Ideas For Season 6: Race to the Edge (Spoilers)

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After a surprising end to the fifth season of Race to the Edge, we're left to wonder what will happen next, now that Johann, Krogan, and Viggo have the Dragon Eye lens needed to find the location of the King of Dragons. One thing that I find irritating about this series is the fact that a lot of interesting and cool dragons are brought up in an episode and then left in the dust for the rest of the season. The Singetail, Razorwhip, Catastrophic Quaken, Night Terror, Eruptodon, Death Song, and Triple Stryke are among the few dragons that actually made more than a few appearances in more than one season. I had a few ideas for the next season:


1.) Bring back the Skrill: The Skrill made an appearance in two episodes of DoF and only one in RttE. This dragon's statistics and strength are underrated. Personally, I would love to see this elusive creature in more than just a few episodes in Season 6. Who knows? Maybe there can be another rogue dragon rider, this time owning a Skrill, who can help the Dragon Riders take down the Hunters. The same thing goes for the SeaShocker, Slitherwing, Shadow Wing, Sentinel, and Speed Stinger.


2.) More spice to the story: Every episode is tied around a conflict with the Hunters. The series tries very hard to cover up the fact that nothing else is happening to the story by adding some new dragons and new characters. It would be nice to take a break from the whole 'fighting' thing. In the episode "A Grim Retreat," the riders took a break from fighting and that episode actually added suspense by throwing in the Grimora Parasites, which made the dragons go wild. I only wish there were more episodes like that, or more episodes like "No Dragon Left Behind," which had cool dragons like the Slitherwings.


3.) The dragons the gang encounter need to serve a purpose in their quest to defeat the Hunters(!): Take the Night Terrors. They are used as dragon sentries to guard the beaches of Dragon's Edge. Most dragons are just there for suspense/excitement purposes. Sometimes it's not even the dragon itself, but the substance(s) it produces, like Death Song amber and Monstrous Nightmare gel. Like I mentioned earlier: The cooler dragons are brought up for one or two episodes, and then they are completely disregarded. It's a real shame, in my opinion.


4.) The gang needs to be separated from their dragons: I know, I know. Dragons and their riders are inseparable. However, I think that a little separation can be a good thing. The riders' dragons could get captured by the Hunters so that the gang can go back and save them. It would be nice to see them go back for the dragons they trained/formed a bond with to go break out their companions. Afterwards, they can keep them on Dragon's Edge and form a dragon army. Not to go all Drago Bludvist on you, but I think that it would make the series much more heartwrenching and exciting.


5.) One on one with Krogan(!): I think this would make for an epic 'protagonist vs. antagonist' moment if Hiccup faced Krogan alone. Combat with swords and fists, and then they take to the air with their dragons. I'd love to see Krogan's Singetail face off with Toothless. I'm curious to see who would win!


6.) Alpha mode saves the day(!): As we saw in HTTYD 2, Toothless was deemed the alpha of all dragons after defeating the Dark Bewilderbeast. Why not use that power to end the war between the Hunters and the Riders? Toothless could convince the Singetails to join his side, and together they could turn on the Hunters and put an end to the battle, once and for all.


Anyway, those are just some of the things I'd like to see in Season 6. These are all opinions.


-Raven the Titan


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-Insert Subject Here-

I like your ideas, especially where they're seperated from their dragons. I think it would be cool to see how they work without them.


But your last reason (aobut Toothless using his alpha abilities) is never going to happen, because you have to remember that this series takes place before HTTYD 2, so Toothless is currently not the alpha, nor do they know that this dragon exists.


But overall, I liked these! I guess we'll just have to see in the upcoming season... :)




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Right. *facepalm*

You're right. I completely forgot about that. *facepalm* Well, I guess we'll just to wait and see. Who knows what'll happen?

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Squiid is ranting about RTTE again, oh my

All good ideas! And as an avid Skrill fan, I have to agree with your first one...

bring back the Skrill.

Though I'm not sure how they'd balance it out, because Sleuther exists and it'd be the best thing to Dagur finally have Skrilly. That's all I ask for. But no, first they have to tear my soul apart with the existence of Shattermaster whom I love and adore, and now Sleuther. How dare they make me choose? I CAN'T GO ON LIKE THIS!

Anyways, that aside, you have some great ideas! And you know, Dreamworks has pretty much already promised us a spicy season. I mean, it's a FINALE! I'd better cry. If I don't it'll be sad. But trust me, I know I'll cry. It'll be pathetic. But I still will.

Anyways, back to my original topic: what has Dreamworks pretty much already promised us?

More than you might think, actually. You mentioned an epic 1v1 with Krogan? Don't worry, dude, we basically have that one just screaming at us. We know it's gonna happen eventually anyway. And we know who the winner is! 

Who, you ask? Definitely not Krogan! Here's why:

In HTTYD 2, Drago doesn't know about the Riders. In Race to the Edge, Krogan has been confirmed to be working with Drago. So why doesn't Drago know about them? Because somebody wasn't doing their job (hi Krogan), tsk tsk, who could that be? Anyways, whoever that could be wasn't doing a great job, or they were stopped before they could.

Krogan is pretty much destined for death.

And I'm happy about this!

