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Chieftain 'Raivas' & 'SilverWeed' is looking for

powerful and spirited dragon riders to join the battle

for the top of the leaderboards.




 We used to be known as 'Silhouettes' but after a vicious hacker attacked us

right at the heart, our clan was left in ruins.

We had no place to go, no home and our family was torn.

But by the power of the ancient Bewilderbeast Sanctus,

which is now adorning our clan banner, we were given new strength and could carry on with the spirit of this magnificent beast by our side we could once again become something more than mere vikings. We could become not a person or group but a force of nature.

We could become

Immortal Demonz.  


About us:

While we draw our strength from the Alpha that took us in while we were abandoned,

the clan itself is not his responsiblity.

The clan is run by Co-chieftains 'Raivas' & 'SilverWeed'


Is the strength of the clan.

The unrelenting power of determination and seeks fairness above all.

Her heart cares for power achieved through cooperation,

for the well-being of all those who follow her

and believes that greatness can be accomplished together.

She won't hesitate to fight for her friends and fellow Demonz if a situation of conflict should ever arise.

Her Alpha dragon is Sander, The Sand wraith.


is the guardian of the clan. The watcher that ensures that everyone is safe within the clan. Most of her resolves comes from wisdom, and she can analyze any situation to achieve the best outcome. Most of her time goes into patroling to make sure everyone is safe within the clan as well as caring for the members to the best of her ability.

Her alpha dragon is Cannibal, The Snow Wraith.

Together with Raivas the wings of their dragons form a protective circle around the clan and they will stop at nothing to keep them from harm.


The chiefs protects their own.



The elders currently consists of Fire Vioora, Flight of Fury, Shay The Viking, Mr Viking, Necora, Night And Fury II.

More elders information will come soon...



In order to join the clan of 'Immortal Demonz' You must follow a simple but strict set of rules.

Firstly, NO speed or gem hackers will be accepted into the clan. If any members are caught practicing hacking, they will be removed from the clan immediately without warning.

Secondly, you must be an active racer, this means that you must visit Thunderrun racing at least once a week and continuously raise your amount of trophies.

Speed buffs as well as traps from the store or the boxes in racing are permited, since they are an official part of the gaming mechanics.

No kind of bullying or other mistreatment of fellow clan members is tolerated, and if discovered you will receive a warning and if the behavior continues, you will be banned from the clan.


How to join:

In order to join you must be absolutely willing to follow our rules.

You must furthermore have 2000 trophies.

We have to be strict with the number of trophies, since we are a competitive clan that strives for the top.

You must fill out an application to join the clan and send it in a message to either me or chieftain Raivas here on the forum

Forum names are: Judassky & NL-GirlGamer-Raivas


When you apply you must state the following:

-Viking name.

-Amount of trophies you currently have.

-A quick explanation of why you want to join.


We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield

and are excited to welcome you as a part of the family!


Once you are accepted into the clan, well free to copy the clan banner into your own signature to show your 'Immortal Demonz' pride!





Brothers & Sisters aligned, promptly we will fight.

As friends we will stand proudly as long as the hearts beats in our chests.


Name: SilverWillowWing

Gender: Shemale

Level: 41

Dragon Youtube Channel

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Night And Fury 2
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I'm Night And Fury II

