Icestorm Island Quest Problem, please help!!

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Hey! So, I just bought a membership today and was super excited to try out the expansion packs. I'm only on the "Into the Wild" quest and have already run into an issue. I am supposed to click on the Groncicle and follow it, but whenever I click on it, it just shows a cutscene of it roaring at me and nothing happens. I'm super confused. It is supposed to lead me somewhere, I guess, but nothing's happening?


I've already logged in and out and exited/reentered the game several times. I would love some help asap c:



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Maybe uninstall and reinstall the game? That helps sometimes. And yes, if I remember correctly, it should get a circle around the baby and you will have to follow it to the Wilderness without falling too far behind. i.e. leaving the circle.
I hope this helps.
If you continue to have trouble, repost here and I'll try to help some more.
But it might be a couple days before I respond. I just don't want you to think I blew you off.