I'm lonely, kinda wanna talk about TrollHunters (Tv show)

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So, TrollHunters, great show, I just feel like talking about it but I have no idea where else....... soooo.

I just watched it, it's really good so if you havn't seen it GO GOGOGOGOGO watch it and come back so we can rant together.

The reason i'm kinda sad/angry/giving up everything is because of season 3. So spoiler zone coming in. watch out I warned you!

I can't belive Merlin is Jim's father! I'm just kidding XD xD that was a funny joke though XD. But for reals, spoiler time.

I loved the first season because is was not so crazy and chill, sometimes it was about school and I liked it when they where in school, Bular was a dagner but I wasn't that worried because I was kinda spoiled too that he kills Bular and then there was Strikler, I didn't quite hate him but I didn't love him either. Any way the first season was great but then....... JIM GOES INTO THE DARK LANDS, I wasn't that bothered, I was bothered that he left his friends but I knew that this was TrollHunter and eventually everthing would be A-okay. But now we're getting closer to my point so hang in there. I knew Ursuna was gonna be bad kinda, I though she was gonna be like Umbridge, but this Umbridge was working for Voldemort not the Minestry. And I liked that in season 3 ARGG's buddies where helping him, but now heres my reason of anger....... MERLIN!!!!!! I hate that guy! Because Merlin's beard was he shady, I was thinking he was gonna be this all powerful man who is important and chose Jim because he was a great human but nOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, he is doubtfull in JIm so he turns Jim into a fre.aking TROLL!!! The whole time I was like "No No nO nono hoNOnOjooNOnonO JIM DON"T YOU DARE!". And tell you what I'm noy a vocal audiance member, I don't laugh that easily when watching movies, I cry rarely (infinity war) and scream NO like once in a lifetime. So this was crazy for me I swear I was having a hard time breathing, like that never happens.

So back to Troll Jim, I WILL PERSONALLY MUR>DER MERLIN MY SELF WITH BARE HANDS!!!!!! I don't wanna say I hate troll Jim because people might get mad at me but I am gonna say it I HATE TROLL JIM, IT"S NOT JIM!!! IT'S NOT WHO THE AMULET CHOSE!!!!! 

I was thinking that Merlin was wrong and Jim needed to be human in order to defeat Gunmar and Lady Whatever because thats who the amulet chose human Jim Lake jr. Another thing ticked me off the planet earth is that they split up in the end, Jim and Claire went to find a new home for the Trolls and they left Toby, like HEEEEECK NAW!!!! They totatly forgot what the show TrollHunters was made for, friendship is magic (wait no sorry different show), I mean with friends you are stronger... or something like that.

So my point is that they totally ruined the old TrollHunters feel. AND I DISLIKE TROLL JIM!!!!!! I was so sure they would change him back! Plus I heard that there will not be a season 4. Just new shows in the trilogy, like the Trolls are safe and happy now they need to fight ailens or wizards or something. But they need to change Jim back! If they don't I'm getting real mad!!!!!



Thanks for staying with me for this epic adventure of my ranting, I'm sorry for this extremly long post I'm just really emotional right now. If anyone wanna discuss theories with me, i'm open.

(I think this is the longest post I have ever writen)




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YAAY TROLLHUNTERS FAN!! Ahem. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I love that show so much! It's my favorite one right now. I have to agree though, Merlin wasn't what I expected... I don't like him all that much. And Troll-Jim... Well, he's stronger and faster and more agile, but I had hoped that he would be able to become a human again! :( About this being the end, though, we might get to see more of Jim and the trolls. As you probably know, Trollhunters is part 1 of three branches: Trollhunters, 3 Below, and Wizards. 3 Below is about Aja and Krel, the two kind of weird kids we meet in one of the episodes (The ones that help them catch lightning), as well as Eli and Steve. The first season of 3 Below just came out today! :D Wizards is going to come out in 2019, and will be a wrap-up of everything, so we will probably get to see the trolls again then, at least. So, I'm hoping that Jim will change back in one of those...



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​His family adopted Ginger when he was five months old. He trained his first dragon, Fastfire, when he was ten. Since then, he has trained many more dragons.

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Manicah, GoldenPhoenixFire,

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i totally feel you! man i thought i was the only one that hated it. Plus, i mean i was ok with troll Jim, i dig it he looked awesome and kinda ave a Beast from Xmen vibe...i loveeeeed that he was super pew but i mean...i figured that he would go back to normal Jim? i hated that he stayed troll! And he cant be in the sun anymore, HE CANT EAT?! I LOVED THAT HE WAS SUCH A GOOD COOK NOW HE CANT EAT?!?!?! he cant r hidehis scooter, he cant do anything now....even take off his armor! f*ck merlin and his stupid potion! sorry, im just censored. I´m gonna give the book a try tho it might be better



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Kenna Fearstone is the Chief of Berk´s ally tribe Gorkank. With Hiccup´s help, Gorkank too trains their own dragons for protection and company. They are known for their abilities in battle with their dragons, giving Gorkank´s habitants the name of "Fire Warriors".

