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I have been experiencing a bug with the impossible island expansion pack. After finding the key underwater, my game crashed. I went back online and it said to go find Krayfin at impossible island. I tried but  have not been able to go to impossible island. The loading screen loads FOREVER just like what happened with the volcano quest in return to dragon island. It only happens on one of my vikings tho, the other one works perfectly, so it seems to be an issue with that quest please help me I CANNOT complete the expansion and this is very unfair 

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I have the same! (updated)




I've got the same! not with the key quest, but with going to the school right after I fetched the Sweet Death saliva. it just keeps loading forever while my other vikings can easily go to the school.

also, I crashed right before I couldn't get there anymore. I got the 'You've been logged out' message.


I guess we'll just gotta wait untill they fix it :(




I'm MidNightMoon, also known as Missmoonpelt. this signature is just made up, I have no idea what I have to say so I'll just babble something out xD



Welcome to my signature!


first things first, I am 14 years old, am a fangirl, love to draw, read, write, watch movies and series, and play SoD, obv. I can play piano and start to play the guitar.


I am a Tidal Class fan, although I like other classes too xD.


I'd love to show more of my drawings, but Idk how to!! :C xD


my dragons: -xMidNightMoon-


Flightmare: Scensoredtreaker

Silver Phantom: SwoopingEvil

Wooly howl: Hootfur

Hobblegrunt: Crouchstorm

Shockjaw: Ocean

Nightfury: Toothless

Screaming Death: Spines

Monstrous Nightmare: Torch

Singetail: Echo

Armorwing: Claw

Deathsong: Falena

Gronckle: Pebbletail

Razorwhip: Thorntail

Groncicle: Icestorm



As you can see, I don't own all the dragon yet. I will update my sig if I got new dragons! :D


My dragons: -MissMoonpelt-


Deadly nadder: 1. Sparky

                        2. Lionblaze

Whispering death: 1. Hillevij

                             2. Slytherin

                             3. Blubble (was supposed to be 'Bubble' but headmaster didn't agree xD)

                             4. Sharptail

Shivertooth: Snowfur

Sand Wraith: Brambleclaw

Screaming death: Leopardstorm

Slithersong: Honeywing

Thunderdrum: Silverstream

Rumblehorn: Berrystar

Gronckle: 1. Shattermaster (LOL)

                2. VampireGansta

Razorwhip: 1. Patchpelt

                  2. Ravenclaw

Hobblegrunt: Graystripe

Groncicle: Ivywing

Snafflefang: Spottedleaf

Grapplegrounder: Huskeyfur

Wooly howl: 1. Hawkfrost

                    2. Firestar

Changewing: Lizardnose

Monstrous nightmare: Freckletail

Scauldron: Riverleaf

Deathsong: 1. Tigerheart

                  2. Mothwing

Armorwing: 1. Halowish

                   2. Badgerwing

Flightmare: Mistyfoot

Raincutter: Rainflower

Devilish dervish: Bill Cipher

Singetail: Dementor

Eruptodon: Bloody Baron

Nightfury: Toothless





as you can see, again, I don't own all dragons yet. I'll update if I got more! xD





I like to hang out in Dragons Edge or the Wilderness.

I am currently in the clan 'Ilvermorny students' (join if you have no clan!! pls ^.^ )


for the ones who ask themself 'has she watched rtte?' yes, I have. (I'll be back on that subject later.)



hey you! interessted in Warrior cats? read further! :D


as the ''title'' says, I like Warrior cats. haven't read all of the books yet, but I'm close to the end.

(currently at 'Power of the three - long shadows') If I were in the books, I would've been a Thunderclan warrior. I love the forest and feel secure underneath the trees.


my favourite cat is Jayfeather. I don't know why, but I got something with blindness.

also, I kinda like Hawkfrost ^^. He's a DarkForest cat, son of Tigerclaw, but me doesn't care xD.

I think this'll be enough info on here ... want more? look for 'Moonpelt' in 'Warriors amino'. :D



for all you Potterheads, yes I have also read and watched the whole HarryPotter serie. and I give special credits to a friend whom when she will read this, will instandly know this is meant for her XD.

I am a proud Slytherin. you might think 'ugh, another Slytherin' but with that you are wrong. most of the time, Slytherins are really kind XP. why I am a Slytherin? it all makes sence, snakes are one of my favourite animals, green is my favourite colour, I'm in love with Draco, Snape is the bravest man I know by far, and Vol-... I mean You-Know-Who was kinda good-looking when he ... still had a nose xD

if I were at Hogwarts, I think I'd love Care of Magical Creatures the most, not because of Hagrid, but because I like animals more then humans, most of the time xD. (Hippogriffs are in my fav list ^^) my wand could be twins with Draco's, because it's both Hawthorn and Unicorn hair core O.O ^^ XD.


