Icestorm Island Mayhem ~ Chapter 2

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Hi! Here is the next chapter! I decided I will be doing a new chapter every day... except on weekends. I wont delay you any more, so here is the next chapter!



Into the Ice Caves




    Tori took me to Astrid. She was not so pleased to hear about this. Astrid explained that this had never happened before, but when i described the dragons, she asked me to bring Xylo over to study his wing patterns. She motioned for me to follow and gave me a nice wool coat. 

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    I didn’t realize where she was bringing me until i saw she was taking me to the ice caves. We went in and walked into a grand opening with a lake and hot spring. It seemed like a nice place until she said “These ice caves were home to an ancient viking civilization.” She said with a hint of sadness in her voice. “They disappeared long ago, but we never found out why. There is a door in the back corner that we haven’t been able to open, even though we’ve been trying for so many years.”


    I took the lead and she said “You seem to know where you’re going.”


    “This is where the viking was, but in the dream, these buildings were in perfect condition.” I lead her to the back room where he had put the chest, but the doors were closed. I saw the nests where the groncicles had been called from, but everything else looked different. “Xylo, have you seen these before?” I asked him. He walked over and sniffed the door. He started firing at it and Astrid started to yell at him to stop, then she went silent and i realized why. His flames had turned bright blue, same as the snow wraith in my dreams.


    The doors opened for him and Xylo walked across the bridge. We followed behind him, and when we got into the treasure room, we saw a different sight indeed. There was a set of amour, just like what the viking in my dream was wearing. Next to that there was the chest I had seen him protecting. Then we saw a single dragon egg, incased in a bright blue piece of ice. The thing was, it was sitting in a pool of blue lava, so it should have melted. 


    “Thats a groncicle egg!” Astrid said.


    Xylo went over to it and breathed blue fire on it. suddenly the strange blue lava was incased in ice, and the egg melted and hatched. The groncicle had the same patterings, the swirls and stars all over his wings. Same as Xylo and the other dragons from my dream.


    “Woah.” I said. I turned around to look at Astrid and she was just staring at it with her mouth open.  I waved by arms in front of her and she finally said “Im going to terror mail Hiccup, you stay here” and ran out.


    I looked around and Xylo was scratching at the walls. I kept trying to get him to stop, but he wouldn’t. Finally Astrid came back and said “I terror mailed Hiccup, he should be here soon.”


    Astrid said it would be best to leave the groncicle there, as we wouldn’t want to disturb him or bring him outside of the caves. When we went to leave, we had to bribe Xylo out with some fish, because he wouldn’t leave the ruins. 


    I went back to by hut to tell Tori what happened. She didn’t look surprised, but quite upset.


    “You found a baby dragon, and you just left it there!” Tori screamed angrily. “When Hiccup comes, Im leaving with him! I thought spending all this time at Icestorm Island with you would be fun!” She angrily stormed out of the room.


    I didn’t see Tori for the rest of the day, or even at meals. When I was on my watch, I looked desperately for her, but saw nothing.


    Astrid asked me where Tori was and I said i had no clue. She lead me back into the ice caves to look for her. We went back into the room with all the ancient ruins and all of a sudden, I could not move my body, and then every thing went black.


    I was back with the viking from by previous dream. The snow wraith was closing in on him, even though the groncicles were doing there best to keep him out. All of a sudden, he yelled “Protectors, retreat! Go tell the mighty one that there is a rouge in the  treasure room!” The mighty one? Who was that and why did he have such a lame name? The groncicles left and then I came back to the real world.


    “Caroline, are you alright?” Astrid was looming over me, Hiccup at her side.


    “Yeah, Im fine.”


    “Well you’re obviously not.” Hiccup said. “Xylo, come here.” He ordered. 


    Xylo came over to me and wrapped his wings around us all to keep us warm.


    “Now where’s this baby groncicle?” He asked.


    We lead him to the treasure room and we noticed something that wasn’t there before. A Hidden path carved in the ice. We went down and saw something I wasn’t Expecting. A whole army of vikings with that glowing blue dragon scale armor, and a dozen of bright blue groncicles. They all looked like they were in the middle of a battle. Swards were drawn and some of the groncicles looked like they were in mid shoot.


      “Whoah” Hiccup said. “was this here before?”


    “No.” I replied. “Xylo come here” I ordered. 


    “Shoot” I said and pointed at the wall.


    “Wait! What are you doing!” Hiccup yelled. “Xylo stop!” He stopped and turned around, but the first viking was already free of the ice. 


    “Hello” He said. “My name is Bo.”






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