I'm back after 3 years! :D

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Oh my gosh I haven't logged into the game in 3 whole years! I've just started playing again and it all looks so different. Can you guys tell me about any new interesting features? Of course I know about the new islands and expansion packs, but what new dragons are there? Anything at all that has been updated or added to the game in the past 3 years. I'm really excited to keep playing!







Name: CrystalFangzz ~

Gender: Female

Level: 46

Friend code: PM me :)

Clan: The Dragon Racers


Hi! My name is CrystalFangzz, but you can call me Crystal :3

I like talking with my friends, flying around with my dragons, and racing in my free time


My Dragons:



Earthquake: Adult Rumblehorn (Male)

Peach: Adult Rumblehorn (Female)

Fireclaw: Adult Deadly Nadder (Male)

Sunny: Adult Deadly Nadder (Female)

Toothless: Adult NIght Fury (Male)

Icicle: Adult Groncicle (Male)

Frosty: Adult Groncicle (Female)

Ash: Adult Groncicle (Male)

Windslicer: Titan Razorwhip (Male)

Goldheart: Adult Razorwhip (Male)

Amethyst: Adult Deathsong (Female)

Steelwing: Adult Armorwing (Male)

Flamethrower: Adult Singetail (Male)

Eruptor: Adult Eruptodon (Male)

Hobble: Adult Hobblegrunt (Male)

Gecko: Adult Flamewhipper (Male)

Zap: Adult Shockjaw (Male)

Whisperer: Adult Whispering Death (Male)

Duskwing: Adult Triple Stryke (Male)

Moonstryke: Adult Triple Stryke (Female)

Sonic: Adult Thunderdrum (Male)

Dawnstar: Adult Raincutter (Female)

Solar: Adult Woolly Howl (Female)

Phantom: Adult Dreadstrider (Male)

Dustclaw: Adult Sand Wraith (Male)

Seacloud: Adult Scauldron (Female)

Bunny: Adult Monstrous Nightmare (Male)

Obsidian: Adult Gronckle (Male)

Sun and Moon: Adult Zippleback (Male)

Mango: Adult Sweet Death (Female)

Sunspot: Adult Fire Terror (Male)

Aqua: Adult Speedstinger (Female)

Topaz: Adult Snafflefang (Male)

Watermelon: Adult Grapple Grounder (Male)

Shugosha: Adult Elder Sentinel (Male)

Venom: Adult Deathgripper (Male)

Meatball: Adult Hobgobbler (Male)

Bolt: Adult Skrill (Male)

Ghost: Adult Snow Wraith (Male)

Aphrodite: Adult Slithersong (Female)

Flash: Adult Silver Phantom (Male)

Sea Breeze: Tide Glider (Female)

Snowfire: Adult Shivertooth (Female)

Juniper: Adult Changewing (Male)

Blu: Adult Dramillion (Male)

Swampy: Adult Mudraker (Male)

Pouncer: Adult Nightlight (Male)

Ruffrunner: Adult Nightlight (Male)







If you want to be friends with me, just pm me or request in the game, though I may not accept you. Sorry about that 



                                                Bye bye!! ^^


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Well, the most changes are.... hybrid dragons, I think(and a whole new world of bugs)....

Scroll down below!


Welcome to my signature!



This is Skylight, guardian of my siggy, created by the amazing Sohki!

 And this art was made by Warmetalgaruamon, another amazing art of Skylight! 



My Windwalker mug hatchling Neptune, made by Sohki!



My Seashocker, Ocean, done by Sohki!



River, also done by Sohki!

My adopted bunnies, Sam(left) and Fluffy(right)! (From Moonfyre)


My Deadly Razortail, Swiftspine, Made by the talented StormShear57!

A special thanks to Flitt for these amazing pieces of artwork!



Both Night Lights were made by AndreaEaston(Thanks, Andrea!)


Male Lycanwing, Midnight                                                            Female Lycanwing, Shadow

Both Lycanwings were created by the amazing AMAZIEing!(Get it? Amazing? AMAZIEing? Never mind....)



Fizzlebolt, my Skrill, done wonderfully by the talented Snudoo!


Dramillion Banner made by Dragonriders Fury!


Calumon Night Light made by InkiDigiWing


Down below are some of my favorite HTTYD gifs!








A few things about myself


Hi, my full username is SilverAceWing, but you can call me Ace. I am a proud Christian, and for all those who do not know Jesus yet,

"Believe in Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household."

I am a very big dragon fan, and this is my second time of school of dragons.

I used to play it, but I erased it for some reason(I can't remember why I did that). By the way, my name was NOT inspired by SilverWillowWing. Its because I like the color silver, in httyd books, it says 'the best is not the most obvious' so I didn't like gold, which is the best. I chose silver, which is second-best. And 'Ace' because I am very fast in TRR, 'Wing' because I mistyped the 'g'. It was supposed to be 'wind', with a 'd'.


