IDK about you guys but I want Valka and Heather outfits!

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 Petition for SoD to make some awesome Valka outfits and Heather outfits! I would love for my viking to wear  Both of Valkas outfits, or Heathers gorgeous Razorwhip outfit!

Image result for valkaValka outfit 1


Image result for valkaand Valka's second outfit, (slightly different)

Related imageImage result for heather rtte


I'd also LOVE to see Valka and Heather BUNDLES. I don't know about you guys, but ever since I watched HTTYD 2 I've been absolutely in love with Valka, she's an amazing character and she knows so much. I would adore more quests about/for dragons from Valka.


What do you guys think? I can't be the only one who wants these things!!




 What else would you guys wanna see? You could comment and tag the admins!

A few other things I would love to see are reanimations, and maybe even some redesigns for certain dragons. The Monstrous Nightmare is definitely in for a remodel


Image result for monstrous nightmare sod



Image result for monstrous nightmare colors


Personally, I think they should look more like this! Note the pattern of the wings, the body, and variance in colors. I think they should mostly like the Monstrous Nightmares from RTTE.


How do you guys feel about our coloring options? Leave your opinions and dont forget to tag admins!


Hello! I'm Savanna and I've loved dragons since before I can remember! I was so happy when I found the movie How to Train Your Dragon because every dragon in other movies were killed, whereas in HTTYD they're loveable pets!


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Valka's First Outfit*

Related image

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Don't forget Queen Mala and

Don't forget Queen Mala and Defenders of The Wing outfits too!


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Yeppie ^_^

I was just about to say that. :D I was kinda hoping that we'd get a Defenders of the Wing outfit along with the expansion. Like the Dragon Hunter clothes. :/ But it'd be awesome if they'd add it to the store. :D


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Okay, but, RTTE Dagur's armor set. Please. Pretty please. My life would be so complete.





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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

I would LOVE to see capes added to the store. My OC has a bear skin cape and I wish that these would be added.



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   I absolutly agree with you Savannah, there should be Heather and Valka outfits/ bundles. I also would like to to have an Astrid outfit. 

  Image result for Astrid Hofferson Image result for Astrid HoffersonImage result for Astrid Hofferson

  Each of these I would be happy to see in SOD. I also think it would be cool if there were eating times where all the vikings would go to the great hall to eat, I think that would be really amazing. If they did not report to the hall to eat then they would be fine, just 2 points of their health would be taken off. Another thing I think would be cool,  would be sleeping times, this will also give the game a break for an hour or two. With the sleeping times, vikings with memberships would go to their hidouts, it will cause more vikings to buy beds for thier hidouts, more vikings would want to get memberships or mabey just that expansion pack, and also camping gear. The camping gear is another idea that come to mind, it would be amazing if we could attach sachels to our dragons that have survival/camping gear in them.

     The gear would contain:

 - Thin blankets

 - Bottle to hold water

 - Daggers

 - Axe

 -Torch (unlit)

 - Journal

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 - Mostorous Nightmare Gel 




Image result for hiccup and astrid with tattoosImage result for hiccup and astrid with tattoosImage result for hiccup and astrid with tattoos


Image result for hiccup and astrid

Image result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astrid


   Image result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astrid with tattoos

Image result for hiccup and astrid

Image result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astrid

Image result for hiccup and astridImage result for hiccup and astrid   Image result for hiccup and astrid with tattoos

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I will love it when they add in game!






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Credit by: OutsiderBlack

Credit by: Orcawave101

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Credit Artis: Wutend Bonfire (Titan Skrill)


Credit Artis: Nessie (TalonClaw Gif ^_^)



Artis: Syraza (this is awesome ^_^)



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RainbowSkrillStrike wrote:

I will love it when they add in game!

 I agree with RainbowSkrillStrike 100%. 

 Also, I love your signature!!

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Tysm! (Thank you so much)

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Me too.. I want a male version of Heather's armor and Queen Mala's armor. I bet it'll look awesome, I especially love Queen Mala's armor, the black gold style is cool B)



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We seriously need more outfits like these. Aside that, I'd really love to save up for Mala's outfit, she's a beauty.  XD




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more outfits and hair styles! :)




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time to DM!

Thank you all for support!! Now lets show the admins and game creators what we would like to see! Can you guys tag the admins or DM this link to them with what you'd like to see???!!! I cant wait to see all these amazing ideas in game !!!! lets keep this post circulating on the forums!

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Omg yessss.. It would be so coooll.. I want heathers outift.. It would be awesome.. Hope it comes soon :D


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Valkas second outfit

(And hair do)




here's a link to the account I use.


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I think it would be cool if we could put suits of armour on our dragons!!



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