I'm in clan Immortal Demonz as an elder ^^

My main dragon is Spikey - Sand Wraith :3

Pm me if you want friend code XD 


Try to catch me in game >:D

I like drawings :3 especially drawing DRAGONS

Thats All. Updates coming soon? XD


~~~~ICE CREAM OwO~~~~

Supreme Viking Champion
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YESH!!! >:3

Ze demonz are hungry for your COOKIES!!!


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Oh yay....demonz eat cookies? never heard of it. Welp who knows till we go to sHELL xD


                                                       Warning: Long signature












IGN (In-game name): Hatsune Yuki (Call me "Yuk" in the game.)

Viking Level: 35

Real name: You will never know

Clan: Immortal Demonz

Clan Position: Member

Trophies: 2000+

First Dragon: Storm Flutter (Deadly Nadder) Gender: Girl

Other dragons: Storm Flutter (Deadly Nadder

                      Stormfly (Deadly Nadder)

                      Poptart (Gronkle)

                      Cookie Wing (Razorwhip) <---TITAN the name make sense -.-

                      Midnight (Stormcutter)

                      Wind Flyer (Death Song)

                      Repter (Singetail)

                      Earth Quack (Eruptodon)

                     Bone trap (Armor Wing)

                     Jasmine,Lin,Lin and Sunshine (Snaptrapper)

                     Flame (Fireworm Queen)

                      Lightning (Skrill)

                      Moonlight (Wooly Howl)

                      Speedy (Speed Stinger)

                      Snowy (Snow Wraith)

                      Galaxy (Sand Wraith)

                      Metho Mist (Wind Walker)

                       Paral Mist (Flightmare)

                       Screamer (Thunderdrum)

                       Frozen Wind (Groncicle)

                       Wind Glider (Tide Glider)

                       Watermelon (Rumblehorn)

                       Potato (Shockjaw)

                      Slither (Slither Song)

                      Coconut (Night Terror)

                      Smoke Bubble (Smoke Breath) 

                      Zarock (Scuttleclaw)

                      Mewtoo (Sliquifier)

                      Nature (Changewing)

                      Digglet (Screaming Death)





Clan Recruitment Page:

The ones that runs the clan---> SilverWeed San / NL_GirlGamer (Raivas)




Pokemon Team Rocket Motto

I'm not the one that make this image. I don't know why I put this here...

Image result for team rocket motto


Add me on facebook~ Click on the facebook logo. (for the ones that don't know) :P

Image result for Facebook icon


Youtube Channel~ Click on the youtube logo. (for the ones that don't know) :P


Random GIFS xD













Too much Pokemon? There's more xD



Image result for Pokemon pokepuffs gif      


Image result for pokemon Mew gif

Image result for Mew GIF

Image result for Mew GIF

Image result for Mew GIF

Image result for Mew GIF

Image result for Team Rocket GIF


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Image result for Pokemon Alain GIF

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Image result for Pokemon Steven stone gif

Image result for Pokemon Steven stone gif

Image result for Zygarde gif

Image result for Zygarde gif

Welp that's all in my signature ^ ^



Any questions? Private Message me also. :)






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AlphaToothlesTheNightFury Returns

GoldenAlpha is Alpha, how you probably know. Locing the storng friendship in Immortal Demonz, being on eight place in your clan before the small hack, Alpha wants rejoin after coming back. Current place: unknown. Being older than me, i think you can underdtand that after a battle, your trusty friend with 400300 UDT got hacked, now with a random viking in account. Admins work. When i come back, i will be waiting for you! Demonz will eat all cookies xD




​Hello! I am EliryaTheWarriorCat or AlphaToothlesTheNightFury (b4 hack ) in School of Dragons ans Elirya The Warrior Cat on Youtube SHUT ME ALPHA IS BACK!! 140 SUBS ON YT


                 I had Alpha Toothless--not new anymore


I havent got gems anymore




​I play this game from 2010 and i had lots of accounts, some with gold stuff, but i never got hacked like in 2016. I was in 2016 in UDT board too, but Geo worrior Got jealous on my gems, friends, fame and dragons, so he did something unfair. Now I am knowned as EliryaTheWarriorCat, but very poor and unlucky on this viking, with nine dragosn and a silverstar and a half. I hope admins will read the 100 messages sent and will bring safety Alpha back. The membership keeps running on the hacked account, but this is a money waste and i

​hope they will renew it from the momnet i got hacked. I am normal if i was in Immortal Demonz...i had lota of gems..i worked in real life for the money paid in membership...IS UNFAIR I HOPE GEO WORRIOR WILL BE FOREVER BANNED!






​Me: How to get points on forum?

​My mind: IDK


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NL-GirlGamer - ...
Joined: 10/25/2015
Let's make our way to the top

Let's make our way to the top >:D





Dragon Rider~



Name - Raivas

Gender - Female

Age - 14

My Alpha - Sander, the Sand Wraith



Co-Chieftain Raivas & SilverWeed






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Heather Hofferson I
Supreme Viking Champion
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OMG! I loved your Icestorm island video. I'm making videos too and may I ask what recording site do you use?


Welcomtmy Signature




Trophies: 15,465

Active Dragon: Toothless

Membership: N/A

Friend Code: You need to ask me (so I know you're not a hacker...)

MOST LOYAL FRIEND: xXxGuardianGalaxyxXx (Kinglilian)


                  Dragons: (Account: IIXHeatherIIX)


Toothless: Night Fury (lvl 30) (Strike Class) (Alpha)

Hell Raider: Silver Phantom (lvl 12) (Stoker Class) (Adult)

Sharpshot: Terrible Terror (lvl 20) (Stoker Class) (Titan)

Terror: Terrible Terror (lvl 20 ) (Stoker Class) (Titan)

Soaring Sidekick: Timberjack (lvl 25) (Sharp Class) (Adult)

Jackyy: Timberjack (lvl 21) (Sharp Class) (Adult)

Wild Timerjack: Timberjack (lvl 4) (Sharp Class) (Adult)

Wild Timerjack: Timberjack (lvl 4 ) (Sharp Class) (Adult)

Timberjack: Timberjack (lvl 26) (Sharp Class) (Adult)

Terror: NightTerror (lvl 10) (Stoker Class) (Adult)

Mold: Moldruffle (lvl 5) (Stoker Class) (Adult)

Stormfly: Deadly Naddder (lvl 23) (Titan)



Clan: ЅℙℐℛℐᏆ Ꮎℱ ᏉᎯℒℋᎯℒℒ (Elder/CO - Leader)

Trophies: 73,470

Active Dragon: Toothless (Alpha)

Membership: 12 Months (1 Year)

Friend Code: PM me and ask me (so I know you're not a hacker)

Most Loyal Friend(s): XxXGuardianGalaxyXxXHalokingRazor NightShatter Wind, ItherTight Wing, Vaniheim

Friends: xXxGuardianGalaxyxXx, Haloking, Kuasa, Tight Wing, Vaniheim, Ither, Shatter Wind, ClayCanyon, Glitchex, icebeela, RyanXLAU, ROCKQUELLE

 Dragons: (Account: XxXQueenHeatherXxX)


Ash: Night Fury (lvl 30) (Strike Class) (Alpha)

Soaring Sidekick: Timberjack (lvl 30) (Sharp Class) (Adult)

Hell Raider: Silver Phantom (lvl 20) (Stoker Class) (Adult)

Dementor: Silver Phantom (lvl 6) (Stoker Class) (Adult)

Backfire: Silver Phantom (lvl 5) (Stoker Class) (Baby)

Solar Eclipse: Flightmare (lvl 30) (Mystery Class) (Titan)

Sharpshot: Terrible Terror (lvl 6) (Stoker Class) (Adult)

Spines: Deadly Naddder (lvl 30) (Sharp Class/Tracker) (Titan)

IceCrystal: Deadly Naddder (lvl 23) (Sharp Class/Tracker) (Titan)

Starfly: Deadly Naddder (lvl 22) (Sharp Class/Tracker) (Titan)

HellBringer: Grim Gnasher (lvl 20) (Sharp Class) (Titan)

Guardian of Vanihem: Sentinel (lvl 8) (Boulder Class) (Adult Elder)

Blind Sighted: Sentinel (lvl 5) (Boulder Class) (Adult Elder)

Guard: Sentinel: (lvl 2) (Boulder Class) (Adult Elder)

Vaniheim: Sentinel (lvl 12) (Boulder Class) (Adult)

Silversong: Slithersong (lvl 9) (Mystery Class) (Adult)

Frozen: Speed Stinger (lvl 9) (Sharp Class) (Adult)

Scorpion: Triple Stryke (lvl 6) (Strike Class) (Adult)

