Before I wake -Chapter 7- WTH is a friend

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I woke up somewhat in my “bed” to a bloody scream. Ah, home. I sat up and stretched.

“It’s not bad that I enjoy the sound of death, right?” I tilted towards the ceiling, with a amusing blood splatter of “C U in censored”

“Nah” I answered and got up, changing into my training clothes for today. Kolt told me it was time I made some “friends” which basically meant he didn’t want me killing everyone by the time I was assigned my first mission.

“AY SLEEPY HEAD!” Kolt called just walking into my chamber.


“Oh pfft.” He said ruffling my hair

I grumbled and grabbed my blade. This baby would get me killed, I had been told.

“Come on, time to get you into training your class

“Shut up” I grumbled and stormed past him. I had been taking the “baby basics” as Kolt called them, since I was new. But after the two-ish years I’ve been here the Master assigned me to Dragon-Class training. Yay! This was the training were you could slaughter!

Being raised to kill this was really cool.

Any who.

“DRAGON WAIT UP WOULD YOU!” He called running after me, I practically sprinted into the corridor and my eyes lit up, weapons all around with training mats doused in blood, peopled on defense and offense were going at it, and someone was held by the throat.

“Maybe your not ready for this..”

I could sense he was hesitant. Kolt had raised me since I was little. At least that’s what he says. Says he found me and couldn’t leave me. And I’m like Ew, spare me, your not my mom. But I knew he didn’t want me getting hurt let alone killed.

“Who’s my partner?” I asked loudly getting a couple of the boys attention, which gave one of them the opportunity to kick them off the mat, the sign of victory I guess.
“Shush, I am.” Kolt said dragging me by the hand inside.

A couple of the other girls in there laughed, joined by the boys and I blushed. I didn’t need him babying me. I passed the exam at five. Come on.

“Kolt..” I murmured pushing at him, and he suddenly let go of my hand, and I fell with a thump.

“Ow hey! What was that for?”

He smirked and got in a fighting stance “If you can get me off the mat, you can choose a different partner”

Ugh. He was so annoying. I got up and joined in stance, tossing my blade into the wall.

“That’s my girl!” He exclaimed as he swung, I ducked and tried to sweep his bad leg, but he stepped on my foot. I kicked up and he caught my foot, throwing me off.

Good thing. I had a soft landing.

Bad thing. That landing was on a person.

The boy under me said something real quiet like “ouch..” And I shifted off him, rubbing my head.

“Sorry” I said offering my hand to help him up. But he looked at me like I was the first female entity to make contact with him, and he shook his head and got up on his own.

Then his trainer ran in looking for the little rug rat, at least I think he was his trainer.

“Where’s- oh.” He started and hoisted the boy up by the shirt.

Before I knew it Kolt was up and talking to the guy, and motioning to me and then the boy I fell on a few minutes ago. He didn’t look like he knew much of what was going on either. He had black shaggy hair and green eyes, accompanied with this what the heck is going on look. Some black shirt and jeans. And everyone once in awhile he’d reach for this cat toy the taller guy was holding up way out of his reach.

Then Kolt called me over, loudly, and the boy stumbled back from his jump to get it. I walked over and awkwardly looked up at the guy.

“Hey kid, I’m Wolfe” He said grinning.


Kolt elbowed me “And your name.”

“Dragnolia,” I glared at him “But Kolt calls me Dragon..”

“Well hello then, Dragon.” He nudged the boy “How about you introduce yourself, yeah?”

He looked up at the guy, Wolfe, like he just stabbed him in the gut. Which was not a friendly look.

The boy then mumbled something I don’t think anyone heard.

Kolt looked at me like Did you catch that? and Wolfe smiled like a dad trying to get his son to make friends. Which pretty much described the situation.

“I don’t think they heard you.” Wolfe laughed

He mumbled something along the line of thdr

“Louder” He was laughing hysterically, like watching this kid trying to be social was better than a five-star comedy. It did come pretty close, I’ll admit.

“It’s Thunder, okay.” He glared at his trainer.

“That’s a cool name.” I said and he looked at me like I smacked him. This really was pretty funny.

“I’m Kolt,” Kolt announced “I’m Dragon’s trainer, I think it would be good if you two trained together.”

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed

He had practically the same look on his face and pulled on Wolfe’s arm like why do you hate me

“In about a month or so,” Wolfe added and he seemed to dial is back.

“I thought you said I would choose my partner if I got you off the mat.” I argued crossing my arms.

“You didn’t though, so I’m choosing it.” He smirked.

I growled and tackled him and that pretty much ended our conversation.

“Why.” the boy, Thunder, mumbled
Wolfe ruffled his hair. “You’ll be fine. Besides, I got you a pretty partner, eh?”

I’ve never seen someone bail faster than me until I saw him.


You ever feel like you could just die?


Like everything is just to hard?


And everyone tells you it will get better?


To keep smiling?


But your just dead inside.


But your just great at faking that smile!


So, you go through your day, with that look on your face.


That pokerface, with dead eyes, as you cry on the inside.


And that forced smile, when your spoken to.


If your spoken to.




There's theese certain people.


Who you don't make you cry.


Who you don't force a smile around...


Who hug you while you cry..


Who tell you it's okay,..


And you believe them.


This, is why people have friends.


Have partners in crime


Have lovers.


Because they keep you sane.


No matter,


How tough your day was.


Someone is always there.

For you.




Dedicated to...





Kothe, Oliver, whatever the censored.

Im Numb

Flame the forbidden



Poseidon The SeaGod










A unborn Hunter

~All my Dragons~





I cut because I hurt not because I love the pain,


I deal with the pain not because I like it, because I'm used to it,


But I love because I'm loved,


Not because I love myself.



I'm too broken to break anymore.




Atleast THEY fix me.


You are what you love not who loves you


It sucks when the people who are supposed to care,

don't care enough to ask if your okay.


And the people you don't want to worry about you,

always do.


Maybe I care about the wrong people.


Turns out the person I took the bullet for was behind the trigger



I could not ask for better friends. I have to put a shoutout here.

Margie: You are possibly the sweetest, caring, goofiest person (Ahem vampire) on the planet. I could not ask for a better "B.O.F" after all, friendship is magic.


Jackie: Your the funniest guy I swear. You always make me feel better, (This can very from a hug to let me hit you in the groin) and I can only say thank you for that. I couldn't ask for anything more from you.


Mastah: I smile so, so big at your prescence. Your awesome. XD I would take a bullet for you man. And I'm proud to be your friend. Even if I'm always drawing your hair wrong XD!


C: My sistah from another reality! Even if I seemed annoyed with you remember that I will always be here, doing that sisterly thing, throwing cookies at you, beating boys up, slapping &$%@!( for you. Anything.


Thunder: I couldn't ask for a better friend, partner, bunny. All of that. Your my world. (Cept I'm including the above peeps in it) And there isn't much I could say that you haven't already heard. Just know I love you.


Numb: The best dang president a nation of rocks could ask for. Thanks for making me laugh until I cry. You are possibly the zaniest girl I have ever met. And I love it.


Infact I love all of you <3 If I could trade anything in life to have you

guys in mine, I would. I would give anything to have you all.

But the internet is helpful, eh?


~Keep being amazing~





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