I need help with thunder run racing

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Hi all, I've been playing a lot of TTR lately but can never seem to win. Even though I'm taking all the shortcuts (that I know of) and following the people in the lead, they always seem to pull ahead. I've heard that armour and stuff can increase speed stats but I want to make sure that is the reason others are winning before I spend gems. All help is greatly appreciated. 



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Others are probably winning because they use the best dragons, the best armor, and all the shortcuts.


Edit: I recommend using Toothless, he's the easiest for somene learning TRR, and searching around racing videos on YouTube to piece together your knowledge of the tracks, shortcut by shortcut.


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The best shoulder pads are Diamond Nadder (4% speed)

The best pants are Diamond Nadder and Nadder (3% turn, 2% pitch)

The best wristbands are Alpha Toothles, Diamond Nadder, Nadder, Night Fury, Stormcutter, Deathsong Black and Deathsong Bronze (2% turn, 2% pitch)

The best boots are Diamond Nadder (2% pitch, 2% turn) or Bright Stormcutter (1% speed), the boots depend on which dragon you're using, and their specific turn, diving, or speed needs




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Yeah, it does depend on the

Yeah, it does depend on the dragon and armour. What dragon are you using?


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Sorry I didn't specify what dragons I have, I'm using Pouncer mainly as well as the Light Fury and occaisionally Toothless. 

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Mel la
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Ok, you have good dragons so that's not the issue, and it sounds like you know the tracks and shortcuts quite well so you probably need better armour. There was a really helpful thread on here the other day about racing armour stats. It's still on the new threads list if you want to check it out I would recommend it :)

I have no idea if you have lots of gems or not but you can buy a lot of racing armour with gold which is good.

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I'll look into it

Thanks! I've got plenty enough gems and gold so I'll look into buying some armour

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Use a different dragon. It's your best hope. If you still can't win, just be patient. It takes practice to get really good. Plus, nobody said you had to beat the other people. Hardly anybody looks at how many trophies someone else has in-game. So unless you put it in your siggy, well.....



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Thanks. I'm not really

Thanks. I'm not really worried about others knowing i just want to help out my clan. I enjoy TRR and I want to become better.

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Aloha Lola

Here are some tips I've learned throughout the years...

1. Always have your fastest AND turn-rate dragons at hand. Some I recommend are: Sand Wraith, Windwalker, Night/Fire Terror, Night Lights (if you have them), Light Fury, Night Fury. Flightmare and Shockjaws can also be good.


2. Have the best armour you can have. There are redeem codes available for the Skrill Lightning and Stormcutter Armour sets. 


3. Always cut corners. This is trickier and I'd advise you to practise first on your own than racing against others. When you feel confident about your skills, race against others. 


4. Watch Youtube tutorials on racing. There are loads of racing videos on YT, so you could have little trouble finding them.


5. Practise racing against others at 1:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 11 pm (CTZ). I've found just the right amount of different players online during those times.


6. I'd suggest learning the tracks without boosts first, since boosting can hinder your turn rate, unless you're familiar with them (I dunno if you use boosts ocassionally hahaha).




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Awwwww, come on. What about Triple Strykes? They're my favorite. Max speed is 8.9. Turn rate is 9.4. Acceleration is 9.7

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Basically the top tier racing dragons in SoD are:


1. Toothless

2. Light Fury

3. Pouncer

4. Ruffrunner

5. Dart

6. Sand Wraith

7. Night/Fire Terror

8. Triple Stryke (the triple stryke just gets bumped quite often and doesn't dive as good as some dragons, also, EpicNightFuryofBerk is wrong, the stats he gave are the titan boosted stats, and titans recieve no actual boost, they are not better in TRR than adults. The actual stats are 8.1 speed, 6 pitch rate, 8.9 turn rate, and 7.1 acceleration)

9. Skrill (they get bumped alot but they're still good)

10. Scuttleclaw (I don't really know any other dragon that is better to put 10th on here, the windwalker has a lower turn and Shivertooths have like the highest bump rate ever.)

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I'm not wrong, I have a titan triple stryke.

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Yes, but the stats are the exact same, LPS from the wiki collected all the true stats, I (and many other racers) have tested the speeds multiple times, and titans are no better at racing than adults, no speed has changed. Therefore, those titan stats aren't what they show, they are the adult stats.

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I didn't say that the adult and titan stages stats were different from each other.

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But you did say the titan triple stryke had stats that aren't actually what they are. (speed 8.9... etc), so I corrected it, the speed of the triple stryke (adult or titan, regardless of what the stat page may show) is 8.1.

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Purples and pouncer
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Try racing by yourself a

Try racing by yourself a little ( you can do this by clicking single player) to get fimilar with all the diffrent tracks, and  when you feel like you know the tracks well  you can race against others.






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Thanks for all the advice!

Thanks everyone for all the helpful tips and advice. I'll start putting everything into practice and hopefully start winning some races soon!

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Good luck to ya. Give the rest of us an update if it works alrighty?

Joined: 01/31/2021

Will do, thanks