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So, I was trying to look at some new topics and My. Phone. Is. Working. So. Slow. Now...

And it keeps saying I need to refresh browser, open Google, Firefox, Chrome, any kind of Internet again, etc etc..


So maybe it's a good idea to have a Forum app, which you can open on any device and also works good on any device. You can open it with only one click instead of putting the link in Google, tap the wrong site and need to try it again...


What do you think about it? 


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This would be great!

I second this! I have always loved the idea of having a forum app since the forum can be a bit challenging to use on mobile, which is where I know many people (Along with myself) primarily use it.


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Yes. Please.

Really, the only problem is all the images and gifs people need to load in signatures on each page. Maybe having to hover mouse over a gif/tap it to play it or something? I don't know if that would help or not, though. Oh well.


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It'd definitely be nice! I just hope if they do create the app, it doesn't slow down their updates on SoD.







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I think that the forum runs on a Drupal module, which means that the webdevs didn't code the forum for this site themselves. This is usually the case for forums, very few use their own code because there's hardly a point. What this means though is that if the module doesn't have mobile support, I doubt that it could be coded in that easily.


An actual app seems a bit too much imo, I'd rather see them stick that time & money in the game :þ



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Toothless, where is my subject?

Yeah, I think it's better if they fix stuff like the animations first, but I would still like a forum app.