Icestorm Island Mayhem ~ Chapter 0

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Hi! My names carolinebop, and this is my first attempt at a fan fiction. It is about how an average viking finds a big discovery on icestorm island that almost causes a war between an aincent viking civilization that was thought to be gone, and the people of the Barbaric Archepeligo. Heres the beginning to save you all from a sad backstory.




I Blow up a Hut




               "RUN!" Those were the words I herd in the middle of the night while fast asleep. I quickley evacuated my the house I shared with a friend, as I have no memory of my parents. A little backstory, I was born about 13 years ago, and when I was 6, my parents were killed by dragons. A few years later, Hiccup had trained them and there were kids who could actually get to grow up wit ha family. Not me, the only family I have is a cousin named Bo. And I havent met him in several years. So here I am sharing a hut with my best friend, Tori and her parents. After Hiccup learned how to make peace with the dragons, I got my own, a typhoomerang named Xylo. 

              When I evacuated the hut, Tori and her mother followed shortly after. "What is going on?" Tori asked "Is the village under attack?" 

               "I don't know" I admitted, but something was not right. All the vikings from Berk were supossed to go to the great hall in an event like this, but now they were running away.

               "Hopefully everything is alright." Her mother said.

              I whistled for Xylo and motioned for them to get on his back, as I was the only one who had a dragon except for Tori's father, Sten. He had a monsterous nightmare, but he was on night patrol at the moment.

              Tori asked "Where are we going?" 

              "Go to the great hall, we will see what is wrong" Her mother replied.

              When we got to the great hall, we found a near by hut on fire, the remnants everywhere.

              "Carolinebop, go get a bucket of water!" I then realized this was Hiccup yelling at me.

              "You go get it yourself!" I yelled back. 

              Then Tori's father came in with a water troth from one of the nerby farms and dunped it on the burning house. "Caroline, Tori, go tell everyone that it is ok to come out" he said. Then he got on Flamebuster, his nightmare, and went to go survey the area.

              Then Hiccup flew up next to me on my way to the village, Toothless looked not so pleased to be here. "Caroline, I will go, you get some food from the store house." I was so tired of Hiccup telling me what to do, for one time, wanted to be the hero. All the stories you hear nowdays are 'Hiccup this and Hiccup that' I wanted to have a story be about me and Tori saving the day. Someone different for once. 

              "No" I said after a while.

              He just looked at me for a second and said " It's your dragon that started the fire."

              "What? " I said puzzled, "Xylo was sleeping next to our hut the whole night!"

              "Either he did it or another tphoomerang with the same colors and distinct pattern, and Xylo is one of a kind, there is no other dragon with that kind of pattering on there wings."

              He had a point. "B-But" I stammared, I knew the punishment for this kind of thing. Island Patrol of the chiefs choosing, and Hiccup and I were not on good terms.

               "Icestorm Island" He said after a long pause. "For 2 months, it will give you time to think about tying your dragon up." He knew how I felt about tying up dragons, they are free beings and deserve to be free, the same reason I did not put a saddle on Xylo. Earlier in the year, I had gone around untying the dragons in the middle of the night, the only punishment I had gotten was cleaning the stables for a week. Hiccup had promised the punishment would not be as forgiving next time.

              "Fine" I said then I stormed back to the hut to meet Tori and her parents. 

              I explained the situation to them at dinner and Tori said she would come to Icestorm Island with me, as she has always wanted to go. I was supposed to leave with Xylo next week. Just seven more days at Berk. Then I thought, Why dont I just never come back?






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Icestorm Island Mayhem ~ 0

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Chapter 0

Just to let you know I will be posting a new chapter every Tuesday and Friday!

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I love reading other’s fanfics! And this one is really nice!



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                                           Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX, it looks nice!


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Next One!

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