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Hello all! :D

I've thinked about some ideas of things to add to the game in the futures updates. I know that some of them have been already used in other topics but I would like to talk about my own ideas.


1- Able to trade/sell things in-game

Already a lot of people wanted to trade or sell things in the game, such as eggs, saddles, and other stuff that other players wants in a kind of Trade Post, a bit like the shop but that player can use to trade or sell things they doesn't use.

Example of selling things:

A Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare, Deadly Nadder or Hideous Zippleback egg gives you 500 coins per eggs you sell. So if you sell 5 Monstrous Nightmare eggs, you will get 2500 coins, and if you decide to sell an egg which is not a starter dragon, you get from 50 to 150 gems, depending on the dragon you sell.

Example of trading things with another player:

As for trading with another player, you need to be OKAY to trade something with the player. I'll make an example with me and my besties MasterOfRandomness. If I want to give her a Flightmare egg, she would need to give me something in return, like a saddle, a egg or whatever. If we are okay with the trade, we press the TRADE button and the items are traded. So Lulu (aka Randomness) will get my Flightmare egg and I'll get the item she gives me.

The Trade Post:

The Trade Post is a bit like the shop, but instead of everything in the same store, we can trade eggs and things we doesn't use anymore. Example, if I put a Triple Stryke egg in the Trade Post, I can put from 5 to 5000 coins or 5 to 1000 gems. I also can put Boosters, saddles, fishes and farm stuffs at same time.

Coins or Gems to use if trading something:

Eggs: 5 to 5000 coins/ 5 to 1000 gems (for starter eggs it's coins only)

Boosters: 10 to 100 coins/ 5 to 50 gems

Saddles: 5 to 500 coins/ 5 to 150 gems

Fishes: 10 to 100 coins/ 5 to 30 gems (because you can find them everywhere...)

Farm Items/Stuffs: 10 to 100 coins (or more if the item is hard to get)/ 5 to 50 gems (or more if the item is hard to get)


2- Removing ''Already Gotten'' Battle Rewards

So, this has getting so often in Battle Event rewards, getting the same thing again, and again... and again! All I would like to see changed in Battle boxes are... the prizes...

Yes, the prizes... they always come back too often, like the money, saddle, TOTALLY useless farm items (especially these Friendship Arch ;-;) and many others.

My idea of this is, why not removing ALL things that players already have in their inventory, like saddles, skins, etc. In most of the battles I do, I always get money, saddles or warpaints I already have. I get really annoyed by this, honestly... here's my order of Battle Event rewards:

Gold: Eggs, gems, stables, money

Silver: Eggs, fishes, money, farm items, gems, saddles/warpaints

Bronze: Eegs, boosters, farm items, gems, saddles/warpaints

Defeat: Boosters, farm items, gems


3- Making our dragons from Titan to Adult/Adult to Titan

It would be nice to see our Titan becoming an Adult dragon again to see how it looked when it was still an Adult. Why not making a button to make your dragon returning back to his Adult form or Titan form for free?

Example, I want to put my main dragon RotomDex, my Titan Skrill, back to when he was still an Adult. I will need to press a button (Adult button) to make him going back to his Adult form, but I will need to wait an hour before making him a Titan again for free.


4- Making our own Warpaints or Skins

I was thinking of that earlier, if we could make our own dragon Warpaint/Skin for our dragons would be so awesome! But doing these will cost Gems for sure. Going from 25 to 250 gems depending on the dragon species you want to make your own Warpaint/Skin. There should be a little post where you could make you own Warpaint/Skin, at Berk, near Gobber's place. I would love to make a Warpaint/Skin for RotomDex! All colours can be used!


5- Making figures while flying

I would appreciate to make figures with RotomDex in the sky! It would be amazing to stand on his back while he is flying, or maing a backflip in the sky. There should be an option in the Flight Club where you can learn to your dragon how to make figures. I'm pretty sure many people would appreciate this kind of option!


6- First Person mode

Already A LOTS of people want the First Person mode added in the game. It would be nice to get a First Person mode to see around us freely without having the wings or body of our dragons in the way. You could press a button, like ctrl + Q and you get the First Person mode.