Clan : Isle of Gazoo


Current Clan Position : Elder


Trophies : About 600 and counting!


Languages : Korean, English, and Boar Latin(The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut were generous enough to give me 473 free lessons.)


Main Viking : SilverAceWind


Main Dragons : Glowfin(Male Dreadstrider), Healbeam(Female Prickleboggle), Sandstorm(Male Sand Wraith), Dart, Pouncer,Wavebuster(Male titan wing Thunderdrum), and Winter(titan wing Woolly Howl)


Where to Find Me in-game : Training grounds, mostly, sometimes Wilderness when Im trying to take screenshots.


Favorite Dragons Top 10 : Dramillion, Razorwhip, Dart, Dreadstrider, Speed Stinger, Light Fury, Death Song, Pouncer, Night Fury, Woolly Howl


Favorite Dragon Classes : Sharp, Mystery, and Strike


Expansion Packs Completed : Icestorm Island, Battle for the Edge, Rise of Stormheart, The Hidden World, and Secret of the Leviathan





Yes, I am a MASSIVE Pokemon and HTTYD fan!


My favorite pokemon is  Lycanroc, especially dusk form! I like Eevee too, cuz, well, who wouldn't like that cuddly cute pokemon?



 Clan Banners made by EmeraldHuntress65!


You have reached the bottom of my boring siggy!

Bye-Bye, and thanks to all the users who gave me some amazing art!


The prize that was here has been taken by Flittington. It is now closed.

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Drums R Round. Pi R Squared.

First off, welcome back!


There are a ton of new dragons.  And somewhat recently, they started adding hybrid dragons to the game.  After 3 years, there are so many new dragons i have lost track.  If you check the in-game store or the game's wiki, you can find a list of what dragons they have added.



Rest in Peace NarixuZen.  2004-2017

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Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth is finished!!


Book 9 - The Mist in the Darkness

Coming Soon!


Destiny in the Dark

Chapter 3 - Friends and Enemies


Proud Leader and fellow member of:


















Here are links to the chapters of my fan-fic series.  The books go in chronological order.


The Clue of the Missing Socks.

Chapters 1 and 2                         Chapter 3                                       Chapter 4

Chapter 5                                      Chapter 6                                        Chapter 7

Chapters 8 and 9                        Chapter 10                                     Chapter 11

Chapters 12 and 13                     Chapters 14, 15, and 16             Chapter 17

Chapter 18                                    Chapter 19                                      Chapter 20

Chapter 21 and 22                      Chapter 23                                     Chapter 24 and 25

Chapter 26 - There is a hidden surprise.  Can you find it?

Chapter 27                                   Chapter 28, Part 1                         Chapter 28, Part 2

Chapter 29                                   Chapter 30                                       Chapter 31

Chapter 32                                   Chapter 33                                       Chapter 34

Chapter 35                                   Chapter 36                                       Chapter 37

Chapter 38                                   Chapter 39                                       Chapter 40

Chapter 41                                   Chapter 42                                       Chapter 43

Chapter 44                                   Chapter 45, Parts 1 and 2


The Mysterious Frozen Fire

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Chapter 19       Chapter 20      Chapter 21        Chapter 22, Part 1       Chapter 22, Part 2 

Chapter 22, Part 3

Epilogue/Preview for my Third Story!


Thoughts of Guilt

Chapters 1 and 2          Chapters 3 and 4          Chapter 5          Chapter 6          Chapter 7

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Chapter 12, Part 2          Chapter 13         Chapter 14         Chapter 15         Chapter 16

Chapter 17 and 18         Chapter 19         Chapter 20         Chapter 21         Chapter 22

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Chapter 38, Part 1         Chapter 39, Part 2         Chapter 40, Part 3         Chapter 41

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Chapter 25        Chapter 26       Chapter 27         Chapter 28        Chapter 29 Parts 1 and 2 

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Chapter 6    Chapter 7    Chapter 8    Chapter 9    Chapter 10

Chapter 11    Chapter 12    Chapter 13    Chapter 14    Chapter 15

Chapter 16   Chapter 17    Chapter 18    Chapter 19    Chapter 20

Chapter 21    Chapter 22    Chapter 23    Chapter 24    Chapter 25

Chapter 26    Chapter 27    Chapter 28    Chapter 29    Chapter 30

Chapter 31    Chapter 32    Chapter 33    Chapter 34    Chapter 35

Chapter 36    Chapter 37    Chapter 38    Chapter 39    Chapter 40

Chapter 41    Chapter 42    Chapter 43    Chapter 44    Chapter 45 & 46

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Teaser "Trailer" for Book 8 - Conquest of the Truth


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Chapter 7    Chapter 8    Chapter 9    Chapters 10 and 11    Chapter 12

Chapter 13    Chapter 14    Chapter 15    Chapter 16    Chapter 17    Chapter 18

Chapter 19    Chapter 20    Chapter 21    Chapter 22    Chapter 23

Chapter 24    Chapter 25 and 26    Chapter 27    Chapter 28    Chapter 29

Chapter 30    Chapter 31    Chapter 32    Chapter 33    Chapter 34

Chapter 35 and Epilogue


The Wedding

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3 

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Events were intoduced in 2019- limited-time grindfests with activities you can do to get tokens, which you can exchange for prizes, like flight suits, dragons etc. Sounds fun, but it's not really that much fun in practice.