                                          Gravity Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls!!!

I'm obsessed with Gravity falls xD for those you know it too, we can all be with eachother and say that Gideon Gleeful is a lil weirdo and Giffany is scary asf! o.O I like many characters, but not all. especially not the some handsome ... yellow ... triangular ... black-tophat-wearing ... all-knowing ... yeah ok who am I kidding. if I had the chance to shake his hand, I'd do so! xD a certain person ship(ped/s) me with Dipper Pines, (A.K.A Mason Pines) (yes I wrote that in ''invisible'' ink, because not all of you might have the journal.) eeehm ... what more to say ... I consider myself most like Wendy Corduroy (no idea if I spelled that right XD) there is probably more I can say about this amazing show, but I don't know it right now so ... untill this part is updated ... ''Buy gold byeee!''


lol just kidding, you ain't done with me yet xD



next up is Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA). while some people like the Edward, Alphonse, Hohenheim, Envy, Scar, Greed or Kimblee *high-pitched squeak*,

we all share the same love for the best anime there is. and if you didn't cry 24/7 since the fifth last episode, you are heartless man.


I don't really have to say much about this ... despite that it's really cool, and if you haven't watched it yet, DO IT NOW!




then it became time for rtte. simply said, I love the serie. mainly because of the dragons, and the original movies. the new season is also really cool, and darn cute! that baby Eruptodon is a tiny fluff ball made of lava O.o anyhow, the dudes who have seen it 'till the end, know what happend to Viggo and Ryker. I wonder what your thoughts were then you saw what happend. mine was kinda like ''WHUAAAAAT???'' for viggo xD. and that dagur is still alive? I thought he wouldn't survive, but a friend was a 100% sure, hoping, wishing, begging that he was alive xD  (if you read this missy, I mean you.) but eventually it didn't come like a blast for either of us. 



in the beginning of this thing I said I liked to write, right? well, I am currently making a Fanfic about httyd. I will not spill anything out yet, but I can post it on here when it's finished ^^



speaking of fanfics, you're about to have a sneak peek into 'The story of Moon' so I'm gonna do that, right here, right now. it's gonna be very long so if you don't want to read it, scroll further, if you do, enjoy :D!





Moon's story.



Chapter 1.


this paticular viking didn't get the name 'Moon' for nothing. her parents had called her that when she was born on a full moon. the clear black sky full of stars, shining on their house in Berk. luckily for her, she grew up in the time that Hiccup had already trained his beloved Night Fury called Toothless, so having dragons as pets was normal for, everyone. but this peacefull life didn't last long, ships from far away came to take over the island of Berk. the whole village fought against them, drove them away. but they never really vanished. so after 1 year Moon's father went with a group of strong and armed vikings onto the wide ocean to look out for the outsiders. but they never came back, and Moon, she barely remembers him. when she grew up, she and her mum only had one dragon; a Terrible Terror named 'Blackwing'. not very strange, the small dragon had black wings. it was the cutest and sweetest pet she could imagine. she didn't really have friends, but mostly played with her dragon. as the years went by, and Moon got older, she avoided human contact as much as she could. she found them annoying, noisy, and they didn't understand her. they expected things of her she was uncapable of. her love for the night grew bigger and started to take over her livestyle. 'you should be awake during day instead!' her mother yelled at her, as she did many times. eventually her mother forbid her to go outside at night, but it only made matters worse. the fights between Moon and her mother grew as fast as she did.

when Moon turned 14, she was unable to handle anymore, and her mother turned her back on her, said that she had better things to do then wasting time on someone like her. a ''non-viking''. she wasn't like others. but did that make her a bad person....?


when winter covered the island, Moon had vanished. she had ran away at last. into the never- ending wilderness. she didn't care much about her mother, who could worry about her being gone. she was old enough to look after herself. sleep took her over and she searched for a place to stay. she ended up in a cave, dry and silent. everything she had wished for for so many years.


there was a small fire in the cave. it almost died out, because of the sharp and cold winds that searched it's way into the hollow tunnels. she was shivering. when the sky was dark and starry, Moon fell asleep. her dreams were strange that night. blackness covering her sight, and long shadows that were following her. she was on an island .... but which one? and where? she didn't have a clue. and then a masked, cloaked figure walked slowly from the entrance towards her. she tried to focus on it's face but it was too dark to see it. the figure stood still, clapped his hands together and ... something hurt her eyes when moonlight hit a small diamond-looking object. next thing she knew, a dragon cry filled the air, made her bow down to cover her ears ...

she woke up in shock. sitting upstraight and focusing her eyes in the darkness. with a quick reflex she looked at the cave's exit, trying to see if the figure was there, but there was no-one except her. she couldn't sleep any more that night. she curled up under some animal skins she had taken with her when she left home, and started thinking.  staring, into the barrier of darkness.


