Icestorm Island Mayhem ~ Chapter 1

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Hey! I know I said there would be a new one every day ever tuesday and friday... but its Halloween and I got bored. So here is the next chapter in Icestorm Island Mayhem!



Welcome to Icestorm Island






     The morning I had to leave, I packed all of my stuff in a small bag and went to go say goodbye. Tori was already standing next to Xylo in the stables, as Hiccup demanded he slept there. 


     “Ready to go? “ She asked.


     “Yes” I said, I was ready to leave Berk. I decided I would ask Hiccup if I could stay forever. Then they wouldn’t have to deal with me.

     “To Icestorm Island!” Tori said with excitement.


     Several hours later, we finally made it. The temperature dropped several degrees, and that was saying something because it is freezing on Berk. When we got off, some one greeted us.


     “Hello! Welcome to Icestorm Island. My name is Boriel, and i will be your assistant on island patrol.”


     We followed Boriel to our new hut. It was like an igloo, but covered in furs and pelts. We walked inside and found two beds laid out for us and a dresser in the back corner. The walls were covered with pelts just like the outside, and I moved one aside and found that there was a solid layer of ice and snow.


     “Well, I will leave you to get used to your new home. Caroline, meet me by the docks for patrol in one hour.” Boriel left without another word. How did he know my nickname? My name was Carolinebop, but my friends called me Caroline. So how did he know? He seemed nice, but a little too nice.


     An Hour later I went down to the docks and Boriel met me there, along with Astrid. They explained that my task was to fly in continuous loops around the island, and Boriel would go arounds the sea stacks I also learned not to go into the ice caves with authorization form Astrid or another dragon rider.


     I started and found there was so much cool stuff all over the island. There was a huge cave on one side that i assumed lead to the caves, and an old village that appeared to be in ruins.


     After my watch was done, I went back to report to Astrid. “There really wasn’t much” I told her. The only thing Boriel found was a stray ship anchored near one of the stacks. It turned out to be a stray fishing boat thing to find their way. 


     I asked Astrid  when I was allowed to go in the ice caves and she said “When you’re ready.”


     I went to bed that night and started having a weird dream.


     There was a viking running trough a cave. He was wearing bright blue armor that looked like it was made of dragon scales made of ice. The viking was carrying a chest with a strange symbol on the front. Then I then saw what he was running from. A large dragon, I couldn’t make out what kind it was though. All I could tell is that it was bigger than Xylo. The viking went through a very narrow passage and into a big cavern filled with stone houses and a stream going through it. I couldn’t quite tell how big it was though, as the only light was from a few torches on the sides on the walls.


     Then he went through a small door in the back of the cavern and across a bridge into what appears to be a treasure room. He placed the chest on a podium and yelled “Protectors of the ice, I call you to my aid!”


     Then 4 huge dragons come out of nests i just now noticed. Groncicles! They surrounded him and all the treasure. The dragon came in. I saw what it was, a light green and purple snow wraith. It had the same distinct pattern ad my typhoomerang! Now I realized the groncicles had the same pattern in blue and white too!


     “Wake Up” 


     I was woken by Tori shaking me awake. She looked scared and asked me what happened. I explained the dream to her. She didn't looked suprised. Tori just said “Come with me.” 


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Welcome to my Siggy!




Meet My Viking!



Viking Name:




Sharp Tooth, Deadly Nadder

Cuitie Pie, Gronkle

Red Eye, Whispering death

Pippy, Fireworm Queen (Main Dragon)

Melody, Death Song 

Splash, Thunderdrum

*Moo, Eruptodon 

*Icicle, Groncicle


*not in use


Where I Am Usally: 

In the school or trainig grounds.




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What My Viking Looks Like:




                       Pippy In Dreadfall Glow               Me in my Hunters Oufit (Main Oufit)





             Battle Oufit                              Nadder Oufit                    



Snow Wraith Oufit                                         Gronckle Oufit








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Next One!

Chapter 2 is out!!!!


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