Lightning: Skrill (lvl 23) (Strike Class) (Titan)

Grounded: Grapple Grounder (lvl 2) (Boulder Class) (Adult)

Blizzard: Snow Wraith (lvl 22) (Strike Class) (Titan)

Cloudjumper: Stormcutter (lvl 23) (Sharp Class) (Titan)

Windshear: Razorwhip (lvl 23) (Sharp Class) (Titan)

Stormfly: Deadly Naddder (lvl 21) (Sharp Class/Tracker) (Titan)

Starfly: Deadly Naddder (lvl 21) (Sharp Class/Tracker) (Titan)

Barf and Belch: Hideous Zippleback (lvl 22) (Mystery Class) (Titan)

Meatlug: Gronckle (lvl 21) (Boulder Class) (Titan)

Hookfang: Monstrous Nightmare (lvl 23) (Stoker Class) (Titan)





All of my Dragons combined: 


Toothless: Adult Night Fury (Alpha) (lvl 30) (Strike Class)

Soaring Sidekick: Leader Timberjack (lvl 30) (Sharp Class)

XxXRazorWingXxX: Adult Timberjack (lvl 6) (Sharp Class)

Timber: Adult Timberjack (Sharp Class)

Jackyy: Adult Timberjack (Sharp Class)

Wild Timberjack: Adult Timberjack (Sharp Class)

Wild Timberjack: Adult Timberjack (Sharp Class)

Songwing:  Titan DeathSong (lvl 20) (Mystery Class)

 XxXMelodyXxX: Teen DeathSong (lvl 6) (Mystery Class)

Windshear: Titan Razorwhip (lvl 23) (Sharp Class)

Spines: Titan Deadly Nadder (lvl 30) (Tracker Class)

Stormfly:  Titan Deadly Nadder (lvl 21) (Tracker Class)

Starfly: Titan Deadly Nadder (lvl 21) (Tracker Class)

Ice Crystal: Titan Deadly Nadder (lvl 22) (Tracker Class)

Barf and Belch: Titan Hideous Zippleback (lvl 22) (Mystery Class)

Meatlug: Titan Gronckle (lvl 21) (Boulder Class)

Snappy Trap: Adult (Mystery Class)

Snap Trap Scent Lure: Adult Snaptrapper (lvl 6) (Mystery Class)

Poison Quills: Titan Scuttleclaw (lvl 23) (Sharp Class)

Sunny: Titan Sand Wraith (lvl 21) (Tidal Class)

Whisper: Titan Whispering Death (lvl 21) (Boulder Class)

XxDeathEaterxX: Titan Screaming Death (lvl 21) (Boulder Class)

XxAcid ShooterxX: Adult Changewing (lvl 1) (Mystery Class)

Acid Reflex: Baby Changewing (lvl 1) (Mystery Class)

Solar Flare: Adult Fireworm Queen (lvl 9) (Stoker Class)

Fire: Adult Fireworm Queen (lvl 3) (Stoker Class)

Wild Fireworm: Adult Fireworm Queen (lvl 3) (Stoker Class)

Wild Fireworm: Teen Fireworm Queen (lvl 5) (Stoker Class)

Thornado: Titan Thunderdrum (lvl 21) (Tidal Class)

Thunder: Adult Thunderdrum (Tidal Class)

Torch: Adult Typhoomerang (lvl 2) (Stoker Class)

Ocean Tide: Adult Tide Glider (lvl 3) (Tidal Class)

Tidal Wave: Baby Tide Glider (lvl 1) (Tidal Class)

Scauldy: Adult Scauldron (lvl 8) (Tidal Class)

Fog Monster: Adult Smothering Smokebreath (lvl 3) (Mystery Class)

Grumpy: Hotburple (lvl 2) (Boulder Class)

Sniffles: Adult Snafflefang (lvl 1) (Boulder Class)

Rainstorm: Raincutter (lvl 5) (Sharp Class)

XxRazor BladexX: Teen Raincutter (lvl 5) (Sharp Class)

Lightning: Titan Skrill (lvl 24) (Strike Class)

Striker: Teen Skrill (lvl 5) (Strike Class)

Bolt: Teen Skrill (lvl 5) (Strike Class)

Rusty: Teen Skrill (lvl 5) (Strike Class)

Lightning Chain: Baby Skrill (lvl 2) (Strike Class)

SkullCrusher: Adult Rumblehorn (lvl 7) (Tracker Class)

Sugar: Adult Sweet Death (lvl 4) (Mystery Class)

Solar Eclipse: Titan Flightmare (lvl 30) (Mystery Class)

Spirit: Titan Flightmare (lvl 20) (Mystery Class)

Shivery Hallow: Adult Shivertooth (lvl 5) (Sharp Class)

BoneKnapper: Titan Boneknapper (lvl 23) (Mystery Class)

Hobby: Adult Hobblegrunt (lvl 3) (Stoker Class)

Electrify: Adult Shockjaw (lvl 4) (Tidal Class)

Frozen: Adult Speed Stinger (lvl 10) (Sharp Class) 

XxXSpeedyXxX: Baby Speed Stinger (lvl 4) (Sharp Class)

Icicle: Adult Groncicle (lvl 8) (Boulder Class)

Icicle: Baby Groncicle (lvl 1) (Boulder Class)

Wild Groncicle: Baby Groncicle (lvl 2) (Boulder Class)

Icy Hot: Teen Groncicle (lvl 6) (Boulder Class)

Groncicle: Teen Groncicle (lvl 3) (Boulder Class)

Frost: Teen Groncicle (lvl 5) (Boulder Class)

Snowflake: Teen Groncicle (lvl 4) (Boulder Class)

Moldy: Adult Moldruffle (lvl 6) (Stoker Class)

XxXBloody MurderXxX: Adult Mudraker (lvl 2) (Tracker Class) 

Grounded: Adult Grapple Grounder (lvl 6) (Boulder Class) 

 Grape: Baby Grapple Grounder (lvl 1) (Boulder Class) 

XxXPrickXxX: Adult Prickleboggle (lvl 26) (Sharp Class)

HeII: Adult Devilish Dervish (lvl 1) (Sharp Class)

Earthquake: Adult Quaken (lvl 2) (Boulder Class)

Rattler: Teen Quaken (lvl 5) (Boulder Class)

Silversong: Adult Slithersong (lvl 6) (Mystery Class)

Bones: Adult Armorwing (Mystery Class)

Armor: Adult Armorwing (Mystery Class)

Armorwing: Adult Armorwing (lvl 1) (Mystery Class)

Army: Adult Armorwing (lvl 4) (Mystery Class)

Blizzard: Titan Snow Wraith (lvl 21) (Strike Class)

Hell Raider: Adult Silver Phantom (lvl 20) (Stoker Class)

Dementor: Teen Silver Phantom (lvl 7) (Stoker Class)

BackFire: Baby Silver Phantom (lvl 5) (Stoker Class)

Sharpshot: Adult Terrible Terror (lvl 4) (Stoker Class)

Terror: Titan Terrible Terror (lvl 22) (Stoker Class)

XxDeathly HallowsxX: Adult Buffalord (lvl 2) (Mystery Class)

Scorpion: Adult Triple Stryke (lvl 10) (Strike Class)

Sleuther: Adult Triple Stryke (lvl 4) (Strike Class)

Smidvarg: Adult Night Terror (lvl 3) (Stoker Class)

Singe: Adult Singetail (lvl 1) (Stoker Class)

Firestarter: Adult Singetail (lvl 4) (Stoker Class)

Singetail: Adult Singetail (lvl 1) (Stoker Class)

Singetail: Adult Singetail (lvl 1) (Stoker Class)

Hurricane: Adult Windwalker (lvl 4) (Tidal Class)

Cloudjumper: Titan Stormcutter (lvl 22) (Sharp Class)

Tsunami: Adult Sliquifier (lvl 5) (Tidal Class) 

Tarzan: Adult Thunderpede (lvl 3) (Boulder Class)

The Great Protector: Adult Eruptodon (lvl 3) (Boulder Class)

Volcano: Adult Eruptodon (lvl 3) (Boulder Class)

Lava Eater: Adult Eruptodon (lvl 2) (Boulder Class)

XxXDeath GazerXxX: Titan Woolly Howl (lvl 20) (Strike Class)

Shovel: Adult Shovelhelm (lvl 4) (Boulder Class)

Venomous Tail: Adult Flame Whipper (lvl 1) (Stoker Class)

Guardian of Vaniheim: Adult Elder Sentinel (lvl 7) (Boulder Class)

Vaniheim: Adult Sentinel (lvl 10) (Boulder Class)

HellBringer: Adult Grim Gnasher (lvl 11) (Sharp Class)


YouTube Channel: XxXQueen HeatherXxX

FaceBook Name: Queenn Heather Sov




Timberjack Fan

Night Fury Fan 

Deathsong Fan

Razorwhip Fan

Stormcutter Fan

Whispering Death Fan

Skrill Fan

Thunderdrum Fan

Scauldron Fan

Wool​ly Howl Fan

Sand Wraith Fan

Silver Phantom Fan

Flightmare Fan

Sentinel Fan

Grim Gnasher Fan

Red Death Fan

Green Death

Screaming Death Fan

Smothering Smokebreath Fan


Related image



Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 08/31/2015

Idk, if you would want me back, i now have 10,000 trophies, this Falcon.





​Happy Holiday! From Timber and FALCON VA!



 ​Credit to, Themasterplan ( Channey) from Swift Champions

FALCON VA gone account got hacked



​October 2015- July 29th 2016

​I hope i get it back




My adoptions


Name Scensoredcreaper

Spices GrassScreaper

Credit to Pyrelyth



Squid the Squilfier credit to Spy Girl thankyou Spy Girl:)



Hopefully more soon

Other account FACEBOOK account

Name: Satoshi Kamiya

Clan: Western Dragons or Eastern Dragons

Trophies: 20


Deadly nadder nadder level 20

Whispering death Deadly level 10

This accounts age

Satoshi Kamiya 2014-2016 it will be around for much longer


My clan that has fallen apart i will forever remember SkyBrooke


Games i play:

School Of Dragons (dont play only active on fourms now)

Star Sable Online

Lif steam edition

Lif Sheringetti

Fly like a bird 3

Knight of the Dragon

Farming Simulator

Dragon City

Dragons rise of berk

Ice Age villege

Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic World Builder

riders of icarus

project icarus online

Star Stable account:

Name: Astrid Queenstone

Riding club: Princess Swallows

Postion: Club owner

Level: 18

Places unlocked: Dino Valley, Golden Hills, Epona, South Hoof (I unlocked the whole map finally)


English Therobred (RavenWings)
​North Swedish Horse (Ice Lord)

Jorvik Pony (Wild Guardian)

Jorvik Warmblood ( Midnight Diamond)

Fjord Horse (Dimond wish)

Icelantic horse (Wolf blood)

Fressian Sport horse


