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Hello all this is my first time writing in the forum but there's alot of ideas that could improve this wonderful game and I have a few that are itching to be heard
(Warning:Kinda a long read)

(The gap between players)
There is an obvious gap between those who play for free and those who pay to REALLY play
As we all know money keeps the world spinning and I'm sure this game needs that to survive but if the gap would somewhat start to slightly close it could pull in more willing to pay for gems and expansion packs

For example the store has an infinite amount of items that require gems and yet theyre so hard to come by for those who love and still try to support this game even though financially they can't but still don't drop it all together I think a little more to offer could help get this game more exposure
Now ive read comments that said that one of the reasons why they probably don't implement trade amongst players is cause...well cause kids
And I have to say that's not giving kids enough credit
children of today are more aware of things than we give them credit for if kids can play vR with adults I'm sure they can coexist on this game as well and so a way to alleviate worry of children being taken advantage of is color codes
With significant colors placed on accounts in game if someone of a specific age wants to trade with someone older or younger their color will not only let that player know that this player is age sensitive but may even not allow trade with that person and also when or if parents sign their kids up for the game it can be an option that they can turn off the trade option showing this player can not trade for obvious reasons
Now this could use some tweaks but I think it's pretty fair option

(storylines and quest)
Now when it comes to the expansion packs they're pretty great but somethings are more liked than others so since the movies are over I believe they should start taking ideas from the comics and book series which would be interesting and would expand the world even more
Maybe one expansion pack could be dedicated to the book series with a whole stew of new characters and adventures and locations which if well done could draw in more of the book series only fans and bring something fresh to the table
Also polls or contests with prizes for the best storylines or quest or original characters to make the community feel more involved

(The messaging system)
is as far as I've heard does alot of useless censoring
Honestly I don't really use it because of how confusing it is

(Viking and dragon customize option)
Really there is just too few options just more of that would be nice to spice things up instead of having twenty different Astrids with different colored hair
and on top of that kinda like how Sims has interactive actions maybe more actions for Vikings and dragons to engage in like Vikings and dragon victory dance or for if your Vikings is near another Viking for a certain amount of time their dragons will start to chase each other playfully
Also the ability for pairs to join quest like an option to pair vikings and dragons and for more than one dragon to follow you could be cool it could trail behind you when flying and you could swap out who's the main and secondary dragon

Over all these are just suggestions and ideas on top of acknowledging some things that can be improved and settling for less when at the end of the day we all like this game and franchise enough to play it and want a bit of improvements and should strive for that
If you got to the end of this thanks for reading my Viking friends


Thank you for summing that up

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I love the idea about adding more stuff from the books to the game. I'd love to see more characters and dragons from the books make an appearance in the game.


I also love the idea about more viking and dragon customization. Different body types, heights, hair styles, and scars that are actually visible would be cool for our vikings. Maybe even add some glasses, freckles, and prosthetic limbs options. Scars for our dragons as well as prosthetic tails, wings, and limbs would add character and life to our dragons.


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There's hardly any gap

There's hardly any gap between paying members and non-paying members. The only 'gap' is Toothless. People can do without that one.

Gems are so, so easy to come by, too. A little patience goes a long way. 


The game likely has no trade system because it needs to be built- and I'm sure that a trading system would require a lot of reworking of the inventory/shop/item system. This would likely break a lot of stuff in-game, so if they even considered a trading system I get why it's not being added. We know how much small functionality updates can break the game. Imagine what a big system change would do.

I have never heard anyone else mention 'think of the children' regarding a trading system, though.


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I wrote what I wrote because

I wrote what I wrote because reading through a thread I saw mention of this game being aimed at children and I agree it has a very kid like environment and someone as old as I am can see kids being taken advantage of because a lot of kids are a bit naive


In regards to the gap between those who pay to play and those who play for free I feel there is a gap and anyone who feels the same should be free to express that

Besides you're welcome to your opinion and have a nice day

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In chats maybe, not not when it comes to a trading system.


No need to say you're free to express things. Everyone knows that. I'm just saying that there's not really a gap to close, depending on what 'gap' you mean. Of course there's a gap, but it's so tiny it might as well be non-existant. Gems are not hard to come by, which isnt actually even an opinion. To make people more inclined to throw money at the game, they should nerf a lot of ways to gain gems for free.