Icestorm island Speed Stinger tunnel in caves?

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so i just recently got my speed stinger, Flashsting, mainly because i was very curious as to what was at the end of the tunnel in the ice caves that you need a speed stinger to go into. when i got her all grown, i went in there, and at the end is literally just a wall, no way past, shooting didn’t do anything and when i got off Flashsting, it just teleported me to the beginning of said tunnnel. because there’s a message that literally pops up whenever you try to go in without a speed stinger, naturally i thought whatever is in there is cool or important enough to make you have to buy or earn a stinger. but, nope. is it under construction? did i do something wrong, or is it completely pointless? no videos i’ve found bring it up. please help if you know, thanks. 


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Actually the tunnel is just for a Quest you have to do in the Icestorm Expansion. Nothing much special about it xD

It's been years it's like this, and I don't think it will get updated anytime soon ;-;




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subject? who’s that?

really? what quest is it? i haven’t finished ice storm island because i can’t find anymore quests..


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I can't remember, it's been a very long time since I last did the expansion. But you can always check the School of Dragons' Wiki if you need any help!


About the No More quest, I highly suggest to check in your book to see if you've got any other quests, if not, look around all of the four main Islands (School, Lookout, Training Grounds, New Berk) to see if you see any PNG with a quest.

Don't forget about Headmaster, Gobber, Valka, Bucket, Mulch and Heather (we never know with Eret), those can sometimes have possible quests!

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subject? who’s that?

i see.. unfortunately, i’ve looked all over each island, and visited and revisited the npcs a lot, but sadly, still no new icestorm island quests. perhaps i did something wrong and glitched it.. not too sure. but. thank you for letting me know!:)

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From my experience, when I didn't had any quests in spite of being in the middle of the quest progress, I literally had to hatch an egg to "reunlock" them as if the game was implying I leveled up my dragons too fast.


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go to the footprints on

go to the footprints on icestorm island. it will give you the quest you need. i think it is gliched though.



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