danish warmblood-lightwish

danish warmblood-phantomlord


Amercian Paint horse- darkwish



Waiting list horses i will probley get next:


Welsh Pony

Tinker Horse








































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Joined: 08/21/2015
New Era

YEY Let the new era begin!! :D
I'm looking forward working hard with you^^

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Berk's Power Player
Joined: 11/22/2015
Hi Silverweed/JudasSky :D

A little bit of background light on me:
Ive been playing this game from: 09/06/2013

My Original Nam (before the glitch) was Randynoronha

My current name is XxYahyaVikingxX
I have around 90+Dragons

My first dragon was a deadly nadder(titan atm)
Around 2015 i was Hacked with the following

Golden stuff

A Toothless

Champion saddle

Diamond nadder skin

The following has be removed from my accound
Golden stuff

Champion saddle

Diamond nadder skin


Ive been here in the game for a long time and im currently in the dragon racers

I know this is not much but no one will race in a lobby i go into(But im trying to reach my goal)
I have 1774 trophies in counting

My Udt is 400000

Im a major fan of everyone in Demonz

I was the white night terror in your event that u thouhght the black stripe was hair

i raced against u on my snow wraith the day before the new snow wraith animations

I was freaking out when i was able to visit u and fire for the firsty time

Previous clans ive been in:
Fearless clan

Elite Force

Warriors of Valhalla


Im praticly online everyday

Im prety much a massive HTTYD nerd

My Friend code is 1f12j

Im hoping that i can possibly join cause its been my life long dream to be in one of your clans ^-^
before i go i have a Youtube Channel that is still Growing

also fire knows me xD



Image result for Triple stryke gifRelated imageRelated image


Image result for Triple stryke gif

Encounter a Fantasy here
Related image
Some Background light on me:

Name:Velterox Viking

Class specialist: Tidal,Strike
Dragon:Grimcore (Triple Stryke)
Description: Im from the coldest parts of the archipelago, 
decided to sail to berk in hopes of learning about dragons 
more, was gobbers right hand man in the shop when hiccup 
Was cheifing, then is currently being valka's apprencance 

Adding more here soon...

My Youtube:
Related imageRelated imageRelated image
Image result for School of Dragons fan banners














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Joined: 12/25/2015

Yep! Once an Elite member always an Elite member Go Immortal Demonz, let's win this battle!! I am loyal to SilverWeed and Rave. Let's domanite! xD



Welcome to my Signature!


Name: Savvy Bay

Clan: Pack's Loyalty

Position: Leader

Clan Rank: ......

Trophy Amount: 8,390

Friend Code: PM me


Pack's Loyalty's saying "The strength of the pack is the dragon and the strengh of the dragon is the pack!"


"Forgotten Today~Legends Tomorrow, and a Clan Family Forever"


"Once a Dragon Racer, always a Dragon Racer"


"Once an Elite member always an Elite member"




















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Joined: 12/27/2015
Hello! This is really

Hello! This is really awesome! I actually have been working up my own trophies in order to join this clan.

My name is "Illinga" I have somewere around 30 to 40 dragons, and I've been working my way up.

I have about 2094 trophies but I'm planning to get more!

I'm also a fellow youtuber and I planning to make more SoD videos soon :D




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Viking Warrior
Joined: 08/04/2016
OMG hi!

My name is FemaleDragonhuman

i have around 158 trophies 

I want to join because I love your videos

i have 19 dragons

i am a member

i forgot to copy and paste the clan banner oops T_T lol




      I Aloha Everyone :P




Ok, I might "steal" because most of these gifs came off internet.



i like blue.

(Ps) I don't accept freind requests so you gotta pm me first :)

  YOUTUBER: Subscribe to me channel (SilverFury) 

I love SoD and Star Stable, even tho I can't log in to sso XD



My Dragons: (srry if I forget some XD) (organized by type)

The Brave Nadder -Nadder

Sharpshot- Deadly Nadder

BigBuddy- Typhoomerang 

Fudge- Typhoomerang

Toothless- Night Fury

WindShear- Razorwhip

ShearWind- Razorwhip

Thors Dragon- Thunderdrum

Cant remember next one..

ok I'm too lazy srry I actually have like.... *awkward silence* 60 dragons



Tamra Diamond



Eva So Powaful (banned :(.....

k I'm gonna add more later xD


Hi I like hugs -snuggle time! >:D

I Love Breyer Horses, being a part of the forums, School Of Dragons, Star Stable even though I can't play and haven't been able to the last month :( -sniff- umm ok let's move on.


Hello. I am the Leader Of WindForce! I have been playing since 1/22/16 WOOP WOOP IVE BEEN PLAYING ONE YEAR >:D

Guess what I can play sso againnnn :D

   About me 

i have long brown hair, I love gaming SoD and StarStableOnline. I have a brother and two adorable dogs! I love do musiclys and snapchat :P









HatsuneYuki's picture
Viking Warrior
Joined: 06/19/2016
U need...

U need 2000 plus trophies to enter the clan. U also can't copy and paste the "Immortal Demonz" Clan banner to ur signature while u haven't join the clan yet.

CottonToothless's picture
Joined: 11/22/2015
Joining clan

Hi! I was wondering if I could join your clan: Immortal Demonz! My SOD name is FrozenHeartzz and i have over 1000 trophies! I am your buddy so if that can find me any easier or will help you!

Hello, My name is FrozenHeartzz on the in game. You may see me everywhere most times.
Toothless: Night fury :D
Blue: Woolly Howl
Bone: Boneknapper
Saphria: Stormcutter
Genevive: Death song
Smarty: Death song
BloodFang: Monstorus Nightmare
Big: Sweet Death
Tatiana: HobbleGrunt
Whisper: Whispering Death
Snowy: Snow wraith
ZachAndCharles: Hideous Zippleback
I do have a in game roleplaying family
ThunderCobra: Dad
MLP Dream Weaver: Sister
My best friend is: Roiia






nazimgaming2's picture
Joined: 02/29/2016
i have only 441 trophys



Hi Boys And Girls


My Name :  Nazim , I'm 14 years  I'm forme Algeria And my best dragon is Toothless And Snow Wraith 


Name on SoD :  NAHZIPRO    MY CODE  : DTQ791




ADD ME ON SKYPE said.nazim76 or  (NAHZIPRO)

noelloki's picture
Joined: 08/07/2014
I would be honored to join your clan

Name: LightningDefender

Trophies: 940


I have been looking for a good clan for a while now, and most of the ones i join are usually non active, or serious, or are just kids playing a game. This clan seems like so much more, ive been riding dragons for years now, my main dragon is my nightfury Dark Moon. i currently have 31 dragons, and am trying to adopt more to add to my family. Im active almost every day, and am always racing trying to earn more trophies.While on my nightfury we can usually get first place every race. Thank you so much for your time... i hope that i can be a part of this clan and family.









            P.S. My Friend code is AM1KYG


You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground,

Ill Be Your Wings That Keep Your Head In The Clouds

Nightfury: Dark Moon



haloking's picture
Joined: 03/05/2016
i would love to join

i would love to join your clan because all my friends are in it and i would love to help your clan but i can not because  i do not have the trophies and i do not race anymore.

anyway i hope your clan do well and make it to the top


Welcome to my Signature!

Name: haloking 

Clan: The IceCrystal Nadders

Loyal to king

            trophy amount: 18731

Friend Code: PM me 



my dragon statues

















jbvhhjgcv's picture
Joined: 02/13/2016













Hi im Virtual my best or alpha dragon is 'Windy The Snow Wraith".End my fav

dragons are Scauldrons!!!

Image result for scauldron

Image result for scauldron

Time_Racer's picture
Joined: 08/12/2016

Hello Silverweed,

My ingame name is :Time Racer


i have 2002 Trophies at the moment .


