I'm back-ish lol

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So I used to play this game before and I kinda stopped last year and yeah, anyway I wanted to get back in this game just for nostalgic purposes lol but um I'm kinda stuck at the loading screen, whether I log in on my account or play as a guest


Speaking of my account, do the developers delete old and inactive accounts or something?


It would be nice if some of you could help if you want ig


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Nightsky is gone...where are you?? I swear he was here a sec ago

Glitches have been always a part of this game. :D But that's how we love it. :D I think should be only patient. You'll get throught the loading screen...eventually... :D

About old accounts, I thought the same. ((Than I realized I just forgot my password. Oops... :D) I was inactive for 2 and a half year. And I've got everything I had. :) Nothing changed. :) ((Well except for the world. :D Took me long enough to find everything. :D))

Honestly, I don't think I helped, but if I accidentally did, I'm glad I could. :D


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