flame attack that would last for 5-10 seconds. (this could be counted as a special abillity)



Slamon plushie (1000 coins, increses happiness by 30)

Sheep ( would play sheep toss XD)



add more skins, same skins as seen in the series



Saddle that increses your speed by 5 and 7% (i know we already got a 5% boost from the advanced saddle, but i want more saddles :D) saddles that increse turning by 10% (5% isn't alot i tried with stormfly helmet and the shoulder pads, i couldn't notice a big diffrence) saddles that increse accuracy in FF.



And please get a stat bar for the new clothes that give us random boosts :P 





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whoaThis is actually really


This is actually really smart! I hope they actually add these in future updates to make the game more fun :)


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I love your ideas! 

I love your ideas! 


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