I have 169139 UDT Points (2 golden stars).


I do from 10-15 race per day


i always wanted to fly with lots of players and build strong friendships

and also i wanted to be in a strong and COMPETITIVE clan

like Yours !


So i hope you accept me











Signature under Construction

Silver Weed Lover's picture
Silver Weed Lover
Joined: 08/13/2016
Still collecting

Hi Silver,
I'm still collecting Trophies I currently have 460+ Trophies but I will keep collecting to join your Clan. I'm gonna tell you when I get 2000 Trophies
Viking name: silversanfan
Trophies: 460+ still progressing
I loved all of your riders of Icarus and School of Dragons videos. You have inspired me to do a lot of things SilverWeed, Thank you so much. Even if you don't accept me I don't care i will still like you .


​My Signature


Name: silversanfan


Dragons: 45+


My main dragon: SilverShadow (Windwalker)


Clan: Immortal Demonz



Get more information about the clan here:

By our Chieftain SilverWeed


​Leaders: Chieftain Raivas & Chieftain SilverWeed












widet.abudra's picture
Joined: 03/15/2016

hi if you dont get in that clan i would be honered if you join us xX The Guardians Of The Night Xx

just send a request to join :)



                                                 viking name: xX Adrianna Xx

                             main dragon: Iris (Sand wraith)     

                             Clan position: 121    

                             Clan: xX The Guardians Of The Night Xx

                          youtube channel: adrianna noblewolf



                                                                   MY clan Banner



                                             Some pics of my main dragon, Iris




                                                 now some screenshots of my character:




                                                           Now me and Iris






                                                        Here are some of my fav gif ;)












                 Thanks for viewing my siggi :)


Joined: 08/13/2016
                         MY SIGNATURE

                         MY ACCOUNT NAME "FamilyKnightCoElder"

                                         MY TROPHIES:2004

                                     MY FRIEND CODE "DXUo3Z" 


I am very fond of my youtube videos you a big fan of you I want to join and work together to improve clan in order to become number one in the school of dragons I really want to join your clan , silverweed

The Khaleesi's picture
The Khaleesi
Joined: 06/28/2016
No Subject

Oh wow this clan looks very interesting!










DustySmudge's picture
Joined: 08/12/2016
Immortal Demonz Sign Up

Dear SilverWeed,

My viking name is koolcatz. I have 2400+ trophies and i race almost everyday! My star rate is 2 platnium stars and i have 60+ dragons. The reason that I would LOVE to join the one and only Immortal Demonz is because it strikes me as an amazing, proud clan and also u r my fave youtuber! :) Please please please accept me into Immortal Demonz it would mean a lot to me!

Thanks again,

koolcatz :P

P.S. My friend code is DM3QTG it would mean the world to me if we can be friends in SoD!

Apoa's picture
Viking Warrior
Joined: 08/12/2016
I sent you a message

Hey SilverWeed I sent you a PM, hope you read it soon and accept me in the Clan, I already raised my ammount of trophies, I have more that I wrote in that message...













Check out my Youtube Channel, Apoa's Demon. I hope you will join me in the sky, like many others.


Marvel Dragons


Natasha  Romanova




DC Dragons






Direwolf Dragons












Game of Thrones Dragons










Dragons named after Gods





Here are all my Dragons, shown in order of bonding with them.


Skycutter, a Hideous Zippleback, is a shy and smart Dragon that preffers solitude. But that also means that I'm the only one in the world she really knows and loves.


Sharpwing, a Whispering Death, is an agressive Dragon that lives in the dark caves beneath Berk. On those rare occasions when I can find her, she is very distant and almost never allows me to ride her.


Sparkeye, a Skrill, is a wise Dragon that never fights and can solve every conflict.


Pepy, a Snafflefang, is a playful Dragon that hates work and usually plays with other Dragons in the Wilderness.


Lullu, a Gronckle, is the happiest one. She is always happy, no matter what.


Fireclaw, a Monstrous Nightmare, is a curios Dragon that loves investigating. Every time she finds something new, she has to know exactly what that is.


Saphira, a Shockjaw, is the competitive one. She loves Racing, and won't stop until she comes first ten times in a row.


Wavecalmer, a Thunderdrum, is the gentle one. She never fights with other Dragons, and helps everyone she can.


Brighteyes, a Deadly Nadder, is the strong one. She sacrifices herself for everyone, and never regrets anything.


Softie, a Hotburple, is the lazy one. She spends her days sleeping in the Stables, and it's impossible to get her out for a flight.


Shaphead, a Devilish Dervish, is also one of the wiser Dragons. If we're not flying together, she usually hangs out with Sparkeye.


Braveheart, a Mudraker, is the brave one. When he was only a hatchling, I rescued him from the Dragon Hunters. Now, with my help, in his heart there are flames of bravery that will never stop growing.


Shaggydog, a Night Terror, is the wild one. Even though he's trained and we have a very good bond, he doesn't like chains or cages and will do anything to stay away from those.


Frozen Heart, a Groncicle, is the spirited one. She usually spends her time at Icestorm Island, with her family.


Logi, a Typhoomerang, is the protector. He is extremly loyal to me, but is only dangerous if you try to hurt me, or anyone else.


Wonderwing, a Raincutter, is a cruel but fair Dragon. She stands for justice, and can be deadly if injustice is shown to her.


Lady, a Razorwhip, is an explorer. She loves exploring new islands and searching the sea. Unfortunately, she never plays with her sister Cersei.


Cersei, a Razorwhip, is full of anger, fear and sadness, because she never met or even saw her mother. She doesn't like other Dragons and other Vikings, and I'm the only one she trusts.


Frozen Soul, a Snow Wraith, is the guardian. She is the one that never sleeps at night, because she flies around with me, making sure that everyone is safe.


Summer, a Windwalker, likes to fly very high up to watch at everyone from above. While I can barely hold on to his back, he loves diving and making sharp turns between the clouds.


Princess, a Fireworm Queen, is a real drama queen. When she hatched alongside her 1 253 brothers, she walked right into my Stables. Of course, she had to roar all the time, because that's what she just has to do.



Natasha Romanova, a Sand Wraith, was born for races and killing. Fortunately, she's trained well enough to know right from wrong.


Ghost, a Screaming Death, is a real explorer. He likes to fly around and look for new islands with Lady.


Mockingjay, a Deathsong, is a lonely Dragon I saved from Melody Island. Since many Dragons are afraid of her, I'm always there for her.


Viserion, a Shovelhelm, is a proud, strong Dragon that protects everyone he trusts and kills everyone that betrays him. He's a great friend to have and your worst nightmare if you betray him in any way.


Daenerys, a Timberjack, is a strong, proud Dragon that takes what she wants, but still has a big heart. She's the breaker of chains and Khaleesi of the sky.


Sansa, a Shivertootth, is a young, happy Dragon with big dreams. If we're not flying around Icestorm Island, she is definetly somewhere near Ruff and Tuff.



ellisonn's picture
Joined: 06/08/2015


Joined: 08/22/2016
I are is very kenn on trying

I are is very kenn on trying to join


Smiddyvarg :)


Silver Weed Lover's picture
Silver Weed Lover
Joined: 08/13/2016


Silver Weed Lover's picture
Silver Weed Lover
Joined: 08/13/2016


Silver Weed Lover's picture