Also known for their famous sport, Capture the Yak. Where 20 dragon riders divide and play against each other to capture the oposite team´s protected yak.

Kenna and Hiccup are good friends and fellow dragon trainers.







DESCRIPTION: Battlecry is Kenna´s first dragon, she´s an albino Flightmare and her best racer. They met when Battlecry kidnapped Kenna from a boat when she was 15 and took her flying, before returning her home safely. Hiccup taught Kenna to bond with her shortly afterwards. She became Kenna´s battle dragon and best friend. She´s serious and very overprotective of Kenna, but tends to be temperamental and adores making an entrance with her landings. Kenna goes almost anywhere with her, specially during her visits to Berk. Battlecry is friends with Cloudjumper since before she met Kenna.






DESCRIPTION: One of stormfly´s babies, Kenna adopted him during one of her visits to Berk, since he seemed to feel very comfortable around her. Kenna´s favorite dragon for Capture the Yak. She had trouble locating him in the night, (hense the name) , due to its dark colors. He loves playing around and has a tendency for hyperactive behaviors. Kenna usually complains about his lack of obedience and for this reasons she avoid taking him on official Chief missions. 





DESCRIPTION:  Kenna rescued Silvertooth from dragon hunters when he was a baby, she took care of him ever since. His skin is unusually pale and green for a dragon of his species, and has some trouble setting himself on fire due to his young age. Kenna is training him to become a battle dragon just like Battlecry. He loves long flights and absolutely hates being left behind when Kenna goes on scouting missions.


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i totally feel you! man i thought i was the only one that hated it. Plus, i mean i was ok with troll Jim, i dig it he looked awesome and kinda ave a Beast from Xmen vibe...i loveeeeed that he was super pew but i mean...i figured that he would go back to normal Jim? i hated that he stayed troll! And he cant be in the sun anymore, HE CANT EAT?! I LOVED THAT HE WAS SUCH A GOOD COOK NOW HE CANT EAT?!?!?! he cant r hidehis scooter, he cant do anything now....even take off his armor! f*ck merlin and his stupid potion! sorry, im just censored. I´m gonna give the book a try tho it might be better

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I know! I hope Merlin steps

I know! I hope Merlin steps in cow dung and falls of a cliff! I expected him  be the abselute best, Merlin was the one who chose Jim as a human and the he's like "Ouhh lets make you a Troll so you can be what I want you to be". 

Merlin made a potion to turn Jim into a Troll so shouldn't there be a potion to turn Trolls into humans? I am so mad at them for not changing Jim back, now that Merlin has his magic back.

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I knew about 3 Below and Wizards but I didn't know 3 Below came out today!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!

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3 Below Release.

Oops, sorry, looks like there was a mistake on the release date for 3 Below! It's not coming out for a little while yet. My bad, sorry! :X


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Oh you're fine! 

Oh you're fine! 

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I really enjoyed Trollhunters. It has likeable characters, great character development and I just can't get over the designs, animation and general style.. It was a really good kids' series. You don't see that often. 


I think the ending was a good ending for a show finale. It was open, felt kind of satifsying and will probably be relevant in 3 Below and Wizards. At least, I hope so.


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Yeah the ending was good as

Yeah the ending was good as like a ending but I really didn't like them splitting up and Jim still being Troll, I just wished Merlin had changed him back or something.

I also hope that in 3 Below it shows us how the Trolls settled in the new TrollMarket.

The whole thing of him being human and still helping the Trolls was just dropped and lost the the ocean (metaphore I stuggled to translate from a different language). So Merlin totally ruins the good old TrollHunters we know.

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Well, it was mentioned a couple times that there was no way to reverse the transformation. Story-wise I liked it, because it made the choice much more difficult and it shows how Jim made peace with his 'fate', or so to speak. It had to do with pure conviction to the purpose showing that sometimes, sacrifices need to be made-- albeit in a non-standard way this time.

It would have been a bit weak, story-wise,  if despite all the warnings that there was no way back he would still be able to get deus-exed back into a human, if that makes sense! 


Ahhh and yeah I hope we'll see the new Trollmarket in 3 Below! That's be neat.

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Yes story wise they did good,

Yes story wise they did good, they needed to change things up a bit so it wasn't like previous seasons like how they just kill Bular or Angor Rot. But I am still hopeing for them to find a antidote for Jim, since all the "danger" is over. Something else I'm thinking is that 3 Below might not show alot of Jim and Claire because in one trailer they showed Eli and Toby trying to figure out ailens and if Jim and Claire where there I think Eli would of invited all of them to his house so look at a clue, map, board thing, I could be wrong but I think 3 Below will be a time for Toby and the rest of Arcadia to shine, occasionally with scenes showing what Jim and Claire are doing but this is just what I think.

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I've been watching Trollhunters since it came out and I love the show what I don't like is that they decided to turn Jim into a troll he could have easily defeated Gunmarr without being a troll he defeated Bularr not being a troll so he could defeated Gunmarr maybe after being tossed around a time or two and breaking a leg but still why turn him into a troll. The only thing it did was make the fight easy, it didn't benefit him in any way shape or form.


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