Then there's Tactics- a turn-based combat minigame they introduced in 2018. With it came weapons and armour with combat stats. 


The new level cap for both vikings and dragons is now 50.


Small Signature Squad-- because we don't hate people and neither should you.

Neo // poopoo drawer

more cool links:





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The hype now is hybrid dragons including the lesser-hybrid Night Lights (before anyone asks how to get them, they were Snoggletog event exclusive and the event has already passed). Biggest hybrid now is Galeslash (Stormcutter/Nadder) but it is SO BROKEN! Don't age it up or you'll probably be locked out of your account OR the game just loads eternally. The other hybrids are: Zapplejack (Thawfest event), Dreadstrider and Skrillknapper (Dreadfall event). Many people are upset because these dragons are SUPPOSED to be event EXCLUSIVE but are now being put in the store. The Dreadstrider is now here to stay for 1,000 gems. Sound expensive? It used to be worth 5,000 and/or a lot of hard work in the Dreadfall event. So if this keeps up, you don't even have to worry about event participation. 

The Light Fury has been added with Toothless upon a 3+ month membership purchase. She, too, takes up stable space even after the membership ends, and likewise becomes useless.


Bug after bug after bug after bug and the devs seem to show zero interest in fixing them. With so many people being locked out and this whole "server time call out" going on anyway, why not take the game down for maintenance? Fix the bugs, TEST THE MATERIAL before releasing it into the game, and put it back up for a smooth running game. 

Devs took away gem stable quests, Flightmare and Dreadstrider customization, and some other perks.


Dragon bundles/sales are weekly but unwanted in that BUG FIXES FIRST. And with the age-up bundle...hahah that was a pretty bold move by the devs. Especially since nobody can get into the game to buy it... And especially since their last age-up (Galeslash) killed peoples' games.


They took away the chemistry/lab minigame and now you can only get into the lab if you're on a quest.


Basically the game added new dragons and DT gear but otherwise got worse...


(But they did add a fast-forward feature on DT so I guess that's good.) (They also added a Flight Suit level in the club.)


Aka Cryp or Cryptic, occasionally Fang. I have the same username in the game (my main viking). I have all three Night Lights. Ruffrunner is my favorite and I really hope they become available for Dragon Tactics since that's my favorite minigame. AND I REALLY HOPE DREAMWORKS ALLOWS ADULT NIGHT LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND BECAUSE MY LIL FURIES WOULD LOOK SO COOL GROWN UP!


Dragons (to date):

Rumblehorn (Flaire)

Nadder (Neopunk)

Stormcutter (Kagome)

Stormcutter (Floral)

Death Song (Luminescent) 

Dramillion (Mayu)

Woolly Howl (Floofy)

Whispering Death (Fangfull)

Groncicle (Kokoro)

Skrill (Lavander)

Tide Glider (RedTide)

Moldruffle (Dude)

Zippleback (Mister)

Zippleback (Nibbler)

Zippleback (Zippy)

Snaptrapper (MultiPanda)

Raincutter (Rain)

Snafflefang (Foli)

Eruptodon (Hosenki)

Armorwing (Fresco)

Singetail (Fireblaster)

Elder Sentinel (Shade)

Razorwhip (Darba)

Flame Whipper (Joker)

Triple Stryke (Stratos)

Smitten Hobgobbler (Kernel)

Hobgobbler (Bobble)

Crimson Goregutter (Gordon)

Deathgripper (Centurion)

Deathgripper (Tryst)

Scauldron (Tibby)

Gronckle (Gronk)

Monstrous Nightmare (Nightmon)

Night Light (Dart)

Night Light (Ruffrunner)

Night Light (Pouncer)

Sand Wraith (Crystalline)

Scuttleclaw (Pepper)

Prickleboggle (Dot)

Speedstinger (Vena)

Changewing (Acidic)

Fireworm Queen (Kirby)

Thunderdrum (Nono)

Zapplejack (Apple)

Galeslash (Pingu)

Typhoomerang (Thwap)

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I think it's so cool that hybrid dragons were added to the game. What I am dissapointed with though is that the only way to get the nightlights is participating in the snoggletog event that has already passed. Also unnecessarily taking away features like gem stable quests and the lab minigame did make the game worse.