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Hello, since yesterday I've been unable to load the game. First because of the update, while the game downloaded the update it kept either showing me a message that I logged off, there was an error or that there was no internet connection (a totally impossible thing as I was literally right beside the router).

Now that the game has finally decided to finish updating, it just gets either stuck on the loading screen or loads the game but freezes in the moment it loads the place where my viking is (training grounds), it freezes so bad  I have to force my laptop to turn off :/

That on the download version. I also tried to check the browser version but it takes a lot of time to load for it to tell me it doesn't works when it's close to finish downloading.

Please help?


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I'm having this issue too. I

I'm having this issue too. I CANNOT load the game for the life of me. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, moving the router closer to me (it was at the end of the house before, but I've since moved it), uninstalling AND reinstalling on Steam just to get it from somewhere different. Still doesn't work. It keeps giving me the message that I've either lost connection or don't have it at all when, obviously, I do. I've also tried to use the browser version but Unity will successfully install...and then it won't play the game! I've installed it numerous times, still can't play.


Edit: I've fixed this. It seems the Internet was the the issue. I've had to connect it via Ethernet and it seemed to fix the issue. I haven't had a problem since. I haven't tried the browser version out since then so I don't know how that's doing now.



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Waiting is key. Me when there

Waiting is key. Me when there is an update it usually always freezes and says "Could Not Connect To School Of Dragons" so i just clicks the arrow and it will continue on its own and still also freezes but when it gets to 80% + the game wont free anymore.


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