I would like to be Viking of the Week

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Viking Name:Serephianna

Dragon Name (Breed): Snowflake (Woolly Howl)

Clan:Dragon Monitoring Patrol

Hobbies/Interests:Flying and training with my dragons







Hey vikings this is Serephianna.I always have good expectations for both me and my dragon,so we do not train too hard that we become tired and not have enough energy to do other things.I enjoy exploring new islands with my dragon whatever the weather.Snowflake and I enjoy hanging out at Icestorm Island.There are many cool places to explore.We both love to go racing! Most of the tracks are hard but if we practice enough we could get better at those tracks.I like to eat anything that grows on my farm don't have a like or dislike of anything,but Snowflike likes Arctic char,so we have to fly to Icestorm Island to go and fish for fresh Arctic char.Sometimes Snowflike tries to help me fish for some but in the end I covered in cold water.This pretty much tells you who I am and what I do around the School.I'm a friendly person to talk to, so if you have any questions about your adventures then I'd be happy to help!















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