These were pretty much my own ideas for the game ^^

I did all of these by myself! I did not copyrighted anything from another person (if so then I'm so sorry lol)

What do you think of them? :D


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The constellations will be pleased with this post

I second these update ideas, admins...... PLEASE CONSIDER THIS PLEASE it would make this game much more enjoyable if I do say so myself. (And more minigames) 


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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

I just want them to fix the crashes in TRR xD






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Agree with all of your ideas.

Agree with all of your ideas. We especially NEED to have the trading & selling feature!



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TaStY pOtAtOeS

Yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! I love these ideas, especially the trading and gifting. And there are a few dragons i may want to get rid of heh heh

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About trading: I think ALL dragons should be selled for 200 gems. Why?
1. Every dragon is more valuable than 200 gems.
2. It's the prize of a mystery chest.
3. If you got the useless egg from battle you deserve 200 gems from it. You worked hard for it!
About first person mode: yes, it would be cool! But there should be a FPM opinion in settings, because of mobile and tablet users (the SoD team already don't give a xxxx of us, mobile users and our bugs and glitches, I don't want them to leave us out of this fan!).
But... trading. I want to gift/trade eggs with others so bad, but unfortunately hackers would find a way to steal our eggs, so it's safer it's not a SoD feature.


Dear Devs. I know you have a Seashocker model and you are planning to put them in store. But please try to do it fast! We have been waiting for them for over 2 years! Untitled5_20180804121918

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Seashockers are close! Seaweed, I'm coming for ya!

Oh, and changing between adult and titan! YES PLEASE! I want Snow White to be an adult again so bad... :( I regret turning her into titan. I've only done it because I don't have any other Snow Wraith...
Maybe if you "adult-back" a titan you could get a free age-up ticket which you could use any time you want!

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Not sure

I don’t think dragons should be sold for 200 gems. You could just buy a mystery box and sell the dragon until you get a dragon you want. Also, why would you want to sell a dragon???!!! You trained them and raised them, kinda weird to sell them. In my opinion.


sorry for bad English lol.


Sorry for bad English :P

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The egg.

The egg.
To be honest, I have no idea.

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81 eggs. XD

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Some great ideas!!

I would love to make my own war paint and to do stunts in the sky and to be able to see through the eyes of my viking or my dragons! 

Though, I don’t think we’re gonna be able to trade or sell things. People buying things in-game is needed for the SoD Team to be able to keep the game up and running and to keep inproving it. With a trading system people would have to buy a lot less because they could trade things they don’t need for something they want.

The idea of making our titans adult again to see how awesome they have become is pretty good, but again i don’t know if this will be a feature. A dragon in the titan wing stage is older than an adult dragon, so it would be kind of unlogical if we could make them younger again. I always take a screenshot of my dragon before i make them a titan (if I don’t forget it).

i reeeeeaaaallllly would love to make my own warpaint though omg.




Sorry for bad English lol.

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"It's not what you get in life, it's what you do with it"-Xanadu

I love your ideas, but I also think they should add a release feature.

Not that I don't love my dragons, but I know there are some players out there that regret hatching certian dragons, and want to get rid of them. In such a case, I tink they should have a release feature as well, like your dragon has to be level twenty at least (an adult) and you can release tem into the wild. If at some point you regret that, you would just have to find them again, and buy them back. Releasing would cost about 250 gems I think, and buying them back would cost the same.

But if someone else wanted too, they could purchase our released dragon for say...500 gems.

Heres the idea, a place in the wilderness, a cave for example, which wen you walk in, it is liking going to Johan's actual trading post at Berk or the school. And there are choiced of different dragons which people gave up. (almost like a dragon thrift store XD)

This could be an interesting feature, to "adopt" a dragon someone doesn't want.


Also, I thin k they should make everything in the store limited time, like every week Johan comes to the store with new stuff, and the old stuff is gone, this would encourage more people to buy RIGHT AWAY, instead of waiting forecer. Also, I think it could up gem sales, since people who really wanted stuff would be spending more gems more often

(This idea is not original to me, they do this in Rise of Berk, a rather boring game if you ask me, but it is okay.)




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