Really, though, the more serious viewpoint is who his opponent is going to be. Hiccup? Possibly, and oh GOOD THOR I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT. Hiccup whooping Krogan? Yeah-huh, give me. But I think there's actually a way better option than our beloved Hiccup to take out Krogan.

You aren't going to believe me, but- I would be so happy if we could have a Viggo vs Krogan.

I mean, it's going to happen. We have plenty of proof already that Viggo and Krogan are gonna go at it, and only one of them is going to walk away from it. Once Krogan is finished with him, he's going to try and kill Viggo. And whatever our ex-main antagonist has been planning, it'll end in Krogan's demise, one way or another. And while a protagonist vs antagonist showdown would be great, how would you like to see an antagonist vs antagonist? Ohhh man, that would be bloody fantastic

I mean, that alone is gonna make for one spicy season, amirite?



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I Have The Chills...:O

All of your points sent chills down my spine; the only thing better than Hiccup vs. Krogan is Viggo vs. Krogan! Hiccup can just deal with Trader Johann instead. That'd be SO entertaining to watch! :D


And yes, if Season 6 brings back the cooler dragons, includes a fight between the Hunters and Riders, and is emotional and makes me cry (Which it definitely will), then it is going to be one spicy season!


Now the only thing left to do is to wait...

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I'm glad you like my ideas! :0 And yes, I totally agree with you on the Hiccup vs Johann thing. I would absolutely love a huge, dramatic "I'm a traitor" reveal. That would be the BEST! 

But on the topic of Viggo vs Krogan, the real question is, who are you rooting for? (Team Viggo all the way, obviously. Krogan can go away and leave us in peace.)

Oh yes, you and me both friend. We can cry together! Pathetically sob as the end credits come on-screen...

Way too much waiting. But just a few more months to go!

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Another rogue!? Seconded!

I like a lot of your ideas ^^. Especially the one about a new rogue dragon rider but this time make the person more elusive, different from Heather. Maybe someone who does what we do in the game - tames and commands multiple dragons. Also, they never stay for too long and never speak except through cryptic letters brought to the edge by a pygmy dragon. This mysterious rogue could also be a kind of "behind the scenes" worker and act more like a better and legit spy (no offense to Heather, but I could have done a better job deceiving the hunters, just saying... she did a lot of stuff that gave herself away that I personally would have avoided, but anywho). I think it would be better if the rogue rode on a dragon that could use camoflage, more befitting of a spy, but also had a skrill and/or some other dragon that was their "right hand man... er dragon" so to speak. Said spy should also be exceptionally skilled as a fighter on his/her own to the point that their capabilities actually almost scares Krogan. Like, have a scene where he tries to grab the person by the shoulder or attempts to tocuh his/her dragon only to find himself knocked back/to the ground with a blade at his throat and an androgynous voice say something to affect of "Touch me/my dragon again, and you'll be on your way to Valhalla before you even know what hit you."

(Truth be told, I have a lot of ideas about this because I have a fan-fic in my head where my character does this kind of stuff ^^; She uses the desire to seak out a "worthy and challenging opponenent" to test her skills as a dragon tamer as a cover for helping the hunters, but she doesn't actually help them catch dragons or anything. She's biding her time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to completely and utterly ruin the dragon hunter's operations. Because she wants to test her skill she challenges Hiccup in arial combat and anyone who interferes with her "fun" is kept out of the way, but she avoids critical blows because she wants to give said opponent a chance to become more of a challenge later on.)

Also, I personally want to see another stormcutter show up. I haven't read the books so I don't know if they ever mention it, but I want to know how they came to call it a "stormcutter." These dragon's would be awesome as sentries because of their sharp eyes and ability to turn their heads almost 360°. Seriously, you can't sneak up on a stormcutter!


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No offense to you, of course, but I do have a question. Why would you want another rogue? Haven't we already sailed these seas before? I personally think Heather's time as a "rogue dragon rider" was well done, and the fact that there were flaws in her plan just makes it more realistic. But I would rather see a final season full of the Riders overcoming the Hunters, finally completing their goal that has spanned over almost years now, and entire seasons to us. Introducing a new character who is rather like a vigilante in this matter would feel slightly unnecessary to the plot. A character who would simply just...defeat the Hunters for the Riders, so to speak. In my personal preference, I'd rather it be the Riders who accomplish it. Heather as a rogue dragon rider made sense to the story, and we had already seen her before in the old TV series. Of course, I'm not talking down your fanfiction idea! I'm just saying, would I, personally, want to see it in the final season? From my own preference, probably not, but if you do then that's fine by me!

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I didn't realize that this season was going to be the final one when I initialy posted that. It wasn't until I read some of the other replies that mentioned it that I realized that little fact. If it's the final season then no, I agree introducing a new character wouldn't make sense. I made that post thinking that there would be more seasons to follow, new antagonists to be introduced... There's a lot more stuff that can be done with the story line, though perhaps that would be unwise and it would eventually just become monotonous? Who knows.

(I'd really like for us to be able to hatch our own night furies in the game so I'd like to see more night furies in the show to maybe lead up to us being able to do that but with this being the last season and not sure when the 3rd movie is estimated to be released I'm guessing that we won't be able to do that any time soon, but a girl can dream.)