Silver Weed Lover
Joined: 08/13/2016


Joined: 09/11/2016



Image result for Woolly howlImage result for night furyImage result for sand wraith dragon

ArnoraSterkinsen's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 10/14/2014

Hi, I've actually been a follower of your youtube channel since the Icestorm Island expansion came out; and as a fellow SOD player I may be interested in joining your clan.

Just give me a short while to put my application together; I'll be back soon.



“We shall fight on the seas and ocean, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; 

we shall never surrender.”

― Winston Churchill     

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

Welcome to my signature; although it is still in a working process, but please enjoy my sig full of everything I admire, believe, and on ocassion, completely obsess over. Also, I humbly apologize for this sig to be extremely long, but it's only because this whole thing is practically my life; if yo so wish to, take your time to go through it all, I do enjoy your company here. 

Proud member of...

— ≈   PART ONE: Interests & Fanaticisms  — ≈♦≈ —

“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.” 

― R.A. SalvatoreStreams of Silver

First off...

 My #1 FAVORITE animals of ALL TIME!!!!! 

(Despite they're only fantasy, but WHO CARES?!?! lol) 

“I'm not so much a dragon slayer, more a dragon annoyer -- I'm a dragon irritater.” 

― Craig Ferguson

... Just out of the blue, as well as curiosity... 

What actor would you like to see play a viking, and what would his/her dragon be?
My Favorite Actor: Dan Aykroyd                         His/Her Dragon: Boneknapper Dragon

  Interlude: Two of my All-time FAVORITE MOVIES:   

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —


(Whew!) Thought I'd gone overboard!


—≈♦≈— PART TWO: SoD Fanart (both Mine and Other Artists) and My Viking OC —≈♦≈—

“The Blades of Chaos, forged in the foulest depths of Hades; once attached the blades remained so, chained and seared to the flesh, a part of the bearer's body.”

― Gaia, God of War series     

Fanfiction, FAQs, & Screenshot Comics:(Click titles for link)

The Blades of Kratos (Coming Soon)
— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —
Art Requests, Fanart, & My Work:

By Nessie -- Thank you so much!           By TosiLohi -- Much Appreciated!              By Defy -- Thank you!

All three drawings by me!

By DatOneTrumpet; Thank you very much!

By TosiLohi -- Thank you so much!

By TosiLohi; (my personal favorite) Thank you!

Both banners by Stiger -- Thank you very much!

      A request I did for MajaPericulum      

Desert Ray, Desert Rose, and Sombra each colored by me -- original bases by SleepyRaccoon.

By Lululu6161; thank you!

By LissaFish; Great job and thank you a bunch!

 — — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

— ≈♦≈ —  PART THREE: My Dragons of HTTYD:SOD  — ≈♦≈ —
Being Redone due to missing pictures
 — — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —
— ≈♦≈ —  PART FOUR: Random Stuff  — ≈♦≈ —

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

Wait... you made it to the end?

Catch ya later, then.

GoldenAlpha's picture
Joined: 09/25/2016
AlphaToothlesTheNightFury Returns

A night fury with over 7800 troophies wants a perfect home for friendship and action and found you. Getting pushed by a vicious hacker, types you back, this time in forum. When I will come back, beacause a bigger hacker returns. Now Alpha is lost, couldnt be found in My account. Brynjolf knows and The New era will return with a new member. Soon, Alpha will be online, on SkyBrooke. You can find me there soon

sweety sand
Joined: 08/16/2016
hi im sweety sand  i want join the clan plz

hii im sweety sand  i have a youtube account

i want enter in immortal demonz bcz i have 2009 trophie my friend code A1GLAW

and this is my signature

im french

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "immortal demonz clan school of dragons"

;) plz add me


DragonGirl1's picture
Dragon Master
Joined: 12/14/2016
Hi Immortal Demonz.

I have my own Clan, but I MIGHT leave to join your Clan when I get 2000 trophies. For now, I only have 200 trophies.



My Signature



Table of Contents


Bunch of Boredom

About Me


Other Stuff



Warning: Bunch of Boredom up ahead!



She shall not be betrayed, nor disrespected,

for she is part of a prophecy long forgotten.

She shall slay every Dragon Hunter alive,

and recreate this into a peaceful world full of dragons.



The God of Lightning stated that this unique human being shall be gifted with untold powers, and take control of all Strike Class dragons.



The trainer of the powerful Skrill, Phantom.



And the legendary Night Fury, Nightwing.



She shall call upon the arrival of the Woolly Howls.



And the Snow Wraiths shall obey her.



The Triple Strykes shall arrive into the world.



And the Bewilderbeast shall rise from the depths of the northern sea.



When the power is given to her, Darkflower the Brave shall rise with the dragons by her side, to lead the battle against Drago Bludvist and the Dragon Hunters, and regain her role as the ruler of all dragons.






About Me


What's up everyone? Welcome to my signature! You can call me DF, Dark, or just simply Darkflower.


Viking Name: DarkflowerTheBrave


Friend Code: PM me or friend me in the game


Likes: Dragons, Video games, Movies, Books, Reptiles


Personality: Friendly, Passionate, Fierce, Short-tempered, Emotional


My Dragons:





Fireclaw-Deadly Nadder



Toothless-Night Fury






























Whisperer-Whispering Death



Duskwing-Triple Stryke









Moonstryke-Triple Stryke







Main Racing Dragon(s):


Toothless-Night Fury














Coming soon...





Other Stuff


Coming soon...
















CristalWings's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 09/16/2016

Good luck on your clan Silver! I am also a subscribed youtube follower.  I watch your community concil vids and have commented on a few. I would like to know just what kind of website video editors or how you make your videos. Not that im trying to make better vids then you but just to get one out there. im having difficulty finding out how. Thanks! ~ Cristal


 gift waiting at sig end!

my discussion: Miraculous Ladybug-season 2 

To join Unique Legacies, pm members! (info below)

(LEADER) Unique Legacies. We are all unique in our own way!

              Me and Toothless II ~ 12-21-16                                              Edited by the amazing Donnala :)  

I am 

Art website down below!



(known as XCristalWingsX in SOD)


Having difficulty seeing gifs? Scroll outside the signature and back again! her sweet self.


by the talented and wonderful: Byanne




i'm a big fan of miraculous...discussion link at top.

season 2 is coming to an end. :'( Waiting for last episodes.

But don't worry! Imma start season 3 thread soon! ;)

its a big time for us fans! check out the thread, + theory vids and episodes on yt and Neflix.

you might just become a fan yourself!

....Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir



Adrienette umbrella scene (where it all started)


Marichat forever!


random MLB sentences I made/like.


-That's a pawful cat pun.

-What? That was punny!

- eyeroll

-hawkmoths new name: Butterfly Freak! lol

- Rediculous, utterly rediculous...what are you? a cow? lol

- Cat you totally blow it, mentioning the total home lockdown.

-Am I the only one who wants to smack Marinette and tell her to get a hold of herself and go talk to him like she's ladybug...because she is? HONESTLY!

- imma smack Adrien 'we're just friends' Agreste if he says it one more time!






Art that has been published by CelebratingArt -no copying! without consent



"Colors of The Wind"~pestals -2015



"Anterior Poppies with Reading Woman" by Anna Ancher

my copy of it -acrilics



Join my clan, #51


newest clan banner made by me. Free to clan members. credit me for art.