'hisssss...' something whispered. pebbles fell from the ceiling on the stone floor with an echo.

'who ... who's there?,' Moon said loudly. it became silent. 'hello?.' she said again. with slow movements, Moon lit a torch and walked towards a tunnel that lead deeper into the cave. a sweeping lasso-like sound came from inside the ground, making the tunnel shake again. while walking further, she had the feeling that she was being watched. when she walked, the whipering sounds kept echoing through the entire cave but after a couple of minutes, she came to a dead end and stood still. the sounds stopped immediately. the silence was scary. 'ehm ....' Moon said softly. then she saw it. this wasn't just a regular cave, this was the home of a Whispering Death. Moon froze by the thoughts and dropped her torch. that a dragon like that, was nearby while she couldn't see it? was terrefying. the light had vanished. it was pitch black. she tried to listen for the strange whispering sounds, but heard non. a warm wind came from the inside of the tunnel. with a shock, Moon turned around and saw two gigantic red glowing eyes. the rasping sounds of the dragon's teeth twirling in it's mouth made the whole cave shake. Moon knew she was done for. the Whispering Death watched her. when she looked back at it straight in the eyes, she saw something strange. it wasn't a normal wild dragon. it was protecting something. but she hadn't had time to study the dragon's look, because it attackted. Moon dived to the ground, falling censored the stones. her last seconds of life were about to be torn away from her. or so she thought. another loud screeching cry came from outdoors. and the next thing she heard, was a blast.  and it became ice cold. it felt like it was snowing inside the cave. something had pulled her up. something soft ...



the sun shined brightly on Moon's closed eyelids. she opend here eyes and found herself outside, in between the tall trees. the Whispering Death! she looked at the entrance cave, but it was empty. where was she? what had happend last night.... Moon stood up. something had caught her attention. there was a ship with a dragon crest sailing to berk. 

'Berserkers!,' she yelled in terror. quickly looking back at her home village; 'I have to warn them!' but as she said it, she felt terrible hatred to the Berkians. instead of warning them, she went to explore why the Berserkers were here. perhaps, a meeting with Stiock? as quiet as she could, she ran towards a cliff, watching the ship get nearer. soft voices came from the downside of the cliff. there were people on the island already!  Moon ran down to the small beach the Berserkers stood on.

'we have brought the dragon there ... for a purpose. what use will it have so far away from the village?'

'I ... I don't know, sir.'

'hmm .... well I afraid we're gonna have to--who is that?'

a  young man looked at Moon. he wore no shirt, but a sharp shoulderpad with large spikes, wide white/gray trousers and a snow white furry cloak drained in blood.

'who are you?' the man said to Moon.

why does he look so familliar...?, Moon thought. it .... it feels like ... like I've seen him before.

'I asked you something.' the man said firmly.

Moon woke up from her thoughts; 'I... I'm Moon...,' she stuttered. 'Who are you and what are you Berserkers doing on Berk?' she gained control over her voice. 

'I'm the one asking questions, not you.,' he said. 'why are you here?'

Moon looked offensive; 'why am I here? you are the outsiders, not me!'





this was the end of the sneak peek!


I hope you liked it :3








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They need to fix it quick :/ we paid for it but cannot enjoy it 

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This might be specific to your account...

Sorry to hear that you're facing this problem, Viking! Since you mentioned that this is specific to one Viking profile on your account and not all, our team may need to investigate this further. So we can try to get this resolved soon, could you let us know a few more details?


  • On which quest were you working on when this occurred? Do you remember the name?
  • What is the username that you use to login and your in-game Viking name?
  • From which platform were you playing the game? Web browser, Mobile (operating system), Steam, the Downloadable (Mac or PC), etc.
  • If you're playing from your web browser, have you already tried clearing your web browser and unity cache, using the instructions HERE?

Please let us know as soon as possible and we can have our team look further into this for you.


NOTE: if you have any further feedback on the expansion, are curious in learning more about it or want to share your thoughts about what you’ve seen in the game with more Viking friends, be sure to post to our official expansion thread, here: