If Dramillion Gets Added..

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First of all, please welcome me back, i've been busy with school work, and I think I can get

back on here a lot more often!


Now on to the main topic:

If you look at dramillion's abilities, it can copy and use any dragon fire type, which I believe could

be a possible problem for if they decide to add it into the game.

I have two possible solutions:

1. Use it's own fire type.

2. Add an ability where you can click on another dragon and then you'll gain it's fire type!!!


Another problem is that... Dramillion has a shot limit of (up to) 40 shots. Which means it would be way too

overpowered in Battle Events, as you'd never need to recharge your shots.

I have two solutions for this:

1: Lower the shot limit and say the dramillion are weaker in SoD.

2: Have them not be able to recharge without going to the recharge spot, so a strict 40 shots from full energy.


Please tell me what you think about these two points, and reply to this with your thoughts.




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Maybe add like invisible Dramillions can do that omg 






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Credit Drawing: ScarfyWings (Vemon the Flamewhipper) 


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Rainbow Skrill! (Credit Artist: Chameishida)


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Artist Credit: XiomaroaTheFree (Thank You! I do really like it)



Talon and the Skrill (credit: Lilystark)(TYSM!)

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Good, but hard.

They'd need to add it for changewings too though...

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1. Copying dragon's fire is

1. Copying dragon's fire is way too difficult, so I suppose they should add its own type of fire.

2. Where did you get this huge number? In the cartoon? Well, in the cartoon every dragon has a shot limit up to a hundred, except those times when developers have to limit it to keep the storyline going. I think in SoD it should be smth about 10-12 shots.


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It's from the Dragonpedia,

It's from the Dragonpedia, actually.

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I'm sorry but what on EARTH

I'm sorry but what on EARTH is a dramillion?



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Did you watch race to dragon edge season 6?

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I think it would be better to

I think it would be better to have its own fire. I really liked the Titan Wing Dramilion's fire in the last two episodes


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Barf Belch-Titan Zippleback

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Hooky-Adult Nightmare

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Heatblast-Baby Fireworm

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Charivdi-Adult Screaming Death

Venom-Titan Flightmare

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Not even a little bit XD

Not even a little bit XD

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The Dramillion is a dragon

The Dramillion is a dragon that appeared in the sixth season of race to the edge. It is a dragon that lives in packs and it can copy every kind of dragon fire. https://www.howtotrainyourdragon.com/explore/dragons/rtte-dramillion

If you search in youtube you might find video of the titan wing dramillion too. 

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​*Dramillion blasts Toothless

​*Dramillion blasts Toothless with a plasma blast*

​Toothless: THAT'S MY ​FIRE!!!


​ Just me joking around  (; xD

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Tbh it almost actually happened XD