Our join page is not avaliable anymore, the form is useless, so...

To join Unique Legacies either click this link to see our chat page,

unique-legacies-recruitment-page-new and improved

...or PM elders with your

- forum name

-game name

-friend code

- trophy number

-how often you play

-if you promise to do what you can to help the clan and be a part of it.

Active Top Elder: tizzilizzie

>Active elder:VasyaM2000(framherjaOfGods)


 Currently on No. 51 in top clans. We value uniqueness!  Make your legacy yours! We are very friendly and always wanna hang out with friends or clanmates. We help each other who is in need.

Clan Leader: Me
Current Members: 52/100
Current Elders: , TizziLizzie, Holaciao, firethefighter, Vasya2000.......

Clan Rules: 

1. Must have at least 100+ trophies to join 
2. Must be friendly and helpful
3. Respect each other
4. Win trophies every so often you play so we will move up(be active often)

5. No hackers (if u see a hacker from the clan report to me w/ proof)
6. Make your Legacy yours and have fun! :)


 We are very nice to each other and are like family! Each one of us is unique in our own way! If you want to join, follow instructions above. Must have at least 100+ trophies to join! To automatically become an elder, you must have 2,000 trophies! If you are axcepted, you may introduce yourself in our chat page, Unique Legacies Talk Show! in the Barracks.  Make your legacy yours! Thanks!! And good luck!! ~CristalWings :D





I am a member of the SODPD.  I will not hesitate to take your keyboard in!



the comeback

i wanna go back

old church choir


the river

enjoy more!


Toothless II, my herd alpha, who protects my signature.

credit to: Rebell




Type: Young Lady

Nickname: Cristal

(did you know Cristal is only

my avitars n.n.? yep)  

Age: 18

B-DAY IS: Feb,12th

adventure level:35

farm level: 23

stars: 2 gold

 Clans: Unique Legacies 

The Dragon Racers

Rank: Leader


Leader: UL: Me (formally fire the fighter)

Trophies: 1950+

Country: mid-Eastern USA

Besties: ClayCanyon,


ThunderBird, formally xXSadieCaneXx,




Floof dom(floofqueen)


(previously known as Springvneedham),


(previously Firefighter),

Ivy is Deadly,

Olivia is Amazing,

and TightWing. 

Special someone: xWaveRyderx

Hang out: Wilderness, Training Grounds, & Edge

Friend codes: PM me for it

Personalities: Loyal, Kind, Encouraging, Forgiving, Caring, Patriotic











Art website:


My second and up to date drawing of CristalWings, holding the flower given to her by her special someone.



My first hand drawn viking drawing of me.









My first hand drawn drawing of a friend, now Thunderbird, and her dragon, Melody.



My viking, done by my wonderful friend, ThunderBird, or xXSadieCaneXx




newest clan banner made by me. Free to clan members. credit me for art.




Unique Legacies Crest- handmade- free to members (credit-by CristalWings)



Unique Legacies Clan-based dragon- by Wutend Bonfire

free to members-credit wutent bonfire


These dragons act as an omen of peaceful passing. Between their resting posture of a hung head, and tri-pupiled eyes, it's easy to see how this calm dragon would spawn legends and myths around it. In the wilds, they live by ocean cliffs or among rockpools, scavenging molluscs and seagrasses, plus the occasional trapped fish. They are better at swimming than running or flying, and often their wing shape and patterns can be just as entrancing as their eyes.





Real-Life favorites:











(chihuahuas alot)





miraculous ladybug





I Love:


1. Hanging out with friends!


2. Taking car of clan!


3. Winning races!


4. Getting new dragons!


5. Quests!


6. Soaring through the sky!





Current Dragons:

in received order


1. Jewel (lady nadder)


2. Zap (guy shackjaw)


3. Red Amber (lady deathsong)


4. Valor (guy armorwing)


Fav.  5. Gold (lady razorwhip)


6. Raphael (guy singetail)


7. Rocky (guy erutadon)


Fav.  8. patriot (guy typhoomerang)


Fav. 9. Toothless II (guy sand wraith)


10. Queen Elsa (lady groncicle)


11. Aquada (lady sliqifier)


Fav.12. Leena (lady sand wraith)


13. Gecko (lady flame whipper)


14. Silver Moonlight (lady whoolly howl)



Me and my Flame Whipper, Gecko, as a baby.



Cristal's origins:


Cristal is Astrids cousin and friend. Her dad was Fearless Finn Hofferson, brother to Astrids Dad. Cristal is 2 years younger then Astrid though she sometimes thinks and often shows she just as smart. She has a more caring personality and connects more with dragons on a soul and mind level. Just the same Cristal admires and loves her cousin above all. She was born with really light blue black hair but after exposure to a dragon it lightened to an aqua blue unseen by Vikings before. At first she was teased because of this but at age 12, she made her first breakthrough to a pink blue nadder in front of all of Berk. Now she is known as a sort of "dragon whisperer."  On her first flight on the pink blue Nadder she named Jewel, it was chaotic but she soon gained her trust and they flew flawlessly. After that Cristal was given the name CristalWings because of her great flight skills with dragons. Currently, Her sand wraith, Toohless II(aka Tooth) is her loyal companion and alpha of her trained dragons. Tooth has a little sister sand wraith that Cristal named Leena. Leena is a bit spoiled as she hatched with a beautiful rare pink dragon skin and she refuses to get it dirty. At first Leena was reluctant to learn to fly and she was a little wobbly for a while but now she glides through the blue skies with ease. Cristal lives in the one hut below and to the left of buckets house in berk. She isn't a part of the "gang" but she is considered a dragon rider. When the dragon training began she very much wanted to join but it wasn't meant to be. She does however join and help them occasionally. She's currently the leader of the clan Unique Legacies. She trains dragons by being on their level to gain their trust. She also uses her gift of song to soothe and be one with them. She is devoted to the well being of dragons and is a protector of berk.



Gamer's Biography:


    Hello everyone! I'm CristalWings! I'm  Leader of the rank #51 clan, Unique Legacies, and a member of top 10 clan, The Dragon Racers! I have been playing SOD for  2 years now and a forum for over 1!  I love all of  the HTTYD movies and seasons! (but i like the first best!).


  I also adore Miraculous Ladybug! Like really adore. I have a fan page for it at the top.    Pound it! ( kudos to those who know where that's from!)    Like most I adore Hiccup and Toothless! I am not a member sadly but I dont like the idea of paying real money to play a game. (that doesnt mean im not a serious player!)  But I have done a free month of membership and did quite a bit of the packs!


   I love painting, (my account pic is one that I painted!!) singing,acting and of course playing SOD! My favorite music artists are TobyMac, Britt Nicole, Mandisa, and For King and Country! I often watch game videos on youtube! LOVE super mario odyssey!!!  I love dogs and horses! My favorite color is light blue which is how i came up with my name.


  I have bought the Edge, Icestorm Island, Impossible Island, Return to dragon island, and the deathsong pack. Whenever i find an argument i try to stop it with everyone leaving happy so i guess im a Peacemaker here in the game. Im always posting something cool so check out my track! I love God and I love you all! Keep on shining!!!  


                                                                 ~ CristalWings :D





free to members(credit- by firefighter-inactive)





My Screenshots



Happy Friends Day!!


Me and my groncicle Queen Elsa on the lookout.


Me and my younger sand wraith Leena.









Majestic Toothless

Image result for toothless pic



How to Train Your Dragon movie poster

 Image result for httyd movie poster



Image result for httyd movie gifs




Image result for httyd 1 movie gifs

