I'm stuck, Please help xp

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I'm loving the new expansion sos far but I've gotten stuck while trying to climb up to the Eruptodon statue on the quest 'Return to the Impossible'. I'm at this part of it (see below) and I have no idea how to get acros the water. I've back-tracked and whatnot but still come up empty. Does anyone know how to get across?







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what are you using?

Have you tried clearing your cache? Or quit the game and then go back in? Worked for me when I did the diving quest, maybe then  something appears that you can use? :) just a suggestion :p


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Hello! Thanks for reporting this. It seems you may have missed a quest, please check with the NPC's to see if they have a quest for you. Do let us know. Thanks! 



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I'm currently having this

I'm currently having this problem too

The last NPC I spoke with was the Archeologist and he told me to go light the fire in the eruptodon statue





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I just went back and it seems

I just went back and it seems that it was pointing me outside the room with the cage!

The quest arrow is a little confusing and I accidentally went through the door without intending to

It just started loading so I figured that was right


I've managed to get across that area now :D

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please explain how. I am also

please explain how. I am also stuck here. need to light dragon statues but the statues wont do anything. the only other place to go is this room of water. totally stuck!


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You need to go outside the building and climb the Eruptodon Statue:

The maze (that room with water) is the next quest.




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yes go back out

To light the statue you have to go out again not inside the building. 

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yes go back out

To light the statue you have to go out again not inside the building.