I'm just utterly livid.....

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So after being gone for a while, I decided to check back in on my dragons only to find out....oh wait i only have one dragon when i SHOULD HAVE MORE THAN THAT, I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON BUT THIS BETTER BE FIXED, I'VE EARNED EVERY SINGLE DRAGON LEGITIMATELY AND IM BEYOND IRRITATED THAT THIS EVEN HAPPENED. Please someone help me i've spent years getting the collection of dragons with money i didnt even have at the time but really wantd to support the game. I want my dragons back asap.


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She loves too fly fast with the lighting. Loves to eat angler fish. We share a bond like hiccup and toothless.



AGE 12

Loves to roam the tunnels and be with other whispering deaths and screaming deaths. She just had two screaming death babies. She loves eat salmon.




Very and spontanious you never know what she would do next. just don't touch her tail she hates that.




Loud, fast and docile, she is named after my little cousin.




This is my pride and joy she is sweet and loves to play. She loves al the other species of dragons. She just needs a mate. She loves people but hates hackers and fire trolls.
















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Glitched out of stables

this is probably the 'glitched out of stables' glitch that many of us have had. Hopefully if you go to your stables and click on the stable button you can add them into the stables again and you'll have them back.

I hope that works, if not it may be a good idea to contact the support team.


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Made by the amazing Fairy Godmother.

Drawn by me :)



Image result for komodo dragonImage result for bearded dragon

Komodo Dragon                          Bearded Dragon



Image result for draco volanImage result for chinese water dragon

Draco Volan                                   Chinese Water Dragon  




 Alex Mustard/NPL)Image result for dragonfly

Weedy Sea Dragon                        Dragonfly



Image result for armadillo lizard

Armadillo Lizard (surely this is a dragon too?)






Made by the talented NarixuZen.

Made by the talented NarixuZen

My dragons: (all drawn by me)

Misty - my main dragon.















Please note I always use reference pictures for my art which I always get from google images.

To be continued......(I have a LOT more dragons! XD