I make Warrior Cats and Wings of Fire Family Trees :)

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So, if ya want one, just say so. I make clans and family trees for those clans. And Wings of fire. Yeah. If you want anything with it like personalities or things for the characters, then feel free to ask. And I can easily make names and things for the characters. Soooooooooooooo yeah.




(Please I am bored XD)

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i will give sword stealer's

i will give sword stealer's family up to her grandparents for you to do

ok here's sword stealer and i'll give the descriptions for her family

sword steal's brother is almost a regular nightwing except for the webbing, gills and the light scales he uses underwater his name is dark firethe dad of sword stealer is a seawing named ocean and he is mostly green but he has a bit of blue coloring under and lime colored markings

the mom of sword stealer is a black and purple nightwing with star patterns all over and a diamond pattern under her eyes and her name is night star



night star's mom is a black nightwing with stars on her and her name is pure darkness

night star's father is a nightwing with purple coloring and is called shadow

ocean's mom is a seawing called sea serpant and she is mostly green with yellow light markings

ocean's father is a seawing called seaweed and he mostly light blue with lime colored markings



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Tracking for now, I might go dig through my files to find my WoF OC stuff XD


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