I want a Buffalord saddle

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I know this sounds very trivial to ask, but the Buffalord is my favorite dragon.


I really want a saddle for it. 


I'm posting this to get the Admin's attention.





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Ooh, a saddle!

I have to agree with you that the Buffalord is a pretty fantastic dragon. Definitely one of my favorites as well. I would love to see the Buffalord get its own saddle, despite it not being a particularly good racing dragon. But you may be addressing this the wrong way.


I've seen many people use this attempt when making suggestions to the SoD staff. It seems very demanding, and I don't think that's what convinces the admin to make changes. I really don't mean to be rude; take this as a form of constructive criticism. Perhaps you should address the request in a manner like this:


"Hey, many other dragons have a selection of saddles. But what about the Buffalord? The Buffalord is an awesome dragon, and I think they need some recognition as well. I do love how inclusive it's been getting, especially with the introduction to Buffalord War Paint. But maybe the Buffalord also needs a saddle. Riding on any dragon without a saddle can make your bottom sore, and that includes the Buffalord. Now, I know the Buffalord isn't a specifc choice for racing dragons, but the saddle would be a cute addition."


Reasoning behind suggestions can make for a more convincing arguement, from what I've learned. Now don't take this the wrong way! I would really like a Buffalord saddle too! But it's the reasons why that would convince the admins to input this into game.



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Yeah when you're right,

Yeah when you're right, you're right. 


I just hate riding bareback, but I hear what you're saying.


I posted another topic in "Suggestions" giving some other ideas I had. 

Like they ability to create your own saddle for any dragon (Since that's what they 

do the movies, and in the show). And even add accessories such as handlebars, like a