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Clan Name: Immortal Midnight Racers


Our Motto: We may be a small clan family with less members, and not a very popular clan, but as time continues to go on, we’re finding more and more remarkable and determined people who are willing to help in making us a better, popular and extraordinary clan family!


Description of the clan: We race in the dark, mysterious night! Become popular like some scars. List no. of trophies to join.


Clan member’s title: Dark racer


Dragon Mascot: Sand Wraith (normal and titan)


Clan Insignia:


 As the clan name suggests, we guys have a passion for racing. So, Our love for racing has made the clan insignia of a race


Name of the Clan Leader: IIPowerBTSII.

If you really wish to join our clan, and if all your requests are denied, meet me in the game.


My Own Motto: I believe in teamwork, and that’s why I believe we can achieve a great rank in the top clans page. The most important thing for me is the people of my clan, their happiness, safety, and choices. So, just keep working hard and never give up. That’s the key to success. Be a voice, not an echo.


~ Rules of our clan ~


Everyone is expected to treat every member, every elder with utmost respect. In the clan, we all are equal; regardless of rank in the clan, trophy amount, speed in Thunder Run Racing , nationality, age, language, abilities, context of speech and so on.

Be fair, clean and speak appropriate language. Derogatory words, and personal information are not be tolerated in the clan messages. Any people seen performing any of these, will be removed immediately.

Race, battle and be on regularly if possible. Also, earn a minimum of fifty trophies a month if possible. 

NO speed hackers will be accepted in the clan. If any members are caught practising hacking, they will be removed from the clan immediately without any warning.

No kind of bullying, insulting or mistreatment of fellow clan members will be tolerated, and if discovered, you will receive warnings for three times. Still if the behaviour continues, you will be removed from the clan. Also, no insults about other clans will be tolerated.

If any arguments, fights, or any hacking done by clan members are seen by you, as a clan member, then report to the leader when you can.

You will need  four hundred or more trophies to join, and we will be strict with the number of trophies, as we are a competitive clan that is trying hard to get to the top hundred.


Notice: Our clan has a maximum of 100 Viking member slots. We all prefer vikings who have more trophies, and the vikings who have a passion to race in Thunder Run Racing and play Fireball Frenzy. If you wish to join us, then apply with a request, or meet me in the game. Good luck to all members in Thunder Run Racing, Fireball Frenzy and all battles!

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(Profile Pic Credit to Embalathedragonhacher! Thanks!

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Something about me


Viking name: IIPowerBTSII 

Clan: Ecliptic Embers 

Position in clan: Member

Trophy Count: 15k

UDT Points: Full UDT, Big Platinum Star 

Friend Code: FKVS1Y

Hobbies (In-game): Mostly racing, exploring 



If you like Avengers, and want someone to scream and discuss it with, PM me XD

(I have seen Endgame XD)


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Joined: 08/26/2018
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If you wanna meet me in the game, and want my friend code, PM me.