Duh da duh We're dead. (love it!)



How To Train Your Dragon 2

Image result for HTTYD pics and short videos 150X 150X

 Doesnt Toothless have a cheshire-like smile in this picture!!! So cute and different! 



 friend fight



Related image

3..2..1..HES DOWN!!!



                                                                            Funny POTC gifs





lol lol lol :D





WOW! You made it to the end! Congrats...thanks for viewing!....hope you have found some intresting info from it! Maybe a laugh or two!  and here's a cute chihuahua pic for your sig. Have a spetacular and sparkly day!~CW<3


Here's the link for it if you can't see it.

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Viking Warrior
Joined: 11/17/2016
Hi Immortal Demonz

Hi Immortal Demonz

I want to join your clan


Viking Name:

1. Rineia (2000 Trophy)  Code : EL3POL

2. Kazuzhi (2000 Trophy) Code : EP4KX9

(Both of them want to join but they're in the same ID so I can't used them at the same time)


I want to join Immortal Demonz because your clan is really amazing. Everytime I race, I almost met Immortal Demonz clan member and they all really fast and your video in youtube is really cool that I never imagine how amazing your clan is.


My friends in SoD game call me "Insane Racer" because I'm really fast in racing course EVEN WITHOUT using speed Boost and other boxes in racing game but even I'm fast, your clan member is really fast than me and that's make me motivated to train to get faster as I can. I really want to become your friends to all fellow Immortal Demonz. I'll try to follow all the rules in the clan that you wrote it in the forum.


For more Information about my Viking, look at my signature.




Hello Everyone 


------------------------------------ABOUT ME-----------------------------------

mrizky2121, also know as Rineia and Kazuzhi in SoD

Male, 19, introvert and friendly, college student, like games, music, animation

(Including making one if I'm interest), making story, and something cute and cool :)

Note : I'm a silent player because of the chat ban...

Extremely Important Note: My keyboard is kinda broken so

I'm kinda "out of control" during the race, not try to bump you...


Proud member of...


(Gif Image)

(Dragon Doodle art by ScarfyWings and the animation by myself)



Link to my threads

ScarfyWings and mrizky2121 Dragon Doodle Art Collaboration (OPEN)

(Look below for example or talk to the user who accept the permission on that link)


--------------------------MY COLLABORATION ART--------------------------



(Gif Image)

(Dragon Doodle art by ScarfyWings and the animation by myself)


---------------------------------ART BY OTHER---------------------------------










(Gif Image)

(Freezia, Niflheim, Night Fang, and White Fang, art by ScarfyWings and the animation by myself)



--------------------------------THINGS I LOVE---------------------------------



(Click the name of the TV/Movie to go to their official site)


How To Train Your Dragon

(The coolest movie I've ever watch!)

(Gif Image)



PAW Patrol

(The cutest cartoon I've ever watch!)

(Gif Image)




-------------------------------------The End-------------------------------------

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Viking Warrior
Joined: 02/10/2017
Oh! Oh! Pick me! I'm holding my hand the highest!

I've loved playing school of dragons for many years but never had a clan of my own! Me and my dragon Beowulf been lone wanderesr for close to years and the community set up in the Immortal Demonz looks like our idea of home.


I have almost 3000 Trophies, my in game name is Hockup. :)






I have a dream, You are there

High above the clouds somewhere


Rain is falling from the sky, But it never touches you...

You're way up high


No more worries... No more fears

You have made them disappear

Sadness tried to steal the show
But now it feels like many years ago

And I...
I will be with you every step

I found a friend in you
And I'll keep you close forever...

Come fly with me, 
Into a fantasy. 
Where you can be,
Whoever you want to be.
Come fly with me...!

We can fly all day long

Show me the world

Sing me a song

Tell me what the future holds

You and me will paint it all in gold!

And I...

I will believe your every word






I have a friend in you

And I'll keep you close forever...

Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)
Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)


Where you can be,

Whoever you want to be


Come fly with me


And oh, as time goes on, we grow.

In ways we'd never imagine...

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Viking Warrior
Joined: 02/10/2017
Oh my gosh

Im so sorry about how many times that posted xD something went horribly wrong there. Why isn't there a delete button?!

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Viking Warrior
Joined: 02/10/2017





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Viking Warrior
Joined: 02/10/2017




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Joined: 01/10/2016
Let's do this!

Hi :) Hopefully you are still accepting new members. I have read all the rules so hopefully I’m good to go! Best wishes!

-Viking name


-Friend Code


color:indigo">-Trophy Count

        2006 Trophies

color:indigo">-A quick explanation of why you want to join.

        I truly love how the clan is so connected and works together to meet a certain goal! Being part of the Immortal Demonz would mean a lot as I could be the best I can and aim go for. 


Battle eventMakeira the Mighty


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Joined: 01/09/2017
Immortal Demonz

Name: Riderrumkidz

Clan: Dusk Lighting

Tropihes: 2529 and counting

Alpha: Shadowstorm(Skrill)

Rank in clan: Leader

Freind code: Pm me please.

Reason: I want to help silver and the others get to the top ever since i saw the first clan, please let me and my dragons help you.



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Joined: 01/09/2017
Immortal Demonz

Name: Riderrumkidz

Clan: Dusk Lighting

Tropihes: 2529 and counting

Alpha: Shadowstorm(Skrill)

Rank in clan: Leader

Freind code: Pm me please.

Reason: I want to help silver and the others get to the top ever since i saw the first clan, please let me and my dragons help you.

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Joined: 01/09/2017
Immortal Demonz

Name: Riderrumkidz

Clan: Dusk Lighting

Tropihes: 2529 and counting

Alpha: Shadowstorm(Skrill)

Rank in clan: Leader

Freind code: Pm me please.

Reason: I want to help silver and the others get to the top ever since i saw the first clan, please let me and my dragons help you.

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Joined: 01/09/2017
Immortal Demonz

Name: Riderrumkidz

Clan: Dusk Lighting

Tropihes: 2529 and counting

Alpha: Shadowstorm(Skrill)

Rank in clan: Leader

Freind code: Pm me please.

Reason: I want to help silver and the others get to the top ever since i saw the first clan, please let me and my dragons help you.

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Joined: 01/09/2017
Immortal Demonz

Name: Riderrumkidz

Clan: Dusk Lighting

Tropihes: 2529 and counting

Alpha: Shadowstorm(Skrill)

Rank in clan: Leader

Freind code: Pm me please.

Reason: I want to help silver and the others get to the top ever since i saw the first clan, please let me and my dragons help you.

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Berk's Power Player
Joined: 08/18/2017

Hey Cyberwyld, how many trophies are necessary to join the clan Dusk Lightning?
I am a great fan of the skrill


Hello everyone welcome to my signature 



Picture made by X Katerina Pettrova X THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!


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Joined: 01/09/2017

2000 and higher, that's all.

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Berk's Power Player
Joined: 08/18/2017

Thanks, I'll do a lot of races