Before I wake -Chapter 8- My new partner

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I had been training somewhat hard, Kolt was still my partner for the time being. Until the day were the month ended, and I was partnered up with the quietest boy in history of this building.


Kolt moved me along as I shuffled to the corridor. He looked tired. He had been gone at night and cutting our training early. It seemed all the trainers were on edge. I have no idea why. Even the most slackery of the slackers were hustling. Nobody was telling us kids though.


I walked in and saw Thunder and Wolfe arguing, though it wasn’t much of a argument. Wolfe was laughing and flicking Thunders head while Thunder mumbled louder than usual, it looked like he had gotten more use to communication from the last time I saw him. Kolt raised a eyebrow and Wolfe handed Thunder his kitty. I didn’t exactly know what his weird stuffed animal was for. But he seemed real protective of it. Then Wolfe nudged, or more shoved, Thunder over and he skidded to a stop in front of me.


“…hi” I started and he blushed. Maybe he forgot we would be training together today, maybe it was the fact that he was holding a cat toy, or maybe it was the fact that he stopped a close two inches in front of me.


“Can I go…uh…put this up?” He murmured to Wolfe,


“Sure kid. Be back in five or I’m shaving your head.” And Wolfe laughed when he walked off quickly.

I had a good chance to look at him now. He had light brown hair and a bit of scattered facial hair. Accompanied by dark robes and a cloak. That made me think of batman, like any minute he would say “I am the night!” And vanish into the shadows. But he also had this really friendly look, like a busy dad watching his kid grow up. He looked nine-teen, but his eyes also looked like he’d seen things no 19 year old boy should see. Which was true for most of us.


Kolt was studying him to. Like he didn’t always look like this, and I realized Kolt had the same sad look in his eyes. By now Kolt was 14-15, he said he didn’t really count. But that his age was determined by some weird system. He has white hair, that had been tipped with red. He wore the vest of the Dragon, A black zip up with red outlines, and a imprinted dragon design on the chest. He had jeans on and a popped collar jacket, which apparently the ladies swooned for. He wore the standard shoes they issued us. And he smiled at Wolfe like he was his brother. Which was impossible I thought, because they both looked so different.


“So, what’s up with you.” Kolt said breaking the silence.


“Watching him, killing people, you?” Wolfe replied


“Same, but with a girl.”


And they shared a laugh like it was a inside joke they had.


“What about you Dragnolia, are you excited?” Wolfe asked me


“I mean, I guess so.”


“Don’t worry, He’s a little quiet but I’m pretty sure he won’t kill you.” He paused “I think.”


I laughed nervously and Thunder walked back in, without a cat. He awkwardly moved past me and spoke quietly to Wolfe,


“Don’t worry kid, girls love the quiet types.” He said and I blushed. Kolt laughed, but it was distant, like he wouldn’t be back for awhile.


“Yeah, be good kid.” He said getting down to my level.


“Yes sir.” I teased and he flicked me


“I mean it, don’t get in trouble.”




He looked at me for a long time, and ruffled my hair getting up, “Coming man?”


“Yeah.” Wolfe said following Kolt out


“And be good!” They echoed off each other, and with that he left us in a room together.


We stood around awkwardly and occasionally caught each others eye, and would immediately look away.


“So, uh..” I started trying to break the silence. “Bash any good skulls lately?”


I’ve never heard such a wonderful laugh.


You ever feel like you could just die?


Like everything is just to hard?


And everyone tells you it will get better?


To keep smiling?


But your just dead inside.


But your just great at faking that smile!


So, you go through your day, with that look on your face.


That pokerface, with dead eyes, as you cry on the inside.


And that forced smile, when your spoken to.


If your spoken to.




There's theese certain people.


Who you don't make you cry.


Who you don't force a smile around...


Who hug you while you cry..


Who tell you it's okay,..


And you believe them.


This, is why people have friends.


Have partners in crime


Have lovers.


Because they keep you sane.


No matter,


How tough your day was.


Someone is always there.

For you.




Dedicated to...





Kothe, Oliver, whatever the censored.

Im Numb

Flame the forbidden



Poseidon The SeaGod










A unborn Hunter

~All my Dragons~





I cut because I hurt not because I love the pain,


I deal with the pain not because I like it, because I'm used to it,


But I love because I'm loved,


Not because I love myself.



I'm too broken to break anymore.




Atleast THEY fix me.


You are what you love not who loves you


It sucks when the people who are supposed to care,

don't care enough to ask if your okay.


And the people you don't want to worry about you,

always do.


Maybe I care about the wrong people.


Turns out the person I took the bullet for was behind the trigger



I could not ask for better friends. I have to put a shoutout here.

Margie: You are possibly the sweetest, caring, goofiest person (Ahem vampire) on the planet. I could not ask for a better "B.O.F" after all, friendship is magic.


Jackie: Your the funniest guy I swear. You always make me feel better, (This can very from a hug to let me hit you in the groin) and I can only say thank you for that. I couldn't ask for anything more from you.


Mastah: I smile so, so big at your prescence. Your awesome. XD I would take a bullet for you man. And I'm proud to be your friend. Even if I'm always drawing your hair wrong XD!


C: My sistah from another reality! Even if I seemed annoyed with you remember that I will always be here, doing that sisterly thing, throwing cookies at you, beating boys up, slapping &$%@!( for you. Anything.


Thunder: I couldn't ask for a better friend, partner, bunny. All of that. Your my world. (Cept I'm including the above peeps in it) And there isn't much I could say that you haven't already heard. Just know I love you.


Numb: The best dang president a nation of rocks could ask for. Thanks for making me laugh until I cry. You are possibly the zaniest girl I have ever met. And I love it.


Infact I love all of you <3 If I could trade anything in life to have you

guys in mine, I would. I would give anything to have you all.

But the internet is helpful, eh?


~Keep being amazing~





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I'd like to say I'm creative, I have..20ish characters I acknowledge. I can't draw. No really. XD Like I'm awful, i feel like I've gotten better though. On a happier note my friendsss (above) Say I'm really good at writing. So i've taken on that passion.


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I love SOD. That's a given. Dragons have always fascinated me. My first account in SOD was  "jada dragon" and that's why all my online friends refer to me as Dragon, since you can't say 'jada' on SOD.


I love fantasies, and my fandoms are too strong. I love to escape reality. And people feel I do it to often. But my virtual reality has the most important people in my life <3


There's not really more I can say. So byez <3! And Happy Beasting!








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Woooahh chilll

but YES but no because too young for love but YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

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Sometimes you're not too young for love, just too young to know what it is. x3