Ice Cave clothes

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I talked to Gobber and got the warm clothes for getting into the ice caves, I think, but when I try to go in I get a message saying that I need warmer clothes to enter the Ice Caves.


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Natsu and Gray are fighting...again -_-

You need to put the clothes ON to go in the caves.


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doesn't work

I am having this issue too. I have ALL the clothes on as well as the Alvin helmet and tall boots as some other threads have suggested, and nothing.


Not sure what else to do, many of us have been reporting this issue.

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Hi, I have exactly the same

Hi, I have exactly the same problem and my Viking is wearing all the clothes

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Hi, I have exactly the same

Hi, I have exactly the same problem and my Viking is wearing all the clothes

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lol what is subject

Same here, and this isn't the first thread about it either. XD It doesn't work on my account, my sister's, iPad, or Mac. I hope it gets fixed soon.


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so cute XD




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