i need a little help with the new update

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sorry, I don't really know where to put this


Since the latest update I ca't find items in the store. Like, if i want to buy new clothes first i have to go to customization and only then to the store, bc if i click directly on the 'store' button they doesn't appear.And i can't find the helmets, masks, wrist bands and shoulder pads there.

I also can't find the dragon eggs , only from the hatchery.


Is anyone confused about this update too, or i'm just a lil bit ' unhandy ' ?


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Left hand side...

Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us and reporting this issue. The category for these items should be found in the two columns on the left side of the screen. Are you seeing both? If not, it may be your game is not on widescreen. We hope this helps clear up any confusion there might be. Thank you! 

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*insert subject*

I put the game in full screen mode but still nothing, I only have one column. Maybe because I have an older, square-shaped screen? 

Anyway, thank you for your answer :)